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My day today

Can be summed up as-
*Running from one Dr. appointment to another.
*Waiting endless at each appointment..Thankfully every single of those Doctors was running late!
And lusting after these-

LOL!! this is what sitting endlessly in the doctor’s office,reading gossip magazines does to you..:)

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I don’t know,if you remember,but I said,sometime in January that I was going to start taking driving lessons.Well,I did. 🙂 I see my instructor once a week and am getting comfortable with her.I am at a good pace of learning with her.But,the thing is I want to get my licence real soon.I don’t want to wait 6 months for it.At this pace,I will get a licence,eventually..:)
So,she asked me to practice with DH.That’s where my first problem arose.I am learning to drive with her in small hatchback.But,DH’s car is a big SUV. They say,it shouldn’t matter..but darlings,size does matter,when you are learning. The first day,I went out with DH for a drive,I was so the enormity of the vehicle,the idea of driving and controlling a car,all by myself..I forgot to forgot to put my seat belt on.Ack!There was the first mistake and DH’s first caustic comment.I put on the seat belt and then forgot to put the car in put the car in D mode! Yeah,so you get it..bad start..:( Anyway,I insisted on driving..and had to hear DH’s comments about how my basics were not clear and how I was driving almost in the opposite lane,which I was. But,I loved it. I drove all the way back as well.And when we came back,I frustration. We talked and decided to give a try again,after my next lesson.
I did well,when I was driving with my instructor.I got loads of pointers from her and tried again with DH.Again,I was having judgement issues. But,I was able to relax towards the end of the drive.In DH’s words-then,I looked like someone who was enjoying a drive,and not someone who was going to the war!
On my next lesson with the instructor,I went on the highway and touched 70km/hr..wowow that was amazing.And now,I have a better grasp and control of the car.The instructor had to use her breaks or accelator only twice.I was excited and very confident.
I couldn’t have a lesson,this week..because of school timings and,DH and I went for a drive. Today,I got two honks.After the first I panicked and pulled over at the side,without indicating-only to hear another honk.I had pulled over in the drive way of the next car behind me.I moved ahead..and pulled over again..asked DH to drive.
No,he insisted,its ok..its their job to honk and yours to be strong and drive on..Gosh!I never loved him more.I finished the rest of the drive without any mistakes,except at the end-I parked the car and forgot to put the car in Parking mode..and so,despite the hand break being on,it still didn’t stop moving.UGH!!I feel horrible..and low in confidence..but,I have to get over it. I will get there..I will!!If only I felt the same confidence,driving the SUV,as I did when driving with my instructor..I think the fact that she has an extra pair of controls,makes me feel safe..even if I am doing all the driving n controlling.
Phew..just writing this post is tiring me out…God!help me..

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Its a first…

My top NY resolutions this year are to get fitter,lose weight,eat healthy,save money.
And I am proud to say that- its been more than 2 weeks..18 days to be precise and we have’nt eaten out..No restaurants,no cafes,no frozen food and no take outs.How’s that for a start?
The most important thing,according to me,is that,we survived the holiday season,without pigging out eating out.We went out a lot..but I always made sure,we left after a good meal,carried some packed meals or atleast had lunch/dinner ready to come back and eat.Sure it took a fair bit of planning on my part and it is hardwork too..but I am glad,I did.
The last time we ate out was on the 23rd of december..I am so proud of myself.
As for getting fitter-I have crossed Week1 of walks and XBX! I have realised(atlast) that gym is not for me.I am more of a non-gymmer!??!!
And we have been teaching Aadi to play football..nothing fancy..just kick and chase.She just chases happily,while we run and kick..a good workout for 30-40 minutes!There is just something so cool about playing a sport with your spouse..though the way we play ,the game should be called ‘save the ball’..;) But its fun nevertheless.The next thing on our list is to get badminton racquets.We both used to play Badminton,for our school teams ..and have an ongoing bet,to see who is better..we just never played each other!Its been 9 years since we shook hands on the bet,,so,may be sometime soon.
The weekend is over and its Monday again..:( It was a hot weekend in Melbourne..and the recent happenings in the city have sort of freaked me we stayed home.How was your weekend?

