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I drove today!! All by myself.. well even if for a short distance!
I had to take Babushka to the kinder..today being her last day of the term and all..I was unsure about parking in the busy town center,where her kinder is,so I texted Dee saying that I need help with Parking..and she very sweetly,offered to go with me and teach me the tricks.
I went from home and picked up Dee from the next street.. Babs was sooo excited.. that mommy is driving..and that we could go out on our own in our car,Aape se!
After some parking practice,I dropped off Dee and came home.Alone in the big car for the first time!!:D
Yayyy I feel good:D
Oh and I got my licence in the mail today,and luckily the photo has come out nice too!!

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Sharing some happiness!

I know I knoww..I shouldn’t keep disappearing like that.. but please bear with me,these last few weeks:)
Before I say anything else,let me just tell you,how happy I was to see your comments on the date post..really..that is the reason why I love blogging.Its so nice to see so many like-minded people..and no you don’t have to always agree with me.. all I want is for you to see where I am coming from 🙂
So,as for the date,I assumed the Queen of Practicality mode and thought I would let the doctor decide- because the only person who should have a say in a medical procedure,is a medical professional and if at all he asked me for a preference,I would tell him the 22nd of July as my aunt is arriving that evening..So,even if I go to the hospital in the morning,we could leave Babushka with either my cousin or my good friend M and after the hospital visiting hours end,SD and Babushka could go to the airport to pick up my aunt.
But a big part of decision making relied on which Dr.I go to see. This is a public medical system and everytime,I see a different Dr. I just had a gut feeling that if I get the old Vietnamese Dr. from the last time,things will go smoothly and sure enough,I got him! Then,I just let him take the call.
The first date he suggested was… LO! Behold! 22nd!!!! But unfortunately there were already 4 surgeries planned that day and they had to keep some slots open for emergencies too. So, 22nd was ruled out. 23rd and 24th,which were his next preferences were ruled out too,because of the weekend.One of the dates my sister’s astrologer suggested was 26th..but the Dr. thinks it will be too late..soo 25th of July is going to be the day when Babykins makes an appearance,unless s/he comes early 🙂 I am soo excited.. another 30 days to go!!
Speaking of excitement.. the other exciting news on my front is that I had my driving test yesterday and I PASSED!!!YAYYYYYYYYYY ME!!!!
I spent the previous 2-3 nights,tossing and turning and driving around in my mind:) I took lessons every day of the week,this week and even on the morning of the test and Dee,my instructor commented,that most people are so nervous on the lesson before the test and end up making more mistakes but I seemed cooler than usual and it was freaky..LOL!! Yeah I am freaky like that,I told her and I hoped the coolness stayed on during the test! I was hoping to get a tester that Dee had mentioned about- him being all cool n stuff.. and imagine my joy! when the person to call my name was him! I think that was the first positive sign!
We started the test and I made my first silly mistake.. He asked me show him the wipers and I got confused!!LOL!!! and finally got it right after 2 tries.We got out of the parking lot and all was well till I had to reverse park..which is where I made my next mistake and I tried to be calm and correct it and just then the examiner told me that I could start over again,if I liked..and that took away my nervousness.I tried again and parked PERFECTLY- Dee’s words(later!)
There was one instance when I was too close to the car coming from the opposite side but,both the cars got out of there safely. And at one time,I had to actually be almost over on the other side because someone had parked wrongly..and I hoped and prayed that no-one should turn in my street,because that would have freaked me out totally and again,NO-ONE turned! That was my next positive sign.
Then,we got to an intersection,where there is a turning arrow that flips off and then its a matter of your judgement..luckily for me,it flipped off.. the other cars moved but there was one more car before me and so,I had to wait..and when the arrow came on again,I happily completed my turn! Gosh!I really felt like the stars had aligned and all the things were going my way!!Soooooooooooooooooo yayyyyy here I am- Happy and excited!!!
Thanks for boosting my morale when I first posted about the driving licence!

