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Father’s Day that was..

I know Father’s Day was last weekend but I have to write this down..because I want us to remember this.

So,Aadya’s school had organised a special movie afternoon.And SD was away in Brisbane..There is no way he could have made it.When I saw the note from broke my heart.I mean, hurt..:(

Aadya asked me why did I ever let Papa go to Brisbane..and I was sad..Anyway,I decided that I would pick her up early that day,take her out for a coffee afternoon and some Father’s day shopping.When I told her the plan,she very calmly told me,”No! Mum..I don’t want to miss it..besides Mrs.W is going to give special hugs to kids whose dad’s can’t make it.” Wow!She was taking it much better than me!

Then,some of the moms at school,decided that they would go in,because their partners/husbands couldn’t.I wasn’t too keen on that..but I didn’t want her to be the only one without a parent,that morning,I asked her,if she would like me to come..and she was shocked! ‘Why Ma..why would you want to come? Its father’s day,not mother’s day!Didn’t I celebrate Mother’s Day with you?’ I said some of the moms were should I join them..and she told me..’well if you come,then hide from me..I don’t want to see you there..’ So much for wanting to save her from heart-break!

Anyway,I told her teacher that her dad wont be there..etc..and that I will pick her up at regular pickup time. When I went to pick her up,Mrs.W pulled me aside and told me..that Aadi was so good..she went and sat with her friend and her dad.They read to him and hugged him,said thank you.The said Father is a really nice guy.When I walked in,the first thing he told me was,that Aadya told him that her sister was this( distance between forefinger and thumb!!!) tiny..:)

She came home with lots of presents for SD- A mug that said-Australia’s best dad..some chocolates,cards, letters.And then we bought some pink roses and a T-shirt for him.

The next day,Saturday,after I came back from work,SD took her to watch Batman.She was so excited about the movie,the popcorn and the fizzy drinks in that order!! Nanhi and I took a nice long nap,when they were gone.

The next morning,Sunday,as soon as he woke up,she gave SD some water in his mug.Then we made brekky for him..actually served him cereal and tea on a tray but she helped pour the milk,make the tea..everything. Since it was a nice sunny day,we decided to go to the  Weribee zoo.The zoo was quite a disappointment in terms of animals..but we had fun,hanging out as a family.

I leave you with a picture of the proud father and his two Princess’Image

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And we are back!

Helloo you lovely people!
Yes,we are back. No,No,I didn’t stop NaBloPoMo..My laptop crashed..:(
I woke up on saturday morning and it wouldn’t turn on! We DH tried rebooting Windows,but nothing happenned.And as you know,I spent the next 4 days,disconnected from the world. That’s the trouble when your virtual life is more interesting than your real one!
Anyway,I got a early birthday gift- A Brand New Laptop..:) And I couldn’t be happier.
Incidentally,10 years ago,on this day,DH and I got together and sort of starting going steady..So,yayyy 10 years of being with each other..and we haven’t killed each,thats good.
Seriously,there are days,when I feel I could kill him(I am sure he has more of those days)-but the days,when I think myself,the luckiest woman on this earth..are wayyyyyyyy more than those days.Really-its the smallest of gestures-that make him so special.Take yesterday, for instance.I was sitting on the couch reading.I got up,once or twice to adjust my position and get more comfortable.Without me asking him,he got up and got me a pillow to put behind my back.Seriously,I would have never thought of it,if it were him,fidgetting.
And like this saturday,when he came back from his game-starving-I said,I was craving homemade chicken burgers,the Al-Kabeer kind,he drove around town for nearly one hour- we went to 3 shops..but didn’t find any.Finally,we ordered take-out from a place of my liking and a menu of my choice. I swear,if he made me go around town on a hungry stomach,he would never hear the end of it!!
So,yeah..Happy Anniversary to us..And DH,I am so glad-you popped the question..that day!Love you,always.

