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Its the long weekend and its raining.We are just having a lazy weekend.I woke up at 12.00*gasp* and the father-daughter duo,didn’t wake me up,even once..*double gasp*
When I walked out of the room,I saw them both sitting on the couch,watching cartoons and giggling.It was such a sweet sight…I walked up to cuddle them..and was greeted with-“Mom I am hungry!” hmm yeah..thats life.
Later,when it started to rain,Aadi was excited and wanted to dance in the rain..DH has normally refuses to go out and get wet.He is a little shy,what will people say types..but today,he was totally under his daughter’s spell and the reluctant father,even went did a jig in the rain with her. He tried to get her to play in the backyard..but no she insisted the front..Poor guy,obliged.Sweet,I think.
Watching them together..I remembered another incident-Last week when we had the medical appointment,Aadi was very happy that dad was home and we were going out,subah-subah.I fed her brekky and got her ready and she wanted to sit in the car.We still had to get dressed and eat our breakfast. When I came out of the room,dressed..Aadi was already in her car-seat,and DH was sitting with her and they were talking.I called him for breakfast.He came inside,filled a plate and went right back,out! I was like WTH? He just turned and told me,”Oh she wants me to sit with her and eat..” All my irritation could it not?
I leave you with a picture of the partners-in-crime..watching the new TV,excitedly.The TV is nearly 1 year old now.

Ohh if you are in a mood for baking,check out my other blog .Posted the cookies and bread recipes.

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Another Friday!!

Phew..Friday is here,finally.I thought this week would never end.
Friends of ours,a couple,were going to come over tonight.The girl is just in her second trimester and had a rough time,last couple of months.I felt so bad everytime I spoke to her..poor thing all alone..I wanted to go over and take care of her.But,it wasn’t as easy at I thought-the prospect of keeping Aadi busy/entertained while taking care of a sick friend,scared me.I visited whenever I could with DH.They were going to spend the weekend with us-she said,she wanted to be pampered and I am more than happy to do that:) But,they just cancelled the plans..The guy has to work late..and so may be they will come over tomorrow.
Aadi is still tired from our outing,she was in the stroller most of the time,but it was the heat that tired her,I think.It was a hot day,yesterday and we were out on the streets at the hottest time.But,all said and done,when in the city,I love walking and taking public transport..nothing beats the high that gives you.
We walked along,South Bank,Crown casino(the one in Salam Namaste,where Saif and Priety,finally go to eat icecream!),ate in one of the arcades..sat next to each other in the tram,looking out at the same things.This is what I miss when we are driving into the city..There are so many things to see and so much too and I think,we miss out on that,by driving in.
The liveliness,the cheer,the energy,can only be felt when you are in the middle of it.I came back tired and with a splitting headache,but I came back,full of cheer 😀
If I can write two more posts after this one,then,I will have completed 1 whole month of NaBloPoMo..
I broke my head over what to write but,writing everyday is nice.I liked it.For next month,I would like to have guest posts,from some of you..If you would like to contribute a post,please leave me a comment and I will get in touch with you or email me if you already have my email id.Sorry I am not putting my email id here,because the two times that I did email got hacked.
Speaking of hacking,someone hacked into my gmail and blogger account on Janaury 16th..I managed to retrieve the account,but the same @#@$# has tried to hack into it again..WHY?I dunno…What interest does someone have in the life of a SAHM mom?I dunno..and if someone really came up to me asked me,what’s going on in my life,I would tell them..why go through,all this drama.
Anyway..:) write to me..and please pretty please,I hope atleast some of you will write a guest post for me.It neednot be anything earth shattering…it can be something mundane stuff of your garden or garage..or laundry basket or something exciting that happenned to you..or just some random rant..something anything..please!!

