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Yesterday,Friday was Day2 of week 1.
Thursday,was rest day and my thighs were like ROCKS!I swear,even walking inside the house,was painful. I did some yoga in the morning.But I was sore,all day long and my throat was feeling funny too.When I went to bed,I was wondering,if I will be able to walk/jog in the morning.
I woke up,on Friday morning,still a little sore,but not as much as the previous day.I quickly freshened up and got dressed and stepped outside,before I changed my mind.
After the warm-up,by the time,it was time for the first jog,I was feeling good.This time,I remembered to breathe when jogging..and that made a whole lot of a difference.
Edited to add-DH got me another pair of ear-phones,the kind that clip behind your ear and so,they didn’t fall off.Only one was working,but atleast it stayed plugged in!
I breezed thru the first 3 jogs,easily..in the 4th jog,I felt a little pinching on my right foot.I pause the pod-cast and rubbed it and it felt better.I walked a little to build up the pace and then started the pod-cast again.And before I knew it,I was on the 7th run and almost dying!!LOL! but there was just one more run and that was motivation enough.Again for cool down,I walked away from home..so that I would have to walk to get home:P
Day2 was definitely better than Day1.
Today is rest day but I am not as sore are last rest-day.

Yesterday was also school day and I was on my feet pretty much all day..The school is only 3 hours but,we got there half an hour early(DH gave us a ride) and instead of sitting inside,we spent that half an hour playing in the park.
There was a Mother’s Day Party in the school and moms had to stay back.It was really nice.The kids gave us a mini-manicure-rubbed scented cream in moms’ hands and painted their nails.Then,they made bracelets for us and gave us,cards and flowers,which the kids had made themselves,last week.Aadi didn;t go last week,so one of the teachers made it for her.Then there was lots of singing and dancing and lot of fun was had by all.
We got home by 4,Aadi was super-tired,put her down for a nap and tidied up,loaded the dishwasher,cooked dinner.By 9.00 dinner was done and I sat down to knit mittens for Aadi.I couldn’t keep my eyes open.
DH’s friend had invited us over to watch T-20 India-Australia,I begged off and even before DH left,we were both happily in dreamland!
I am soo excited,that I didn’t given and finished W1D2! one more day and I will be done with Week1!
Oh..and the scale is moving!!!LOL!!I didnt expect it to move so soon..but it is.
Current mood- Happy and relaxed!

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If you have been reading blogs,you may already know about C25K plan.
I read about C25K first on Broom’s blog and since then,it has intrigued me..but I did not think,it was for me.I had never jogged/run in my adult life.
I have been following a diet for the last 2 months and have almost given up eating out…but the scale was stuck.My clothes are fitting better and I like to think that its the result of my efforts and not some miraculous stretching of fabric!
So,I downloaded the podcasts and decided to start today. It was a cold and sunny morning.I donned a hat and set out.There is a park,right outside my gate.I debated whether to do the walk/jog there or go somewhere else.I didn’t want to run into one of the neighbours..Dont ask me why-Just! In the end,I decided to walk rite there..because in case,Aadi woke up and/or DH needed me.
By now,I had warmed up and and Robert was telling me start my first jog.I started and it felt funny..then one earphone fell off..I have a problem-no earphones fit in my ears..they keep falling off..so very irritating.I put it back in my ear and immediately the next one fell off.I kept jogging..one hand on the earphone and jogging..60 seconds were up and I was walking again.
All this while,I was thinking-If there is a programme called-funniest excercise videos,then I could participate and hope to win.If there was a video that the fitness trainers showed their clients,of “what-not-to-do-when-running”,I would be in that!
A voice in my head said..”I am dying”..another said,”Listen if you die,like this,for the next 9 weeks,then,you will reach the fit-body heaven”..Now that was nice..hmm? I was thinking all this and more and before I knew it,Rob was telling me to walk the next 5 minutes to cool down.I was tired…and I knew,I would be tempted to go back home,immediately,so I walked off the park,onto the street in the opposite direction..that way,I knew,I would have to walk back home.
I came home..tiredddd and happy.DH was beaming with pride,as if I had conquered the world…but all I had done was completed the first day of Week 1 of Couch to 5K!!
Yayyy me..I have been sooooo excited all day long and been in high spirits..
Hopefully the scale will start moving again..:)

