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OMG baby crossed another milestone..yesterday afternoon and I still can’t get over it. Yesterday when Aadi woke up from her nap,we had this conversation- Aadi-‘Mamma,I fall’.. Me-‘No baby,you didn’t were sleeping’ Aadi-‘No Mamma,I fall pani mein'[I fell in the water] Me-‘Really?Then what happenned?’ Aadi-‘Then Baba liya mujhe Godi..I scared'[then Baba picked me up..I… Continue reading OMG

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Pipette has been my inspiration,even before she was born.When I was pregnant,like most would-be-mothers,I decided that she should have something,exclusively hand-made by her mother.So,I started thinking..every Hindi movie,that I had watched growing up,had the pregnant woman,knitted a sweater for her baby-to-be.But,I didn’t want to knit..My grandma,was going to do that.So,I decided to make a blanket… Continue reading First Post here