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The Surprise

Last night,after Aadya went to bed,I burned the midnight oil to complete a surprise for her.This morning when she woke up,I told her that there was a surprise for her in the living room.She ran outside.Till now surprise means,a hidden bag of candy or unexpected popcorn..or something else,edible.So,naturally,when she went to the living room,she expected something of that kind.”Mamma,there is nothing here,”she screamed.I asked her to look on the coffee table.”Kuch nahi hai”she yelled back.I asked her to look next to the pretty mirror.
She looked around and came back with her coloring book,saying..”Yeh toh mera surprise nahi hai na?”(This is not my surprise ,right?)I said no and sent her back to look for the surprise again..This time I told her,the table near the TV..thats the coffee table right?Go look on it!Off she went again..and this time she came back,with a blank canvas,that was lying on the dining table.The Dining table is Not Close to the TV!!!!
Anyway,I sent her back,with some more clues..That may be she should look for something colorful..and that time,she got it right!ON THE 5TH count!
This time when she came back..she was so excited..Wowww Mamma is this for me?So this is my surprise..Papa and Mamma got it for Aadya..and so on..She didn’t leave her surprise,for the next couple of hours.
If you haven’t scrolled down already,I wont keep you any longer..Here’s a picture of my princess,with her precious Gift…

Edited to add- Details are up on the craft blog.

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Market update

So,I went to the market,today..This is a good market-its close to home,and its once a month.Today,I was alone at my stall.My friend,Adorn,who is shares the stall with me,couldn’t make it.So,I was a little nervous..
Sanj and Aadi hung around till,I set up and then,they left.I had taken some knitting to pass time.But,I had a nice time..chit-chatting with other stall hoders,got some tips on sewing.It was nice to be greeted excitedly..I had been there only once and didn’t really expect any excited greetings..:D so,that was good.
And I sold some stuff -not enough to cover the stall cost..but I got a custom,i think that’s a good thing.And I got served hot sandwich and coffee ..Me happy!
Some of the stalls have very good stuff..mostly christmas decoration..but such a treat to the eyes..Sanj and Aadi seem to be enjoying their father-daughter time too..which makes me happy.Daddy dearest is finally paying attention to color co-ordination and Aadi’s outfit fetched him quiet a few compliments.
By the way,Adorn just launched her new website,on the 26th of September…So,if you are in a mood for some shopping,hop over to Adorn’s .
They have a nice collection of accessories,clothes,etc.

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Weekend fun and more..

Technically its late to write a weekend post,but in my defence..I was out all day Monday and resting trying to resist killing the tantrum-prone child,all day yesterday,had friends over for dinner and so,this is the earliest I can write about weekend fun!
Saturday started off early,with Sanj heading off for his cricket practice..and unfortunately for me,Aadi woke up with,my day really started early.We did random stuff,read books,played blocks,finished brekky and Sanj was back.
After they had lunch,I was/am fasting for Navratri,we headed off to the mall.This time,I got lucky and Aadi dozed off in the car.I got a nice hour to myself..though,I couldn’t stop myself from feeling jealous that Sanj got it easy..Not fair,na..that I got the tantrum filled morning and he got the peaceful nap-time.
Anyway,I walked around and guess what I ended up shopping for the sleeping twosome-bought a late father’s day gift for Sanj..and started shopping early for Aadya’s christmas presents.
Sunday was a friend’s babyshower.. and my princess dressed up,like for real ..complete with bangles,payal,bindi,necklace everything..
The babyshower was quiet nice..I realised that I hadn’t attended any babyshowers other than my own.We got back home,dead tired..called it an early night.
Monday,I had a date..with a friend and I must say,it was a nice day.Co-incidentally,we ended up going to the same Mc.Donald’s where we met for the first time..only this time,Aneela’s baby was there too:) After a kid-friendly meal,we headed out to the shops..talked non-stop,got on the tourist shuttle,window-shopped some more..till it was time to say goodbye..until we meet again.That part I dont like..Aneela’s going to be away for a year..hopefully,we’ll still be here,when she comes back!
It was a treat watching Aadya and Arhaan together…how his eyes lit up,every time she spoke to him,how she wanted to touch him and kiss him,every other second..and at one time,Aneela was in a shop and I was pushing Arhaan’s stroller out the door,Aadya was walking I realised,thats just the picture I have in mind..hopefully…the picture will become reality soon.
Speaking off reality,I finally have an appointment with a Gynaec ..tomorrow..I dunno why I have a weird feeling like its a start of a new phase..may be it is,may be it isnt.Its my first visit with a PCOS specialist so,I don’t know what to expect..Its like starting all over again,sort of going to a new school…and making new friends all over again..Sigh..
Anyway,I leave you with this-
My Princess

