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Round two-chicken Pox

We just managed to kick the “Croup”monster out,last week,from Aadyaland.We still stayed indoors,for the next 3-4 days.We stepped out gingerly for a regular weight check up at the Maternal and child health centre,on Tuesday.The weight was good..and I relaxed. I let her rest again on wednesday,except for a short walk to the park.Thursday,again,we stayed in… Continue reading Round two-chicken Pox

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Bed-time drama continues.

After I wrote,yesterday,about how Aadya went to bed herself,over the nightmare began. She refuses to sleep again.Last week,we had an episode with the neighbour!Bed-times with Aadya are loud,angry,tearful,you name it.. all the terrible things,put together.Add a sick Aadya to that equation and all this increases 10 folds!!! She was being a complete brat at… Continue reading Bed-time drama continues.