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Yesterday,Friday was Day2 of week 1.
Thursday,was rest day and my thighs were like ROCKS!I swear,even walking inside the house,was painful. I did some yoga in the morning.But I was sore,all day long and my throat was feeling funny too.When I went to bed,I was wondering,if I will be able to walk/jog in the morning.
I woke up,on Friday morning,still a little sore,but not as much as the previous day.I quickly freshened up and got dressed and stepped outside,before I changed my mind.
After the warm-up,by the time,it was time for the first jog,I was feeling good.This time,I remembered to breathe when jogging..and that made a whole lot of a difference.
Edited to add-DH got me another pair of ear-phones,the kind that clip behind your ear and so,they didn’t fall off.Only one was working,but atleast it stayed plugged in!
I breezed thru the first 3 jogs, the 4th jog,I felt a little pinching on my right foot.I pause the pod-cast and rubbed it and it felt better.I walked a little to build up the pace and then started the pod-cast again.And before I knew it,I was on the 7th run and almost dying!!LOL! but there was just one more run and that was motivation enough.Again for cool down,I walked away from that I would have to walk to get home:P
Day2 was definitely better than Day1.
Today is rest day but I am not as sore are last rest-day.

Yesterday was also school day and I was on my feet pretty much all day..The school is only 3 hours but,we got there half an hour early(DH gave us a ride) and instead of sitting inside,we spent that half an hour playing in the park.
There was a Mother’s Day Party in the school and moms had to stay back.It was really nice.The kids gave us a mini-manicure-rubbed scented cream in moms’ hands and painted their nails.Then,they made bracelets for us and gave us,cards and flowers,which the kids had made themselves,last week.Aadi didn;t go last week,so one of the teachers made it for her.Then there was lots of singing and dancing and lot of fun was had by all.
We got home by 4,Aadi was super-tired,put her down for a nap and tidied up,loaded the dishwasher,cooked dinner.By 9.00 dinner was done and I sat down to knit mittens for Aadi.I couldn’t keep my eyes open.
DH’s friend had invited us over to watch T-20 India-Australia,I begged off and even before DH left,we were both happily in dreamland!
I am soo excited,that I didn’t given and finished W1D2! one more day and I will be done with Week1!
Oh..and the scale is moving!!!LOL!!I didnt expect it to move so soon..but it is.
Current mood- Happy and relaxed!

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Happy 30th month,Baby!

Dearest Aadi
Will the wonders ever cease??
I am still amazed to see the non-stop chattering little girl,with endless demands….”I want…””I need….” In my mind’s eye,you are still the little baby,we brought home from the hospital.
But,I know that you are not a baby anymore.And I know that you also know that.But,you do a very nice imitation of a baby..a baby as you see it…a baby babbling,a baby crawling,raising its hands,
wanting to be picked up,a baby crying loudly,with its eyes closed..very nice indeed..And as if we don’t understand,who you are pretending to be,you tell us,”I am baby”.
Pretend play is your favorite game these days. You pretend to be- Mamma,Baba,Baby, your friend(mostly its Sanskruti),baby,our recent guests..and you assign a role to everyone around you,-your toys and people alike.And you pretend that a section of the living room is the kitchen..and the far end of the house is the Supermarket(Coles)..You go to Coles and buy me pretty fawers.You sit on your bike and tell Baba,”I take you office”.
Aadi,my love,you turn 30 months today…Two and half years… and living with you,its easy to forget how young you are.You chide us,when we are fighting-“No shouting No fighting here!” You watch out for us and our protectively hug our bags,books,even shoes, close to yourself,to protect them from others-kids or adults,alike.Its so grown-up,the way you know your mind..sometimes,even we grown-up get confused,about our wants and needs.When,you throw a tantrum,befitting your age,its so difficult for remember that you are all but a little girl.
You have just started liking love it so much..You like dressing up..No,I am wrong.You love dressing up.You are so quick,when it comes to changing clothes.I get tired of watching you.You change atleast 10 outfits throughout the day.I used to get irritated,when you would want to change clothes,every few minutes,bringing me even dirty clothes from the laundry,just so you could change your outfit..and everytime you changed yours,your baby of the day,would get a change of clothes too.But,I dont know,when,how,you became so independent,now you
do all the changing yourself,just come to me for appreciation.”Mamma,see..I am the pretty one”..
Aadi,there are very few places that are inaccesible to you.You pull chairs,up to the climb up the shelves in the cupboard,you climb up on the bed,to get a better look at yourself in the mirror(sure I taught you that..but atleast then,you needed me to put you on the bed) stand up on tip-
toes to reach something thats on the counter.Sometimes it is annoying,sometime,I just look on in awe.You are so self-sufficient..Once your dad told you,that the baskets in the supermarket are stuck and he can’t get them out.You just told him,”that’s ok,dont bother”..and went on to pull one out..telling him,”see I help you!”The look on his face-Priceless!
Patience is not really your best virtue,but I hear most toddlers are like that..But like I said,you make it very hard for us to remember that you are all but a toddler!
You are still very possessive about me..You always have one eye on your Baba when,he is near me.But,now,you are also possessive about him.If I snuggle upto him,you leave whatever you are doing and snuggle up between up.I love the way,you proclaim,”My Mamma,Also,My Baba”..But,sometimes you and Baba dont see eye-to-eye..its sad for me,but,I will leave that for you both to sort out..I am just going to enjoy my time with you..for,I know,one day,you are just going to be a daddy’s girl..I see it already,the way,you both team up,when we go out..or how you defend him,when I am mad at him.
Aadi,you are now fluent in both Hindi and english and attempt to talk in Marathi.Some people tell me that I am confusing you,by talking to you in all three languages…but so far,you seem very comfortable.And my love,you can translate from english to hindi and hindi to english.That to me is a big milestone.
You are talking perfect sentences in both languages.And big 5-6 word sentences…Boy!that makes me so happy.I may be biased..but you are my SUPER-STAR!
You love singing..and your great-grandma,thinks you have a very musical voice. and will be a singer.well we’ll see.For now,you are the happiest when singing “Pinkle Pinkle little star” and “rote rote hasna seekho” and the likes.
And you love dancing..all we have to do is play some music..or find music in any thing rhythmic..and start tapping your feet.And you move so well,I am happy to see that atleast you don’t have two left feet like your parents.
Aadi,you are growing up so soon,its hard for me to keep up..But I love the edge that our life has,because of you..We are scared to blink,look away,because thats all it takes for you to get into some mischief or do something cute.
Today we baked cupcakes for you…and you baked your pretend cupcakes,all sweet..u even added imaginary essence too -I just smiled and looked away for 10 seconds…and the next thing I know is that you had grabbed and then dropped a bottle of Maggie Hotn’Sweet! See what I mean??
Ohh Aadi,what am I going to do with you?
In the last 2 and half years,since you came into our life,you have made us laugh,and cry,mostly happy tears,sometimes we cried with have embarassed us and you have made us proud,you have annoyed us and given us all the more reasons to love you,in the next heartbeat..But there is absolutely nothing that I would change.Its just not possible to stay mad at wont let hug,kiss,cuddle,act like a clown,command just don’t give up..till we don’t smile again.I hope that doesn’t change..your need to see smiling faces.I don’t know what will be going through your mind,when you read 16?or later?May be then,you would be embarassed or annoyed with me.And then try to remember,its just the love in a fond mother’s heart coming to you as this letter.And since you are still reading,remember,we love you..even if we don’t approve of that boy-friend of yours!
With all my love,