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Tired-Post 7

[Image courtesy-Google images]
I am so tired today..Had a long day yesterday- 3 hours at the hospital-I was seeing my OB and Endocrinologist both..and ended up seeing the diabetes instructor too..hence the three hours. I didn’t sleep too well last night and then today was school day. A friend of mine is between jobs and goes driving with me,on Tuesdays..so,SD gets a ride with her husband and I do a bit of grocery,between school runs.
That way,I get enough driving done,park in busy places and also,drive in school zones.
Today,being my first day of monitored eating,sugar monitoring and Insulin taking,has left me completely drained.
Suprisingly,this time I was expecting GD(gestational diabetes) and so,not totally bummed by it..actually,its just like a side-effect of pregnancy,this time.
And Insulin shots are quite alright too 🙂 no worries.

Oh and I finally have a new date for my driving test- June 23rd.. Its ironic,last month,when I booked my test,SD had asked me to book a date in June and I didn’t want to do that,since,it was going to be too close to my due-date.. but now I ended up postponing the test !! LOL!I guess its OK-all the extra driving is doing loads for my confidence!
More later.. too tired 😦

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I am back:) -Post 1

Hello,my lovelies!
Hope you are doing well. My laptop is back and so am I. When I didn’t have a laptop at my disposal,I kept wanting to write so many things. But, when I got my laptop,I was very sad..for reasons,that I will talk about another time..and didn’t feel like writing.
Anyway,so much to share..
First off,I have postponed my drive test.. I was just getting too stressed..I still have a bit of learning to do- 3 point turns,reverse parking,safe merging on the highway(which is mandatory in our zone),driving just 5-10kms lower that the speed(I am still driving atleast 20kms lower) -Anyway,the bottomline is.. all the stress was making me more and more nervous and as a result I was making more mistakes.I am much more relaxed after the decision to postpone..I will now be taking the test,sometime next month. In the mean-time,I am driving around as much as possible.. even without Dee(my instructor) and SD…I have taken to shamelessly,begging friends to accompanying me.:D Or else,a tired SD gets dragged out at night.
And now for some pregnancy news..
We are officially in the third trimester- the last stretch..I am getting bigger.. my tummy is getting bigger.. I am happy this time,so far I am still not getting any huger than I already was.. If anything,I am still able to wear my normal tops and have got a couple maternity yoga pants. In fact, I am happy to be still wearing a size 16!!! yayyyy 🙂 I was recently talking to a friend and realized,how good it is for your ego to dress up smartly..All through my last pregnancy,I wore loose tent-like clothes,and felt like a hag.. this time,just little well-fitted but still comfortable clothes,have done heaps of good to my ego..and I feel beautiful..despite being huge!
Babykins is kicking more and more and I have started feeling BHCs from time to time. The toilet breaks are coming sooner:D
Babushka is getting clingier as time goes..I think the fact that I am not as physical with her as before,is making her nervous all of a sudden. She actually asked me,the other day,”Mumma,will you still love me,after the baby comes?” I hugged her tight and said,”Of course,I will!” And then,the little miss went on to ask me,” Will you love me more or the baby?” Gosh!!I was speechless..I told her,”I love you LOTS and LOTS n the baby will be little,so,I will love her a little”.. oh- we are under strict instructions to call the baby HER and not HIM!
I had my GTT(glucose tolerance test) two days back..I had gestational diabetes,last time and so,we had been monitoring my sugars,from the start of this pregnancy.. even,monitoring my diet.. So,far the sugars had behaved well and were well under the limits.. but on the day of the test,the fasting sugar levels were borderline…Now,I will know in two days what the levels at 1 hour and 2 hours were like..If its still border-line,then,I can still try and control it with diet.. lets see,fingers crossed.
I will be seeing the OB and an endocrinologist on Monday… Phew.. busy days..LOL.
I am in nesting over-drive last few days..I have been re-organizing cupboards,cleaning,re-organizing some more,sorting clothes-Even SD commented.. where are we going to keep the baby’s clothes and things?LOL!
We haven’t even started looking at baby Gear this time.Last time..we already had bought tonnes of clothes and short-listed most of the things,we wanted to buy,by this time.I have the same list on my fridge this time,but,I can’t tick anything off it!! We went to get some towels etc,2 weeks back..and guess what we came back with..3-4 baby outfits- 2 pinks,1 blue,1 neutral. Babushka picked the pinks,naturally and threw a huge fit,when she saw the blue at the check-out counter! But,I have been knitting/crochetting.. made two pairs of baby booties and working on a vest now.Have a look-

Will be back with our Easter weekend details and Babushka chats:D
Till then,be good!!

