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I don’t know,if you remember,but I said,sometime in January that I was going to start taking driving lessons.Well,I did. πŸ™‚ I see my instructor once a week and am getting comfortable with her.I am at a good pace of learning with her.But,the thing is I want to get my licence real soon.I don’t want to wait 6 months for it.At this pace,I will get a licence,eventually..:)
So,she asked me to practice with DH.That’s where my first problem arose.I am learning to drive with her in small hatchback.But,DH’s car is a big SUV. They say,it shouldn’t matter..but darlings,size does matter,when you are learning. The first day,I went out with DH for a drive,I was so nervous..by the enormity of the vehicle,the idea of driving and controlling a car,all by myself..I forgot to forgot to put my seat belt on.Ack!There was the first mistake and DH’s first caustic comment.I put on the seat belt and then forgot to put the car in put the car in D mode! Yeah,so you get it..bad start..:( Anyway,I insisted on driving..and had to hear DH’s comments about how my basics were not clear and how I was driving almost in the opposite lane,which I was. But,I loved it. I drove all the way back as well.And when we came back,I cried..in frustration. We talked and decided to give a try again,after my next lesson.
I did well,when I was driving with my instructor.I got loads of pointers from her and tried again with DH.Again,I was having judgement issues. But,I was able to relax towards the end of the drive.In DH’s words-then,I looked like someone who was enjoying a drive,and not someone who was going to the war!
On my next lesson with the instructor,I went on the highway and touched 70km/hr..wowow that was amazing.And now,I have a better grasp and control of the car.The instructor had to use her breaks or accelator only twice.I was excited and very confident.
I couldn’t have a lesson,this week..because of school timings and all..so,DH and I went for a drive. Today,I got two honks.After the first I panicked and pulled over at the side,without indicating-only to hear another honk.I had pulled over in the drive way of the next car behind me.I moved ahead..and pulled over again..asked DH to drive.
No,he insisted,its ok..its their job to honk and yours to be strong and drive on..Gosh!I never loved him more.I finished the rest of the drive without any mistakes,except at the end-I parked the car and forgot to put the car in Parking mode..and so,despite the hand break being on,it still didn’t stop moving.UGH!!I feel horrible..and low in confidence..but,I have to get over it. I will get there..I will!!If only I felt the same confidence,driving the SUV,as I did when driving with my instructor..I think the fact that she has an extra pair of controls,makes me feel safe..even if I am doing all the driving n controlling.
Phew..just writing this post is tiring me out…God!help me..


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  1. You’ll be fine, don’t worry! I never got to practise with husband because he needed to have completed 3 years of driving in the UK before a learner could practice with him. But I have heard this from most of my friends that they have a horrible time driving with their spouses πŸ™‚

    But the size of the car – you will get used to it. My instructor had a tiny hatchback, while my car is massive in comparison, but I could drive it from the day I got my license -no problems. You will get the hang of the size very soon. Just be relaxed and enjoy the drive πŸ™‚


    1. Heyy Thanks Smitha, My instructor had a tiny hatchback, while my car is massive in comparison, but I could drive it from the day I got my license -no problems -this makes me very relieved indeed!
      LOL!!also agree with the spouse comment..LOL!! we fight..more in the car,than everrrrrrr before!


  2. What you feel is absolutely normal.. I have been through the learn driving phase and gave up, and I know it’s not as easy as people who can drive make it out to be!

    Oh, and the flowers in the header are really pretty.


  3. Learning to drive…can be so stressful! I found it easier with the instructor than my partner though…the former being a lot calmer! πŸ˜› Do you have to do 50 hours of learning or longer? For me it felt like it took ages…but finally got my license on the third test (yes, failed the first couple of times) It’s such a shame that it’s almost essential to drive/own a car if you live in the burbs here…plus for me, in order to get a job, license was and remains a requirement…


    1. Heyy PsychBabbler,yes I agree,its so much easier with the instructor..infact,I look forward to my sessions with her! Victoria state needs atleast 120hrs- thankfully,I need to maintain a log!
      It is terrible..to be living in the suburbs,without a car!I realised it ALL OVER AGAIN today,as I took my daughter to school.I just hope,I get confident and get my licence soon!!


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