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Catching up!

Hello everyone,
how are you? Sorry for disappearing…first the party prep kept me away,then my cousin was in,I was busy with sisterly duties.:)
The party was a hoot..everyone had so much fun,specially Babushka and her friends.I promise,a post about the party,will follow shortly.
First,I want to say a big Thank you to all of you,who commented and wrote to me,after this post. So, I booked my test dates and also passed the first part- that is computer based hazard perception test.The test results are valid for a year and I need to take my drive test,before the end of one year. I booked my Drive test for 12th May Now,start sending me those positive vibes. 🙂
To add to that,I have been driving in and around our area,every chance I get.Infact,when my brother was here,I drove almost everywhere-started off nervous and unsure and then on the last day,drove all day,for school drop off,pick up,to the mall and back..only got him to park in the busy mall,but reversed out of the parking lot…so yayyy me!! I was soo happy,I drove on major roads,in school zone,on a 4 way light..yayy!
I hope to drive a lot more over the weekend..lets hope,SD and I come out of the weekend,without killing each other.
Yesterday was the last day of Babushka’s school term and her Easter holidays have started.She had been asking me to help in her school for a long time,so yesterday,I was the mom-helper and boy!was she proud of what! She kept telling all her friends that her mommy is helping and as bonus for me,even finished her lunch.Her teacher,gave me some office work to be finished..and I was sitting there,quietly finishing mounting family potraits by kids on black sheets and I hear some knocking- I turn around and I see,Babushka,peering inside.She wanted me to come out and help in the class. Next person to knock was her BFF1 and then followed BFF2..between the 3 of them,they kept the knocking on,till I finished mounting all the 25 potraits!
Babushka’s potrait included a small bird like figure..when I asked her,who/what that was?She promptly said..its the baby,mommy!! 🙂

We had her 4 year well visit today and she has done well in all the checks.In the nurse’s own words- She is perfect-her vocabulary is amazing and so is her precision in various skills.She also used the word exceptional in some categories! No prizes for guessing,who is the happiest Mommy in the world today!:)
On that happy note,I will end this post.. I will be back soon,with party details and pictures..:)
Take care,my lovelies!


10 thoughts on “Catching up!

  1. Wow! what a wonderful post 😛 😛
    Don’t worry too much about the test, you’ll be fine just take care of the give-ways and speed limits in particular and keep the practice going.
    Wow! Babushka is a star 😀 😀
    {{{hugs}}} to the little fairy for her awesome performance and to her mum for being a darling at her school 😛 😛
    Eagerly waiting for the party updates 😛 😛


    1. That CB,I I went for a night lesson and for the first 20 minutes..I was so freaked out..and I don’t even know why..
      Party post in the drafts..just not getting around to it:P


  2. Oh yeah we are waiting for the party post. Yay you started driving, thats exactly what you have to do. Just think that you got ur license 🙂 I am sure you will clear the test, just be calm and cool. Oh its so nice that you got sometime to help at her school. I am sure Babushka would be so proud of her mom.


    1. Yes,yes,Party post in the drafts…just not getting around to it.. we drove around on the weekend too.. with a few mistakes..but we’ll get there..I am just getting nervous about the test.
      and yeah Babushka was on cloud9 all day!:)


  3. Oh what a happy post to read. Loved reading every word of it 🙂

    Glad the little one is doing so well. Sending lots of hugs her way. And wishes yours for your driving test. 🙂


  4. Yayayayayay! Congrats on everything..the bday party success, the driving success, the reversing, the mommy helping bit and of course on Babushka’s exceptional progress 🙂 hugs to you


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