The craft hour

Its the Valentine month. So,we made some cards. Aadi chose the paper and I cut out hearts from them.Aadya loves stickers and this was the first time she handled glue and she was so excited.She did confuse it with paint at first,painting being her first love and all.Then,I showed her that she can stick with it and then she was on the roll..She was pasting hearts so fast,getting impatient with me,for cutting it slow.
The thing about being a pre-schooler is tha they find even trash,interesting.She loved even the windows that were left after the hearts were cut..looking at them in awe,saying Woww with each window that I kept aside..
And after we finished making cards for mummy and daddy,she insisted on making one each for Friend S and her hubby too.
Here’s what we came up with-

We used readymade cards and hand made paper from the scrapbooking aisle of the reject shop.I just cut hearts and she pasted them,as she liked.
She is enjoying these craft sessions more and more.This will be our entry for this contest.
Edited to add- Can someone tell me how I can upload an audio file here?I tried but,it didn’t happen.

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The Surprise

Last night,after Aadya went to bed,I burned the midnight oil to complete a surprise for her.This morning when she woke up,I told her that there was a surprise for her in the living room.She ran outside.Till now surprise means,a hidden bag of candy or unexpected popcorn..or something else,edible.So,naturally,when she went to the living room,she expected something of that kind.”Mamma,there is nothing here,”she screamed.I asked her to look on the coffee table.”Kuch nahi hai”she yelled back.I asked her to look next to the pretty mirror.
She looked around and came back with her coloring book,saying..”Yeh toh mera surprise nahi hai na?”(This is not my surprise ,right?)I said no and sent her back to look for the surprise again..This time I told her,the table near the TV..thats the coffee table right?Go look on it!Off she went again..and this time she came back,with a blank canvas,that was lying on the dining table.The Dining table is Not Close to the TV!!!!
Anyway,I sent her back,with some more clues..That may be she should look for something colorful..and that time,she got it right!ON THE 5TH count!
This time when she came back..she was so excited..Wowww Mamma is this for me?So this is my surprise..Papa and Mamma got it for Aadya..and so on..She didn’t leave her surprise,for the next couple of hours.
If you haven’t scrolled down already,I wont keep you any longer..Here’s a picture of my princess,with her precious Gift…

Edited to add- Details are up on the craft blog.


Its all about getting your hands dirty :)

There is a lovely contest going on over at Shruti’s called Artsy Craftsy Challenge and the theme is Hand and Finger painting.And it couldn’t have come at a better time.Before going to India,we had done a bit of finger painting and Aadi loved it.
These days,she wants to learn how to draw and paint..”You teach me”,she says..So,my mind was full of fun things to teach her.
Here are some of the paintings that we worked on-

The Garden- The flowers are made by finger prints .For the stalks-I squeezed a big dot of paint on her finger and asked her to go ‘zoom-zoom’ like a car.For the tree on the side,I squeezed some red and blue and asked her to mix it and smear it!Ta da you have the stem.And then some more zooming around for the green parts.

Come say hello to the Thumbkins..First we made the thumb prints-My thumb prints for Papa and Mamma Thumbkin and Aadi’s for the boy and girl.Then,I drew eyes,noses and mouths,followed by hats,hair,bows,etc.Then,she wanted them to have bodies..So we dabbed and smeared till we got them each a body!

This one is really cool..My friend’s brother showed it to me,when I was a kid.
Fold and unfold your sheet into half and then,dab huge dots of different color,along the line created by folding.Smear the paint along the line.Add some more dots randomly and fold the paper again,press gently with your fingers,going from the fold towards the center of the page and in any direction that you like.Unfold and see the masterpiece that you just created!:P

While I was creating masterpieces,I asked Aadya to put some dots on another sheet of paper.Then we folded the paper horizontally,pressed side ways…unfolded,folded vertically,pressed again and then unfolded.And all done!

Tip- For easy clean-ups,remember to keep some wet wipes handy.
Editted to add-I entered this post for Shruti’s contest.The last picture has a watermark,as Aadi decided to make it better!