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Post 24-Round 2

After sitting on the fence for the longest time,I signed up for My second round of Michelle Bridges,12 week Body Transformation Challenge.

I have to be honest here,when I started the last round,I was quiet neutral- I didn’t know if the program will work or not- I started out very motivated,but around week 8 or so, my dad arrived and then I started slacking..exercise was down to minimum and food was crappy too- we ate out quite a bit and even after he left,it was hard for me to get back on the wagon…but I tried..at the end of 12 weeks,I had lost 6.5 kgs and as of last week,I have lost 12.2 kgs from the first of January 2012 and sit down for this one- over 20 kgs since August 2011.. I am in no rush,I just want to keep chiseling away,slow and steady..
In my last round,I started another blog…yes yes I am obsessed with starting multiple blogs..lol..but,I couldnt keep up- the whole secret blogging is not my scene..I was not sure,if the program would work( sorry Mish!),I was scared to announce to the world,that I am going on yet another weight-losing mission…blah blah blah…but this time,I am not scared.I am ready to openly say that I am on a weight-loss mission and I am doing well..I am so proud of myself,for having come this far and I am not going to stop till I become the best version of myself,
I thought a lot about putting these pictures out in the world wide web… But I think I m ready..as ready as can be..if these pictures can inspire even one person,it will be worth it! So,here goes:


The first pic is from August 2011, I think 2 or 3 weeks after Babychino was born.The second picture is December 2011, few days before Christmas.The third and fourth pics are from February 2012(it’s the same picture!)
And the last picture is Last week- May 2012! The last pic isn’t very clear but I can see a hint of my collarbones there!

The next round starts on June 4th, and I am going to make up for the time I wasted in round 1! Bring on Round 2!


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