My Indian Princess

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To market,to market

This Sunday,we went to the market…to sell.We were supposed to set up shop,next weekend..but decided to try this week.
We set up our stall at one of the local markets.We reached there at 8.00 and by 8.30 we had displayed our wares,ranging from kids clothes,to jewellery boxes,mobile cozies,book marks,coin purses and loads of jewellery.
It was quite cold and windy and the market wasn’t very busy.
We managed to sell,very little..but so many people stopped to look..and that was heartening.
The veteran stall holders,came over for idle chit-chat,introduced themselves,welcomed us..asked us to try again,another week..reassuring us,that our things were very Good..but we chose the wrong day..
End of the day,Sanj asked me how the experience was..And I told him..It was really great..I would do it again in a heartbeat.
We go to another market,next Sunday..Send us some positive vibes and lots of good wishes.
And before you ask..there were no pics..we forgot to take the camera.

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And the curse is broken

At least I hope it is..The scale moved today and I almost did a jig next to it to shake my sleepy bones.And then,I started thinking..There was really no reason for me to crib about the stagnant weight loss..cursing the scale.Really,because in the last month that we moved here,I haven’t done anything about it.The only exercise I have is-housework,unpacking(or not) and light gardening,taking aadya to the park,which is right in front of the house..REALLY! All I have to do is open the gate.Rest of the times,I am stuck to the couch,working on my crafts or net surfing.
I decided to change that..But guess what,after a while,I was back on the couch,reading blogs this time.And I saw Shraikh’s blog and read her posts.This woman is truly an inspiration.She had written about signing up for the 5K! and running in the gym.
It was a nice sunny day..I was immediately charged up on reading her posts and decided to go for a walk.But the Lazy Me tried to trick me,by coming up with all sorts of excuses.But,I-want-to-lose-weight Me had a counter argument for each excuse.
LazyBones Me-“Oh,its so hot and Sunny outside”
I-wanna-lose-weight Me-“well,its better than freezing cold”

LB -“How about an evening walk”
IWLW -“ Sure,If you want..but then,Aadi will oversleep and you will miss it”

LB -“Oh its almost Aadya’s nap time”
IWLW -“well,she can sleep in the stroller”

LB-“Oh Aadya will make me stop,asking for milk,water,may be I should go when S is home to watch her”
IWLW-“remember what Shraikh wrote about the power walk with her boys..and if  Aadi wants milk or water,you can catch your breath then

And finally LazyBones had to give up..and I-wanna-lose-weight Me,went for a walk.I coupled an errand with the walk,so there was no turning back.
I always check the time,before leaving..if I have walked for 15minutes or more,I feel I have done a lot.So,this time,taking another leaf from Shraikh’s book..I didn’t check the time..umm ok..i did check the time before I started..
I spent roughly 10-15 minutes,doing my errand..but walked rest of the time..And when I got home,I checked the time..and I was gone for 1 and half hour!I felt so good..had that after glow of achievement rest of the day..:D
Today,I did the same thing..this time,dragged S along too.S,takes long strides and on most days,I ask him to slow down as I cant keep up..but today,I tried to step up my pace to match him..and
it was a great walk..We did stop to give Aadya her milk or water..but,it was OK.
Its 4-day weekend here..we spent today,doing nothing..may be will catch up with friends tomorrow..What are your plans for the weekend?

Happy Easter!

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Of Fawers,Mukkeys,Giaafs And Aanas

