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Day 3

Cold and wet- that’s Melbourne! Flu-ridden….yes that’s me! Curiousity- that’s Babychino- about what her sister is eating! Happily tortured-that would have to be Babushka-she lets her sister pull her hair,climb up on her ..and then she returns the favor! Cacophony of baby babble and contagious giggles- that would be the Suburban House after 3pm! Sweetest… Continue reading Day 3

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37 weeks update and observations from the Hospital waiting room!

Wow! another week closer to holding that baby 🙂 I am positively bigger-even Babushka has been commenting on it..and she was the one person,who thought I was PERFECT! Last couple of days,every time Babs is sitting next to me or kissing my belly,she says..’WOW Mumma your tummy is soooo big! LIKE a huge watermelon!’ umm… Continue reading 37 weeks update and observations from the Hospital waiting room!

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So I spend two days gloating happily and how can things stay like that?? huh? huh? On Sunday,SD backed the car into the garage shutter and so the garage shutter is like stuck-the car can’t get out of the garage..and I haven’t driven AtALL since receiving my licence. And today I went for my weekly… Continue reading Ugh!