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Tired-Post 7

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I am so tired today..Had a long day yesterday- 3 hours at the hospital-I was seeing my OB and Endocrinologist both..and ended up seeing the diabetes instructor too..hence the three hours. I didn’t sleep too well last night and then today was school day. A friend of mine is between jobs and goes driving with me,on Tuesdays..so,SD gets a ride with her husband and I do a bit of grocery,between school runs.
That way,I get enough driving done,park in busy places and also,drive in school zones.
Today,being my first day of monitored eating,sugar monitoring and Insulin taking,has left me completely drained.
Suprisingly,this time I was expecting GD(gestational diabetes) and so,not totally bummed by it..actually,its just like a side-effect of pregnancy,this time.
And Insulin shots are quite alright too 🙂 no worries.

Oh and I finally have a new date for my driving test- June 23rd.. Its ironic,last month,when I booked my test,SD had asked me to book a date in June and I didn’t want to do that,since,it was going to be too close to my due-date.. but now I ended up postponing the test !! LOL!I guess its OK-all the extra driving is doing loads for my confidence!
More later.. too tired 😦


16 thoughts on “Tired-Post 7

  1. Oh no, I hope you get to take some rest and catch up on some sleep. Easier said then done but still even small naps are better than no sleep.

    Do take care. Hugs.


    1. Yeah..I miss the small naps,from last pregnancy..this time,if Babushka is at school,I am worried about over sleeping n getting late for her pick up..
      or if she is at home,she doesn’t sleep:(so no sleep for me,either!


  2. Awww! Hugs dear..take care of your health and you are the first person I know (well I do know you through the blog na) who is so cool about gestational diabetes..rest of the folks went bonkers with it…..take care okie?


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