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Day 3

Cold and wet- that’s Melbourne!

Flu-ridden….yes that’s me!

Curiousity- that’s Babychino- about what her sister is eating!

Happily tortured-that would have to be Babushka-she lets her sister pull her hair,climb up on her ..and then she returns the favor!

Cacophony of baby babble and contagious giggles- that would be the Suburban House after 3pm!

Sweetest hubby- now that is the SD without a doubt- he is on his way home and has promised to make me masala chaiwhen he gets home:)

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End of April!!

Can you believe it we are already at the end of the fourth month of the new year?I miss blogging and hate the lack of time and motivation..and really while mental blogging helps me sort my thoughts,it’s your comments and feedbacks,reading your posts that makes me feel I am going to do the NaBlPoMo in may and comment on at least 2 blogs per day!
And I now have a new iPad*koff-koff* so I can no longer use the excuse of multiple sign-ins!
This year has been quite gadget-y for me:) first my iPhone then I bought a heart rate monitor to help me track calories burnt next in line was the Kindle and finally the iPad – oh well I am not complaining!lol!
Today was my workday and for the first time since I started working at the toy library,I left home before Babychino woke up! When she woke up,she cuddled with SD and played with Babushka and then went on to camp in front of the bathroom.The door was shut and she sat outside then stood holding on to the door with one hand banging knocking with the other.:(
When SD told me this,my heart broke….I had to ask myself was it really worth it…I hate putting her through this but a little voice in my head tells me it’s ok..I am really enjoying the I had to work extra hours..but I still loved it..though I hope I don’t have to do the extra hours too often:)And this is why I cannot go to work full-time for the next3-4 years!
Today was also the first time SD dressed up both the girls and took them for a birthday party! He even remembered to put on Babushka’s Beaded necklace*awww* broke my heart again- waving them off,when they stopped by my place of work for my approval:(
But the best part of my day was snuggling with my babies- all of us piled up on the 2-seater couch:) Now that was Bliss…
Speaking of Bliss,I must go and snuggle up with a sleeping Babychino:) need to make up for the time lost!!!
But before I go, who wants to do the NaBloPoMo with me?Show of hands please:)
More later,till then…Take Care ,My lovelies:)

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Babushka talks :)

I know .. most of you come here to read about Babushka:) So,I figured its time for another one of Babushka posts.
Babushka has an opinion about everything and not just random opinions..but she actually thinks things through.
Like last night,she just wouldn’t fall asleep..I tucked her in,lay in her bed and slipped out,after she fell asleep.. and within half an hour she woke up crying..this happened two more times and finally,I asked her to move to my bed. And what do you know?She slept through the night,after that.. even if I went to bed,after nearly 2 hours!!
So this morning,I asked her,’Oh Babs,what will you do when I go to the hospital?’ and very confidently she answered,’Oh Mamu can take me to Ms.Donalds’..My cousin in moving to Melbourne this weekend and so,we are all super excited about him coming.Then I asked her, who would put her to sleep,feed her,bathe her,dress her..and she systematically answered Papa for everything..except for combing her hair,because,Papa’s can’t comb hair..only Mommies can!
I asked her what will you guys do for food?Eat out or cook? And she said,Well Papa can make khichdi or rice..LOL! yeah she knows that in the last few months,whenever Mumma’s not well,Papa comes home and makes Khichdi..:D
She has names picked for the baby..and No,I am not allowed to tell anyone! ‘Because,its a secret!’
She is just so understanding about the whole thing,it breaks my heart and makes me proud at the same time.. Everytime,I double up in pain,because of my torn muscle,she comes and rubs my back.
Last few days,I have been having painful contractions and when that happens,the muscle and the contraction,both together,make me stop and brace myself.. And she stops whatever she is doing and comes and hugs me,saying,’May be cuddles could make you feel better…’ if that doesn’t work.. she rubs my back,or hands or face,kisses me and says..’ there my kisses will make the hurt go away..’ Mostly,by then,I feel better.. 🙂 And say thank you.. and she is so happy.
She is soo soo eager to help.. even if she is tired and I ask her to give me a something from the bottom shelf,she pipes up,’one big bowl(or whatever it is I need) coming up,Mumma..Don’t you worry,I am right here!’
Babs and SD are getting closer..they plan things together,keep each other entertained..:) And every now and again,Babushka wants to call up her Papa to talk to him about something IMPORTANT!!
For his B’day,last week..we went present shopping,after I picked her up from school on Thursday evening. SD was going to pick us up. We went from one store to another and she didn’t like anything. I liked a sports watch that I thought would make a nice present..but she said no..and insisted we go to EB games..the place where SD buys his PS3 CDs from. And we waited there for SD.She refused to go home,till he didn’t go inside and pick up a gift. And she knew exactly what she wanted!!! A Power steering for his car racing games.Then she insisted we go get a cake.. from a cake shop,all the way over,2 suburbs away! And he did it!!!
SD has always been a no-fuss-on-my bday kinda guy..but he is no match against a determined 4 year old Babushka!! 🙂
I have so much more to write.. but I guess,I will stop here today :)More later.. till then,take care!

