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1 more Sleep..

Till we head home:)

The last week and this have gone so quickly…:) We had so much fun -sight-seeing,relaxing,eating,relaxing..sleeping in..relaxing:D You get the picture! It was not the typical vacation packed with activities..no,this was a break from everyday life that we so needed.

Now we are refreshed and ready to head back home..and have a normal busy day! 🙂 Aadya realised yesterday that soon it will be seeing Papa only on the weekends and we had some tears..Hopefully this phase of our life will end soon..

Hope you all have been well,while we were away..:)

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End of April!!

Can you believe it we are already at the end of the fourth month of the new year?I miss blogging and hate the lack of time and motivation..and really while mental blogging helps me sort my thoughts,it’s your comments and feedbacks,reading your posts that makes me feel alive.so I am going to do the NaBlPoMo in may and comment on at least 2 blogs per day!
And I now have a new iPad*koff-koff* so I can no longer use the excuse of multiple sign-ins!
This year has been quite gadget-y for me:) first my iPhone then I bought a heart rate monitor to help me track calories burnt next in line was the Kindle and finally the iPad – oh well I am not complaining!lol!
Today was my workday and for the first time since I started working at the toy library,I left home before Babychino woke up! When she woke up,she cuddled with SD and played with Babushka and then went on to camp in front of the bathroom.The door was shut and she sat outside then stood holding on to the door with one hand banging knocking with the other.:(
When SD told me this,my heart broke….I had to ask myself was it really worth it…I hate putting her through this but a little voice in my head tells me it’s ok..I am really enjoying the work..today I had to work extra hours..but I still loved it..though I hope I don’t have to do the extra hours too often:)And this is why I cannot go to work full-time for the next3-4 years!
Today was also the first time SD dressed up both the girls and took them for a birthday party! He even remembered to put on Babushka’s Beaded necklace*awww* broke my heart again- waving them off,when they stopped by my place of work for my approval:(
But the best part of my day was snuggling with my babies- all of us piled up on the 2-seater couch:) Now that was Bliss…
Speaking of Bliss,I must go and snuggle up with a sleeping Babychino:) need to make up for the time lost!!!
But before I go, who wants to do the NaBloPoMo with me?Show of hands please:)
More later,till then…Take Care ,My lovelies:)


Bringing in the new year…

Hello..anybody there?I am hoping, at least those of you,who have subscribed on email will come and read this..:)
So,SD was home until last Monday..and we spent the rest of the week,missing him and getting back to the routine. Now,that he is back at work full-time and we are kind of settled,I am hoping,I will be able to blog regularly..:)I know we are already in the third week of the new year..but I am hoping,its not too late to write about this.
2012 started well..We brought in the New Year,hugging our babies close,hugging each other and just sending up silent prayers for a happy year. We took the girls to watch the twilight fireworks at the Geelong Pier at 9:00 PM .It was a beautiful evening- SD was happy and relaxed(the break really did him well!)
Babushka was excited and wanted to dance before the fireworks show began(in her words-she wanted to have a ‘Performance’)
Babychino couldn’t have cared less..and
SM-well I was being camera-happy!
We were not well prepared..nothing new about that..Everyone else had brought picnic dinners along..Well..next time so will we.But,this time,we just ended up getting take-out on our way home.
This year I have decided to-
Focus on ME- This is the year-I take care of ME-getting fitter,getting stronger-both physically and emotionally.
Put my family-Before all else..They were always top priority..But,you know how sometimes,we end up dragging our loved ones..just to do something for others..Well..I am all done doing that.This sounds curt even to me..but,believe me..its very hard for me to do it.. One of the major reasons for doing this is all the back-stabbing I have faced in the recent months..and it makes me feel horrible for inconvenienced my own family for others. It will be hard..but needs to be done.
Removing all the negativity and surrounding myself with all things positive- How should I put this..I managed to remove all the negative people from my recent call list..Now,my phone doesn’t ring as often..nor do I make as many calls as I used to..heck!I didn’t even send out the customary Happy New Year Sms this year.But,I am so much at peace with myself..I feel ‘liberated’…
And..I have forgotten the rest of my decisions..but if I can stick to these three..I know..the rest will fall in place.
Ohh..and I am also going to blog,more regularly..3-4 times in a week..I hope!!
I will be over at all your blogs soon..Please bear with me..while I find my feet!
Much love..
Suburban Mumma