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Its a first…

My top NY resolutions this year are to get fitter,lose weight,eat healthy,save money.
And I am proud to say that- its been more than 2 weeks..18 days to be precise and we have’nt eaten out..No restaurants,no cafes,no frozen food and no take outs.How’s that for a start?
The most important thing,according to me,is that,we survived the holiday season,without pigging out eating out.We went out a lot..but I always made sure,we left after a good meal,carried some packed meals or atleast had lunch/dinner ready to come back and eat.Sure it took a fair bit of planning on my part and it is hardwork too..but I am glad,I did.
The last time we ate out was on the 23rd of december..I am so proud of myself.
As for getting fitter-I have crossed Week1 of walks and XBX! I have realised(atlast) that gym is not for me.I am more of a non-gymmer!??!!
And we have been teaching Aadi to play football..nothing fancy..just kick and chase.She just chases happily,while we run and kick..a good workout for 30-40 minutes!There is just something so cool about playing a sport with your spouse..though the way we play ,the game should be called ‘save the ball’..;) But its fun nevertheless.The next thing on our list is to get badminton racquets.We both used to play Badminton,for our school teams ..and have an ongoing bet,to see who is better..we just never played each other!Its been 9 years since we shook hands on the bet,,so,may be sometime soon.
The weekend is over and its Monday again..:( It was a hot weekend in Melbourne..and the recent happenings in the city have sort of freaked me out..so we stayed home.How was your weekend?

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And the curse is broken

At least I hope it is..The scale moved today and I almost did a jig next to it to shake my sleepy bones.And then,I started thinking..There was really no reason for me to crib about the stagnant weight loss..cursing the scale.Really,because in the last month that we moved here,I haven’t done anything about it.The only exercise I have is-housework,unpacking(or not) and light gardening,taking aadya to the park,which is right in front of the house..REALLY! All I have to do is open the gate.Rest of the times,I am stuck to the couch,working on my crafts or net surfing.
I decided to change that..But guess what,after a while,I was back on the couch,reading blogs this time.And I saw Shraikh’s blog and read her posts.This woman is truly an inspiration.She had written about signing up for the 5K! and running in the gym.
It was a nice sunny day..I was immediately charged up on reading her posts and decided to go for a walk.But the Lazy Me tried to trick me,by coming up with all sorts of excuses.But,I-want-to-lose-weight Me had a counter argument for each excuse.
LazyBones Me-“Oh,its so hot and Sunny outside”
I-wanna-lose-weight Me-“well,its better than freezing cold”

LB -“How about an evening walk”
IWLW -“ Sure,If you want..but then,Aadi will oversleep and you will miss it”

LB -“Oh its almost Aadya’s nap time”
IWLW -“well,she can sleep in the stroller”

LB-“Oh Aadya will make me stop,asking for milk,water,may be I should go when S is home to watch her”
IWLW-“remember what Shraikh wrote about the power walk with her boys..and if ¬†Aadi wants milk or water,you can catch your breath then

And finally LazyBones had to give up..and I-wanna-lose-weight Me,went for a walk.I coupled an errand with the walk,so there was no turning back.
I always check the time,before leaving..if I have walked for 15minutes or more,I feel I have done a lot.So,this time,taking another leaf from Shraikh’s book..I didn’t check the time..umm ok..i did check the time before I started..
I spent roughly 10-15 minutes,doing my errand..but walked rest of the time..And when I got home,I checked the time..and I was gone for 1 and half hour!I felt so good..had that after glow of achievement rest of the day..:D
Today,I did the same thing..this time,dragged S along too.S,takes long strides and on most days,I ask him to slow down as I cant keep up..but today,I tried to step up my pace to match him..and
it was a great walk..We did stop to give Aadya her milk or water..but,it was OK.
Its 4-day weekend here..we spent today,doing nothing..may be will catch up with friends tomorrow..What are your plans for the weekend?

Happy Easter!

