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I drove today!! All by myself.. well even if for a short distance!
I had to take Babushka to the kinder..today being her last day of the term and all..I was unsure about parking in the busy town center,where her kinder is,so I texted Dee saying that I need help with Parking..and she very sweetly,offered to go with me and teach me the tricks.
I went from home and picked up Dee from the next street.. Babs was sooo excited.. that mommy is driving..and that we could go out on our own in our car,Aape se!
After some parking practice,I dropped off Dee and came home.Alone in the big car for the first time!!:D
Yayyy I feel good:D
Oh and I got my licence in the mail today,and luckily the photo has come out nice too!!


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