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Today-Day 15

We had a beautiful day today.The weather was just right for a walk and that’s exactly what I did. After breakfast,just before Ananya’s nap-time,I put her the pram and went for a walk. I took the big heavy pram on purpose,so as to get extra workout.
And as I was walking I realized that the last few times that I walked that way,pushing a pram was,when I was at least 15 if not 20 kgs heavier..and that realization made me feel so good.But it also hit me that I worked SO hard at the beginning of the year all the way till June..and then life got in the way and it was easy to slip into excuse mode.
I came back from Brisbane,with a gain of 4 kgs and its been killing me. I started working out with my fab trainer but festivals,broken foot..all came in the way.But when I went back to her on Monday,I felt horrible about falling off the wagon!
I have tried to eat as clean as possible,despite cooking all the goodies for the family.That makes me feel a tiny bit better..
I even walked to and back to school for pickup and when I got back home,I felt the good soreness that I actually look forward to after a workout.
Ms.Ananya is super cranky this evening,so I’ll wrap up this post.But not before I show you this pic of Canvas Lantern that Ms.Aadya made All-by-herself. My only contribution was cutting in straight lines and covering up the little whites on the left.
The inspiration behind this-This kandil that Shruti and Li’l P made last year. Thank you Shruti,she had a lot of fun making this!


Fitness,weight-loss etc.

Yes,Yes..I still remember what weight-loss is.. Its a different thing that I haven’t seen any weight-loss on the scales..for a long time.If anything,I came back from the holiday 4 kgs heavier! Eeks.. so not what I need..but after eating 3- sometimes 4 meals,at cafes/restaurants/fast food joints(whattt?I never said I was an angel!!) for two whole weeks..I was expecting it. I have been eating clean tried eating clean since I got back..but SD is here,we end up going out and eating out.. not so much this week as last..

But,the inch-loss is happening..I don’t know how..why..but I am not complaining…

Anyway,before we went away,I met up with Andrea,a personal trainer and committed to training with her twice a week,after the holidays. I had my assessment with her last week,we set goals and this week,I started training..We had the first session yesterday and it was awesomely the end of it,I thought I won’t be able to walk… but I finished the cool-off walk and I felt better..

Today-My thighs are like rocks!!I can keep standing or keep sitting.. but not sit down and get up!! OUCHH that hurts!!

But I have come to realize that I HEART Exercise and I actually look forward to the pain next day!!

A little brag here.. When Andrea did my assessment,she told me that I was actually in the right muscle range!! if only we can kick some butt and move the fat and show those muscles..I will be so happy!!

This/something like this will be one of my rewards…you like?


Non-Scale Victories.

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I first heard of this term,Non-scale Victories Β or NSV, from Sraikh,I think two years ago and it didn’t make sense at that time.The first time,I heard this term..I was desperate to lose weight..and was failing miserably.I would lose some weight and then put it back on and then some and naturally…I didn’t care about NSVs..

But, now I am older and lighter and can look at things differently. After losing huge amounts of weight,over the last 1 year,I have hit a plateau and seeing the same or similar number on the scale,week after week,is not fun.I have to be honest with you-IT HURTS! It makes me want to bang my head on the wall or throw the scales in the sea ..or worse still drown my misery in chocolate..

This wednesday,my weekly weigh-in day was yet another such where the number hadn’t changed..A pang of disappointment hit me,but before,I could fall head first in a dark place,I read these words by an amazing girl, on one of my support groups :
Maintaining,maintaining, maintaning, YAY! And don’t forget girls, this is winter and traditionally when our bodies crave comfort food and the colder weather convinces us to stay inside on the couch rather than exercise. Let’s celebrate our resilience to see this through and look forward to Spring and the renewal of all things bright and cheerful.Amazing job girls, just remember how far we have all come…..
And then it dawned on me.. that instead of fretting,I should be thankful..No-weight-lost is better than weight-gained(in my case!) and so I am happy to be Maintaining… Need to kick up the excercise and tighten the clean eating….but I am not fussed..all in good time.

