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Lotus Tea-Light Holders.

I brought my yarn and hook along for this trip..SD was cribbing about the extra yarn was taking up..REALLY!! It was just a small bag ..ok not a small bag..but Come ON! It was my holiday and I could choose to spend it the way I wanted!!LOL! Anyway,he was going to be working.So, Anyway.. I finished this one pair of Tea-light holders for one of my Swap buddies.

I am planning on making more of other colors:)

The pattern can be found here !

If you have some kid-free time,these can be whipped up in a hour or two..Mine took longer since I took so many breaks!!LOL!

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Another Friday!!

Phew..Friday is here,finally.I thought this week would never end.
Friends of ours,a couple,were going to come over tonight.The girl is just in her second trimester and had a rough time,last couple of months.I felt so bad everytime I spoke to her..poor thing all alone..I wanted to go over and take care of her.But,it wasn’t as easy at I thought-the prospect of keeping Aadi busy/entertained while taking care of a sick friend,scared me.I visited whenever I could with DH.They were going to spend the weekend with us-she said,she wanted to be pampered and I am more than happy to do that:) But,they just cancelled the plans..The guy has to work late..and so may be they will come over tomorrow.
Aadi is still tired from our outing,she was in the stroller most of the time,but it was the heat that tired her,I think.It was a hot day,yesterday and we were out on the streets at the hottest time.But,all said and done,when in the city,I love walking and taking public transport..nothing beats the high that gives you.
We walked along,South Bank,Crown casino(the one in Salam Namaste,where Saif and Priety,finally go to eat icecream!),ate in one of the arcades..sat next to each other in the tram,looking out at the same things.This is what I miss when we are driving into the city..There are so many things to see and so much too and I think,we miss out on that,by driving in.
The liveliness,the cheer,the energy,can only be felt when you are in the middle of it.I came back tired and with a splitting headache,but I came back,full of cheer ūüėÄ
If I can write two more posts after this one,then,I will have completed 1 whole month of NaBloPoMo..
I broke my head over what to write but,writing everyday is nice.I liked it.For next month,I would like to have guest posts,from some of you..If you would like to contribute a post,please leave me a comment and I will get in touch with you or email me if you already have my email id.Sorry I am not putting my email id here,because the two times that I did email got hacked.
Speaking of hacking,someone hacked into my gmail and blogger account on Janaury 16th..I managed to retrieve the account,but the same @#@$# has tried to hack into it again..WHY?I dunno…What interest does someone have in the life of a SAHM mom?I dunno..and if someone really came up to me asked me,what’s going on in my life,I would tell them..why go through,all this drama.
Anyway..:) write to me..and please pretty please,I hope atleast some of you will write a guest post for me.It neednot be anything earth shattering…it can be something mundane stuff of your garden or garage..or laundry basket or something exciting that happenned to you..or just some random rant..something anything..please!!

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Weekend fun and more..

Technically its late to write a weekend post,but in my defence..I was out all day Monday and resting trying to resist killing the tantrum-prone child,all day yesterday,had friends over for dinner and so,this is the earliest I can write about weekend fun!
Saturday started off early,with Sanj heading off for his cricket practice..and unfortunately for me,Aadi woke up with,my day really started early.We did random stuff,read books,played blocks,finished brekky and Sanj was back.
After they had lunch,I was/am fasting for Navratri,we headed off to the mall.This time,I got lucky and Aadi dozed off in the car.I got a nice hour to myself..though,I couldn’t stop myself from feeling jealous that Sanj got it easy..Not fair,na..that I got the tantrum filled morning and he got the peaceful nap-time.
Anyway,I walked around and guess what I ended up shopping for the sleeping twosome-bought a late father’s day gift for Sanj..and started shopping early for Aadya’s christmas presents.
Sunday was a friend’s babyshower.. and my princess dressed up,like for real ..complete with bangles,payal,bindi,necklace everything..
The babyshower was quiet nice..I realised that I hadn’t attended any babyshowers other than my own.We got back home,dead tired..called it an early night.
Monday,I had a date..with a friend and I must say,it was a nice day.Co-incidentally,we ended up going to the same Mc.Donald’s where we met for the first time..only this time,Aneela’s baby was there too:) After a kid-friendly meal,we headed out to the shops..talked non-stop,got on the tourist shuttle,window-shopped some more..till it was time to say goodbye..until we meet again.That part I dont like..Aneela’s going to be away for a year..hopefully,we’ll still be here,when she comes back!
It was a treat watching Aadya and Arhaan together…how his eyes lit up,every time she spoke to him,how she wanted to touch him and kiss him,every other second..and at one time,Aneela was in a shop and I was pushing Arhaan’s stroller out the door,Aadya was walking I realised,thats just the picture I have in mind..hopefully…the picture will become reality soon.
Speaking off reality,I finally have an appointment with a Gynaec ..tomorrow..I dunno why I have a weird feeling like its a start of a new phase..may be it is,may be it isnt.Its my first visit with a PCOS specialist so,I don’t know what to expect..Its like starting all over again,sort of going to a new school…and making new friends all over again..Sigh..
Anyway,I leave you with this-
My Princess

