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Girls and Boys…Day 21

My child is a girl now.I think going to school made her realize that girls and boys are different. I still look at all 5 yos as 5 yos..not as girls or boys.They speak the same language-use the same phrases,speak in the same tone,play the same games ,like the same things..well may be not!
Ms.Aadya loves Ben10 and Skylander Giants and Transformers and then,she likes her Barbies and Little Ponies and Strawberry Shortcakes as well.And she likes them equally..sometimes I get the feeling that she loves the action figures more.She has a friend A and when she meets him they plan crazy missions,run and chase imaginary baddies and all that jazz.A has a sister T and Aadi sometimes takes turns playing action heroes and playing house.But lately,she enjoys action heroes more and poor T is left all alone when her brother and his friend are running around like screaming banshees..I feel so bad for Ms.T,because she is such a sweetie!I promise this is going somewhere.
Anyway,every Wednesday Aadi gets to take something special to school for ‘share time’.She then has to tell her classmates about her special thing and she usually starts by saying- This is my **** and I really love it!! And every week,on Tuesday night she sits in her room and goes through her things.Her hands hover over the action figures,she has a little play with them and then picks up something else. Yesterday,she was confused about what to take and I asked her what her favorite toy was and she said ‘Bungle Bee'(Bumblebee from Transformers) I said why not just take HIM and she said no..then the girls will think I like only boy toys.I said no Bumblebee is not just a boy toy.I like him too.
Anyway,after a long discussion,she decided to take him to school. And just as she was leaving,she said,”Mum,should I just say at share time that I like girl toys and boy toys…what if the boys think I don’t like girl things and the girls think I only like boy things.”
SD and I both started together..Bumblebee is not just a boy toy..everyone likes it..she wasn’t I told her a girlie secret..I said,”You know what there are tonnes of girls that like Bumblebee and action heroes..some are brave enough to say it,some aren’t..What about you?”
And she said,”I am brave…”and happily took him to school.I guess all I was trying to tell her was if you like something don’t be embarrassed of your choice..Don’t be embarrassed of what you like..Don’t be embarrassed of who you are!
She came back and reported excitedly that girl A and girl R and girl T like Bumble Bee too and the boy A and boy G and boy J,let her join in their special Ninjas club and she is the pink Ninja because pink is her favorite color.
She is going to take her Skylander Giant figurine next time and her Little Pony figurine the week after..Knowing her she will change her mind at least 5 times before next Wednesday,but if after today my little girl,my baby, is a little more comfortable in her job here is done 🙂

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No more excuses…

Babushka was playing in her room a few days back and she found her skipping rope.She came out and asked SD and me to help her skip.We,each held one end and swung it,while she tried to jump over it..

Then I had a go and re-discovered the joys of skipping..Thats it..Skipping is now my no-more-excuse workout.


Today the kids were sick and I was stuck at home with them..not that I had any inclination to go out,in the cold. So,before dinner,I propped them infront of the TV and skipped rope..Babychino clapped and Babushka cheered! 🙂 

Next time,I will remember to wear my HRM so that I know how many calories,I burnt!

Today we are into week 4 of Mish’s 12 week body transformation..I cant believe how quickly the last 3 weeks have gone. I had really planned to stick to the nutrition plan 1 100% and if I can’t for some reason,then to make sure,I stick to my 1700 was a major flop..I was good till lunch time. Then we had the Dr. appointment at 3 PM..We didn’t get seen until almost 4 PM..the stress of a cranky 5 yo and a tired and very very upset 11 mo and the endless waiting got to me.By the time,we got back,I was hungry.And the Babychino threw up,all over herself and on me..and was so the time,she calmed down,I fed her and put her to bed,I was hungry enough to eat a seriously! I had planned to make some pumpkin soup..but didnt have the patience to make it .. just ate,packaged mac& cheese and some rice..Oh well!Tomorrow will be a new day!

Oh!I am so excited..this is the last week of school before the school holidays..then 2 weeks of sleep-ins..YAY!! 


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Day 3

Cold and wet- that’s Melbourne!

Flu-ridden….yes that’s me!

Curiousity- that’s Babychino- about what her sister is eating!

Happily tortured-that would have to be Babushka-she lets her sister pull her hair,climb up on her ..and then she returns the favor!

Cacophony of baby babble and contagious giggles- that would be the Suburban House after 3pm!

Sweetest hubby- now that is the SD without a doubt- he is on his way home and has promised to make me masala chaiwhen he gets home:)

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Day-2 NaBloPoMo

You know what I like most about daily posts? The fact that I can write about the mundane happenings of my day and not feel guilty about boring anyone. 

