Random Ramblings…

Its been so long since I wrote anything here, I don’t even know where to begin, how to begin..

So, let me start with the most exciting bit..My little baby, my MsAn turned 5!Yes, time has flown and my little miss will be starting school next year. She is now enrolled in the same school as MsA and wants to start going there, already! Oh my Gosh, I love looking at her excited  face, when anyone asks her ‘who is going to school next year?’ 

Speaking of school, SP has finished School too and will be graduating from B-school next month. 

And whilst on the subject of schools, MsA loves her school too, she just hates a new person, every week, at school and that person ‘ ruins ‘ her life and day!!! #joysofbeinga9yearold 

As for me, I am trying to master the art of solo-parenting as fast as I  can. SP has been travelling during the week since the end of July and I am still getting used to it. Doing double drop offs before work is what tires me the most… actually I  lie… its the waking up half an hour earlier than usual – that’s what tires me most. Other than that, its business as usual. 

Oh! We celebrated Book Week last week and the girls dressed up as’ Cat in the Hat’ from Dr.Suess. I had so much fun putting their costumes, together ☺

I leave you with a pic of my Cats …



The balancing act

Hello World,

I am here again, after a long gap. Wonder if anyone is still reading? Oh well! I have time to write today and write, I will!

So..o.. exactly two days before I wrote my last post, I had submitted a job application – you know the kind where almost all your skill-sets match, but you not a 100%. Yes, one of those – so, I submitted the application, said a prayer and forgot about it. A couple of days later, I got a call for the interview. OMG!! To say that I was excited will be an understatement!! So, I went for the interview and guess what? I GOT the job! The next couple of days went too quickly. I served my notice period and was ready to start at the new place.

Even though, I have been working for the last 4 years and a bit, but a typical work day for me was  3-4 hours long. I would drop the kids to school/child-care and then go to work. I would finish work,  grab lunch/ coffee, do a quick grocery run and then pick up the kids and return home, all within 7-8 hours. And I did this twice a week,sometime 3 times. When I picked up a second job, some weeks were very busy, with me doing 8 hour shifts on my ‘off ‘ days, but it wasn’t consistent.

With the new job, I am at work for 9 hours, including breaks. We are out of the house for nearly 10 hours .I start early – earlier than SP, earlier than MsA and I have to wake up early(that’s the only thing that I don’t like)!! SP was dropping the girls, when I first started and then, one day, I had to drop Ms.An because she was super-clingy and we walked in, as they were serving breakfast. Since, then, I have been dropping her off. So, anyway..I am loving the new job, but the house is a mess, the car is a mess, the laundry barely gets done on time. I try and plan our meals, ranging from hardwork – fun – one pot, in that order, as the week progresses. But, I have near zero energy and no patience when I get back home. So, its in everyone’s best interest that our tummies are filled and everyone is in bed, at the earliest. Its a huge balancing act but we are all still alive🙂

I read this post today and it felt like The Mummy Code was talking about me! Only she was brave enough to share the pics of her messy car..I am still not that brave😀

I just realised, almost every single one of my post in this year has been, when I was sick and in bed .. not a good sign. I’ve been sick, last couple of days – cold – asthma – flu – asthma and I am ready for a break, ready to be able to breathe comfortably and to be able to talk without huffing and puffing or sounding like I swallowed a toad. But, in between sipping copious amounts of tea, feeding the kids( who are both flu-ey), helping them bake some banana bread and cleaning up for the cleaner( what?? You mean, you don’t clean up before your cleaner comes in ?😛 ),  I managed to churn out a blogpost..So, it’s not such a bad thing, after all.

I’ll come back and write more mundane stuff, when I am better🙂





The day I wanted to take a nap..

Blogging in your head doesn’t count ..No, it doesn’t..You can’t go back and read your thoughts🙂
I have written quite a few blogposts in my head in the last few days, but they are lost somewhere, in the mist that is otherwise known as my grey cells.
Like the other day, a few weeks back actually a month back( OMG!! I can’t believe its been a month since I came back from India!), when I came back from India, we were still jet-lagged..atleast, Ms.An and I were. Ms.A trained her body back to Melbourne time. She slept in the first day, and set alarms from the very next day- alarms for waking up as usual and for bed-time etc. Yes! She is super-organised.
ME? Well, I will not lie. I struggled. I struggled big time! We arrived on Thursday night and I went back to work on Monday, but I was like a Zombie for almost 10 days.
So, anyway, the day that I was talking about..We dropped Ms.A to school and were home by 8:30am. I decided that we were going to go back to bed. But, Ms.An decided that she was hungry. So, we had breakfast and I decided again that we were going to go back to bed. And Ms.An decided that she wanted to go poop and that she needed to share her worldly wisdom with me. Poop done, I decided again that we were going back to bed, but Ms.An wanted me to read her a story and then play with her animals..I ignored her, rolled over and pretended to sleep. But, she continued talking, poking me awake and what not. Finally, I gave up and sat up to do all that she wanted me to.
To say, I was grumpy, will be an understatement.
Finally, it was time to go pick up Ms.A from school and guess what? Ms.An fell asleep! And if you have ever had to wake up a sleeping child, you will know what I am talking about. If you don’t know what I am talking about, I will tell you in four simple words : All Hell Broke Lose! Somehow, MsA was picked up, we arrived home and a shattered grumpy child and a grumpier mum went to bed and we were awake for yet another night .

