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Market update

So,I went to the market,today..This is a good market-its close to home,and its once a month.Today,I was alone at my stall.My friend,Adorn,who is shares the stall with me,couldn’t make it.So,I was a little nervous..
Sanj and Aadi hung around till,I set up and then,they left.I had taken some knitting to pass time.But,I had a nice time..chit-chatting with other stall hoders,got some tips on sewing.It was nice to be greeted excitedly..I had been there only once and didn’t really expect any excited greetings..:D so,that was good.
And I sold some stuff -not enough to cover the stall cost..but I got a custom order..so,i think that’s a good thing.And I got served hot sandwich and coffee ..Me happy!
Some of the stalls have very good stuff..mostly christmas decoration..but such a treat to the eyes..Sanj and Aadi seem to be enjoying their father-daughter time too..which makes me happy.Daddy dearest is finally paying attention to color co-ordination and Aadi’s outfit fetched him quiet a few compliments.
By the way,Adorn just launched her new website,on the 26th of September…So,if you are in a mood for some shopping,hop over to Adorn’s .
They have a nice collection of accessories,clothes,etc.


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