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Weigh-in Wednesday-1

So,Round 2-2012,of Michelle Bridges 12 WBT,began on the 4th of June and today was the first weigh-in of this round. And I am happy to report a loss of 600 gms,since Sunday..and a total of 900 gms lost since,last wednesday.I am just so happy to see that the weight is coming off slowly and steadily!
I haven’t been able to follow to workout part,yet..The ILs are here,and I am busy cooking,entertaining..they are here for a very short visit..and we are trying to make the most of it..:) But,I am being very good with the diet part-I am sticking to my 1700 cals … I did eat some mithai today..I was working with the cleaner since 9:15 to 12:30,stopping only to feed Babychino..and then,took the ILs shopping ,as soon as the cleaner left.We were going to come back home for lunch..but got carried away and then there was a mad rush for school pick-up!Long story short.. finally ate ‘lunch’ at 4:30 pm! That doesnt justify the sweets.. but heck.. feeding a teething 10 month old,burns calories..and I am hoping that I burned it all off!!
I can’t wait to begin the workouts..I am planning on working out at home this round,because the cold weather doesn’t go well with my Asthma..so come Tuesday Morning..I am going to pop that DVD in..and sweat like crazy..make Mish proud!
I’ll sign off now.. will be back soon with more updates…
Take care my lovelies!


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