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Catching up!

Hello everyone,
how are you? Sorry for disappearing…first the party prep kept me away,then my cousin was in town..so,I was busy with sisterly duties.:)
The party was a hoot..everyone had so much fun,specially Babushka and her friends.I promise,a post about the party,will follow shortly.
First,I want to say a big Thank you to all of you,who commented and wrote to me,after this post. So, I booked my test dates and also passed the first part- that is computer based hazard perception test.The test results are valid for a year and I need to take my drive test,before the end of one year. I booked my Drive test for 12th May Now,start sending me those positive vibes. 🙂
To add to that,I have been driving in and around our area,every chance I get.Infact,when my brother was here,I drove almost everywhere-started off nervous and unsure and then on the last day,drove all day,for school drop off,pick up,to the mall and back..only got him to park in the busy mall,but reversed out of the parking lot…so yayyy me!! I was soo happy,I drove on major roads,in school zone,on a 4 way light..yayy!
I hope to drive a lot more over the weekend..lets hope,SD and I come out of the weekend,without killing each other.
Yesterday was the last day of Babushka’s school term and her Easter holidays have started.She had been asking me to help in her school for a long time,so yesterday,I was the mom-helper and boy!was she proud of what! She kept telling all her friends that her mommy is helping and as bonus for me,even finished her lunch.Her teacher,gave me some office work to be finished..and I was sitting there,quietly finishing mounting family potraits by kids on black sheets and I hear some knocking- I turn around and I see,Babushka,peering inside.She wanted me to come out and help in the class. Next person to knock was her BFF1 and then followed BFF2..between the 3 of them,they kept the knocking on,till I finished mounting all the 25 potraits!
Babushka’s potrait included a small bird like figure..when I asked her,who/what that was?She promptly said..its the baby,mommy!! 🙂

We had her 4 year well visit today and she has done well in all the checks.In the nurse’s own words- She is perfect-her vocabulary is amazing and so is her precision in various skills.She also used the word exceptional in some categories! No prizes for guessing,who is the happiest Mommy in the world today!:)
On that happy note,I will end this post.. I will be back soon,with party details and pictures..:)
Take care,my lovelies!

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Her Horrible Mother

Yesterday was the first time,I took Aadya to school,by myself.For the last 2 weeks since Kinder started,I have had the husband and willing friends drop/pick us up! I decided enough was enough..how difficult could it be..I used to do it before..why not now. Well,I was wrong.We left in plenty of time and I asked Aadya to walk a little bit,before sitting in the stroller. It is quite a long walk- 1.5 km from home to the bus stop.So far,I have always taken her in the stroller..it was unfair of me to expect her to walk,just because I was incapable of pushing her.
Anyway,we started-me pushing the stroller,her bag on it,and she skipping next to me.We walked the first stretch and she said,”Mummy,I am tired.” I asked her to sit.Most of the walk is uphill..By the time,I walked 5 minutes,I was panting.I still continued..another 5 mins,by now,I started cramping.I asked her to get down. She cried,”But I am tired…” I didn’t want her to tire out too much ..it was a long day at school..but I had no strength to push. I tried again nicely..she said,the same thing again..The cramps,the urgency of reaching the bus stop in time(if we missed the bus,the next one was after 45 minutes-and we would be late for school)-all this irritated me.And I told her,very nastily-“You are not a good helper..Mummy is in pain and you are not helping me”.She felt very bad.I knew it that those words were hurting her…even as I was saying them..but,I couldn’t stop myself.I should have.
She got down and tried to take her bag with her.I yelled at her,thinking the bag would slow her down..and she whined…”But I just want to help you,Mummy”..as the minutes were ticking,my panic and frustration was rising…I told her..”No,its fine..just sit in the stroller.”
“No Mummy,I will walk”,she said and started walking.I was able to walk comfortably too.But,I heard her sniffling.I looked at her and saw her little lips quiver-My poor baby,was trying so hard to not cry! Gosh!it broke my heart!What kind of a horrible mother am I!!! I took her hand and we walked together..I asked her why she was crying..and she said,”Because you are not happy with me,and I want to make you happy.” That one line,became my undoing.
That one line brought back one memory-thats still fresh in memory,despite it being so many year.. I think I must 6-7 and my sister was sick-she was throwing up that day.It was the second time in less than one hour.Mom was in the kitchen,she came running to clean her and lost her balance.I saw her slipping and at the same time,ran out the door to our neighbours’ to ask if they had any medicine to make my sister better.When I came back,Mom was furious.She yelled at me for running away,when she fell down and my sister was crying.I tried to tell her,why I had gone,but she was angry and my sisters screams did nothing to calm her…until,she saw the medicine,I was clutching in my small hand.And then,she felt horrible.She hugged me and said sorry..and told me,that sometimes grown ups said things they didn’t mean..but that incident is still in my mind..and I don’t want Aadya to remember this incident!

