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Toddler going on teen update

Did you notice today is the the second day of the second month? I know,I still get excited by such things.Everything about February excites me..after all it is my birth month.I turn 30 in a few days and I don’t know how I feel about that.I guess it will be normal birthday,after all days don’t come bearing banners!
Anyway,I realised I haven’t done an update on Aadya in a long long time.So much is going on with her,I don’t know,where to begin.
She is a big girl now.I think she doesn’t think of herself as a toddler most of the times.She has been able to dress herself for quite a few months now.I even before I went to India,she was doing,I remember she was able to undress herself and needed help with dressing up.Now-she needs no help.She even dresses up her dolls and bears and us.One day I walked into the bedroom,DH was sitting on the floor and Aadi was telling him,come on baby now put your one hand here..and now two hand!
She speaks complete sentences,complex sentences,with new words.I don’t even know where she gets these words from.For ex-“I want to change because I want to be ready when Papa comes,so that we can all go out in the Gaadi!”All said non stop!She requests things,”can I do that?”Should I do that? or if she anticipates what we are doing,like opening the fridge to get milk,she asks,”did you want to get milk?”Her vocabulary and grammar amazes me.Honestly,I don’t think,I knew that till I was much older.
She is learning the correct words for everything..which makes me sad..just reminds me that my baby is not a baby anymore.Tanto is tomato now, fawer is a flower,loplop is laptop,nuzik is music,Mashala is yogurt/dahi..its like she knows Everything now..So,I purposely don’t correct her when she calls her Peas,balls..or her Praline wafers Lulu or when she says she’s instead of her…I just want her to stay a baby a little while longer.Some of the latest additions to her word-bank are- Actually,Exactly,Really,Of course.But the funniest is when you ask her,why she needs something..and she answers-Because! *rolling eyes* I thought..the parents had a copyright to say that and leave it at that!
The only time when she wants to be a baby is when she is role-playing.Thats when she tells us to hold her like a baby,and talk to her like-jab main baby thee.(when i was a baby)At other times,she pretends to be mom and we have to be her babies.She loves babies and is fascinated by them.
The only other time,that she wants to be a baby is when its meal time.The little girl,who was eating all her meals by herself,since she was demands to be spoon fed.She refuses to eat on her own.And she just doesn’t want to eat.She’s turned into quite a fussy eater.She wants yogurt with everything and even then picks at her food.She loves carrots,salads and hates peas and corn.
She knows her alphabets and numbers but goofs up numbers,when we ask her to say them..when we are not paying attention she does alright.
And there is the recent drama of her crying and screaming at the drop of a hat.That has me baffled.She cries so often,sometimes I want to sit down and cry with her.sometimes I am scared,if something is hurting her and thats why she is so irritable.Defiance I can take,stubbornness I can take,anger I can take,but loud screaming cries..bog me down..and by the third or fourth time,I am ready to kick her out of the house.
She is good on all other counts.She comes and says sorry,on her own,VEry Very sweetly.She says her thank you and pleases.She helps around..yes,she has to help us,in whatever we are doing..sometimes thats just more work,but she is happy helper.I am floored by her imagination and her memory.She remembers even the smallest details of our India trip .She not only chooses her own clothes but also comments on ours..What can I say she is our little Diva…:)And she is all of 34 months.

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The Surprise

Last night,after Aadya went to bed,I burned the midnight oil to complete a surprise for her.This morning when she woke up,I told her that there was a surprise for her in the living room.She ran outside.Till now surprise means,a hidden bag of candy or unexpected popcorn..or something else,edible.So,naturally,when she went to the living room,she expected something of that kind.”Mamma,there is nothing here,”she screamed.I asked her to look on the coffee table.”Kuch nahi hai”she yelled back.I asked her to look next to the pretty mirror.
She looked around and came back with her coloring book,saying..”Yeh toh mera surprise nahi hai na?”(This is not my surprise ,right?)I said no and sent her back to look for the surprise again..This time I told her,the table near the TV..thats the coffee table right?Go look on it!Off she went again..and this time she came back,with a blank canvas,that was lying on the dining table.The Dining table is Not Close to the TV!!!!
Anyway,I sent her back,with some more clues..That may be she should look for something colorful..and that time,she got it right!ON THE 5TH count!
This time when she came back..she was so excited..Wowww Mamma is this for me?So this is my surprise..Papa and Mamma got it for Aadya..and so on..She didn’t leave her surprise,for the next couple of hours.
If you haven’t scrolled down already,I wont keep you any longer..Here’s a picture of my princess,with her precious Gift…

Edited to add- Details are up on the craft blog.

