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If you have been reading blogs,you may already know about C25K plan.
I read about C25K first on Broom’s blog and since then,it has intrigued me..but I did not think,it was for me.I had never jogged/run in my adult life.
I have been following a diet for the last 2 months and have almost given up eating out…but the scale was stuck.My clothes are fitting better and I like to think that its the result of my efforts and not some miraculous stretching of fabric!
So,I downloaded the podcasts and decided to start today. It was a cold and sunny morning.I donned a hat and set out.There is a park,right outside my gate.I debated whether to do the walk/jog there or go somewhere else.I didn’t want to run into one of the neighbours..Dont ask me why-Just! In the end,I decided to walk rite there..because in case,Aadi woke up and/or DH needed me.
By now,I had warmed up and and Robert was telling me start my first jog.I started and it felt funny..then one earphone fell off..I have a problem-no earphones fit in my ears..they keep falling off..so very irritating.I put it back in my ear and immediately the next one fell off.I kept jogging..one hand on the earphone and jogging..60 seconds were up and I was walking again.
All this while,I was thinking-If there is a programme called-funniest excercise videos,then I could participate and hope to win.If there was a video that the fitness trainers showed their clients,of “what-not-to-do-when-running”,I would be in that!
A voice in my head said..”I am dying”..another said,”Listen if you die,like this,for the next 9 weeks,then,you will reach the fit-body heaven”..Now that was nice..hmm? I was thinking all this and more and before I knew it,Rob was telling me to walk the next 5 minutes to cool down.I was tired…and I knew,I would be tempted to go back home,immediately,so I walked off the park,onto the street in the opposite direction..that way,I knew,I would have to walk back home.
I came home..tiredddd and happy.DH was beaming with pride,as if I had conquered the world…but all I had done was completed the first day of Week 1 of Couch to 5K!!
Yayyy me..I have been sooooo excited all day long and been in high spirits..
Hopefully the scale will start moving again..:)


16 thoughts on “Couch25K

      1. Hi Trish, Can you help me with something…

        I have this wall cabinet which i am plannng to convert to pooja shelf..I am looking to add a sheer curtain to it..
        Do you know where i can get the fabric and how to go about it??



      2. Hey Subha,
        You can find the sheer fabric in michaels or Joanns.Also,you can find readymade sheer curtains in walmart,Ross,Kmart anywhere.And to hang it,you get these curtain wires in ikea-
        Alternatively you can use some pretty dupatta or old saree and make it into the curtain.And you can just hand-sew them.A friend cut up her white with Red and gold border saree and hand-sew it into a dining room curtain..It looked veryy pretty!
        Do let me know,if you need anything else and also,what you decide to do:)
        Hope this helps.


  1. Thanks Trish.. I was googling abt the curtain wire things..but did not know that it is available in ikea itself.. thank you thank you.. i will definetely post as to what i did..


    1. Thanks Smiths..I hope I can finish it..this is the first time,I am stepping out of my comfort zone and testing my will-power..Hope I come out winning:D


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