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Daddy’s girl!

My Aadi is turning into a Daddy’s girl..At the start of every school vacation,she announces that she is going to have certain Papa&Aadi days.They plan to go out for movies or go out to the video shop alone and pick out movies that they both want to watch.They share secrets and are thick as thieves on some days.
And then there are days,when they don’t see eye-to-eye and get in each others way.Papa yells at her,she comes to me crying.Then I say something and then SD and I have words!
You see,I have a problem,I can’t see my babies crying. When they were wee newborns,I felt like I had a switch in my head,that got flipped when I heard them cry.I thought the switch would disappear with time,but no,it didn’t. I still get all worked and restless,when either of my girls are crying.SD laughs when I tell him that.He says,I am just a softie..hmpff!
Anyway speaking of Daddy’s girl,now,when she wakes up in the middle of the night,she calls out to him.When she comes to our bed,she snuggles up with him..It’s another thing,that Anan won’t let her come close to me! Here’s a pic of SD and Aadi,from our trip to Fairy Park.Aadi wanted a picture with the Giant Dragon but,she was scared to go near it.So,SD picked her up and took her near the Dragon.Instant Brownie points for Dad 🙂

And this is how,I found them,yesterday,when I went to call them for dinner…:)

I’ll stop here,time to pick up my knitting 🙂

More later,

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Father’s Day that was..

I know Father’s Day was last weekend but I have to write this down..because I want us to remember this.

So,Aadya’s school had organised a special movie afternoon.And SD was away in Brisbane..There is no way he could have made it.When I saw the note from broke my heart.I mean, hurt..:(

Aadya asked me why did I ever let Papa go to Brisbane..and I was sad..Anyway,I decided that I would pick her up early that day,take her out for a coffee afternoon and some Father’s day shopping.When I told her the plan,she very calmly told me,”No! Mum..I don’t want to miss it..besides Mrs.W is going to give special hugs to kids whose dad’s can’t make it.” Wow!She was taking it much better than me!

Then,some of the moms at school,decided that they would go in,because their partners/husbands couldn’t.I wasn’t too keen on that..but I didn’t want her to be the only one without a parent,that morning,I asked her,if she would like me to come..and she was shocked! ‘Why Ma..why would you want to come? Its father’s day,not mother’s day!Didn’t I celebrate Mother’s Day with you?’ I said some of the moms were should I join them..and she told me..’well if you come,then hide from me..I don’t want to see you there..’ So much for wanting to save her from heart-break!

Anyway,I told her teacher that her dad wont be there..etc..and that I will pick her up at regular pickup time. When I went to pick her up,Mrs.W pulled me aside and told me..that Aadi was so good..she went and sat with her friend and her dad.They read to him and hugged him,said thank you.The said Father is a really nice guy.When I walked in,the first thing he told me was,that Aadya told him that her sister was this( distance between forefinger and thumb!!!) tiny..:)

She came home with lots of presents for SD- A mug that said-Australia’s best dad..some chocolates,cards, letters.And then we bought some pink roses and a T-shirt for him.

The next day,Saturday,after I came back from work,SD took her to watch Batman.She was so excited about the movie,the popcorn and the fizzy drinks in that order!! Nanhi and I took a nice long nap,when they were gone.

The next morning,Sunday,as soon as he woke up,she gave SD some water in his mug.Then we made brekky for him..actually served him cereal and tea on a tray but she helped pour the milk,make the tea..everything. Since it was a nice sunny day,we decided to go to the  Weribee zoo.The zoo was quite a disappointment in terms of animals..but we had fun,hanging out as a family.

I leave you with a picture of the proud father and his two Princess’Image

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A gift for Dad:)

Some Sunshine after all the gloomy sickness talks..:)

This year for SD’s birthday,the girls ( with some help from me!) made this masterpiece,as his present.



SD loved it 🙂  The best part was Ananya felt involved too..:) I let her stick a button or two as well and she loved feeling the wet paint on her hands-even wanted to taste it!

Aadya had a blast,picking ‘Just the right button’ to fill up the heart for her daddy..and hand-printing is her favorite activity,EVER!

Daddy dearest was touched 🙂

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Of Angry mommies and Bedtime Stories

Every night,bedtime is the worse time of my day..I alternate between yelling at Aadi and feeling bad for yelling..DH is extremely busy,these days..(whats new?) and on most days dozes off before she does.But,before he dozes off,she asks him to tell her a story.Yesterday,even after the story,she was awake,tossing and turning,talking and singing,kicking the covers,throwing the pillow..2 whole hours had passed,since we came to the bedroom.I was at the fray ends of my nerves.I picked her up and threatened to take her outside.She started crying loudly,and something snapped..I just put her down on the bed..FORCEFULLY..with too much force.She kept crying more..And that made me realise my mistake.I immediately picked her up,rubbed her back..kissed her bum,and asked her,what was hurting,she said her cheeks and hands..I kissed them again and again..she was crying,I was in tears..I couldn’t thank God enough for the fact that she was alright..I kept getting rotten thoughts about shaken baby syndrome and the likes..and I got MAD at DH.She is a baby..but he should know better to give me a break..They both slept..and I couldnt sleep till 4 in the morning.The guilt just kept eating me from inside.
Today,right after dinner,we went for a drive and after we got back,told him,if he didn’t want his Princess to cry,then,he has to make sure,she sleeps before HE does. So,as soon as lights were off..she demanded a story.He obliged.Told her a long story about the Pandavas and how they were mischievious boys,who wouldn’t sleep..of monsters who fought them..and so on.At the end of the story,the Princess,kissed daddy and told him,
“Thank You daddy,that was a great story!”
We were both zapped..Daddy and princess are cuddled up now..HE is sleeping..she is talking..God Give me patience!

