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Day 3

Cold and wet- that’s Melbourne!

Flu-ridden….yes that’s me!

Curiousity- that’s Babychino- about what her sister is eating!

Happily tortured-that would have to be Babushka-she lets her sister pull her hair,climb up on her ..and then she returns the favor!

Cacophony of baby babble and contagious giggles- that would be the Suburban House after 3pm!

Sweetest hubby- now that is the SD without a doubt- he is on his way home and has promised to make me masala chaiwhen he gets home:)

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Day-2 NaBloPoMo

You know what I like most about daily posts? The fact that I can write about the mundane happenings of my day and not feel guilty about boring anyone. 

Like now for instance,I am trying to type this post,babushka is in bed,singing to herself,SD is rocking Babychino to sleep…and I know we’ll have an hour or so of quiet time before she wakes up again!
It’s getting cold was one such day..and the rain Gods like to joke around with us,especially at school pickup and drop get in the car and as soon as you reach school,it starts raining…drop the child come back to the car,it’s stopped raining! Same thing at pickup time..Gah! And I have the little one with me too…:( its at times like this that I wish even we had family around to help,like so Indian families..they have at least one set of grandparents staying with them for the first year of the child’s age…to help the parents. I feel if we had someone else at home, then I wouldn’t have to drag li’l Babychino out in the nasty weather:( and it makes me sad..and at times like the,SD tells me how proud he is of me,to manage everything so well:) and that cheers me up…a little…but the unfairness of it is not lost to me… I mean it’s not fair that a baby is dragged around for her sibling’s cause…oh well…there I go again…but I try my best to make up for this lack of sleep and warmth every morning,by cuddling her extra long,dropping eveerything that I am doing the moment she wakes up from her naps…etc… As they say there is nothing worse than mother’s guilt…you can fight it but never escape it,isn’t it?

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I refuse to be scared…

I was not going to write this here.. because I was absolutely not going to think about anything bad..but damn it! I can’t stop thinking.. and not even a single good thought is coming to my mind.So,I write.
When I was pregnant,I felt a certain little lump in the left abdominal region.I thought it could be the baby’s foot or something..
After the baby came out,the lump was still there,firm to touch..its getting a little painful to touch. My GP asked me to get an ultrasound done. And I did..first one guy did it,then he called his boss,who did it again.Then they asked me to wait another half an hour and did another scan.
I got back home and he called me up and said,I need to go back in again,the next day..for a day later scan.All I know is that its the kidney region.
I was OK with till the time,I didn’t get the call to go back the next day. Now,I am sore for the scan..and I can’t stop thinking bad things..I am trying to be brave and not be scared..But every time,I look at Babykins,looking at me and smiling,I feel like I am going to start crying.. Every time,I see Babushka..I want to hold her and hug her.. I really hope its something silly… I hope I don’t go crazy till Thursday.. that’s when I see my Dr. and that’s when I get my results.
Can I just ask you to please send me lots and lots of positive vibes?

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Not disappearing..

I just wanted to tell you guys,that I am not disappearing…I am still around.. just that,I started posting kiddie updates on my old blog,after much bullying took place from some friends and family..and right now time is really short to keep up both the blogs..but I love this blog as much as the old one..and will continue to post here… but all in good time.
Most of you know,where the old blog is..if not leave me a comment and I will get back to you..I still haven’t decided if I want to merge both the,I am not leaving a link here..hope you understand:)
I leave you with the latest Gem dropped by Babushka:
We were talking shapes and I asked Babushka,”if you were a shape,what shape would you be?” and she said,”A REctangle”
I asked her,what about Papa?She looked at SD and said,”PApa is a big rectangle and Baby is a small rectangle”..
Awww,I said..what about Mumma and without even a pause,she said,”You are circle..A big circle..Since the baby came into your tummy.. you have turned into a BIG Ball!!”
SD had a big laugh.. me?I started planning my excercise regime,until Babykins woke up again!!!

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My day today

Can be summed up as-
*Running from one Dr. appointment to another.
*Waiting endless at each appointment..Thankfully every single of those Doctors was running late!
And lusting after these-

LOL!! this is what sitting endlessly in the doctor’s office,reading gossip magazines does to you..:)

[All Images:Courtesy Google Images]

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Friends or Corporate Relations-Post 19