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Remember the story-Post 18

A couple months back,there was a story being forwarded…about how a father was watching his little girl ,while the mother was out running errands. When the mother came home,the father gloated..”I don’t know why you complain about her being a brat and troubling you..We spent the last few hours happily,without any tantrums or yelling.”
The mother was quite impressed and asked him,what they did,while she was away.”Oh,we just had a tea-party”,beamed the father.And just then,the little girl walked in,carrying a little tea-cup,the father slipped out his pinkie,like she had taught him and drank the said tea!
It was only then,the mother asked him,why did he give her water to play with..and the father replied,”Oh no,she is clever,she got it herself..”And the mother could not stop LAUGHING-Well,because the only place the little girl could get water was from the toilet BOWL!

SD had fwded this story to me and we had a good laugh over it..and then,sometime last week,I had a particularly hard day with Babushka..she was literally on me..all the time..because I didn’t let her watch TV all day long. She was bugged and I was irritated.. When SD came home,I told them both to leave me alone and entertain each other.I was resting,when I realised the house was quiet..the TV was off and there were no tantrums. I came out to see SD was working/playing on his laptop and Babs was quietly playing in her room..I asked him,”what did you say to her?” SD gloated,” just have to have the knack to keep her happy”..Just then,Babs walked out with a cup of tea for SD.. he happily drank it and asked for some more! I asked him,as to why he gave her water,because she is not allowed water-play in her room! And he goes,”Oh no no I didnt give her..she took it herself”..And then it was my turn to laugh and laugh…and a confused SD asked me,what was so funny? I asked him to ask Babs where she got the water from??
And the look on his face,when she told him,PRICELESS!!
Luckily for him,she is a clean freak and helped herself to the water from the bathroom tap and not from the toilet bowl!!LOL!
BTW, to give credit to SD,there was no screaming or anything,if anything,he took it in his stride and just gulped and said,”oh well,anything for my princess”.. Needless to say,he doesn’t like playing tea-party anymore!!LOL! LOL!!

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I am back:) -Post 1

Hello,my lovelies!
Hope you are doing well. My laptop is back and so am I. When I didn’t have a laptop at my disposal,I kept wanting to write so many things. But, when I got my laptop,I was very sad..for reasons,that I will talk about another time..and didn’t feel like writing.
Anyway,so much to share..
First off,I have postponed my drive test.. I was just getting too stressed..I still have a bit of learning to do- 3 point turns,reverse parking,safe merging on the highway(which is mandatory in our zone),driving just 5-10kms lower that the speed(I am still driving atleast 20kms lower) -Anyway,the bottomline is.. all the stress was making me more and more nervous and as a result I was making more mistakes.I am much more relaxed after the decision to postpone..I will now be taking the test,sometime next month. In the mean-time,I am driving around as much as possible.. even without Dee(my instructor) and SD…I have taken to shamelessly,begging friends to accompanying me.:D Or else,a tired SD gets dragged out at night.
And now for some pregnancy news..
We are officially in the third trimester- the last stretch..I am getting bigger.. my tummy is getting bigger.. I am happy this time,so far I am still not getting any huger than I already was.. If anything,I am still able to wear my normal tops and have got a couple maternity yoga pants. In fact, I am happy to be still wearing a size 16!!! yayyyy 🙂 I was recently talking to a friend and realized,how good it is for your ego to dress up smartly..All through my last pregnancy,I wore loose tent-like clothes,and felt like a hag.. this time,just little well-fitted but still comfortable clothes,have done heaps of good to my ego..and I feel beautiful..despite being huge!
Babykins is kicking more and more and I have started feeling BHCs from time to time. The toilet breaks are coming sooner:D
Babushka is getting clingier as time goes..I think the fact that I am not as physical with her as before,is making her nervous all of a sudden. She actually asked me,the other day,”Mumma,will you still love me,after the baby comes?” I hugged her tight and said,”Of course,I will!” And then,the little miss went on to ask me,” Will you love me more or the baby?” Gosh!!I was speechless..I told her,”I love you LOTS and LOTS n the baby will be little,so,I will love her a little”.. oh- we are under strict instructions to call the baby HER and not HIM!
I had my GTT(glucose tolerance test) two days back..I had gestational diabetes,last time and so,we had been monitoring my sugars,from the start of this pregnancy.. even,monitoring my diet.. So,far the sugars had behaved well and were well under the limits.. but on the day of the test,the fasting sugar levels were borderline…Now,I will know in two days what the levels at 1 hour and 2 hours were like..If its still border-line,then,I can still try and control it with diet.. lets see,fingers crossed.
I will be seeing the OB and an endocrinologist on Monday… Phew.. busy days..LOL.
I am in nesting over-drive last few days..I have been re-organizing cupboards,cleaning,re-organizing some more,sorting clothes-Even SD commented.. where are we going to keep the baby’s clothes and things?LOL!
We haven’t even started looking at baby Gear this time.Last time..we already had bought tonnes of clothes and short-listed most of the things,we wanted to buy,by this time.I have the same list on my fridge this time,but,I can’t tick anything off it!! We went to get some towels etc,2 weeks back..and guess what we came back with..3-4 baby outfits- 2 pinks,1 blue,1 neutral. Babushka picked the pinks,naturally and threw a huge fit,when she saw the blue at the check-out counter! But,I have been knitting/crochetting.. made two pairs of baby booties and working on a vest now.Have a look-

Will be back with our Easter weekend details and Babushka chats:D
Till then,be good!!

