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Not disappearing..

I just wanted to tell you guys,that I am not disappearing…I am still around.. just that,I started posting kiddie updates on my old blog,after much bullying took place from some friends and family..and right now time is really short to keep up both the blogs..but I love this blog as much as the old one..and will continue to post here… but all in good time.
Most of you know,where the old blog is..if not leave me a comment and I will get back to you..I still haven’t decided if I want to merge both the,I am not leaving a link here..hope you understand:)
I leave you with the latest Gem dropped by Babushka:
We were talking shapes and I asked Babushka,”if you were a shape,what shape would you be?” and she said,”A REctangle”
I asked her,what about Papa?She looked at SD and said,”PApa is a big rectangle and Baby is a small rectangle”..
Awww,I said..what about Mumma and without even a pause,she said,”You are circle..A big circle..Since the baby came into your tummy.. you have turned into a BIG Ball!!”
SD had a big laugh.. me?I started planning my excercise regime,until Babykins woke up again!!!


6 thoughts on “Not disappearing..

  1. 😛 🙂 sorry I burst out laughing at the little one’s comment…

    And another blog I dont think I know that one… Sooo so email me when you get time after all the exercise regime is done 🙂


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