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Sharing some happiness!

I know I knoww..I shouldn’t keep disappearing like that.. but please bear with me,these last few weeks:)
Before I say anything else,let me just tell you,how happy I was to see your comments on the date post..really..that is the reason why I love blogging.Its so nice to see so many like-minded people..and no you don’t have to always agree with me.. all I want is for you to see where I am coming from 🙂
So,as for the date,I assumed the Queen of Practicality mode and thought I would let the doctor decide- because the only person who should have a say in a medical procedure,is a medical professional and if at all he asked me for a preference,I would tell him the 22nd of July as my aunt is arriving that evening..So,even if I go to the hospital in the morning,we could leave Babushka with either my cousin or my good friend M and after the hospital visiting hours end,SD and Babushka could go to the airport to pick up my aunt.
But a big part of decision making relied on which Dr.I go to see. This is a public medical system and everytime,I see a different Dr. I just had a gut feeling that if I get the old Vietnamese Dr. from the last time,things will go smoothly and sure enough,I got him! Then,I just let him take the call.
The first date he suggested was… LO! Behold! 22nd!!!! But unfortunately there were already 4 surgeries planned that day and they had to keep some slots open for emergencies too. So, 22nd was ruled out. 23rd and 24th,which were his next preferences were ruled out too,because of the weekend.One of the dates my sister’s astrologer suggested was 26th..but the Dr. thinks it will be too late..soo 25th of July is going to be the day when Babykins makes an appearance,unless s/he comes early 🙂 I am soo excited.. another 30 days to go!!
Speaking of excitement.. the other exciting news on my front is that I had my driving test yesterday and I PASSED!!!YAYYYYYYYYYY ME!!!!
I spent the previous 2-3 nights,tossing and turning and driving around in my mind:) I took lessons every day of the week,this week and even on the morning of the test and Dee,my instructor commented,that most people are so nervous on the lesson before the test and end up making more mistakes but I seemed cooler than usual and it was freaky..LOL!! Yeah I am freaky like that,I told her and I hoped the coolness stayed on during the test! I was hoping to get a tester that Dee had mentioned about- him being all cool n stuff.. and imagine my joy! when the person to call my name was him! I think that was the first positive sign!
We started the test and I made my first silly mistake.. He asked me show him the wipers and I got confused!!LOL!!! and finally got it right after 2 tries.We got out of the parking lot and all was well till I had to reverse park..which is where I made my next mistake and I tried to be calm and correct it and just then the examiner told me that I could start over again,if I liked..and that took away my nervousness.I tried again and parked PERFECTLY- Dee’s words(later!)
There was one instance when I was too close to the car coming from the opposite side but,both the cars got out of there safely. And at one time,I had to actually be almost over on the other side because someone had parked wrongly..and I hoped and prayed that no-one should turn in my street,because that would have freaked me out totally and again,NO-ONE turned! That was my next positive sign.
Then,we got to an intersection,where there is a turning arrow that flips off and then its a matter of your judgement..luckily for me,it flipped off.. the other cars moved but there was one more car before me and so,I had to wait..and when the arrow came on again,I happily completed my turn! Gosh!I really felt like the stars had aligned and all the things were going my way!!Soooooooooooooooooo yayyyyy here I am- Happy and excited!!!
Thanks for boosting my morale when I first posted about the driving licence!


10 thoughts on “Sharing some happiness!

  1. WOW great news SM on clearing the behind the wheels test. Party!!!!!
    How imp it is for you to be independent as in go around here n there without pestering hubby dear with 2 kiddos…

    Enjoy the last few days as a fam of 3….pamper Babs….before Babykins joins you guys.


    1. Thanksss Ekta…how have you been?How was the little champ’s bday?
      I knoww what you mean…today,we went grocery and walked,her holding both our hands and it hit me,this may be one of the last few time:(


  2. you passed your test AND the babykins is to be born on 25th July…*dancing to the super news…errr.virtually though* so so so happy for you yayayayayay


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