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And the curse is broken

At least I hope it is..The scale moved today and I almost did a jig next to it to shake my sleepy bones.And then,I started thinking..There was really no reason for me to crib about the stagnant weight loss..cursing the scale.Really,because in the last month that we moved here,I haven’t done anything about it.The only exercise I have is-housework,unpacking(or not) and light gardening,taking aadya to the park,which is right in front of the house..REALLY! All I have to do is open the gate.Rest of the times,I am stuck to the couch,working on my crafts or net surfing.
I decided to change that..But guess what,after a while,I was back on the couch,reading blogs this time.And I saw Shraikh’s blog and read her posts.This woman is truly an inspiration.She had written about signing up for the 5K! and running in the gym.
It was a nice sunny day..I was immediately charged up on reading her posts and decided to go for a walk.But the Lazy Me tried to trick me,by coming up with all sorts of excuses.But,I-want-to-lose-weight Me had a counter argument for each excuse.
LazyBones Me-“Oh,its so hot and Sunny outside”
I-wanna-lose-weight Me-“well,its better than freezing cold”

LB -“How about an evening walk”
IWLW -“ Sure,If you want..but then,Aadi will oversleep and you will miss it”

LB -“Oh its almost Aadya’s nap time”
IWLW -“well,she can sleep in the stroller”

LB-“Oh Aadya will make me stop,asking for milk,water,may be I should go when S is home to watch her”
IWLW-“remember what Shraikh wrote about the power walk with her boys..and if  Aadi wants milk or water,you can catch your breath then

And finally LazyBones had to give up..and I-wanna-lose-weight Me,went for a walk.I coupled an errand with the walk,so there was no turning back.
I always check the time,before leaving..if I have walked for 15minutes or more,I feel I have done a lot.So,this time,taking another leaf from Shraikh’s book..I didn’t check the time..umm ok..i did check the time before I started..
I spent roughly 10-15 minutes,doing my errand..but walked rest of the time..And when I got home,I checked the time..and I was gone for 1 and half hour!I felt so good..had that after glow of achievement rest of the day..:D
Today,I did the same thing..this time,dragged S along too.S,takes long strides and on most days,I ask him to slow down as I cant keep up..but today,I tried to step up my pace to match him..and
it was a great walk..We did stop to give Aadya her milk or water..but,it was OK.
Its 4-day weekend here..we spent today,doing nothing..may be will catch up with friends tomorrow..What are your plans for the weekend?

Happy Easter!


7 thoughts on “And the curse is broken

  1. Wow, I inspired you with my post..I also am frequently stopped while walking with the boys.. For water, to pick a leaf, to look at the dogs but I dont mind :)Can I share something I read somewhere.You will always regret NOT going for a walk but never regret that you went for one. Something like that, there are days where I do NOT want to walk/exercise/gym but still I do and it always always makes me feel so much better. Proud of you Mimii 🙂


  2. Good for you Trish! Keep it up…am writing a post on my weight loss so far too..And sraikh truly is inspiring 🙂


  3. YAY!! way to go gal! :)i’ve realized the benefits of walks recently… and it’s spring here now..and am loving it!! i’ve lost a coupla pounds since we met… :)i’ve had a good weekend.. and am now making kulfi to celebrate! 😀


  4. you have been tagged and its a good onehttp://golkamra.blogspot.com/2009/04/how-much-i-love-thee-let-me-count-ways.html


  5. Good for you 🙂 I’m on a mission too – to lose my post-wedding weight!!! :DAkways good to hear from another Melbourne blogger 😀


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