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For the love of Dosa;) Post 12

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No no this is not a recipe post..Its just a thinking-of-food post 😀
I HEART Dosa.. Like really really HEART Dosa!
Infact it was one of the first things,I learned to make perfectly.I was in grade 9-10 and we had a maid called Anthony Amma.She was a mother of 8 and super-smart,eager to learn. My mom had trouble rolling rotis and so one of Anthony Amma’s jobs was to make rotis too.
My mom practiced her rusted Tamil with her and Anthony Amma soon picked up words and phrases in English.As time went,she began to love my mom so much,that she would quickly finish her other job and come and help mom,in other chores.My mom would say no,but she wouldn’t listen. And Anthony Amma used to make the most amazing dosas..even better than my mom:)
I pestered her to teach me how and she gladly did.. And since then,I became the official dosa maker in the family!:)

Now,I like my dosas to be a little greasy..I don’t mean dripping with oil,but just enough to stain your fingers:) I am not a non-stick pan,no-oil dosa person..nuh-uh! And I love it with lots of Sambhar,2-3 chutneys or even just plain chai! When I was pregnant with Babushka,come Friday afternoon and I would start craving for Dosas..:) made by someone else..And the closest Indian restaurant serving Dosas was a good 30 minute drive away..Ohh the anticipation of the steaming hot dosa,made the drive seem even longer. And you know what?It wasn’t even that delicious!!LOL! I think I just craved the whole aroma,and the feel of being served hot,steaming dosas:)
Now,the Babushka and SD love Dosas too and we can have it ALL day long! Seriously,I am not kidding..I make a huge pot of Sambhar and a big bowl of chutney in the morning on weekends..and we have Dosa-chutney-Sambhar for brekky,lunch and dinner!
Why am I writing all this?Well no reason,just that we had Dosa-Sambhar-chutney for Dinner and its still on my mind..:) And every time I make Dosa,I remember how someone had once served me no-oil Dosa,I ate one politely..and then,caved in said, “I am sorry..but could you make me one dosa will a little oil or ghee? ” LOL!! if looks could kill that would have been my last dosa..

Ohh!! And my most favorite ones are plain or cheese Dosa!! *drool*
What about you?How do you like your Dosa? or if you don’t like Dosa,what’s your favorite food??


13 thoughts on “For the love of Dosa;) Post 12

  1. Oh! you will love my dad’s dosas…just that little bit of extra oil :):) and he loves to have it the way you have them..with tons of sambhar and chutney..come to India once, will invite dad over and feed you with his super special ones 🙂 What! thats what dads are for na 😉


  2. hehe.. u knw wen i was in bangalore last year, there was a dosa festival at our office once, and we had 25 varieties of dosas.. i chose a capsicum dosa, and it was really yummy with red, yellow and green capsicum toppings with sambar n 3 kinds of chutney.. 🙂

    At home too, its very convenient to have the batter in fridge and have it for breakfasts..


    1. Oh!!WOWWWWWW!! Like WOW!!
      Hey you are in Hyderabad,right? Do you like Chutneys??
      OMG! SD and I were the biggest fans of the place..when we first moved to Hyd,we went there for dinner every night,till we didn’t find a house..and then even after we moved into our house,we went their every WEEKEND!LOL


      1. :D.. yea, Chutneys was quite close to our college u knw.. we frnds used to escape thr sometimes for the piping hot dosas n idlis..


  3. Ohh I love dosa too , can have it as often as i want 🙂 Apart from dosa i love rajama chawal and chole bhature and kadi chawal 🙂 I am a big foodie and the list can go on


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