Like now for instance,I am trying to type this post,babushka is in bed,singing to herself,SD is rocking Babychino to sleep…and I know we’ll have an hour or so of quiet time before she wakes up again!
It’s getting cold was one such day..and the rain Gods like to joke around with us,especially at school pickup and drop get in the car and as soon as you reach school,it starts raining…drop the child come back to the car,it’s stopped raining! Same thing at pickup time..Gah! And I have the little one with me too…:( its at times like this that I wish even we had family around to help,like so Indian families..they have at least one set of grandparents staying with them for the first year of the child’s age…to help the parents. I feel if we had someone else at home, then I wouldn’t have to drag li’l Babychino out in the nasty weather:( and it makes me sad..and at times like the,SD tells me how proud he is of me,to manage everything so well:) and that cheers me up…a little…but the unfairness of it is not lost to me… I mean it’s not fair that a baby is dragged around for her sibling’s cause…oh well…there I go again…but I try my best to make up for this lack of sleep and warmth every morning,by cuddling her extra long,dropping eveerything that I am doing the moment she wakes up from her naps…etc… As they say there is nothing worse than mother’s guilt…you can fight it but never escape it,isn’t it?

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End of April!!

Can you believe it we are already at the end of the fourth month of the new year?I miss blogging and hate the lack of time and motivation..and really while mental blogging helps me sort my thoughts,it’s your comments and feedbacks,reading your posts that makes me feel I am going to do the NaBlPoMo in may and comment on at least 2 blogs per day!
And I now have a new iPad*koff-koff* so I can no longer use the excuse of multiple sign-ins!
This year has been quite gadget-y for me:) first my iPhone then I bought a heart rate monitor to help me track calories burnt next in line was the Kindle and finally the iPad – oh well I am not complaining!lol!
Today was my workday and for the first time since I started working at the toy library,I left home before Babychino woke up! When she woke up,she cuddled with SD and played with Babushka and then went on to camp in front of the bathroom.The door was shut and she sat outside then stood holding on to the door with one hand banging knocking with the other.:(
When SD told me this,my heart broke….I had to ask myself was it really worth it…I hate putting her through this but a little voice in my head tells me it’s ok..I am really enjoying the I had to work extra hours..but I still loved it..though I hope I don’t have to do the extra hours too often:)And this is why I cannot go to work full-time for the next3-4 years!
Today was also the first time SD dressed up both the girls and took them for a birthday party! He even remembered to put on Babushka’s Beaded necklace*awww* broke my heart again- waving them off,when they stopped by my place of work for my approval:(
But the best part of my day was snuggling with my babies- all of us piled up on the 2-seater couch:) Now that was Bliss…
Speaking of Bliss,I must go and snuggle up with a sleeping Babychino:) need to make up for the time lost!!!
But before I go, who wants to do the NaBloPoMo with me?Show of hands please:)
More later,till then…Take Care ,My lovelies:)



Yes,it is!
Thank you so much for all the hand holding.Tuesday came and went,I gave her two more days,still no calls.So,I went to the Dr.’s office and she had not reviewed the results and she was on leave.I asked for an appointment with another Dr. in her practice.And I was so glad, that I did.
This Dr. is a young guy from UK I think..more about him later..First things first…He checked the results and said,the biopsy results came back fine and that I need to push all worries of Melanoma out of my head.Phew!I didn’t know that I was holding my breath,as he scanned through the results.
He changed the dressing on the wound HIMSELF,which to me is big deal..because most Dr.’s just look at everything and leave the rest to the nurses.Thats how it is with Public system..I am sure anyone who has had any experience with Public medicare in Australia,UK,Canada will agree. And he did ask me to watch out any other moles that appeared on her body..but he also asked me to strongly ask the Dr. to review them again in 8 weeks,instead of going straight to the knife.
I was so relieved and much as I love my old Dr. I think I will take the girls to this one.All the time that he was changing the dressing,he kept up a playful banter with Babushka..and before we left,they were hi-fi-ing like old friends.
And I can’t tell you,how relieved I am..all those days,I kept waiting for the results,I felt like there was big boulder sitting on my head and heart..I jumped at every phone call…I kept looking at her and kept thinking..I WILL GO INSANE if something goes wrong with her.. But, phew.. its all behind us.
She has a new mole on her small as the full stop at the end of the sentence..we just took a picture and I am going to leave it at that…hopefully..

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This time its Babushka..

I really don’t know what is going on in the Suburban House. I really feel,I should change the name of this blog to something like a Medical journal..or something.
When I was pregnant I noticed a new mole of Bab’s leg.I didn’t pay any attention to it,because,I keep sprouting new moles all the time..they come and go..
But Bab’s mole kept changing.In the last 4 months,since Babychino’s birth,it grew in size,asymmetrically and got darker. Every time I saw it,I felt anxious..
Finally yesterday,I took her to the GP.The GP took one look at it and said,without a minute’s hesitation that it looked dodgy and we should remove it.
I didn’t even wait to go back with SD. I just got it removed then and there..I was just going to ask the Dr. about what it could be and then I saw the biopsy needle.I swear,I could feel my heart beating so loudly..I was sure,it was echoing in the whole room.
The Dr. said that they have to test it for Melanoma.She said,9 out 10 cases are fine..but we need to rule out all the possibilities..She said,she felt,it would probably be nothing
She said she will call me,if something is wrong..otherwise I should relax…But how can I? How can anyone…?
We really need some space cleansing vibes here.. some VERY STRONG positive vibes that will drive away all these sickies away!
I hope the new year brings in good luck and good health our way!