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The Ganpati weekend

It was a good weekend.It really was.

Saturday started off early,since Sanj had to take the car for servicing..and Aadi was sleeping.So,I had the house to myself.I actually lounged around-stretched out on the couch,without having to share it with someone,without someone climbing all over me,wanting to see Mui(aaduspeak for movie) on the laptop..Just me and my cup of tea and my laptop..Ahhhh bliss!

She woke up about half an hour before Sanj arrived..we finished her brekky and then,we went out for breakfast.Nothing fancy just Mc.Cafe around the corner.

We were invited to a dinner party,followed by surprise midnight cake cutting.That went quiet well too.The birthday boy quiet surprised by the whole decorated house and cake..The dinner was at his place and then the husbands(who had been coached earlier) decided to go for an impromptu drink.In the meantime,we decorated the place,brought the cake out..etc.We came home at around 2.00 AM.

The next day was Hartalika and Ganesh Chaturthi.

Hartalika has a magical meaning for me.Its memories date back to my childhood.I remember being very excited because Hartalika marked the beginning of festive season.

The story behind this day is-Parvati wanted to marry Lord Shiva.She had started thinking of him as her husband.But for some reason,her father was not in favor for the match and didnt want to ask Shiva.So,Parvati,went to the forest with a friend and started praying there.She continued her penance for years before Lord Shiva answered her prayers and appeared before her.

This is just from my can find more about Hartalika on Google.

So,my memories:)

Yes,my memories are of- Mom waking us up early.Then,after bath,we would go to collect different flowers and leaves from the garden.Atleast 5 types of flowers and 5 types of leaves.

By the time,we returned,mom would have set up the pooja.

