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Market update

So,I went to the market,today..This is a good market-its close to home,and its once a month.Today,I was alone at my stall.My friend,Adorn,who is shares the stall with me,couldn’t make it.So,I was a little nervous..
Sanj and Aadi hung around till,I set up and then,they left.I had taken some knitting to pass time.But,I had a nice time..chit-chatting with other stall hoders,got some tips on sewing.It was nice to be greeted excitedly..I had been there only once and didn’t really expect any excited greetings..:D so,that was good.
And I sold some stuff -not enough to cover the stall cost..but I got a custom order..so,i think that’s a good thing.And I got served hot sandwich and coffee ..Me happy!
Some of the stalls have very good stuff..mostly christmas decoration..but such a treat to the eyes..Sanj and Aadi seem to be enjoying their father-daughter time too..which makes me happy.Daddy dearest is finally paying attention to color co-ordination and Aadi’s outfit fetched him quiet a few compliments.
By the way,Adorn just launched her new website,on the 26th of September…So,if you are in a mood for some shopping,hop over to Adorn’s .
They have a nice collection of accessories,clothes,etc.

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To market,to market

This Sunday,we went to the market…to sell.We were supposed to set up shop,next weekend..but decided to try this week.
We set up our stall at one of the local markets.We reached there at 8.00 and by 8.30 we had displayed our wares,ranging from kids clothes,to jewellery boxes,mobile cozies,book marks,coin purses and loads of jewellery.
It was quite cold and windy and the market wasn’t very busy.
We managed to sell,very little..but so many people stopped to look..and that was heartening.
The veteran stall holders,came over for idle chit-chat,introduced themselves,welcomed us..asked us to try again,another week..reassuring us,that our things were very Good..but we chose the wrong day..
End of the day,Sanj asked me how the experience was..And I told him..It was really great..I would do it again in a heartbeat.
We go to another market,next Sunday..Send us some positive vibes and lots of good wishes.
And before you ask..there were no pics..we forgot to take the camera.