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Not disappearing..

I just wanted to tell you guys,that I am not disappearing…I am still around.. just that,I started posting kiddie updates on my old blog,after much bullying took place from some friends and family..and right now time is really short to keep up both the blogs..but I love this blog as much as the old one..and will continue to post here… but all in good time.
Most of you know,where the old blog is..if not leave me a comment and I will get back to you..I still haven’t decided if I want to merge both the,I am not leaving a link here..hope you understand:)
I leave you with the latest Gem dropped by Babushka:
We were talking shapes and I asked Babushka,”if you were a shape,what shape would you be?” and she said,”A REctangle”
I asked her,what about Papa?She looked at SD and said,”PApa is a big rectangle and Baby is a small rectangle”..
Awww,I said..what about Mumma and without even a pause,she said,”You are circle..A big circle..Since the baby came into your tummy.. you have turned into a BIG Ball!!”
SD had a big laugh.. me?I started planning my excercise regime,until Babykins woke up again!!!

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Two Weeks and Counting….

Can you believe its been 2 weeks to the day that Babykins made an appearance?
We are trying to find our groove..My aunt left yesterday and SD goes back to work tomorrow. My sister is here till the 21st.
Today,Babushka woke me up,when the alarm rang.She has her dance class today-she missed the last two because I was in the hospital and the next because,we were all sleep-deprived! But today she was eager to go,got dressed quickly,finished her milk and SD dropped her off.
Babykins woke up just as SD came home,giving me just enough time to finish my morning routine!Then,the usual rounds of feeding her and self started.Today,I made tea and breakfast after more than 2 weeks and it felt good.I am just not used to be waited on:) That being said,it felt nice to be pampered,while my aunt was here!
OK enough about the mundane stuff,lets talk about Babykins..
We have been having appointments every alternate day or every two days..because she hadn’t gained her birth weight back by even day 10.We have the next appointment on Wednesday now..I hope she has gained back her birth weight and then some by then.
This little Monkey is already in love with her big sister as the big sister is with her!Babushka refuses to go to sleep,unless the’tiny person’ is sleeping next to her.And Babykins,has to her face turned completely towards Babushka when she is sleeping.
This little one has already been to Babushka’s Kinder,a restaurant,the temple and the airport:) -all these places and the hospital and the! The only places her big sister went to at this age was,to the Dr.’s office,a shop for mommy to buy breast-feeding gear and a car ride to the airport!
We have had a couple of massages-for both sisters together..and a few baths for Babykins..Its too cold to give her a bath everyday.
When I started writing this post,I had so much to write,but,as I took breaks to make lunch for Babushka,feed Babykins,then stuff my own mouth, then admire the girls cuddling each other,feed Babykins again,put a movie for Babushka.. etc.etc.. I lost my train of thoughts..and so.. this disconnected post…
Hope you guys are doing well…I am working on the birth story(in my mind!) will put it in words soon.. till then.. be well and miss me!

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He is the biggest one..

Yesterday,we were on our way back from a random shopping trip and had to stop in the middle of the road to complete our turn. Ours was the second car and the light had already turned Amber..But the car in front didn’t move.So,SD honked to ask the guy to move. He moved ahead and then rolled his window down and put up his finger..SD showed him the finger too…The guy in front turned and started saying something..Now our windows were still rolled up and I cannot read lip-movements to save my life.But the next thing I know is,SD had rolled his window down too and was shouting,”You are the biggest ONE!”
The Guy in front started his car and then backed up… OK by now,I was freaking out.. SD tried to drive the car from the side..The guy in front,just turned to the left and stopped the car.
I kept checking the side mirror and at the same time,was yelling at SD,”What were you thinking..What if he had a weapon?Do you even know who he is??” In my defence the area,we were driving through is famous for gun-totting hoods.. Anyway,at the end of my outburst,before SD could open his mouth to say anything,a little voice piped from the back seat,”Mumma, he is the biggest one!!”
SD burst out laughing..I was still fuming.. I asked him why did you say that.. what if it was someone from the hood.. And SD continued laughing and said,if it was,then he wouldn’t be showering me with choicest curses in Hindi…And then Babushka’s sentence said in all innocence became even more hilarious…Even now when I am writing this post,I have a goofy grin pasted on my face!!!