The Pooja was then,decorated with these flowers and leaves and fruits.Mom would fast fast whole day,eating only an occasional fruit or drinking a cup of milk at night.
I always loved this fast..because there was a story to it.There is the fact that with determination you can achieve what you desire..and there is that fairy tale romance factor.
I realised yesterday that I have been fasting on this day for over 20 years now..:)I started when I was 7.

So,on Sunday,I finished the Pooja and then,started making Modaks.

And may I tell you,I got reconverted..I have been using frozen grated coconut for about 5 years now.But this year,I used fresh coconut..and the taste was wowwwwwwwwww.

So the Modaks were made and then we did the Aarti.And our own inhouse Ganpati,kept creepinginching towards the bowl containing modak.It was like her fingers were itching to pick up one and pop it in her mouth.The shine in her eyes,when I removed the lid of the modak bowl was priceless.

First time,we chided her gently,telling her,it was for Ganpati Bappa..and after we finished the Aarti,she could have one.

Ok she said with a sad face.Then,we started the Aarti and she slowly crawled towards the bowl again.We rang the bell in her face..She tried to climb her way up to Baba,asking him softly for one.Finally the Aartis ended..Thank Ganpati for small mercies.

The Modak was promptly handed over..a jig was done and the little Ganpati,took her precious treat to her favorite corner seat of the couch and dug in..asking for “some more” when that was done with.

Can I tell you how much it pleased my heart? 🙂

It was a nice celebration.I am glad Aadi is enjoying the festival and the Modaks as much as we do..

Ganpati Bappa Morya.
I leave you with a picture of the little Diva praying 🙂

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Meeting Pooja

I just found this posts in drafts and had to publish it.

one message board,few exchanged messages,countless phone calls and almost 2 years later,we met.The first time we exchanged emails seems like eons away.after emails came chats and then the phone calls.The phone calls that last all day long.We talk,even when doing other work-cooking cleaning..still talking,hanging up long enough to make other important calls,only to call each other back.
I am talking about my friend,Pooja.We met on a pregnancy message board and have been friends ever since.
We have exchanged notes all through pregnancy- she was on my list of people to be called soon after Aadya’s birth and she did the same,when her little boy, was born.We shared pics, baby stories…and even before we knew it,we were almost like family to each other.
When this move was almost finalised,I made a trip to Seattle,to visit her.This was the first time,I was travelling alone with Aadya.It was also the first time I was going to meet Pooja.But,I had no apprehensions.Because,all those months that we were talking,made her seem so real to me..there was just no apprehension or awkwardness.She was waiting for me,when I walked out pushing Aadya’s stroller.The babies squealed looking at each if they understood,the bond their mothers shared with each other.We hugged and it seemed like the most natural thing to do.
Aadya and I spent 5 days with Pooja and her family and we had so much fun.Almost everywhere,people asked us,if we were sisters.The first time,we answered,that we were friends and then looked at each other..and smiled.The next time anyone asked us,if we were sisters,we just said,yes..And why not,we are soul sisters in every sense of the word.

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Happy Birthday,My Darling

My Dearest Aadi,
Happy Birthday !You,my dear,are turning Two today.And as I sit down to write this letter to you,I am lost.I try to remember you as a new born and I can’t.I try to remember your first wobbly steps and I can’t.When I look at your pics from a few months ago,it seems like someone else.Yes,that’s how much you have changed.Your Papa and I have spent most of the last month,wondering,how much our baby has grown up.

If your first year with us,went by very fast,then the second zoomed by even before we said your name.While the first year meant sleepless nights,midnight feeds,countless diaper changes and much more ,the second year was all fun.It was fun,watching you grow.You grew from a crawler to a walker and even runner.Aww,sweetie,we could watch you run,forever-your chubby baby legs,going fast,your little baby butt,swinging with each leap,you are delight to our eyes.

