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Dressing up the toddler

Everywhere I go,I see these cute toddlers,well dressed,hair nicely combed,hair clips in place,shoes and socks on.Oh! don’t they look oh-so-adorable..? And then there is my toddler.Getting her dressed is such a BIG drama,every single time!If she had it her way,she would still be wearing the same t-shirt from 3 days back.Trying to change her clothes… Continue reading Dressing up the toddler


Troubles in a 5 year old’s life and Mum’s Dilemma-Day 13

Yes,you read that right! 5 year olds can have troubles too.:) There is a friendship gone bad..and that means war. There is a girl,lets call her B.So B and A(Aadi) used to be friends..and something happened.Another girl C,pushed A and B sided with C,upsetting A and ending the friendship. Now,everyday,A comes home with a story… Continue reading Troubles in a 5 year old’s life and Mum’s Dilemma-Day 13

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Twinkle Star Aani

In our living room,on a table rest two photos-Photos of both pairs of Aadya’s grandparents.Until recently,she used to recognise everyone,but her Nani.In her mind,Nani is her aunt.Why Aani,I will tell you- when we were small,we watched a pakistani drama,about two girls,who used to call their aunt(masi)-Aani.After their parents death,they went on to live with… Continue reading Twinkle Star Aani