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I tried a New food today-Vegemite and LOVED it!Babychino is true-born Aussie..She loved it too..Babushka,not so much!LOL! Atleast I have a new breakfast option! After this week’s weigh-in,I am trying my best to eat well and in time..I make sure,I don’t get to a starvation point.. otherwise,there is no stopping what goes in the mouth!This… Continue reading Vegemite

12 WBT

Red Flag Day

Yikes,we are not even out of Week 1 and I already have a Red Flag day! Hubby’s Birthday,along with stress and PMS.. let me just say.. the things that I put in my mouth.. I cannot even bring myself to repeat them here*shudders* Eating clean…continues from tomorrow… Sorry Mish!