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Yesterday,Friday was Day2 of week 1.
Thursday,was rest day and my thighs were like ROCKS!I swear,even walking inside the house,was painful. I did some yoga in the morning.But I was sore,all day long and my throat was feeling funny too.When I went to bed,I was wondering,if I will be able to walk/jog in the morning.
I woke up,on Friday morning,still a little sore,but not as much as the previous day.I quickly freshened up and got dressed and stepped outside,before I changed my mind.
After the warm-up,by the time,it was time for the first jog,I was feeling good.This time,I remembered to breathe when jogging..and that made a whole lot of a difference.
Edited to add-DH got me another pair of ear-phones,the kind that clip behind your ear and so,they didn’t fall off.Only one was working,but atleast it stayed plugged in!
I breezed thru the first 3 jogs,easily..in the 4th jog,I felt a little pinching on my right foot.I pause the pod-cast and rubbed it and it felt better.I walked a little to build up the pace and then started the pod-cast again.And before I knew it,I was on the 7th run and almost dying!!LOL! but there was just one more run and that was motivation enough.Again for cool down,I walked away from home..so that I would have to walk to get home:P
Day2 was definitely better than Day1.
Today is rest day but I am not as sore are last rest-day.

Yesterday was also school day and I was on my feet pretty much all day..The school is only 3 hours but,we got there half an hour early(DH gave us a ride) and instead of sitting inside,we spent that half an hour playing in the park.
There was a Mother’s Day Party in the school and moms had to stay back.It was really nice.The kids gave us a mini-manicure-rubbed scented cream in moms’ hands and painted their nails.Then,they made bracelets for us and gave us,cards and flowers,which the kids had made themselves,last week.Aadi didn;t go last week,so one of the teachers made it for her.Then there was lots of singing and dancing and lot of fun was had by all.
We got home by 4,Aadi was super-tired,put her down for a nap and tidied up,loaded the dishwasher,cooked dinner.By 9.00 dinner was done and I sat down to knit mittens for Aadi.I couldn’t keep my eyes open.
DH’s friend had invited us over to watch T-20 India-Australia,I begged off and even before DH left,we were both happily in dreamland!
I am soo excited,that I didn’t given and finished W1D2! one more day and I will be done with Week1!
Oh..and the scale is moving!!!LOL!!I didnt expect it to move so soon..but it is.
Current mood- Happy and relaxed!



Indiblogger ranks are out..and mine went up from 50 to 71!! soo I am kicked.
I am so tired today,I opened the new post page,twice,but closed it.I didn’t want to think what to write.I was bloghopping,and saw Maverickshree’s post about her Indirank..and just out of curiosity checked mine..and I was excited and so had to post.
Today,was school day.This was the second week and I see Aadi settling in.Last week,she was mostly on her own.Her interaction with other kids,was if she needed a toy or if she didnt want to share it.She wasnt interested in any of the activities..like conversations on the mat,craft and painting(which surprised me!) the only thing that she was interested in was the sand-pit and the singing and dancing.This time,the change was remarkable.
She was sitting on the mat,right in the front,instead of on the side,from where she could run away.The poor teacher had a tough time,bringing her back to the mat.Today,she sat there and actually contributed to the conversation.Ms.Cherie’,the teacher asked everyone,”what their mum was doing today?” some answered shopping,some said,sleeping,while others said working.My little princess,said,”My mummy is helping today!”I was excited..I was the mom-helper today..and it was interesting that she made the connection.
I loved volunteering in her class.Three years of being a SAHM,had me convinced,that I didnt want to do,anything remotely child-related..but,these last two weeks,that I spent in Aadi’s class,have refreshed my memories and I think,I would like to go back to teaching.
I will be announcing the giveaway,soon…now,its monster-story time..and Ms.Aadya is making up stories..I have to go and listen in!