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What did I do-Day 29

Recently I shared a picture on FB and since then I have been receiving emails from friends asking what have I been doing to lose weight..My first response is nothing really..But,then,the more I think I realise..its the small changes that make a difference.
Here’s what I did-
1) A bit tedious but I counted calories..(have been slack for the last few weeks) but still do..That and lots of walking.I used myfitnesspal to calculate calories. It even has a tool for calculating the per serve calories,so that way,if you cook your own meals,you don’t have to guess the calories.
2) Replaced as many processed things with fresh as I could-Did a big pantry clean out and literally dumped the things that I couldn’t Bhujiya! Moved most of the snacks for SD and kids to another shelf and my healthy snacks to the one with easy access.
3) Upped the fibre content with fruits and veggies.
4)MFP told me that even 1 tsp olive oil has 150 cals..So,I replaced it with oil spray or just used 1 tsp to grease the pan and then poured it out.
5) calories Consumed- 1200 cal to lose,1500 if you are nursing/pregnant.
6) 5-6 meals during the day- brekky/lunch/dinner-300 cals.. and 3 100-cal snacks. I was targeting 1500 so I did 300 for brekky,400 each for lunch and dinner and 4 100-cal snacks- one of which was almost always a cup of milk.
You might have noticed,most of it is food related..well it was-I have to be honest I tried my best to workout for the first 3 -4 months of the year..after that,as it got colder,I started working more,SD’s travels etc.. workouts are out..I was lucky if I can get one in 10 days. So,I try to eat clean..some days I slip up and then the very next day,I start eating clean! Michelle Bridges of the biggest loser fame,says that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% workout..well I am trying to give my 80%:) Since the last 2 weeks,I am trying to be more strict with myself and schedule a workout/walk 4-5 times during the week,first thing after school drop-off,that way,its done before my body has a chance to complain!
Also read the Kardashian mum say- they follow the 80-20 rule.. eat clean 80% of the times,so if you have an occasional treat..its not so bad!
Hope this helps:)

My sister doesn’t approve of my ‘diet’ because I eat everything..but I eat in moderation..and I firmly believe that if I go without something for a long time,1)there is a big chance of self-sabotage- I will miss it so much and then binge!
2)when I start eating it again,I will put the weight right back on!

So..there you go,I have said it as it is..I have lots heaps of kgs but I still have a long way to go,till I will be happy with the way I look…:)
Hope this helps,

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Random happenings

The InLaws were in town and the last 3 weeks just flew..SD was home for a week and between cooking,chatting,school drop-offs,Babychino,I was flat-out by 9 pm!They left on Monday night and I spent most the week,catching up with dates,play-dates,etc.
I tried to eat as clean as I could,when the ILs were was VERY difficult,considering,I was cooking so much…I didn’t really get a chance to work out,either but I was on my feet for most part of the day and I am assuming that I burned off some calories then.
SD has been really sweet and bought me a set of Michelle’s DVDs..and I can’t wait to kick off Week3,and working out with Mish.

Meals have been planned,workouts diarised-So going to rock I am just after a good yoga/pilates DVD to tide me through colder and wet months.
Hope you’all are doing well…

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I tried a New food today-Vegemite and LOVED it!Babychino is true-born Aussie..She loved it too..Babushka,not so much!LOL!
Atleast I have a new breakfast option!
After this week’s weigh-in,I am trying my best to eat well and in time..I make sure,I don’t get to a starvation point.. otherwise,there is no stopping what goes in the mouth!This is my new Motto:

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Weigh-in Wednesday-1

So,Round 2-2012,of Michelle Bridges 12 WBT,began on the 4th of June and today was the first weigh-in of this round. And I am happy to report a loss of 600 gms,since Sunday..and a total of 900 gms lost since,last wednesday.I am just so happy to see that the weight is coming off slowly and steadily!
I haven’t been able to follow to workout part,yet..The ILs are here,and I am busy cooking,entertaining..they are here for a very short visit..and we are trying to make the most of it..:) But,I am being very good with the diet part-I am sticking to my 1700 cals … I did eat some mithai today..I was working with the cleaner since 9:15 to 12:30,stopping only to feed Babychino..and then,took the ILs shopping ,as soon as the cleaner left.We were going to come back home for lunch..but got carried away and then there was a mad rush for school pick-up!Long story short.. finally ate ‘lunch’ at 4:30 pm! That doesnt justify the sweets.. but heck.. feeding a teething 10 month old,burns calories..and I am hoping that I burned it all off!!
I can’t wait to begin the workouts..I am planning on working out at home this round,because the cold weather doesn’t go well with my come Tuesday Morning..I am going to pop that DVD in..and sweat like crazy..make Mish proud!
I’ll sign off now.. will be back soon with more updates…
Take care my lovelies!

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Round 2 Begins

Yayyyy Round 2 of 12 wbt begins today..can you tell that I am excited.. yes yes I am.. Measurements taken,Fitness test done and dusted..and Pictures taken.And the best part-I was prepared to repeat the beginners level of workout..but guess what,I have moved to intermediate!Yayyy ME!
Thanks Mish! If someone had told me 6 months back,that I would prefer running to walking,I would have laughed at them.. but Now,I do LOVE running!

