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I am back:) -Post 1

Hello,my lovelies!
Hope you are doing well. My laptop is back and so am I. When I didn’t have a laptop at my disposal,I kept wanting to write so many things. But, when I got my laptop,I was very sad..for reasons,that I will talk about another time..and didn’t feel like writing.
Anyway,so much to share..
First off,I have postponed my drive test.. I was just getting too stressed..I still have a bit of learning to do- 3 point turns,reverse parking,safe merging on the highway(which is mandatory in our zone),driving just 5-10kms lower that the speed(I am still driving atleast 20kms lower) -Anyway,the bottomline is.. all the stress was making me more and more nervous and as a result I was making more mistakes.I am much more relaxed after the decision to postpone..I will now be taking the test,sometime next month. In the mean-time,I am driving around as much as possible.. even without Dee(my instructor) and SD…I have taken to shamelessly,begging friends to accompanying me.:D Or else,a tired SD gets dragged out at night.
And now for some pregnancy news..
We are officially in the third trimester- the last stretch..I am getting bigger.. my tummy is getting bigger.. I am happy this time,so far I am still not getting any huger than I already was.. If anything,I am still able to wear my normal tops and have got a couple maternity yoga pants. In fact, I am happy to be still wearing a size 16!!! yayyyy šŸ™‚ I was recently talking to a friend and realized,how good it is for your ego to dress up smartly..All through my last pregnancy,I wore loose tent-like clothes,and felt like a hag.. this time,just little well-fitted but still comfortable clothes,have done heaps of good to my ego..and I feel beautiful..despite being huge!
Babykins is kicking more and more and I have started feeling BHCs from time to time. The toilet breaks are coming sooner:D
Babushka is getting clingier as time goes..I think the fact that I am not as physical with her as before,is making her nervous all of a sudden. She actually asked me,the other day,”Mumma,will you still love me,after the baby comes?” I hugged her tight and said,”Of course,I will!” And then,the little miss went on to ask me,” Will you love me more or the baby?” Gosh!!I was speechless..I told her,”I love you LOTS and LOTS n the baby will be little,so,I will love her a little”.. oh- we are under strict instructions to call the baby HER and not HIM!
I had my GTT(glucose tolerance test) two days back..I had gestational diabetes,last time and so,we had been monitoring my sugars,from the start of this pregnancy.. even,monitoring my diet.. So,far the sugars had behaved well and were well under the limits.. but on the day of the test,the fasting sugar levels were borderline…Now,I will know in two days what the levels at 1 hour and 2 hours were like..If its still border-line,then,I can still try and control it with diet.. lets see,fingers crossed.
I will be seeing the OB and an endocrinologist on Monday… Phew.. busy days..LOL.
I am in nesting over-drive last few days..I have been re-organizing cupboards,cleaning,re-organizing some more,sorting clothes-Even SD commented.. where are we going to keep the baby’s clothes and things?LOL!
We haven’t even started looking at baby Gear this time.Last time..we already had bought tonnes of clothes and short-listed most of the things,we wanted to buy,by this time.I have the same list on my fridge this time,but,I can’t tick anything off it!! We went to get some towels etc,2 weeks back..and guess what we came back with..3-4 baby outfits- 2 pinks,1 blue,1 neutral. Babushka picked the pinks,naturally and threw a huge fit,when she saw the blue at the check-out counter! But,I have been knitting/crochetting.. made two pairs of baby booties and working on a vest now.Have a look-

Will be back with our Easter weekend details and Babushka chats:D
Till then,be good!!


16 thoughts on “I am back:) -Post 1

  1. You made that YOURSELF! Baap rey you are so talented..good to have you back šŸ™‚ and dont worry too much about the ddriving test..ho jayega šŸ™‚


  2. Aww those booties are just so cute! U r so talented šŸ™‚
    And yay to looking and feeling beautiful! We so deserve it šŸ˜‰

    Oh dear baby! Ofcourse dear Babushka, Mom luvvvs u and so do we all too šŸ™‚


  3. Wow, 3rd Tri!! all the best. these booties are so so cute!
    u have fun. dont worry about the doesnt matter šŸ™‚


  4. Hey..came here via monika’s blog..
    I m also doing Blog marathon this month ..:-) It will be fun with all of us together..blogrolled you now..


  5. Absolutely loved reading this post šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€
    Those booties are soooper cute, could you please share the knitting instructions for them šŸ˜€
    With you participating in NaBloPoMo it’ll be so much fun reading from you daily šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚


    1. I am glad,you enjoyed:)
      I am really sorry,I can’t share this particular pattern,because I was just pattern testing for a designer..but,I will send u heaps more and if u really like these,I will make these for ur baby,yes?


      1. Wow! that sounds too good and tempting to say NO
        Thank you very much dear šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€
        Please e-mail me the instructions of any other patterns for the booties…I absolutely loved these šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€


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