My Indian Princess

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Meeting Pooja

I just found this posts in drafts and had to publish it.

one message board,few exchanged messages,countless phone calls and almost 2 years later,we met.The first time we exchanged emails seems like eons away.after emails came chats and then the phone calls.The phone calls that last all day long.We talk,even when doing other work-cooking cleaning..still talking,hanging up long enough to make other important calls,only to call each other back.
I am talking about my friend,Pooja.We met on a pregnancy message board and have been friends ever since.
We have exchanged notes all through pregnancy- she was on my list of people to be called soon after Aadya’s birth and she did the same,when her little boy, was born.We shared pics, baby stories…and even before we knew it,we were almost like family to each other.
When this move was almost finalised,I made a trip to Seattle,to visit her.This was the first time,I was travelling alone with Aadya.It was also the first time I was going to meet Pooja.But,I had no apprehensions.Because,all those months that we were talking,made her seem so real to me..there was just no apprehension or awkwardness.She was waiting for me,when I walked out pushing Aadya’s stroller.The babies squealed looking at each if they understood,the bond their mothers shared with each other.We hugged and it seemed like the most natural thing to do.
Aadya and I spent 5 days with Pooja and her family and we had so much fun.Almost everywhere,people asked us,if we were sisters.The first time,we answered,that we were friends and then looked at each other..and smiled.The next time anyone asked us,if we were sisters,we just said,yes..And why not,we are soul sisters in every sense of the word.