Now on to the NSV…In the last two days, at least 3 people have asked me what I am doing to lose weight..and these are people I meet almost school.It makes me very happy that meeting so frequently,they noticed it..not only that,today,I found a top buried in the bottomless shelf of my cupboard..(what?it is really deep and everything gets dumped there!) So,I tried on the top and it fit like a dream…I had bought it a few months back,because it was a bargain..and it was too tight snug!!!

And ..and ..And.. today,I wore my heels,while hanging the washing out…If you love your heels as much as I do.. and haven’t worn them comfortably for a extended period for many years,you will understand my excitement..All I can tell you is..after living in sneakers for the last 2 years.. heels are a welcome change πŸ™‚

So,I am excited.. I am so excited…!!!

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Random happenings

The InLaws were in town and the last 3 weeks just flew..SD was home for a week and between cooking,chatting,school drop-offs,Babychino,I was flat-out by 9 pm!They left on Monday night and I spent most the week,catching up with dates,play-dates,etc.
I tried to eat as clean as I could,when the ILs were was VERY difficult,considering,I was cooking so much…I didn’t really get a chance to work out,either but I was on my feet for most part of the day and I am assuming that I burned off some calories then.
SD has been really sweet and bought me a set of Michelle’s DVDs..and I can’t wait to kick off Week3,and working out with Mish.

Meals have been planned,workouts diarised-So going to rock I am just after a good yoga/pilates DVD to tide me through colder and wet months.
Hope you’all are doing well…

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I tried a New food today-Vegemite and LOVED it!Babychino is true-born Aussie..She loved it too..Babushka,not so much!LOL!
Atleast I have a new breakfast option!
After this week’s weigh-in,I am trying my best to eat well and in time..I make sure,I don’t get to a starvation point.. otherwise,there is no stopping what goes in the mouth!This is my new Motto:

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Weigh-in Wednesday-1

So,Round 2-2012,of Michelle Bridges 12 WBT,began on the 4th of June and today was the first weigh-in of this round. And I am happy to report a loss of 600 gms,since Sunday..and a total of 900 gms lost since,last wednesday.I am just so happy to see that the weight is coming off slowly and steadily!
I haven’t been able to follow to workout part,yet..The ILs are here,and I am busy cooking,entertaining..they are here for a very short visit..and we are trying to make the most of it..:) But,I am being very good with the diet part-I am sticking to my 1700 cals … I did eat some mithai today..I was working with the cleaner since 9:15 to 12:30,stopping only to feed Babychino..and then,took the ILs shopping ,as soon as the cleaner left.We were going to come back home for lunch..but got carried away and then there was a mad rush for school pick-up!Long story short.. finally ate ‘lunch’ at 4:30 pm! That doesnt justify the sweets.. but heck.. feeding a teething 10 month old,burns calories..and I am hoping that I burned it all off!!
I can’t wait to begin the workouts..I am planning on working out at home this round,because the cold weather doesn’t go well with my come Tuesday Morning..I am going to pop that DVD in..and sweat like crazy..make Mish proud!
I’ll sign off now.. will be back soon with more updates…
Take care my lovelies!

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Round 2 Begins

Yayyyy Round 2 of 12 wbt begins today..can you tell that I am excited.. yes yes I am.. Measurements taken,Fitness test done and dusted..and Pictures taken.And the best part-I was prepared to repeat the beginners level of workout..but guess what,I have moved to intermediate!Yayyy ME!
Thanks Mish! If someone had told me 6 months back,that I would prefer running to walking,I would have laughed at them.. but Now,I do LOVE running!

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Post 24-Round 2

After sitting on the fence for the longest time,I signed up for My second round of Michelle Bridges,12 week Body Transformation Challenge.