That’s my new favorite number:) Do you know why? Well,lemme show you:
Babushka’s Shrug

Babushka’s Canvas shoes

My Canvas shoes

These cute tees for Babushka(pic courtesy-google images)

All the things in the pictures costed me $5 each. Not only this,I found cute everyday Rompers for Babychino,for $5 each.
This post may also be titled- Why I love driving 🙂 Now,I can go to the stores at leisure(read-when Babushka is at Kinder),browse peacefully(read-when SD is not breathing down my neck,asking me to hurry up and stick to the LIST)..well,I love these little bargains:) Don’t you?


The day for take-outs:)

When you wake up to a cold frosty morning,after having very little sleep all night.. a tired sick child at home and want to eat steaming hot food.. what do you do??
Well you head out to the nearest food-court..:D
Because the things we wanted to eat were so diverse,no restaurant would cater to our demands:)
So,we just bundled up in jackets over our PJs and headed out to the food-court and came back with Fried rice and honey Chicken and Chicken Shawrama *drool*
Then we set up the table with Ikea kids table-ware..to jazz things up.. and had a nice colorful mother-daughter meal:)
Happy Mommy- perkier daughter:)

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He is the biggest one..

Yesterday,we were on our way back from a random shopping trip and had to stop in the middle of the road to complete our turn. Ours was the second car and the light had already turned Amber..But the car in front didn’t move.So,SD honked to ask the guy to move. He moved ahead and then rolled his window down and put up his finger..SD showed him the finger too…The guy in front turned and started saying something..Now our windows were still rolled up and I cannot read lip-movements to save my life.But the next thing I know is,SD had rolled his window down too and was shouting,”You are the biggest ONE!”
The Guy in front started his car and then backed up… OK by now,I was freaking out.. SD tried to drive the car from the side..The guy in front,just turned to the left and stopped the car.
I kept checking the side mirror and at the same time,was yelling at SD,”What were you thinking..What if he had a weapon?Do you even know who he is??” In my defence the area,we were driving through is famous for gun-totting hoods.. Anyway,at the end of my outburst,before SD could open his mouth to say anything,a little voice piped from the back seat,”Mumma, he is the biggest one!!”
SD burst out laughing..I was still fuming.. I asked him why did you say that.. what if it was someone from the hood.. And SD continued laughing and said,if it was,then he wouldn’t be showering me with choicest curses in Hindi…And then Babushka’s sentence said in all innocence became even more hilarious…Even now when I am writing this post,I have a goofy grin pasted on my face!!!

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37 weeks update and observations from the Hospital waiting room!