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And a Happy Birthday it was

This year Aadya’s birthday celebrations,were a week long affair.
On 30th March,the first SMS arrived at 2.30 AM-Nanu,forgot the time difference. Papa was going to take the
day off ,but he was called in for a presentation.So,it was just Aadi & Mimi.After a breakfast out in the backyard,we spent some time watering the plants.Then,between calls from friends and family,we baked a cake.
if you love baking,there is no greater joy,than baking for your kids.The only thing that is more fun is baking with them.
That is what we did.I lined up,all the ingredients on the counter and put the pipette there.She handed me each ingredient as I read from my mom’s recipe book.After I poured the batter into the cake tin,the Pipette,licked the bowl clean.
Then, it was time for hot-oil massage and a hot bath,followed by nap.By the time,she woke up,Papa was back.
We took her to the play-area before cutting the cake.While we were there,S’s friends called,they were coming over to wish Aadya.And they came bearing Gifts..A Bike,A new kid-sized dinner set for one and cookies.
We did the traditional celebration first-bringing in the birthday with Aarti,blessing the child and feeding her something sweet.Then,we cut the cake.
And then,the guys sat down to assemble the bike,under the birthday girl’s supervision.Once the bike was assembled,Aadya refused to get off,even having her dinner sitting on it.
The rest of the week,had a festive feel..we were shopping for little things for the party,organising,still getting calls and emails.Gifts were arriving,clothes were being tried on(by me).
Friday was spent in basic preps for the party food.This was the first party at home..and I was cooking.I was going to cook some things and order some.But,I ended up cooking most of the things..There were around 25 adults and 4 kids and 3 babies.
It wasn’t as hard as I expected.
The party was so much fun.It was nice to have so many people around. almost everyone we know,in Melbourne was here.I feel special days are to be celebrated and this one was definitely celebrated.We got around 50-60 helium balloons,tied with long strings and they covered the living room
ceiling.Every child and adult,said wow,at least once,looking at the balloons.Balloons and birthdays..there is just something so happy about it.As the sounds of laughter and chitchat filled the house,I felt the dull longing of home..of wanting our families here with us,but also
I was also pleasantly surprised to realise,how at home we are here,in such a short time.
Three of my friends,took over the task of dishing out piping hot appetisers,after almost pushing me out of the kitchen..”Go & get pretty”,they said.Another one,gave me pointers on eye make up,while cooing to her 1 year-old,propped on her hip.D& her husband arrived early and her
husband ran errands with S,from the moment he handed back his first glass of water.Another friend,walked out to the corner,to guide our guests in.A friend’s mom,cuddled Aadya and blessed her,asking me do her drashti(ward off evil eye),as only a grandmother can.I didn’t have
to worry about refilling the food,it was always taken care off.If this isn’t home,what is?
The kids had a blast with the balloons,they each grabbed as many strings as they could,creating their own bunches and ran around happily.The babies,were content playing with the assortment of soft toys.The littlest one slept peacefully,leaving his Mamma-dadda,to eat and socialise in peace.
The cutest part of the party was- We had set up a table in the backyard and all the guys were sitting there,nursing their drinks,munching the appetisers.I had just brought Aadya’s toys out for the babies to play with.Someone asked me where the birthday girl was.She was nowhere to be found.Not in the bedrooms or bathroom.I went out to the backyard to ask S,if he had seen her…And what do I see..She had pulled up a chair,sipping Fanta from her glass,munching on the appetisers,aping the guys.That’s one funny image stuck in my head from the party.
By 10.00,most of the guests had left..some stayed back for chit-chat and coffee.They left by 11.00 and thats when we realised how tired we were.Aadya wanted her bottle,my back started hurting and S,was too sleepy.
We put away the food in the refrigerator,loaded the dishwasher and took the laptop to bed-to see the pictures from the party.The slide show was on..and one by one,all of dozed off.
We opened the gifts next morning..and the little Pipette was instantly in toy heaven.
Its such a joy,watching your child at this every small thing excites them.For once,I forgot about meticulously taking off the cello-tape,and opening each present delicately.It was the Pipette’s birthday and her gifts too.
She had a blast ripping the wrapping paper off each gift,squealing with joy..finally settling down to play with an alphabet Van.And that was how the week-long celebration ended.

P.S. On the weight-loss front-The scale is not budging.Its been three weeks,there has been absolutely no weight loss.Time to up the exercises me thinks.But I have managed to lose and keep off 3kgs.That’s a small consolation.

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My Best Friend’s wedding.

One of my Best Friends got married last week.I say “one of my best friends” because,I can’t think of anyone who’s better than the rest.Of course there is the BFF,but she is more like a sister,soul sister and all..Its so funny,often times,when the sister or I,want an extra vote in our favor,she is roped..Our families are so intermixed..its hard to tell who belongs where..but then,i guess we all belong,with each other.

Anyway,not to digress..One of my best friends got married.We are a larger version of the Friends gang.We started off as just casual friends,teenagers of the same age group,who are put together in the same place.Our dads worked for the same company and we all lived in the same colony.Slowly,we became so crazy about each other that,we had to meet each other everyday,come rain or whatever. As we grew older,the drifters,drifted apart, but most of us,stayed in touch..Mostly 8 of us.

As everyone got busier,every day meeting,slowed down and we’d meet on festivals-
Diwali,new year,etc..and of course,every one’s birthdays .At least for a dinner together.Then,jobs and marriages happened.I was the first one in the group to get married.My Boys(of course,how can I think of them,as anything else?) turned up in elegant Kurta-Pajamas..It was a big deal to me..because some of them were going through a torn jeans phase then..:)