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Post 24-Round 2

After sitting on the fence for the longest time,I signed up for My second round of Michelle Bridges,12 week Body Transformation Challenge.

I have to be honest here,when I started the last round,I was quiet neutral- I didn’t know if the program will work or not- I started out very motivated,but around week 8 or so, my dad arrived and then I started slacking..exercise was down to minimum and food was crappy too- we ate out quite a bit and even after he left,it was hard for me to get back on the wagon…but I the end of 12 weeks,I had lost 6.5 kgs and as of last week,I have lost 12.2 kgs from the first of January 2012 and sit down for this one- over 20 kgs since August 2011.. I am in no rush,I just want to keep chiseling away,slow and steady..
In my last round,I started another blog…yes yes I am obsessed with starting multiple,I couldnt keep up- the whole secret blogging is not my scene..I was not sure,if the program would work( sorry Mish!),I was scared to announce to the world,that I am going on yet another weight-losing mission…blah blah blah…but this time,I am not scared.I am ready to openly say that I am on a weight-loss mission and I am doing well..I am so proud of myself,for having come this far and I am not going to stop till I become the best version of myself,
I thought a lot about putting these pictures out in the world wide web… But I think I m ready as can be..if these pictures can inspire even one person,it will be worth it! So,here goes:


The first pic is from August 2011, I think 2 or 3 weeks after Babychino was born.The second picture is December 2011, few days before Christmas.The third and fourth pics are from February 2012(it’s the same picture!)
And the last picture is Last week- May 2012! The last pic isn’t very clear but I can see a hint of my collarbones there!

The next round starts on June 4th, and I am going to make up for the time I wasted in round 1! Bring on Round 2!

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Day 3

Cold and wet- that’s Melbourne!

Flu-ridden….yes that’s me!

Curiousity- that’s Babychino- about what her sister is eating!

Happily tortured-that would have to be Babushka-she lets her sister pull her hair,climb up on her ..and then she returns the favor!

Cacophony of baby babble and contagious giggles- that would be the Suburban House after 3pm!

Sweetest hubby- now that is the SD without a doubt- he is on his way home and has promised to make me masala chaiwhen he gets home:)

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This time its Babushka..

I really don’t know what is going on in the Suburban House. I really feel,I should change the name of this blog to something like a Medical journal..or something.
When I was pregnant I noticed a new mole of Bab’s leg.I didn’t pay any attention to it,because,I keep sprouting new moles all the time..they come and go..
But Bab’s mole kept changing.In the last 4 months,since Babychino’s birth,it grew in size,asymmetrically and got darker. Every time I saw it,I felt anxious..
Finally yesterday,I took her to the GP.The GP took one look at it and said,without a minute’s hesitation that it looked dodgy and we should remove it.
I didn’t even wait to go back with SD. I just got it removed then and there..I was just going to ask the Dr. about what it could be and then I saw the biopsy needle.I swear,I could feel my heart beating so loudly..I was sure,it was echoing in the whole room.
The Dr. said that they have to test it for Melanoma.She said,9 out 10 cases are fine..but we need to rule out all the possibilities..She said,she felt,it would probably be nothing
She said she will call me,if something is wrong..otherwise I should relax…But how can I? How can anyone…?
We really need some space cleansing vibes here.. some VERY STRONG positive vibes that will drive away all these sickies away!
I hope the new year brings in good luck and good health our way!

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I refuse to be scared…

I was not going to write this here.. because I was absolutely not going to think about anything bad..but damn it! I can’t stop thinking.. and not even a single good thought is coming to my mind.So,I write.
When I was pregnant,I felt a certain little lump in the left abdominal region.I thought it could be the baby’s foot or something..
After the baby came out,the lump was still there,firm to touch..its getting a little painful to touch. My GP asked me to get an ultrasound done. And I did..first one guy did it,then he called his boss,who did it again.Then they asked me to wait another half an hour and did another scan.
I got back home and he called me up and said,I need to go back in again,the next day..for a day later scan.All I know is that its the kidney region.
I was OK with till the time,I didn’t get the call to go back the next day. Now,I am sore for the scan..and I can’t stop thinking bad things..I am trying to be brave and not be scared..But every time,I look at Babykins,looking at me and smiling,I feel like I am going to start crying.. Every time,I see Babushka..I want to hold her and hug her.. I really hope its something silly… I hope I don’t go crazy till Thursday.. that’s when I see my Dr. and that’s when I get my results.
Can I just ask you to please send me lots and lots of positive vibes?

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Decode your child’s cough

That’s what the email from Babyzone said.And I must say its rather timely.
Yesterday Aadi woke up with a runny nose and by night,she was coughing,hacking actually.And to think,just an hour before she woke up,I had sent up a little prayer,that please let her be fine,the next two weeks.My friend got an earlier slot and we decided to go to the market,this Sunday.And I still have a lot of things I want to finish.
Anyway,I am quiet baffled that how she woke up with a full blown cold.I swear,I just heard her sneeze may be 3 times,on all of the weekend..nothing on monday.
Anyway,this email is very informative,so,I thought of sharing it here.
It did save me from some wrinkles 😉