Not only did you learn to eat yourself,you do it with such style.You insist on eating with a spoon,you wont touch your food,till you are not handed a spoon,and then promptly dig in with your hands.Its mesmerising,watching you pick a tiny morsel with 2 perfect baby fingers and drop it into your mouth so gracefully.You insist on using a knife and fork for eating your eggs,and use them with perfect ease.I am so proud of you.
We both are.And though Papa may get angry sometimes or rough-house with you,he is a mush-ball,where you are concerned.And you,my darling,know that, better than me.You hug him,you kiss him or you just sulk and tell him how angry you are,and he is ready to give you the moon and the stars.
For most part of your first year and early last year,you were a clingy baby.So many times,that was a cause of irritation or embarrassment for me or your Papa-imagine,him coming to pick you up and you screaming,murder!Everyone told us,it was because,you saw only me all day.But,over the last few months,you have bloomed into an independent social bee.You love being around other people.You love interacting with others and now others ask us,if you go to a play school and we proudly answer,that you are home with me.
When I watch you,walk confidently,in a crowded room,my heart swells with pride.When you have the attention of the crowd,you do your thing-smile your sweet smile,put up a cute show,almost unconsciously and keep your audience interested.You are natural star and you know it too.But its your innocence that makes you the rock star.
And you rock my world.I try hard but cannot remember life without you.Sometimes,when you are awake and chattering non-stop,I wish for a moment of quiet.But,when you are sleeping,I find myself waiting for you to wake up or even wanting to wake you up*gasp*.After that initial moment of quiet,the silence becomes uncomfortable and I find myself missing that chit-chat.In these two years,you have taken over my thoughts,my mind and my heart completely.The love that I feel for you,I can’t explain even to you..May be you’ll know it when you are a mom(By the time you read this,you would have probably heard this line,in so many different tones,in many different contexts.) I used to roll my eyes,the same way you would be doing then.
But even if I rolled my eyes,I always wanted to be a mom.Always.Even when I was fifteen or was it thirteen.And I knew that I wanted to be a mom to a baby girl.I always wanted a girl.Like most teenage girls,I wanted a girl to dress her up in pretty clothes. After your Nani passed away,I wished even more to have a daughter,to have a mother-daughter relationship-it didn’t matter that I would be the mother,this time round.My desire for a daughter,grew with each year,that you didn’t appear.Now,I realise,that you took so long to come,because,perfection takes time.Yes,my darling,you are perfect..even with your little imperfections.What imperfections,you ask?Well,your temper for one 🙂 You of the volatile temper and you who is quick to say,”Sorry”.. Yes,you are perfect.
Stay the same baby girl..I know you have a lot of growing up to do,I want you to be all grown up,but you’ll always be my little baby.You are getting closer to your Papa,now,but I’ll always know you more -just a tad more,for those nine months,when you were just mine-for all to know but only for me to feel.You clung to him,again today,when you were sleepy and I watched,partly with love,partly with envy and he asked me,if I was scared of losing my baby to him..I said,Naah..Little does he know,how close to truth he was or may be he does.
Now,when I try to remember the days when I was pregnant,or even your first few months,it seems so far off in time.My memories are a little fuzzy but one thing is crystal clear and that is the feeling of being overwhelmed,by the love I feel for you. Tonight,as I type this fervently,while sneaking furtive glances at your sleeping form,I feel the same.And I feel bad for being hard on you,at bed-time,every night.It breaks my heart even more when you snuggle close to me,as I get in bed and then,I know,we are OK..We are friends again 🙂 And the only reason,I write this today,is because,that’s how I want us to stay always..As friends.I want to be the one you come to,with whatever is on your mind.And if for some reason,I am not,show me this post and remind me.And if for some reason,you don’t feel like being friends ,see this post and remember how much I love you.
We just put up a birthday banner,with your favorite Pooh and filled your favorite corner with your oldest toys and balloons..I hope when,you wake up,you are happily surprised.Hearing that “WowWWW” is the inspiration for so many things,that we do.
Jaanu,may your life be always filled with sunny days and happy moments.May you always be happy,As happy as you have made us.You are our lives sweetest blessing.
God bless you,My Angel.
Happy Birthday,Baby girl!
Love you Always..

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Happy New Year-2009

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy New Year from all of us at Aadyaland.

This space hasn’t seen much activity,since Sanj is home,and we are just too busy having fun.He has been off work since the 24th and that’s when the fun times began.In all the years that I have known him,this is the first time,he has had holidays and completely stayed away from work-so,you can imagine how thrilled I am.

This year,we brought home a Christmas tree.A new tradition has been started.We decorated it together.Aadya was very excited about the baubles.She took a fancy for the red baubles,and kept asking for “ball”.After resisting for sometime,we gave her one and told her its hers and the rest are ‘Santa’s’ and no touching those.Surprisingly,she was more than happy to watch Santa’s tree for him..:)even telling our visitors,”No,no,no..Santa’s”with her wagging finger and a wide-eyed face!

On Christmas eve,after she went to bed,we put Aadya’s gifts under the tree….and she was so excited when she woke up next morning.She ran to the tree,but stopped,asked us,”Santa’s??”We told her that Santa left her those gifts,for watching his tree and she can have them..Boy,was she excited then.She insisted on taking her gifts with her,when we went for the picnic.

