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Lakheri Trip-2

Continued ..
So AuntyM and uncle R took me to the hospital and that’s where my reconnecting started.The hospital is where I went for the first 9 years of my life.This was the company hospital and if I am not wrong,the only hospital in LKE.As we drove into the hospital premises,i remembered walking there,holding my mom’s hand…seeing the doctor on one end of a semicircle and then walking upto the other end to the compounder’s room to get the medicine and meethi goli(peppermint).I don’t even remember there being any medical stores.Now,ofcourse the doctor’s office is right next to the compounder’s room.and next to it is the emergency ward.Which is where I was rushed too.
A bed was waiting for me..I got some oxygen,some heavy dose of nebuliser followed by a shot..and an hour later I was good to go!But Aadi got soo scared seeing me on the bed,like that..she kept touching me..asking me if I was OK,refusing to go outside.
And surprise ,surprise-the nurse turned out to be my class-mate’s brother.
Once the doctor said,OK,we left..but not to go home,but to show Aadi around.Aunty M agreed,on the condition that I will not get out of the car.I pomised and off we went to see- the house I grew up in,the colony,the gymkhana,the old school..everything. And I felt,everything looked so different.Our old house,which was sooooo big in my memories,suddenly looked soo small and the distance from our house to gymkhana which felt like a trek,now felt like a short walk!I think,everything is relative!
We went back home and word had spread that dad is in town..and old acquaintances had come visiting.Everyone was offered tea and invited to stay for dinner,which they declined,inviting us to their place instead.After everyone left,sis and I set up a small table on the terrace and had a lovely dinner,under the moonlit sky…Aaah bliss.
Next day,we went to visit the family temple and returned home with local treats.Then,we went out to the shops and said hello to the shopkeepers that we knew.One of them,had the only stationery shop,when we were kids.He was so touched that we remembered him.He called his neighbours,new shopkeepers to tell them,how we remembered him..I was almost in tears,looking at his excitement.
As we were walking back,thin man in late 50’s stopped me and said,”Namaste..Kaise ho?Mujhe toh pehchana nahi hoga?”[ are you?Surely,you don’t recognise me] I said,no..and he said,”Baby,I used to stitch your school uniforms..I am Bombay Tailor!” OMG!! I felt so happy,that he stopped me on the way.He saw Aadi and his eyes teared up..saying ki you were a baby when we first saw you and now you have a little girl..
This and so many other small gestures,made me soo happy and I was glad,that we made that trip.
One particular incident that touched me most was- There is an old lady,who runs a tea-stall,next to our house.Part of the house has been converted and rented out to a bank.So,she does alright business.A cup of tea is still Re.1,there. She had seen my dad and uncles as little boys.She was so happy to see us and when we touched her feet,she was in 7th heaven.The day that we were leaving,she came and gave us shagun(blessings in the form of money)- Rs.11 each for sis and me and Rs.10 for Aadi.I still have Aadi’s Rs.10 with me.Mine was in my sister’s purse,so its not with me.But I was so touched that she had it in her heart to give..when they can barely make ends meet. Everytime I think of her,my eyes well up.
P.S.-if you are still reading,thank you.I tried to edit and make it shorter..but this is the best that I could do!

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Decode your child’s cough

That’s what the email from Babyzone said.And I must say its rather timely.
Yesterday Aadi woke up with a runny nose and by night,she was coughing,hacking actually.And to think,just an hour before she woke up,I had sent up a little prayer,that please let her be fine,the next two weeks.My friend got an earlier slot and we decided to go to the market,this Sunday.And I still have a lot of things I want to finish.
Anyway,I am quiet baffled that how she woke up with a full blown cold.I swear,I just heard her sneeze may be 3 times,on all of the weekend..nothing on monday.
Anyway,this email is very informative,so,I thought of sharing it here.
It did save me from some wrinkles 😉

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Spring Allergies

Spring is here and so are spring allergies.My best friend accused me of turning completely Firang..but really,its not my fault.
Sadly,I was too sick and tired to retaliate.My throat is swollen and constricted,it hurts to even swallow water..Everything hurts.But what breaks my heart is poor Aadya.
The girl is fighting her own allergies.Two days back she broke into hives .Now this was the second time,she got this rash.First time it subsided on its own.This time it didn’t. The rash itself has a textured appearance like the bee-hive..which is what made me think that it might be hives and the doctor confirmed it.To add to it,she has a terrible cough and runny nose.
Everytime she coughs,she tells me,”Mamma khachi khachi ho gaya.Mez sad,idhar hurting”.
There are so many fun things to write about her..but,I guess I should catch up on some sleep before she wakes up again.

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Round two-chicken Pox

We just managed to kick the “Croup”monster out,last week,from Aadyaland.We still stayed indoors,for the next 3-4 days.We stepped out gingerly for a regular weight check up at the Maternal and child health centre,on Tuesday.The weight was good..and I relaxed.

I let her rest again on wednesday,except for a short walk to the park.Thursday,again,we stayed in most day and went to visit a friend,who was introducing me to a mommy friend of hers. All was well  and the world looked  beautiful.

And Friday morning,just before lunch,she kept taking her shirt off,again and again..It was a hot day,and so,I let her play like that.After a while,I noticed,some red spots on her back..I tried to be calm,but my mind screamed”Chicken Pox”.