Wow! another week closer to holding that baby 🙂
I am positively bigger-even Babushka has been commenting on it..and she was the one person,who thought I was PERFECT! Last couple of days,every time Babs is sitting next to me or kissing my belly,she says..’WOW Mumma your tummy is soooo big! LIKE a huge watermelon!’ umm yeah thanks baby!
The other day,I was trying on some pants to put in my hospital bag and they refused to go up.. and both SD and Babs,said,together.. ohh yeah its too small.. you are too big!! umm as if I can’t see/feel that!
Anyway,so last week,we had to go into the hospital because for no apparent reason,my blood pressure shot up and I went in for monitoring..spent a couple hours there and then for no apparent reason,it came down on its own..:)
The appointment today was pretty routine..everything looked as it should.. and since I have already scheduled my C-sec,there is not much to discuss with the OB.She did say,that if I go into labour naturally and if they think there is a chance of normal delivery,they will give me that option..so that’s good:)
I have been cramping last two days and have a terrible back ache..which is a good sign at this time,said the OB! Last time,after I was cramping for two days,Babushka made an appearance!:D So,I have hopes!
So lets see.. my observations from the hospital waiting room..I mean really.. we were there from 1:30 to 5:00 pm for various appointments..I have lots of fodder for a blog-post of its own.. but I am a good person and will spare you the minute by minute details!
First appointment was the CTG,where they are supposed to monitor the baby’s heart rate and my contractions,if any! And the OBs insist on doing it on Monday,before seeing them.. that way,if there is a problem,they can take action,immediately..So,Mondays are very busy in the day stay unit,where this test is carried out..So,I can’t just understand,why they can’t keep competent and experienced staff on their busiest day! 2 weeks back,I spent nearly 8 hours in the day stay unit..why? because there was a swap nurse,who didn’t know what she was doing! She monitored my heart-rate for more than half an hour,despite me telling her 4 times,that its too low for the baby’s heart-rate! Anyway,today,started off nice..I had a nice mid-wife,she hooked me and said,she’d check back in half an hour. At around 20 minutes,came the midwife,I have dubbed as Ms.Panicked.I was reading a magazine..The baby was moving a lot..so she asked me to stop reading,because,it might move the monitor…I swear if she could,she would have asked me to stop breathing!!LOL! So, anyway,the monitoring took around 1 hour..towards the end,the baby moved and there was no heartbeat on the screen and,I hurried put my phone away,where I was checking FB statuses.. simply because if Ms.Panicked caught me with the phone,she would tell me to stop moving my fingers too.Seriously,last week or the week before,when she was on call, and I dozed off,she woke me,saying..no no don’t sleep.. I want u to be awake…so that Your breathing stays steady! OK!!
Another mid-wife came and checked and said,we had already got a continuous 20 minutes read before the baby moved the first time..so,it was fine!*rolling eyes*
We finished that and went off to the main reception to sign in and wait for our appointment. And I cannot tell you how annoyed I was at the Desi girl who jumped the line. She was going to the toilet..I was up next..Babs came running to give me a cuddle and this girl,changed her mind and sneaked in between me and the person before me! It took both of SD’s hands to restrain me from giving her a piece of my mind.
SD stood in the line and sent me off for a blood test.This time it was a Russian lady..She looked so stern,like a school matron!She asked me my name and address in the most stern voice and then asked me..if I was a resident or overseas visitor..as soon as I said,Resident,her whole demeanor changed..:P I wonder why!! Anyway,the next thing she asked me was..”Do you have one baby or two inside?” Gulp!OKKKK now I knowww..I am reallyyyyyy huge! When I said,’ONE’,she shook her head and said,’hmmm biggggggg baby’..I was sure she was going to narrate a tid-bit of her own..but she didn’t.Instead,she grabbed a big needle and poked me,without even the slightest warning.. Here I was….waiting for the sharp scratch of a delicate butterfly needle..and instead there was this huge needle,sticking in my arm…phew..the blood draw done..I went back to the line,where SD was waiting.
The Desi girl was at the counter and we were up next..the other receptionist called us.. and we were done in a jiffy.. and poor desi girl was still at the counter!!yayy there is justice after all!LOL!
While we were waiting,there was another nice lady..dressed up in the smartest clothes..a lovely green woolen skirt and tights and she was there with her 3-4 yo too.. expecting her second too.. we exchanged some pleasantaries and notes on 3-4 yos and finally after a long wait,when her turn came,she raised her eyebrows and I raised mine,in solidarity of motherhood!!
Then there was this family-I think they were Sudanese or Africans.. There were 3 boys and the mother was expecting her 4th.The father spent most of the time,outside the waiting room…and the boys,ran around the waiting room.. between rows of chairs,pushing smaller kids..one of them hit Babushka on the head,SD was on his haunches,instantly and called her away,and gave her his phone to play with.I was amazed,how the mother and the father(when he was present in the room) never even raised their eyebrows or asked the boys to sit still. One of the men,got up to stop them,when they pushed his little girl and SD,said Hey! and glared at them,when one of them pushed at my belly,when they were running between the chairs. I couldn’t help but get annoyed at the father.. he was anyway,waiting outside,he could have taken one or two of the boys with him and given his wife a break. Even when she was called in to see the doctor,all 3 of them went with her,while the father,sat outside reading a newspaper!
Ohh and last but not the least,I got mistaken for a Hijabi! When we got down from the car,I realised that I had forgotten to take my coat.So,I just wrapped my scarf around my head and neck really tight.I was wearing a full sleeves T-shirt inside my top..When I looked up,I saw another Muslim family walking by-the lady was wearing a hijab too.The Man looked at me and wished me,Salaam-wa-laikum.It gladdened my heart 🙂
Ohh! And how can I not mention this…
When we were driving back,we saw the most beautiful sight.. golden sunlight peeking through the clouds..It was really really beautiful… It also reminded me that on the last appointment before Babushka’s birth,we had to wait a long time,to see my OB and when we left from the OB’s office,we saw the moon and it wasn’t even dark…Somehow,these two sightings sound similar to me..:) May be Babykins will be here soon..As it is Babushka came at 37 weeks and 2/3 days!
I still want to write a couple posts before Babykins comes..I hope I can:)
More later….

