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What did I do-Day 29

Recently I shared a picture on FB and since then I have been receiving emails from friends asking what have I been doing to lose weight..My first response is nothing really..But,then,the more I think I realise..its the small changes that make a difference.
Here’s what I did-
1) A bit tedious but I counted calories..(have been slack for the last few weeks) but still do..That and lots of walking.I used myfitnesspal to calculate calories. It even has a tool for calculating the per serve calories,so that way,if you cook your own meals,you don’t have to guess the calories.
2) Replaced as many processed things with fresh as I could-Did a big pantry clean out and literally dumped the things that I couldn’t Bhujiya! Moved most of the snacks for SD and kids to another shelf and my healthy snacks to the one with easy access.
3) Upped the fibre content with fruits and veggies.
4)MFP told me that even 1 tsp olive oil has 150 cals..So,I replaced it with oil spray or just used 1 tsp to grease the pan and then poured it out.
5) calories Consumed- 1200 cal to lose,1500 if you are nursing/pregnant.
6) 5-6 meals during the day- brekky/lunch/dinner-300 cals.. and 3 100-cal snacks. I was targeting 1500 so I did 300 for brekky,400 each for lunch and dinner and 4 100-cal snacks- one of which was almost always a cup of milk.
You might have noticed,most of it is food related..well it was-I have to be honest I tried my best to workout for the first 3 -4 months of the year..after that,as it got colder,I started working more,SD’s travels etc.. workouts are out..I was lucky if I can get one in 10 days. So,I try to eat clean..some days I slip up and then the very next day,I start eating clean! Michelle Bridges of the biggest loser fame,says that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% workout..well I am trying to give my 80%:) Since the last 2 weeks,I am trying to be more strict with myself and schedule a workout/walk 4-5 times during the week,first thing after school drop-off,that way,its done before my body has a chance to complain!
Also read the Kardashian mum say- they follow the 80-20 rule.. eat clean 80% of the times,so if you have an occasional treat..its not so bad!
Hope this helps:)

My sister doesn’t approve of my ‘diet’ because I eat everything..but I eat in moderation..and I firmly believe that if I go without something for a long time,1)there is a big chance of self-sabotage- I will miss it so much and then binge!
2)when I start eating it again,I will put the weight right back on!

So..there you go,I have said it as it is..I have lots heaps of kgs but I still have a long way to go,till I will be happy with the way I look…:)
Hope this helps,


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