So,I just took an appointment,and then called Sanj.That’s a subtle lifestyle change that has taken place in our Household,since moving to Melbourne.When we were in the US,the first call was to the Bubba..after checking his schedule,I would call and take an appointment at the doctor’s..I like this new independence!So,anyway,the doctor confirmed that it is Chicken Pox,indeed.

So,this weekend,we are nursing a chicken-pox ridden child and walking on egg-shells,hoping to not catch it ourselves.I have a high likelyhood of catching it-when I got pregnant,the doctor ran a series of blood-tests and the results,said that I didnt have anti-bodies for chicken pox. So,the probability of my catching it is realy high.Well,anyway,we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

For now,I am worried about my little girl..She seems to be going through some jinxed phase..I think we all are going through a jinxed phase….One thing after the other,keeps following us.Hope this phase ends soon.If you happen to talk to the Big Man,up there,ask him to ease up on us,Please!

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Bed-time drama continues.

After I wrote,yesterday,about how Aadya went to bed herself,over the nightmare began.
She refuses to sleep again.Last week,we had an episode with the neighbour!Bed-times with Aadya are loud,angry,tearful,you name it.. all the terrible things,put together.Add a sick Aadya to that equation and all this increases 10 folds!!!
She was being a complete brat at bedtime..kicking,screaming,pinching.Sometimes I wonder,if a Devil takes over,my sweet child at night.She pulls her Papa’s hair..bursts in loud screaming cries,starting with “Ohhh Maaaaaaaaaaaa”…and gets on our nerves. We would snap at each other,for making her cry,snap at her for screaming..and it went on.Then,the neighbour tapped on the wall.And we knew,she had had enough.I carried Aadya all night..for some reason,she couldn’t be calmed that night.somewhere,down the night,I realised that she was sick and sure enough next morning,the doctor confirmed that she had the croup.
I left a note for the neighbour,apologising,explaining how Aadya was sick.She came by and explained on her part too.But,all this has left me feeling pretty awkward and over the edge. I try to keep Aadya as quiet as possible at nights..but,I don’t know,if she gets super-loud/cranky at nights or if it feels that way!
Anyway,the last week when she was sick,I would give her dinner,then her medicine,massage,read a book,she would drink her milk and she would be fast asleep.Now,since yesterday,she started feeling better or so,I thought.We stayed in most weekend,so as to not tire her.we took her to the library and play area,and then for a walk.By 7.00pm,she was sleepy.I gave her dinner,read her book.Skipped the massage,because,she was too sleepy and took her to the bedroom.It was 7.45 then.
She started singing first,I pretended to be asleep.Then,slowly the twisting and turning.She is co-sleeping now.And wants to sleep on my arm.its fine to begin with,but gets painful,when the twisting and turning starts.I don’t mind,if its just for finding a comfortable position..but,it just doesn’t stop.I still pretended to sleep.But,after a while,the pain takes over and irritation starts creeping in and then,the pretending has to stop.That’s what happened last night too.
At around 8.30,I gave up and came out to the living room.She followed me.Then,she told me that she wants to do Noni..and Shoyi(Aadya-speak for sleep).OK,I tried again.Again,the same drama.I got mad and came outside again.Now,it was 9.30.after a while,again the same thing.I refused to go inside with her.She sat down on the living room floor and HOWLED!She refused to be pacified by Sanj..and wanted only me to hold her.As upset,tired as I was…repeated cries of Mimi mimi are enough to wreak havoc,in one’s heart and head!I picked her up yet again..This time,I just sat on the couch,reading my book.She just kept hugging me and slept.I really don’t know..why or what caused her to fall asleep then. May be she was tired from all the drama..God knows,I was.At one point,I told Sanj,that I was too tired and felt like I was getting depressed.He took her from me,but she kept whining to come back to me.
Anywho,my peace did not last for long.She woke up again at 3.1-3.30am,crying.First said No for dudu,then yes,then asked for Wotto(water),then wanted to remove her shirt,then,we changed her diaper,then,she wanted the light ON,then the light OFF,then,the FAN was interesting,then,my eyes had to be pinched open,then,she wanted to put on her shirt again..Phew,Tired OF READING??? Imagine,I had to go through it.AT 3 FREAKING AM!!! and the caps lock is intentional!
I just stopped answering her at some point..and rolled away from her. I don’t know what time she/I slept.Sanj WOKE me up at 6.00,asking me where Aadya was! Well,where would she be…somewhere on the bed,buried in the covers.
I am fairly patient with her,and him..if I may say so myself.But,its at times like this ,when I just want to leave everything and everyone and go away somewhere.Its not the anger and irritation that bothers me,its the Unmotherly thoughts,that I get of..leaving her somewhere,or leaving them both here,while I go away,or covering her mouth with my hand,when the howling starts..or just going and jumping off the cliff,that scares me and bothers me.

This morning,the crying and tantrums started the moment we got out of bed.First,she wanted me to lie in bed for some more time.Then,she wanted my brush,then,something else..and so on.Now,the brat is finally in bed…Today,I had to step outside twice,to get away from her screaming and taking a deep breath.I refused to lie down with her at nap time…after an hour or so,of her fighting,and me not responding,she finally fell asleep.All I did was sit next to the bed.A small victory,I just wish,it didn’t come after so many tears.
All you wise ones,Please help me out here…before I go and kill myself!

OH!!!AND she is not even two yet…Please tell me,things get better!