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Today -Post 13

The best part about writing a post of day,is that I can write about the random happenings of my day and not feel guilty about boring you to death!:)
So,today was nice and tiring..I am guessing,all my days are going to be tiring for the next two months:)
So,what did I do today?
8:00 am- woke up to test the blood sugars. Did it in my sleep.Babushka had a cold and fever and had a restless,you can imagine,how difficult it was to keep my eyes open.Went back to sleep.
9:00am- Woke up again.Had meds and breakfast and got ready for my driving lesson. SD was working from home today,so,naturally,I had to make the most of my day.
9:30 am- Babushka and SD woke up.Finished Babushka’s morning routine and gave her milk.SD had already started working.
10:00 am-Driving lesson.It was a really really nice lesson.Dee was really happy with me and gave me two thumbs up after the lesson. I need to work on my timing a bit and a few other things.
11:00 am- Came home. Read to Babushka.
11:45 am- Second blood test of the day and had some nuts for a snack,while cooking lunch. I so wanted a cup of tea.. but, decided it was better to eat lunch instead.
12:45 pm-Lunch.
2:30- Got ready and left for the Dr. appointment. I was seeing the Endocrinologist again,today.
3:10-Reached the hospital and realised,the appointment was 3:45. Also,time for third blood test!
3:25- Got called in early for the appointment!!yayy.. some good came out of it.The appointment was good.Today’s Endo was better than the last ones.Good in the sense that she was more calm and collected..unlike the previous one,who was like a headless chicken,as soon as he saw my blood test results.
4:00 pm- Left the hospital and went straight to grocery shopping.By now,I was beginning to get hungry.. but I resisted the urge to eat at Mc. Dees.
5:30 pm – Got back home,put away groceries,had chai n Pita Bread.
6:30 pm -Babushka’s dinner time- Phew,it was such a relief that I had cooked for both lunch and dinner,in the morning.
7:00 pm- Took Babushka for her dance practice.She is participating in a show organised by her Bharatnatyam school.
7:30 pm-Came home,had dinner-typed out half of this post.
8:15pm- Left to pick up Babushka.
9:10 pm- Putting Babushka to sleep and typing the rest of this post!:)

After she falls asleep,I still have to fold the laundry,put away the food,plan tomorrow’s meals and test my sugars,for the last time,today.

Phew,Won’t I be glad,when the day ends?Ohh Wait!!tomorrow is school,it won’t be any lighter!!
Anyway,you tell me-How was your day??


4 thoughts on “Today -Post 13

  1. Babs slept till 9.30 in the morning…Let me just adopt her or else please send her here to give R some training..this pint sized wakes at 6 or max max 6.30 EVERY DAY!!!! hope you are feeling nice and healthy 🙂


    1. LOL!!Babs loves her sleep.. but most days she is up by 8 am latest..that night she had a late night..
      And I had to train her to sleep LONGER LOL! otherwise she was up at 6:00 too!LOL!


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