I stopped there..told her I was very happy with her..I was just angry because we were getting late and I was in pain. She rubbed my belly and asked me if it was all better..I said,yes,it was getting better.We walked hand in hand and made it to the bus-stop with 5 minutes to spare..I asked her to sit in the stroller and gave her some nuts and water..She was fine after that..but my guilt hasn’t left me alone..I still keep seeing her quivering lip and keep hearing her,broken voice saying “I want to make you happy”…I feel horrible.. horrible.
I am not going to take the bus with her for a while-that makes me sad too..because,she really looks forward to our bus rides together…I booked a cab for pick up time today.I feel horrible…I wish and hope I get my licence soon.. 😦

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I don’t know,if you remember,but I said,sometime in January that I was going to start taking driving lessons.Well,I did. 🙂 I see my instructor once a week and am getting comfortable with her.I am at a good pace of learning with her.But,the thing is I want to get my licence real soon.I don’t want to wait 6 months for it.At this pace,I will get a licence,eventually..:)
So,she asked me to practice with DH.That’s where my first problem arose.I am learning to drive with her in small hatchback.But,DH’s car is a big SUV. They say,it shouldn’t matter..but darlings,size does matter,when you are learning. The first day,I went out with DH for a drive,I was so nervous..by the enormity of the vehicle,the idea of driving and controlling a car,all by myself..I forgot to forgot to put my seat belt on.Ack!There was the first mistake and DH’s first caustic comment.I put on the seat belt and then forgot to put the car in put the car in D mode! Yeah,so you get it..bad start..:( Anyway,I insisted on driving..and had to hear DH’s comments about how my basics were not clear and how I was driving almost in the opposite lane,which I was. But,I loved it. I drove all the way back as well.And when we came back,I cried..in frustration. We talked and decided to give a try again,after my next lesson.
I did well,when I was driving with my instructor.I got loads of pointers from her and tried again with DH.Again,I was having judgement issues. But,I was able to relax towards the end of the drive.In DH’s words-then,I looked like someone who was enjoying a drive,and not someone who was going to the war!
On my next lesson with the instructor,I went on the highway and touched 70km/hr..wowow that was amazing.And now,I have a better grasp and control of the car.The instructor had to use her breaks or accelator only twice.I was excited and very confident.
I couldn’t have a lesson,this week..because of school timings and all..so,DH and I went for a drive. Today,I got two honks.After the first I panicked and pulled over at the side,without indicating-only to hear another honk.I had pulled over in the drive way of the next car behind me.I moved ahead..and pulled over again..asked DH to drive.
No,he insisted,its ok..its their job to honk and yours to be strong and drive on..Gosh!I never loved him more.I finished the rest of the drive without any mistakes,except at the end-I parked the car and forgot to put the car in Parking mode..and so,despite the hand break being on,it still didn’t stop moving.UGH!!I feel horrible..and low in confidence..but,I have to get over it. I will get there..I will!!If only I felt the same confidence,driving the SUV,as I did when driving with my instructor..I think the fact that she has an extra pair of controls,makes me feel safe..even if I am doing all the driving n controlling.
Phew..just writing this post is tiring me out…God!help me..