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Fishy Kimono

I Heart Babies and I heart Kimonos..and I heart babies wearing Kimonos.
A very good friend is due in October and getting together a few things for her baby..They don’t know what they are having yet,so I decided to stick to neutral colors.
I first saw this Kimono at Yarnydays and I fell in love with it.
This is yet another quick project,just right for instant gratification!
For this project,I used-
1 100gm ball of Thorobred Red( 100% Acryclic yarn)8 ply
4.00 mm crochet hook
scraps of white yarn
3 fish buttons.

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OMG baby crossed another milestone..yesterday afternoon and I still can’t get over it.
Yesterday when Aadi woke up from her nap,we had this conversation-
Aadi-‘Mamma,I fall’..
Me-‘No baby,you didn’t were sleeping’
Aadi-‘No Mamma,I fall pani mein'[I fell in the water]
Me-‘Really?Then what happenned?’
Aadi-‘Then Baba liya mujhe Godi..I scared'[then Baba picked me up..I was scared]

And with those words,my little darling,shared her dream with me.I still can’t over it that she told me what she dreamt about!!!I still can’t get over it!

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Its Happy to you burday,Pooh Bear Ka

I have been asked to bake a cake and blow some some balloons..Since”its Happy to you burday,Pooh Bear Ka”
Pooh Bear has been sung to,so many times since morning.It has been cuddled and kissed too.In case,you are wondering why this special honour was bestowed on it?Well,a little baby came visiting today and Mamma asked Aadi to share her Pooh Bear with him.And then,started the whole story –
“Mamma,Pooh Bear Wants Aadi..”No going Baby paas”.I cajoled,its ok Baby,you can share with the little Baby.
She ran inside and brought out 2 other toys,but hung onto Pooh Bear.On asked ,this is the reason she shared.”Its happy to you Burday,Pooh Bear ka.”
Normally she is quiet friendly with babies.But today,when I picked up our little guest,she wasn’t too happy..Her reactions ranged from,repeating sweet nothings to the baby,to clinging to me,saying,”Myyy Mamma” loud and clear for neighbours ,two doors down to finally muttering,”isko dedo waapas”(Give the baby back)..When I handed the baby back to his grandma,he was showered with kisses,called a Fweetie(sweetie).
Now,I know why I didnt find it funny/cute,when Shahid said fmart for smart..My ownFweetie sweetie has been saying it for months now.
As for the picture in the post,its one of my favorite pics.We had gone to the city,with the ILs and Aadi saw the sea-gulls.She wanted to play with “Mashakali” and started walking along with them,chasing them.I was watching ,reminding her to stay off the road.And next thing I hear is a little voice saying,”No No Mashakali,No going road” “aao mashakali,come to Aadya” Though baby banter,it was music to my mommy ears:)
Anyway,you have a nice day,while we go and celebrate Pooh Bear’s Happy to you Burday!

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Pink baby jacket and hat.

A friend was not really happy with the baby sweaters,she found ,where she lived.So,I asked her ,if I could make one for her baby.She said,she wanted one in baby pink color and she wanted it to be a cardigan or front open style..So,I set about looking for patterns…and finally settled on
I used 4 ply Baby wool-soft to touch and easy to care for. It took me a little over 10 days to complete it..But,the end result,made me so happy.
The hats were so much fun to make and so quick too.I am making one for Pipette and I have one more ready,to sell.
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First Post here

Pipette has been my inspiration,even before she was born.When I was pregnant,like most would-be-mothers,I decided that she should have something,exclusively hand-made by her mother.So,I started thinking..every Hindi movie,that I had watched growing up,had the pregnant woman,knitted a sweater for her baby-to-be.But,I didn’t want to knit..My grandma,was going to do that.So,I decided to make a blanket for her.Quick and easy,baby blankie.And I decided to crochet it.But,as the blanket,started taking shape,I loved the way it felt..and the way it looked and decided to go all the way and make an Afghan,that she could use,even when she got a little older.

Here’s the Afghan:

I used the wool from Baby Clouds.and the afghan does have a dreamy feel to it.

The reason for starting this blog is simple-

First,I want to keep a record of all my creations.And secondly,I am trying to establish,a small work-from home type of a business.So,this blog will also work as a display for my creations.So,if you know someone,who might like this,send them my way 🙂

Thanks for looking.