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Random happenings

The InLaws were in town and the last 3 weeks just flew..SD was home for a week and between cooking,chatting,school drop-offs,Babychino,I was flat-out by 9 pm!They left on Monday night and I spent most the week,catching up with friends..coffee dates,play-dates,etc.
I tried to eat as clean as I could,when the ILs were here..it was VERY difficult,considering,I was cooking so much…I didn’t really get a chance to work out,either but I was on my feet for most part of the day and I am assuming that I burned off some calories then.
SD has been really sweet and bought me a set of Michelle’s DVDs..and I can’t wait to kick off Week3,and working out with Mish.

Meals have been planned,workouts diarised-So going to rock this..now I am just after a good yoga/pilates DVD to tide me through colder and wet months.
Hope you’all are doing well…


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