So anyway..slowly,the other girls followed suit and got married. Only girl left now is my sister.We went through each others crushes,girls-friends,boy-friends,rants,everything..kicking each others butts,when required,wiping tears and hugging,when required.And now the first of the guys got married.The wedding was in his hometown,Kakinada and only 1 of us,V,could go.He and another guy,D,who’s got drawn into the group and feels so much a part of us..that though I haven’t met D,I already like him a lot.So,all of 6th,I was so mopey..My best friend was getting married and I wasn’t there.Another important occasion I missed. What took me by surprise,was how I kept feeling teary,every now and then.Sanj,asked me,why I was crying.Wasn’t I happy for my friend?Of course I was..Of course I am…But it feels like an era has ended..We are not the carefree kids anymore…all of us,grown up..Next time I meet him,he will be a married man.
I still cant believe P is married now…when did we all grow up so much…I still remember those escapades from the colony,for chinese or vada-pav..or whatever.Oh and talking about P,how can I not mention,he is my dad’s unadopted,unofficial son.The bugger,got to drive my dad’s brand new just-home-from-showroom car..when we were being told,to close the doors,gently!!
I saw the wedding pics and I started crying again..The pic that first made me cry,was that of P’s parents blessing him,before the ceremony started.P was sitting,in front of the Havan kund and his parents were standing behind him,with their hands on his head.To me that was the most precious picture.Like they are telling him to go ahead and enjoy his life..they have done their job and that they are going to stand on the side-lines and watch him complete this leg of the race.
The other pic that made me tear up was P,sitting across his lovely bride,during the ceremony,with his broad palm,on her head.I think it was one of the vows,that,he would forever protect her. The one thing that makes P so special to all of us is his never-dying support.He has been there for all of us…I have never seen him angry,or without a all the time that i have known him.He is just there..supporting whoever it is that needs a shoulder to rely on.And now,he will be there for his lovely bride too.
Here’s wishing P and his lovely bride, R, a very happy married life..:)

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To a new friendship

When our move to Melbourne was final,the first thing I did was looking up Melbourne bloggers.At that time,I didn’t find anyone.Even after I moved here,I would keep looking at blogger’s profiles,hoping to find at least one that I liked,and was also in Melbourne,but no such luck.But,someone up there was listening and quite by chance,I came upon Aneela,through Kiran’s blog.I read her blog,and commented too,but forgot to check her profile.And then,it turned out that she was in Melbourne too!So,obviously we had to meet.And Meet we did!
And it was such a fun day.
It was the day of Christmas Parade and we,Aneela and I, were really excited about it and decided to meet early to watch the Parade..Of course,it would have been fun for Aadya ¬†too. We couldn’t see much of the parade,as it was very crowded..I did let Aadya do a little jig on the sidewalk,every time they played the music.Anyway,we decided to head off to Aneela’s.Sanj¬†joined us there,after getting lost at least 3 times.It was way past lunch time and I kept feeling guilty about starving her,and her site under construction.Lunch was scrumptious and the chicken to die for.We finished lunch and carried fruits and conversation to the den.Here,I have to tell you, there was never,N-E-V-E-R a lull in conversation.WE had a nice fun time,talking about everything under the sun..bloggers(naturally),food,Melbourne,Babies and all the nice and not-so nice things that come with them…and so much more.
As for Aadya,she first charmed A with her sweet smiles and lovely manners..and when she had her trust,then, started throwing small tantrums.Funniest was when Aneela’s Pesho and my Aadya laid their eyes on each other.Pesho had just woken from her cat nap and was shocked to see Aadya in her room,with her mommy..she decided to forget about stretching and went right back,under the bed.By the time Pesho finished napping,Ms.Aadya was peacefully sleeping,on her(Pesho’s) favorite couch!!! Pesho decided to ignore that slight and went out to stretch and roll in the sunny courtyard. She was having a nice time..all was well in her world.
And then,Ms.Aadya decided to wake up! And this time,sit on Pesho’s favorite chair and so on it continued.I am sure the poor cat must be getting nightmares about Aadya.Towards evening,Pesho decided that these strange people were not going anywhere and ventured out,to check us out..Aadya greeted her with a big Hulloooooo and a woarr..( i think the silly child thought she was greeting a tiger),and then went on to give her the pen that she was playing with.Really,what would a cat possibly do with a pen?Write her long letter may be?telling her how much she terrorised her?
Anywho,Sanj enjoyed unrestricted TV time while we were yapping and once the match that he was watching,got over,he decided to put an end to the fun..or so i thought then.We got in the car and realised it was almost nine.It was beautiful day ,well spent. Of course,we missed meeting the G-man..hopefully soon.
Here’s to a new friendship..:)