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Today -Post 13

The best part about writing a post of day,is that I can write about the random happenings of my day and not feel guilty about boring you to death!:)
So,today was nice and tiring..I am guessing,all my days are going to be tiring for the next two months:)
So,what did I do today?
8:00 am- woke up to test the blood sugars. Did it in my sleep.Babushka had a cold and fever and had a restless night..so,you can imagine,how difficult it was to keep my eyes open.Went back to sleep.
9:00am- Woke up again.Had meds and breakfast and got ready for my driving lesson. SD was working from home today,so,naturally,I had to make the most of my day.
9:30 am- Babushka and SD woke up.Finished Babushka’s morning routine and gave her milk.SD had already started working.
10:00 am-Driving lesson.It was a really really nice lesson.Dee was really happy with me and gave me two thumbs up after the lesson. I need to work on my timing a bit and a few other things.
11:00 am- Came home. Read to Babushka.
11:45 am- Second blood test of the day and had some nuts for a snack,while cooking lunch. I so wanted a cup of tea.. but, decided it was better to eat lunch instead.
12:45 pm-Lunch.
2:30- Got ready and left for the Dr. appointment. I was seeing the Endocrinologist again,today.
3:10-Reached the hospital and realised,the appointment was 3:45. Also,time for third blood test!
3:25- Got called in early for the appointment!!yayy.. some good came out of it.The appointment was good.Today’s Endo was better than the last ones.Good in the sense that she was more calm and collected..unlike the previous one,who was like a headless chicken,as soon as he saw my blood test results.
4:00 pm- Left the hospital and went straight to grocery shopping.By now,I was beginning to get hungry.. but I resisted the urge to eat at Mc. Dees.
5:30 pm – Got back home,put away groceries,had chai n Pita Bread.
6:30 pm -Babushka’s dinner time- Phew,it was such a relief that I had cooked for both lunch and dinner,in the morning.
7:00 pm- Took Babushka for her dance practice.She is participating in a show organised by her Bharatnatyam school.
7:30 pm-Came home,had dinner-typed out half of this post.
8:15pm- Left to pick up Babushka.
9:10 pm- Putting Babushka to sleep and typing the rest of this post!:)

After she falls asleep,I still have to fold the laundry,put away the food,plan tomorrow’s meals and test my sugars,for the last time,today.

Phew,Won’t I be glad,when the day ends?Ohh Wait!!tomorrow is school day..so,it won’t be any lighter!!
Anyway,you tell me-How was your day??