This Valentine’s Day,we completed 8 years as a couple.After 8 years together,of which 5 years married and a baby ,for the first time,Sanj gave me flowers-Red Roses :)I love flowers and he knows it,but he had never bought flowers for me.Sometimes,if I wanted flowers,I would buy them myself,but he never offered to buy them for me..So,this was a pleasant surprise.His reasons being,’he wanted to keep me happy,so that I keep him happy ,when he is OLD’..well,I said,”Keep the flowers coming,till you get old..and even then 🙂 and I will think about it.” And then,the moment was broken,by an impatient bachcha,demanding Fawers!
We were wondering what to do,for V-Day-last two years,it was just quiet dinners.This year,I wanted to do something fun and special.He offered a fancy shmancy dinner..but,I didn’t want to do that..I would rather indulge once,on my b’day..than twice in a week.So,we decided to do something kid-friendly and decided on the Zoo instead.
We set off Saturday morning,after breakfast to the Melbourne Zoo .It was a 35 minute drive,so we weren’t in a hurry.Sanj was relaxed,we were listening to music,singing along,even Aadya was happy.And we got lost.And we kept getting lost over and over again.We were lost for well over an hour.Thank God for GPS -mobile phones.Anyway,it was a nice day,sunny,but not hot-windy but not too windy.We bought the tickets and got inside.It was nice to see so many other young parents,with their babies and toddlers.We saw some grandparents babysitting toddlers and I imagined their parents,out in the city,spending some couple time.

We decided to see the Gorillas first.Another Good Choice..Aadi was super-excited.All the Gorillas,Apes,chimps,everyone was a Mukkey in Aadya-speak.She decided to walk..And we saw the Zoo,from her prospective.Everything was so exciting.All the monkey-business was interesting enough to spend long spells,watching them.Each monkey had to be waved at.2 little boys and their grandparents were following us.At each enclosure,Aadya and one of those little boys were standing next to each other.She took a fancy to his “Glasshes” and he to her hat.Sometimes,he would leave his group and linger around Aadya and at other times,Aadya would turn her cute little Butt towards us and chase after him.

After the mukkeys,we saw the crocodile,Coco in Aadya-speak.Anything that looks scary,roars(in her world) It was a fake crocodile..Aadya looked at it and roared,trying to warn the other bystanders.That was our next pit stop.Roaring for the crocodile.We spent quite some time there.When we asked the roarer to pose with the Coco,then,of course,she was Shcared!We walked around leisurely,playing catch behind the trees,stopping to pick up a leaf or a stone.Then,we saw the tiger..and some more roaring was done.Then,it was time to run,run.And then,Ms.Aadya  spotted ice cream.So,it was time to get the “ice”.We got her some ice cream and went to see the elephants.

As soon as she spotted the first stone elephant,she screamed,”Aana!”(Elephant is called Aana in Malayalam) She dug in her ice cream cup,as we watched the elephants,play in the water and grab a bite of hay and apples.We then stopped to eat lunch.After a leisurely lunch of chai lattes and Satay wraps,we went to see the Giraffes.Giaffs were Bigg and the little miss wanted to give them huggies.Before the whining turned into a full blown tantrum,we decided to move on.She saw the zebras and got distracted.Next came the Kangaroos.They were kept in open range.Aadya tried to sneak under the railing,so I took her outside,while Sanj walked around a little.The Koalas were there,too..but we didn’t get to see them.
Aadya was getting tired,and so were we.We decided to call it a day.Sometime during the day,Aadya needed a diaper change and asked for it.So,I decided to leave the stroller and backpack with Sanj and just take the diaper and wipes and her blankie.She wanted to help -so I carried her blanket and the wipes ,while she carried the diaper.On the way out,she held the blankie and wipes both,saying she wanted to help Mumma.At that moment,it hit hard,how much my baby girl has grown.My baby is not a baby anymore..I had memory flashes,of a six-month old Aadya ,in Dallas Zoo,when my dad was visiting.Sanj was carrying her diaper bag,I was carrying the dad was pushing the stroller…And now she wants to help 🙂 Time really flies.As I was typing this..I wiped away the tears..Aadya saw that,she came running,”Mumma crying…Sorrieee” My baby has really grown up.
It was lovely day and we came back with happy memories.