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I started to write a post today.. but I am just too mad right now,to finish it.
Just so mad,I want to scream.. don’t even ask me why..coz I just might scream!! And no its not just one of those hormonal outbursts..or is it?? ohh well,I don’t know…I might as well tell you,why I am angry!
The thing is I want to get my driver’s licence ASAP.. I have been taking lessons and stuff.. but barely practicing otherwise..but I am feeling confident about driving as time is going by. Now,the earliest available date,is in May second week. According to SD,I should not book for the test,until I am a 100% confident with the car.. now,if I wait till I get a 100% confident,the available dates would be pushed out by another month or so..That will take it to June or even July.. by which time,I will be heavily pregnant..I so don’t want to do that. What’s the worst that could happen if I go in May? I just won’t pass.. but thats all,right? But,hey!Ijust might pass!! I am so so mad!!
Edited to add: SD read the post and teased me about it..ugh!What do I do with this guy? And when I started crying,he goes,”See I told you,its the hormones!!” Ofcourse he came n hugged me..but I am still MAD!

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Look what did you do,now!

Ever since we got married,one habit of SD’s has annoyed me to no ends. Whenever something goes wrong..- The cable channels get scrambled, the laptop crashes,the fuse goes off.. NO matter what… and I ask SD to take a look,the first thing to slip out of his mouth is,”What did you do now?” Gosh!It irritates me…I can’t even tell me how much!
As the years have gone by,I have learned to not take it personally and yell back at him,saying..It wasn’t me..just get up and take a look.But,it still irritates me.
Guess who uses the same irritating phrase?Who else,but Babushka!!
Today she went to sit on her little chair and the chair was turned upside down..her own doing,a little while ago. But,the little brat,looked at me and said,’Look what you did now,Mumma!’
I was this close to yelling at her..when I looked up and saw SD wink at me.. I glared at him,he shrugged.. as if to say,I get it… and we burst out laughing.
Babushka,naturally got upset..and said,’Hey!Its not funny! you better stop!!’
Ohh Well,atleast SD can stop cribbing about how she looks,walks,and talks like me..:P

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Babushka is currently Od-ing on –
*An in-utero baby video on my iPhone,courtesy of Babycenter-the baby is waving and playing with her cord.She can’t get enough of it!!
*2 tsps ginger chai diluted with half a cup of milk.She has the flu for the last 3 days and what started as a last-ditch effort to get her to down something,has turned out to both our advantage.Every morning,when she wakes up,she has a bite of something to eat and then asks for her chai.She is happy feeling like a grown up..I am happy to see her down something.
*Daddy- SD had managed to accumulate some excess leave and was promptly asked to take time off..a certain number of days before the end of this month..So,much to Babushka’s joy..he is having longer weekends and doing fun things with her..:)
*Treats and candy- Refer to previous point. SD is home and always,always melts at the puppy-dog face and a sweet voice saying-‘Daddy pleasee can I have just one last??Pleaseee Papa??’

As for me-I am just tired between cooking,cleaning,raising the bratty father-daughter duo..baking the bun..All I want to do is flop on the couch and sleeeeeeeep..zzzzzzz

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Of Little Fashionistas and patient Daddies

We went shoe-shopping for Babushka today.When we started looking,I saw some sneakers and went to the next aisle to see if there are anymore options.Now,SD is a quick shopper and has no patience for stragglers like me…who like to walk around various aisles and shops and then finally pick one thing or on some occasions, walk out,without buying anything. So,as I was saying,I spotted the sneakers I was after and then,went to the next aisle to check for other options and heard SD cluck and say..’Now,why can’t you look at what you came to look at!’ By now,I am used to it..and just ignored his frowns and clucks and words..and walked on.We picked the sneakers and Babushka tried them on.And she loved’em. Then we went to look for a second pair..Now,it was SD’s turn to give up..he found himself a stool and settled down. We went and found tiny UGG replicas..after much deliberation on color,we picked black..She tried on the new pair and strutted around.And thats when she spotted a pair of shoes that her current BFF A at school had.. and she had to try those on,and in all the available colors,too.And she was convinced that that was that was the best pair for her. I was really keen on her getting the black UGGs but no she wouldn’t budge.I looked at SD for help and he just shrugged..’Oh come on!! let her pick!!!’
Humpff..Whatever.. the guy,who wants me to finish my monthly grocery in half an hour,he who doesnt understand why I need to try on clothes,sat patiently as his daughter tried shoe after shoe and supported her choice,in a heartbeat!! Ohh Well..I have my heart set on the black uggs and will go back and pick them up.. in a day or two..:P Whattttt??I wanted a girl,so I could dress her to my heart’s content..not soo..she would start vetoing my choices so early on in life!!!