I have to be honest here,when I started the last round,I was quiet neutral- I didn’t know if the program will work or not- I started out very motivated,but around week 8 or so, my dad arrived and then I started slacking..exercise was down to minimum and food was crappy too- we ate out quite a bit and even after he left,it was hard for me to get back on the wagon…but I the end of 12 weeks,I had lost 6.5 kgs and as of last week,I have lost 12.2 kgs from the first of January 2012 and sit down for this one- over 20 kgs since August 2011.. I am in no rush,I just want to keep chiseling away,slow and steady..
In my last round,I started another blog…yes yes I am obsessed with starting multiple,I couldnt keep up- the whole secret blogging is not my scene..I was not sure,if the program would work( sorry Mish!),I was scared to announce to the world,that I am going on yet another weight-losing mission…blah blah blah…but this time,I am not scared.I am ready to openly say that I am on a weight-loss mission and I am doing well..I am so proud of myself,for having come this far and I am not going to stop till I become the best version of myself,
I thought a lot about putting these pictures out in the world wide web… But I think I m ready as can be..if these pictures can inspire even one person,it will be worth it! So,here goes:


The first pic is from August 2011, I think 2 or 3 weeks after Babychino was born.The second picture is December 2011, few days before Christmas.The third and fourth pics are from February 2012(it’s the same picture!)
And the last picture is Last week- May 2012! The last pic isn’t very clear but I can see a hint of my collarbones there!

The next round starts on June 4th, and I am going to make up for the time I wasted in round 1! Bring on Round 2!

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Day7- I am not giving up!

Neither the blogathon, nor the weight loss journey!! The 12 week challenge that I had started has officially ended today.. But it’s not over for me…I haven’t officially signed up for the next round of the challenge but I will follow the plan guidelines- my next goal is to lose another 5-8 kgs till Babychino’s birthday- that’s 10weeks away.If I aim for 5, that’s 500 gms per week…that doesn’t sound so scary…:) let’s see…one step at a time…slow and steady:)
It’s a stormy night here…and all the nightly sounds are even spookier, when everyone else in the house is sleeping! Lol! There! I’ve managed to produce another post!!!
More tomorrow πŸ™‚
Much love


Weight-loss Tips

So,first R’s Mom and then Comfy asked for weight-loss tips..Well here you go ladies..
This is what I am doing
1) Calorie Tracking-I am sticking to 1700 cals (since I am bf-ing).If you are not,1200 calories is a good aim.I use and if you enter your details,it will give you your calorie goal for each day-pretty simple.MFP also has recipe calculator..So say you made a sandwich with boiled eggs and cheese-just enter all the ingredients and you will have the calorie count of your meal.It looks and sounds tedious..but trust me after a while,you get used to it! So,thats what I started first..I think in September of 2011,when Babychino turned 3 months.
2)Avoiding processed stuff as much as I can.But I love my,I pick up wholemeal or whole grain bread…
3)Cut down on the rice in a big way and eating cracked wheat instead and now on the days when I eat rice,I feel bloated and too full
4) Walking-My dad always says,walking is the best exercise..but I never believed him.Now I vouch for it.I started walking 4-5 times in a week from the 1st of January and I can feel the difference.I went for a 4K fun run/walk and finished it in 42 minutes..I was walking.
5)DVDs– I have Tae Bo by Billy Blanks- and I do that 1-3 times in a week..depending on how the day is going..Its getting colder here and sometimes,its hard to go out..too cold or raining and if SD isn’t home,then I don’t need to drag the baby out..I can still finish my workout.
Sometimes,I look up Zumba on you-tube.The day I cross the 10kg mark from the 1st of January..(another kg to go..)
What else…
6)Goals and Rewards: In the past,I used to lack motivation..At the beginning I used to be very charged up but after a few days or weeks,I would stop.One bad day of eating and I would be like..whats the point..but not anymore..If I eat out one day..I make sure I eat in the next 5-6! I also signed up for an online weight-loss challenge so that I stay focused..I have come to realise that if I have a goal to work towards,then,I am more focused..When I looked at my big weight loss goal of nearly 30kgs,it was really daunting..and in my mind..I had already given up.This time,the only thing different I did was I set myself small I want to lose 1/2 kg per week…or 3 kgs in 1 month.And I promised myself rewards..for the first 5 kgs lost,I bought new clothes.
My next goal is 10 kgs and once I get there,I would be at the weight that I was when I got pregnant with Babushka..and when I get there,I am going to book in a massage and buy a Zumba DVD!
I am just making small changes and being as consistent as I can..I hope this helps..if you have any tips,please feel free to add to this list..
Recently a friend shared this link with me..I like what this lady has to say ..go on have a look:)
And with this,I end my lecture..:) Look forward to hearing from you all..:)