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My Sunshine

So,we took Aadya for a haircut,over the weekend.This was her first time,in a regular Salon.The previous haircuts,were done in kiddie salons,where she got to sit in a Toy police car or a Toy BMW ,watch videos,while getting her hair cut.But,this time,it was just a regular Salon..nothing fancy shmancy.
The only thing kiddie was the Wiggles apron.So,she sat on the chair,the apron was donned.And then,she looked around.Smiled at the hair dresser.She asked her,would you like to see a magazine?”Yes”.replied the Diva!So,a magazine was brought and Mumma was made to turn the pages.
At one point the hair-dresser asked me,if i wanted it cut that short and Aadya,replied..Yeah. umm about making your own decisions.
Then,the hair dresser started snipping.Aadi turned her head towards the hair dresser and said,Slowly..Slowly.Aadi sitting.I think she wanted to tell her,that she was telling her to go slow,so as to not hurt her!
The hair dresser did a double take and I am sure was in shock,because she forgot to trim the hair in the front.That hair had to be trimmed by yours truly..and if I may say so myself,I think I did a pretty good job.
After aadya,I sat down for my cut. Sanj took her for a walk.They came back and the first thing she asked me was Mumma done?Go now?Oh well,as if an impatient S wasn’t enough.

Our saturdays are busy and tiring,with the house hunting.So,we decided to sleep in on Sunday.But,for some reason,I couldn’t sleep till late.So,I woke up and the other bed-mates were still fast asleep.I lazed around,surfed the net and then got up to fix myself a cup of coffee.Which is when my baby woke up.Every morning,when she wakes up,I greet her with a “Good morning,did you sleep well?”..So,this Sunday,she stretched,cuddled with S,waited for me to come back to bed..When I didn’t,she came running to the kitchen and said,”Mumma,Moorninn,sleep well”… Ohhh there is just something so delicious about just woken babies..just so sweet,so warm…I just picked her up and cuddled,cuddled..And of course,the day was great,after that perfect greeting and perfect start!


Monday was another hot day.So,we went to the nearest Mall,with two of my girlfriends.One of them has a daughter,about 15 months old. After lunch,the non-mommy friend ,D,decided to give us moms a breather,to finish our drinks in peace,while she took the babies for a walk.A photography promotion was on and they were giving free balloons to kids.The babies also got balloons…Aadya’s favorite thing in the whole wide world. As we mommies joined the rest of our group,Aadya came running to me,to show me her Ballum!And I asked her,did you say Thank you.She was excited..and talking about her Ballum and didn’t answer me.But the lady at the counter,said..”Yes she did .You have a very polite little girl!!”And I can’t tell you how happy that made me..But really,its all Aadya.If I go one step with her,she goes four.At times like this,I forget all about the tantrums,feel guilty,even…and just thank God,for blessing me with this divine child.


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The one where I sat behind the wheel

…And loved it.
We are house-hunting,like crazy.All of Saturday,was spent in house-hunting.We saw 4-5 houses but didn’t find anything that we just loved.We are planning to move to the suburbs,now.After the last week or so was spent agonising over the choice of apartment vs house,city vs suburbs,we finally chose space over hustle-bustle.So,after we had looked at all the houses that we had short-listed and were just driving around to see,if there were any other houses open for inspection.We landed up on an empty street.The Bubba looked here and there furtively,eyebrows furrowed with concentration.I asked him,what was he thinking of doing.He replied,”Something I shouldn’t be doing…”I was still trying to think what that would be,when he stopped the car.Mentally,I braced myself to say to him,if he wanted to make out..after all it was broad daylight,in the middle of the road and Aadya was wide awake!!
But it never came to that.He asked me to get off..alarm bells went off in my mind..”WHY?? I screamed,”Coz I want you to drive,”he said calmly.No way..I started giggling nervously.He almost pushed me out of the car..and I sat behind the wheel,giggling nervously.Aadya caught on my nervousness and was confused to see Mimi behind the wheel,while Bubba sat in the passenger seat.I heard from a mind and eyes,on the road.I didnt want to screw this up.She was saying..Mimi..Mimi…Papa Papa Shtaredd shtared(scared)-Now i don’t know if she was telling the bubba that mumma is scared or if she was scared for her life,with Mumma behind the wheel.For the first time,since the Aadya’s arrival,I didn’t care to look at her,cute face..I was just staring straight ahead.
I gingerly drove a little over 100 feet,first with the bubba,helping with the steering wheel,then,he just guided me,and i did it all by myself..And I cannot tell you how liberated I felt.It was a feeling like never before!!And then I had to stop..Bubba took over..but my day was made..I spent the rest of the day,on the 9th cloud.
I am just waiting for the day,when I get the licence officially!!