I thought a lot before writing this..but I guess the fact that I am actually thinking about it,qualifies for it to be written.This is sort of a rant,so,feel free to skip it,if you are not in a mood for that.
So,lately,certain events around me have led me to wonder,if people we consider our friends are really friends or mere acquaintances or not even that..sometimes I feel they are just random people thrown together in similar situations and who end up hanging out together.
No,no,please don’t get me wrong-I have met some really great people over the years and many of them are very good friends.When I meet a person,I like,I don’t think about where they live/work/come from. For me,its the person that matters and I don’t stop at doing anything for them…anything thats physically possible for me to do.
Now if you are house-wife or SAHM mom like me,you will know,that your chances of meeting people are very remote..even more so,when you don’t have kids or have younger kids.Most people that you meet are through your husband’s work place or if you have school going kids,through their schools.
Initially,when I moved out of India,I would start talking to people in the laundry,library,grocery store,everywhere..inviting them over to my place,but the weird looks I got or the crazy specimens I met, were enough to discourage me..And so,I ended up meeting or being friends with SD’s colleagues’ wives.Sometimes I was happy on other times I was bored to death.But,after frequent moving,I realised that the friendships ended with each move. Catching up for a cup of coffee,while you were in the same building or same city was fine.. but no-one had the time to keep up a long distance relationship.I would still try to keep in touch and then finally pick up the pieces of my broken heart and move on..hoping to find new friends in the new place.
Then,we moved to Australia.And a couple of months after moving here,met this really nice group of friends..again through SD’s work place but everyone was warm and welcoming..and I thought wow.. I really got lucky this time..We would meet every weekend or every other weekend and it was fun.Even after we moved off to a farther suburb,the meetings continued and all was well. And then,SD got a very good break and changed his job.We were still in the same city and so still had the same friends.
Slowly things started changing..while previously a visit to our suburb was incomplete without stopping by at our home,just to say hi or have a cup of tea,now,the meet-ups were casually moved to another friend’s home..and mentioned to us,much much later. While earlier,if a picnic or dinner was being planned,I was asked/consulted on dates too.. now,I was just informed a day prior or so.. saying that it was a last minute plan..while,I was well-aware of when and where discussion had started.
Then,I got pregnant and was horribly sick and that became a convenient excuse to not visit.. quoting my supposed friend, ” I don’t visit because I don’t want to bother you”…Seriously,its no-one’s job to take care of me,when I am sick.. really,I don’t expect it..but having a friend over,can really cheer up even the sickest person.And I wasn’t on the death-bed..I was just experiencing pregnancy related sickness. I didn’t think much of that as well,until a friend,a mom I met at Babushka’s activity group came over.She had called up for a casual chit-chat and I told her I was pregnant and horribly sick and could we talk later.She hung up and turned up,2 hours later a box of sabji and said,”I know you are sick.. but I figured,seeing someone might cheer you up.”She stayed over,made me tea. Her own kids were at school and Kumon,she entertained Babushka and talked to me..That short half an hour visit made me feel so much better.
But,it made me think.. someone I knew for hardly 6 months..someone,who I met once a week for a short while,was thoughtful and considerate,then,why couldn’t somebody I considered a friend.A friend for whom I had gone out of my way and done things.A friend for whom I had inconvenienced my family…begged SD to drive for half an hour after work-just so we could go wish her son for his birthday;dragged a half- asleep Babs,just so I could deliver cupcakes for her daughter to take to school the next day.I feel like a fool now..really do.
Now,they are having a birthday party,for one of the kids..When I called up to wish,I was told,that we are still thinking about it..while all our other friends have already got the invitations.I think,I will just get a call at the last minute,with the same excuse that it was decided at the last minute. I am seriously considering,if I should call her bluff or politely decline.What would you do?
But the invitation is the least of my worries…really,what saddens me is that,I am not valued as a person.I was just considered a friend or person worthy of hanging out,because,my husband was a co-worker.Sometimes,I wonder if their attitude would have still changed,if SD had not got this new job..but it again brings me to the same point..A real friend,a genuine friend will not envy you your success..right? They would be happy for you..then,I wonder..if these people are really our friends?May be we were just a part of the corporate circle,who you had to interact in order to remain know like the necessary side-kicks!
May be this sounds trivial,but I had to write it to get it out of my head. What do you think?Waiting to hear your take on it.