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Just other things

I am in a mood to blog today and I want to write something non-baby.Some days I feel,my whole life is revolving around Aadya..and I love it..OK that’s all I am going to write about her.
So, last couple days have been really eventful- happy or not,I will tell you in a bit.

I have been dealing with some health-related issues and that has left me feeling rather low. I am just coming to terms with the situation and hoping things start to look up soon. But seeing doctors,waiting for reports and then waiting to get appointments is tiring.And on the whole,I am really tired.The house is a mess-I tidy up,then,it gets messy and I am just too tired to pick up again.Some days,even cooking seems like a big chore too.There is no energy for socialising too,so other than the really unavoidable ones,I have been keeping a low profile.. Hopefully things will get better from here on.

I spent quite a few days moping over my health but its just not me to keep moping..There is always something that makes me want to get up and take charge! Getting doctors and specialists appointments unless you are pregnant or unless its an emergency or unless you are just back from the ER is so tough. I waited 2 months to see a specialist,only for her to refer me to a super-specialist,who doesn’t have any openings for new patients for at least 2 and half months from now.It is nerve-wracking,I tell you,this waiting.You know there is a have google for support and talk to people you know,who might have some ideas for you.. but you are still at a loss,till you don’t get the final verdict from the doctor!Gahh!!

Then,there is a big move on the cards..and this time,it seems like the right thing. Sanj’s assignment officially ends on August 28th and anytime after that,we would be boarding the flight to leave Dallas. Dallas bloggers ,how about having a meet before that? I had booked my tickets to Seattle for mid I don’t know if I will be able to take that trip..But somehow the uncertainty that came with this new development doesn’t seem overwhelming.May be because we had made up our minds to move,even before this announcement came through. Some time in June,we had decided that we wanted to go back to India,when our visa may be that why we are mentally ready for this change.

Now,I need to start organising our stuff- what to throw,what to donate/give away,what to take along,what to ship ahead of time.Oh and there is this question of destination.We don’t have any idea about destination,can’t start on the apartment search.That’s always the first on my list,every time we move.But this time,that will have to wait. The sorting of the stuff will take a long time. I have a complete section of the garage packed with boxes and trash bags,full of stuff. They need to be unpacked,checked through and repacked. I know I can do it during the day,when Sanj takes the car out, but its too hot in there. And its not such a good idea to let Aadya run around when I open the boxes.There will be more things on the floor than in the boxes,if madam is around.So, may be that needs to be done on the weekend. I guess things will pick up only when,we have a final date and destination for the move..till then,I should at least try to collect the odds and ends scattered around in the apartment.

This time,I am really excited to move ..if only I had the energy to keep up with the excitement.Funny, now when I think,I have had really low energy levels,around the last two moves..the first was from Chicago to Phoenix,when I was pregnant..and the next was from Phoenix to Dallas-when I was sleep deprived.. and this time I am just sick.But there is still time for the actual move and by then,I am sure I will be fine. Oh and BTW, those are just two of the six moves we made in the less than 4 years.

And now,since I have decided to write about non-baby stuff,I am going to steal this tag from , Cee Kay. No one remembered to tag me * sulk*

Here’s the Book tag:

Pick up the nearest book.
Open to page 123.Find the fifth sentence.
Post the next three sentences.
Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you .

I am currently reading “Sweet Dreams at the Goodnight Motel” by Curtiss Ann Matlock.
Here’s what I have :
“But her money was gone,all that she had saved out,little by little,for the past six months of serving Krispy Kremes.The money that would get her to the doctor,that would get her somewhere if Denny left her.
Denny had known about it all along.”
OK,now I am tempted to flip through the pages and reach page 123. I am still on page 94 and have no clue..who this woman is and who this Denny is!!
As for tagging and acknowledging..remember I am sulking..No one tagged me..*sulk sulk*

Ha! and even in this non-baby post,I managed to mention Aadya 4 times!!Oh what the heck,I spend every waking second of my day with her.. so,its OK..Na?