The lovely Aneela and her Gman,invited us for a picnic with their friends and a fun time was had by all.We had already met Aneela,but it was our first time meeting Gman.And he is every bit as much fun as her.Aadya took a liking for an 18-year old,who was part of the group.We told her she was “Didi”(older sister)..and Aadi followed her around like Mary’s little lamb,all day long.And when she wasn’t following Didi around,she was busy playing cricket with older boys.She chased after every single ball,tirelessly.We came back,tired to the bones,but we all went to bed with smiles on our faces.

The next day was Boxing Day and that means SALE SALE SALE!! We hit the mall,after a filling breakfast at 11.00.Which is early by our standards but late by the devoted shoppers’ standards.The Boxing Day sale is the Australian equivalent of the Black Friday sale and naturally the malls were jam-packed.We were looking for parking for 45 minutes.Actually,no,we were not looking for parking,for those 45 minutes,we were actually,trying to get out of the traffic and get to the rooftop parking lot!All that going round and round with a thousands cars paid off when we got the stuff we wanted.A 200 dollar Vacuum cleaner for $90!!Now that’s a steal!And I am so in love with my new Vacuum,I have been using it everyday!!!:D

The days in between were spent going to the park,watching back to back movies..After all it is the summer Vacation and eating OUT! If nothing else,by the time,the holidays are over,I am sure,we (read I-the man never puts on a pound!!!!!) will be a few pounds heavier.Which brings me to my new year resolution,of losing the most weight this year.We were watching the biggest loser,at lunch time..And I am feeling very inspired.And this time,Sanj,has promised his unfailing support..So,may be things will work out.To start with,it means we have to cut-down on eating out…which means,planning the weekend menu,in advance.Because,that’s when we go crazy eating out.So,here’s to a new start.

New year’s eve was celebrated in the City.We joined Aneela and gang,for a Biryani dinner and cake,followed by the spectacular fireworks display.The city was so crowded,but after so many years of quiet new year’s eve,I loved the crowds and hustle-bustle,making our way,through the crowds,the tram ride,everything.We spoke to our families,on the tram ride back. Then,we settled down,quietly..umm not so quietly,coz when you have an Aadya with you,there is no quiet. Sanj was playing funny faces with her.We were sitting across each other,and Aadya was jumping,from his lap to mine,finally settling down on the ledge between the seat and the window,to look outside.And then,I felt,something sweet.All this happiness slowly sneaked in and filled my heart,making me all mushy and giddy. I found myself,observing,the three of us,from a distance,and I liked what I saw.

The last year has been tough for us,in a lot of ways-health issues on the ILs side,my own health,troubled times at Dad’s-in general,when we look back,2008 hasn’t been a very happy year for me and mine..I hope 2009 will bring much awaited Happier days.

I hope the year 2009 is happy and prosperous for you and yours..Happy New Year!

I leave you with some pictures:

Here’s Aadya with her gifts,on Christmas Morning

And here she is admiring a decorated tree in the mall

And here’s the busiest ‘Fielder’ at the Christmas day Picnic

Do stop by and tell me how you spent the holiday season 🙂

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Five years and Counting

“But,we just walked around the havan,thrice.Are you sure its the real thing?”she said.
Of course,its the real thing..who cares if its three or seven.I wanted to marry you and I did..that’s all that matters”..he replied.And I think he was right.
Life as we knew it changed.We were two happy kids,so in love.After 3 years of crazy courtship and uncertainty,we were finally,a married couple and it really didn’t matter,if we took 3 rounds or seven.
These five years have taken us through 7 cities,half across the globe,so much so,we have celebrated every anniversary in a different city.These five years have taken us from a young couple madly in love to expectant parents to now,parents of a toddler.
We have grown as people,we have grown as a couple…and somehow its better this way.
We spent the day,doing,just regular stuff but,somehow,it felt special.We went out to dinner the previous night and then,brunch on Saturday,followed by some shopping.This year there were no surprise gifts.In fact,I didn’t even have a card for Sanj.He gave me two..both addressed as
To T from S.I bullied him into writing love from. All he did was drew some hearts.When I told him why I was sulking,he says..oh Love is there..why should I write?
Yeah whatever…
Five years down the line,we are still hanging in there..through fights and and frets,hugs and kisses…the one thing that makes everything alright is the love.
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.