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Today -Post 13

The best part about writing a post of day,is that I can write about the random happenings of my day and not feel guilty about boring you to death!:)
So,today was nice and tiring..I am guessing,all my days are going to be tiring for the next two months:)
So,what did I do today?
8:00 am- woke up to test the blood sugars. Did it in my sleep.Babushka had a cold and fever and had a restless,you can imagine,how difficult it was to keep my eyes open.Went back to sleep.
9:00am- Woke up again.Had meds and breakfast and got ready for my driving lesson. SD was working from home today,so,naturally,I had to make the most of my day.
9:30 am- Babushka and SD woke up.Finished Babushka’s morning routine and gave her milk.SD had already started working.
10:00 am-Driving lesson.It was a really really nice lesson.Dee was really happy with me and gave me two thumbs up after the lesson. I need to work on my timing a bit and a few other things.
11:00 am- Came home. Read to Babushka.
11:45 am- Second blood test of the day and had some nuts for a snack,while cooking lunch. I so wanted a cup of tea.. but, decided it was better to eat lunch instead.
12:45 pm-Lunch.
2:30- Got ready and left for the Dr. appointment. I was seeing the Endocrinologist again,today.
3:10-Reached the hospital and realised,the appointment was 3:45. Also,time for third blood test!
3:25- Got called in early for the appointment!!yayy.. some good came out of it.The appointment was good.Today’s Endo was better than the last ones.Good in the sense that she was more calm and collected..unlike the previous one,who was like a headless chicken,as soon as he saw my blood test results.
4:00 pm- Left the hospital and went straight to grocery shopping.By now,I was beginning to get hungry.. but I resisted the urge to eat at Mc. Dees.
5:30 pm – Got back home,put away groceries,had chai n Pita Bread.
6:30 pm -Babushka’s dinner time- Phew,it was such a relief that I had cooked for both lunch and dinner,in the morning.
7:00 pm- Took Babushka for her dance practice.She is participating in a show organised by her Bharatnatyam school.
7:30 pm-Came home,had dinner-typed out half of this post.
8:15pm- Left to pick up Babushka.
9:10 pm- Putting Babushka to sleep and typing the rest of this post!:)

After she falls asleep,I still have to fold the laundry,put away the food,plan tomorrow’s meals and test my sugars,for the last time,today.

Phew,Won’t I be glad,when the day ends?Ohh Wait!!tomorrow is school,it won’t be any lighter!!
Anyway,you tell me-How was your day??

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For the love of Dosa;) Post 12

(Image courtesy:Google images)

No no this is not a recipe post..Its just a thinking-of-food post 😀
I HEART Dosa.. Like really really HEART Dosa!
Infact it was one of the first things,I learned to make perfectly.I was in grade 9-10 and we had a maid called Anthony Amma.She was a mother of 8 and super-smart,eager to learn. My mom had trouble rolling rotis and so one of Anthony Amma’s jobs was to make rotis too.
My mom practiced her rusted Tamil with her and Anthony Amma soon picked up words and phrases in English.As time went,she began to love my mom so much,that she would quickly finish her other job and come and help mom,in other chores.My mom would say no,but she wouldn’t listen. And Anthony Amma used to make the most amazing dosas..even better than my mom:)
I pestered her to teach me how and she gladly did.. And since then,I became the official dosa maker in the family!:)

Now,I like my dosas to be a little greasy..I don’t mean dripping with oil,but just enough to stain your fingers:) I am not a non-stick pan,no-oil dosa person..nuh-uh! And I love it with lots of Sambhar,2-3 chutneys or even just plain chai! When I was pregnant with Babushka,come Friday afternoon and I would start craving for Dosas..:) made by someone else..And the closest Indian restaurant serving Dosas was a good 30 minute drive away..Ohh the anticipation of the steaming hot dosa,made the drive seem even longer. And you know what?It wasn’t even that delicious!!LOL! I think I just craved the whole aroma,and the feel of being served hot,steaming dosas:)
Now,the Babushka and SD love Dosas too and we can have it ALL day long! Seriously,I am not kidding..I make a huge pot of Sambhar and a big bowl of chutney in the morning on weekends..and we have Dosa-chutney-Sambhar for brekky,lunch and dinner!
Why am I writing all this?Well no reason,just that we had Dosa-Sambhar-chutney for Dinner and its still on my mind..:) And every time I make Dosa,I remember how someone had once served me no-oil Dosa,I ate one politely..and then,caved in said, “I am sorry..but could you make me one dosa will a little oil or ghee? ” LOL!! if looks could kill that would have been my last dosa..

Ohh!! And my most favorite ones are plain or cheese Dosa!! *drool*
What about you?How do you like your Dosa? or if you don’t like Dosa,what’s your favorite food??

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wish it was still wednesday:) Post 9

I really dont know what to write today!
It was a long rainy cold day.. I woke up with a heavy head..and kept Babushka home..I really didn’t feel like going out in the rain..even in a cab.Luckily,I had spoken to her teacher yesterday and told her,that Babushka might miss a few sessions,if I wasn’t well.And she said,not to worry.Still I feel guilty..I know its just playschool.. and she is not missing anything except fun time with her friends.. but still..Aah motherhood and guilt go hand in hand..

Anyway,all day today,we I just rested on the couch.. and Baushka read books, chattered non-stop,watched more than enough TV.Then in the afternoon,I got up and we baked cookies..and then I was sitting down tired and she came and gave me a hug and said,”Come on,cheer up,now..:)” hehee…

Before I end this random post.. I would like to say,sorry to all you sweeties,Sorry that I am not regular on your blogs and also not prompt about approving comments..I promise,I will be over on your blogs..really soon.. I promise..till then,Thank you for not giving up on me!
Love and hugs to everyone!