Who am I?

Who am I?? If I were to write an introduction for myself,I would be lost for words…but I can try and tell you some of the things that make me ‘Me’…

I am your regular girl-next-door- someone you can chat with over the fence.

I am someone,who’ll invite you over for a cup of tea,if you run into her at the park.

I am the mother you see at the mall,struggling to get her tantrum-throwing child to calm down.

I am that mother,who is enjoying a nice cup of coffee with her pretty little child :),in the coffee shop,round the corner.

I am the mother,that you see talking non-stop to her baby/toddler as she pushes the Pram.

I am the wife you see holding her husband’s hand,as they walk down the grocery store.

I am also the wife,who is shooting daggers at her husband,for he said something funny that she didn’t like.

I am the sister who calls up to yell at you,when you forget to call.

I am the daughter,who calls you up to ask you-why haven’t you called me and hangs up!

I am the friend,you can talk to even if its the middle of the night!

I am the Crafty Maa,who loves reading,writing,cooking,crafting,and all things pretty:)

I am the Suburban Mumma,who is a small town girl,who loves the city but traded it for the suburbs..for one reason..Her passion..Her Babies!

So,that’s Me….would you like to know more,stay on and read the blog:)


8 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hi Trish.. Just loved reading your intro.. I haven’t read any of your old blogs but now I am cursing myself why I dint found your blog before 😦
    Now that I have found you, I will try to read ALL your posts to know you more πŸ™‚


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