Weight loss journal

weightloss update

Its Friday..Time for the weekly weightloss update.
This week-
I had regained 400 gms over the weekend..We had friends over for two of the three days(it was a long weekend) -so there was eating and drinking and no excercise..
From Tuesday I increased the walks….Made the Pipette sit on one side of the see-saw and pushed the other with my hand,taking turns with the right and left hand.
At weigh-in today-I had lost the 400 gms!!!
Total weight-loss so far- 2.8 kgs

Weight loss journal

WeightLoss Update-2

This week I have no weightloss to report.It is so frustrating.But its my fault.This week,despite watching my diet,and walks..I failed to eat before 7:30 pm. I was feeling tired all week,had mega headaches for two solid days…the Bubba,suspects I am not eating enough..but really,i am.
I turned 29 yesterday,another post coming up on that..And all the eating out,showed on the scale today.I have GAINED 100 gms!
Ugh!I know its just 100 gms..but for someone like me,who has trouble losing..thats a lot.I hope PMS also had a role to play in this weeks no weightloss.
Next week,we are moving..which means atleast 3 -4 days of eating out.I want to be shameless and beg someone to make me khichdi.OR may be I’ll just order Grilled chicken,everytime we eat out.
How was your week?Do share.

Weight loss journal

Weightloss update1

So,I am on mission weight loss yet again.The Pipette is going to be TWO next month,about time I stopped using,”But,I just had a baby”line.
I have tried way too many diets to know that dieting is not the way to go.Fad dieting is not for me,period.Nor is portion control…really…Calorie counting doesn’t work too..I will explain why,before you give up on me as a lost cause. Fad dieting doesn’t work,simply because,I don’t have the patience to keep up..day4 is the worst..almost every diet is broken by day 4.I tried the GM diet,the Atkins,South beach diet(that one lasted a week)..I just cannot cook two separate meals for the Bubba and myself.
Portion control and calorie counting,just never works-because,my portions are already small.And I tried calorie counting,and I can never make the required number of calories..NEVER !Not even when I was breast-feeding.
The one time I lost weight without trying was,when I had gestational diabetes.I figured it was the medicines that did the trick..yes,that’s how much I believe in myself.This time,I have decided to come what may,I am going to lose this weight.Its about time,the flab vacated my body and some muscles appeared.
Since moving to Melbourne,I have been going for regular walks,moderate paced walks,at least 5 days in a week.I didn’t think of it as exercise..I was just happy to be able to go to places,myself.The library,the park,the grocery store-I walk everywhere,even when I can take the bus,I walk.Even when I am tired,I walk.As a rule,I only take the bus, to go to the city or any other suburb.And just like that I went down two pant sizes..without even realising.Then,my sister joined a gym and she shared her prescribed diet with me.And I realised that I am eating way too less..some wise person had told me once,that you don’t lose weight,if you eat too little..I decided to give it a try.
I still cannot eat as much as it says in the diet,but I took the basic principle behind it-small meals every 2 hours, Vs 2 -3 meals.Until last week,this is what my diet chart looked like:

9.00AM – 1 cup tea
Occasionally,I would eat something like-3-4 crackers OR 2 slices bread with cheese OR an egg.This would happen once or twice a week.

1.00pm(sometimes 2:00pm)-lunch- leftovers from previous night-mostly rice+dal/curry OR roti+eggOR frozen roti +curry.

5:00 pm-1 cup tea or coffee with 3-4 biscuits or 1/2 cup of namkeen(haldiram’s zindabad)

9.00pm(sometimes 10.00 pm)- dinner -rice /roti with dal+sabji OR some non-veg OR Pasta OR Stuffed Paratha.

Bedtime snack- 1 cup milk…Once in 10-15 days.

Uff!Now that I have written it down,it looks even worse.
Starting Monday,I started eating small meals every 2-3 hours,eating dinner by 7.30 pm latest by 8.00 pm and bedtime snack of milk and nuts every day. For the first time in 5 years,the Bubba and I haven’t had dinner together for a week now.
That along with my regular walking and increased water intake-this is all I am doing,for now.I am not going to join a gym,I have decided..I have already wasted so much money,both my dad’s and Bubba’s on gym memberships.So,walks it will be.I plan to get a skipping rope and jump rope to do some cardio.

Weight lost since Last friday- 1.4 kgs!
Pretty cool na?
So,I am going to update my weight loss journal,every Friday.
This time also,before starting my weight loss mission,I sent up a prayer..This time I wished for a stronger resolve and persistence,instead of a leaner me.I figured,if I am persistent,the leaner me,will have to make an appearance!hai,na?

And now,Can I ask YOU for some help?I am going to update the weight lost,here every Friday.If for some reason,you do not see a weight-loss post here,don’t think about asking me.In fact,just go ahead and ask me..will you?