Anyway, all that talking about naps, is making me sleepy.I am off to take a Sunday snooze.
More later,

Boy!She can talk!

Ms. An is the newest chatterbox in the house. Everyone, that we met in India, commented on how the shy little girl from last year, wouldn’t stop talking, this time around. I am still amazed at how much she has to say, and to think just 6 months back, I was worried, about whether she would ever talk anything other than baby talk.
She has an opinion on everything and is not scared to share it. She is quick to share her excitement and disappointment.
When my BFF’s mum gave her a roti, smeared with freshly made ghee, she called out to me and said, ‘Mumma, come here and see this ghee..its the most amazing ghee in the world.’
When I scolded Ms.A and she started crying, she said to my sister, “Tuku, your sister made my sister cry. She is a rude mumma. I am not happy with her.”
She told her Dadu-Dadi that their ‘ son has the same Gods in his house’ and that their house is her Daddy’s house and that Nanu’s house is her Mummy’s house.
She told her Nanu,after reaching Melbourne,”Nanu, I am happy now, I am with my mummy and my daddy now.”
She,doesn’t know what shy means, she couldn’t care any less about the langauage barrier, she kept talking to people, whether they understood what she was saying or not, whether she fully understood what they were saying or not. She just kept chattering away🙂
She makes up songs on the go, adding the name of the person/kid we are with..For example- “Rain rain go away, BabyS wants to play”  ” Cheeky little J, jumping on the bed”
And what prompted me to write this post, was what I heard today. We were walking up to MsA’s class, for school pickup and MsAn kept pointing at things, ” Look Mummy,he is taller than her; My friend H’s mummy is bigger(taller) than you; Friend K is tinier than me.. I was amazed, I didn’t even realise when she got so smart and learned to compare and use comparative words and in the correct manner, not just random words thrown together.
And my favourite line of all times is, ” Mumma, if you get angry/ don’t do/give this, I will never be your chotula( little one)” , said with the cutest little pout and arms crossed on her chest!  And just one look at that pouting little person is enough to turn me in to a puddle of mush.
My little chatterbox, started kindergarten this week. I am still in denial..I refuse to accept the fact that my munchkin is not a baby or even a toddler anymore.Her new found love is Chota Bheem, from our recent India trip.So, she wore her favourite Chota Bheem T-shirt and took along the Chota Bheem book, to kinder. I leave you with a picture of my precious…




Halfway through..

… I’m talking about my vacation. The girls and I are in India, on a well deserved holiday .. 2 weeks finished, another 2 to go before we head home. 

This time we are traveling a bit, catching up with a lot of people, that have been an important part of my life and in general, chilling out. I mean, literally chilling out… I have no agenda whatsoever- I do have a broad outline of plans but nothing fixed. My motto is- it’s not the end of the world.. It doesn’t matter 😃

Yup! I am all zen.. Or so I like to think 😊  The girls have been really good too… Other than occasional back-talk, they have been as good as gold. That helps me stay zen too. That and just being in touch with all the people that matter! 

In the last two weeks, I have met and spent time with three of my closest friends. All three are such phenomenal women that inspire me to no end , in their own unique ways. More than anything else, they are people that I can share my darkest thoughts with and not worry about being judged. I’ve reconnected with another dear friend and that makes me happy.  All in all, it’s been a good break so far! Here, see for yourself: 


More vacation updates soon…




Wow!! That went really fast!!
I can’t believe it that 2015 is ending. To be honest, I am happy to see  her go..it has been a crazy year, with lots of ups and downs. To be honest, the year literally zoomed by.
The girls turned 8 and 4, I got a second job and SP is halfway through his MBA. We made many new friends,along the way – some became an important part of our life, some came into ours to help us get through a particular phase. But,regardless of the amount of  time they stayed in our lives, they taught us that nothing is permanent and to enjoy every moment of life, as it comes at you. So,that’s exactly what we plan to do the new year.

I don’t remember setting any resolutions, in 2015, so, I can safely say that there were no unfinished resolutions😀
As for 2016, the top two resolutions on my list, which by the way is still work-in -progress are :
1) To confidently say No, when I don’t want to say Yes.
2) To make myself a priority!

I think if I can stick to these two resolutions, anything else that I decide to achieve in the year, will follow automatically. Isn’t it?

I leave you with wishes for the new year and a promise to blog more regularly:
Here’s hoping 2016 brings the best of everything you ask for;
Here’s wishing 2016 is everything you want it to be and more;
Here’s wishing that you always have more than you need and here’s hoping you find it in yourself to give away what you don’t need..
Here’s wishing you all the love, happiness, smiles and sunshine to last you a lifetime and all the strength to deal with anything unpleasant that life throws your way.. Happy New Year!!

(Image Courtesy : Google images)