Edited to add: today,after 1 and half hour,I put her in her room..she cried her eyes out,said she was very sleepy,was quiet for 10 mins..then crying again..DH caved in,she came back to our bed..spent another half an hour chatting..while he slept..and my temper kept rising..finally she slept!
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Its the long weekend and its raining.We are just having a lazy weekend.I woke up at 12.00*gasp* and the father-daughter duo,didn’t wake me up,even once..*double gasp*
When I walked out of the room,I saw them both sitting on the couch,watching cartoons and giggling.It was such a sweet sight…I walked up to cuddle them..and was greeted with-“Mom I am hungry!” hmm yeah..thats life.
Later,when it started to rain,Aadi was excited and wanted to dance in the rain..DH has normally refuses to go out and get wet.He is a little shy,what will people say types..but today,he was totally under his daughter’s spell and the reluctant father,even went did a jig in the rain with her. He tried to get her to play in the backyard..but no she insisted the front..Poor guy,obliged.Sweet,I think.
Watching them together..I remembered another incident-Last week when we had the medical appointment,Aadi was very happy that dad was home and we were going out,subah-subah.I fed her brekky and got her ready and she wanted to sit in the car.We still had to get dressed and eat our breakfast. When I came out of the room,dressed..Aadi was already in her car-seat,and DH was sitting with her and they were talking.I called him for breakfast.He came inside,filled a plate and went right back,out! I was like WTH? He just turned and told me,”Oh she wants me to sit with her and eat..” All my irritation could it not?
I leave you with a picture of the partners-in-crime..watching the new TV,excitedly.The TV is nearly 1 year old now.

Ohh if you are in a mood for baking,check out my other blog .Posted the cookies and bread recipes.

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Happy 30th month,Baby!

Dearest Aadi
Will the wonders ever cease??
I am still amazed to see the non-stop chattering little girl,with endless demands….”I want…””I need….” In my mind’s eye,you are still the little baby,we brought home from the hospital.
But,I know that you are not a baby anymore.And I know that you also know that.But,you do a very nice imitation of a baby..a baby as you see it…a baby babbling,a baby crawling,raising its hands,
wanting to be picked up,a baby crying loudly,with its eyes closed..very nice indeed..And as if we don’t understand,who you are pretending to be,you tell us,”I am baby”.
Pretend play is your favorite game these days. You pretend to be- Mamma,Baba,Baby, your friend(mostly its Sanskruti),baby,our recent guests..and you assign a role to everyone around you,-your toys and people alike.And you pretend that a section of the living room is the kitchen..and the far end of the house is the Supermarket(Coles)..You go to Coles and buy me pretty fawers.You sit on your bike and tell Baba,”I take you office”.
Aadi,my love,you turn 30 months today…Two and half years… and living with you,its easy to forget how young you are.You chide us,when we are fighting-“No shouting No fighting here!” You watch out for us and our protectively hug our bags,books,even shoes, close to yourself,to protect them from others-kids or adults,alike.Its so grown-up,the way you know your mind..sometimes,even we grown-up get confused,about our wants and needs.When,you throw a tantrum,befitting your age,its so difficult for remember that you are all but a little girl.
You have just started liking love it so much..You like dressing up..No,I am wrong.You love dressing up.You are so quick,when it comes to changing clothes.I get tired of watching you.You change atleast 10 outfits throughout the day.I used to get irritated,when you would want to change clothes,every few minutes,bringing me even dirty clothes from the laundry,just so you could change your outfit..and everytime you changed yours,your baby of the day,would get a change of clothes too.But,I dont know,when,how,you became so independent,now you
do all the changing yourself,just come to me for appreciation.”Mamma,see..I am the pretty one”..
Aadi,there are very few places that are inaccesible to you.You pull chairs,up to the climb up the shelves in the cupboard,you climb up on the bed,to get a better look at yourself in the mirror(sure I taught you that..but atleast then,you needed me to put you on the bed) stand up on tip-
toes to reach something thats on the counter.Sometimes it is annoying,sometime,I just look on in awe.You are so self-sufficient..Once your dad told you,that the baskets in the supermarket are stuck and he can’t get them out.You just told him,”that’s ok,dont bother”..and went on to pull one out..telling him,”see I help you!”The look on his face-Priceless!
Patience is not really your best virtue,but I hear most toddlers are like that..But like I said,you make it very hard for us to remember that you are all but a toddler!
You are still very possessive about me..You always have one eye on your Baba when,he is near me.But,now,you are also possessive about him.If I snuggle upto him,you leave whatever you are doing and snuggle up between up.I love the way,you proclaim,”My Mamma,Also,My Baba”..But,sometimes you and Baba dont see eye-to-eye..its sad for me,but,I will leave that for you both to sort out..I am just going to enjoy my time with you..for,I know,one day,you are just going to be a daddy’s girl..I see it already,the way,you both team up,when we go out..or how you defend him,when I am mad at him.
Aadi,you are now fluent in both Hindi and english and attempt to talk in Marathi.Some people tell me that I am confusing you,by talking to you in all three languages…but so far,you seem very comfortable.And my love,you can translate from english to hindi and hindi to english.That to me is a big milestone.
You are talking perfect sentences in both languages.And big 5-6 word sentences…Boy!that makes me so happy.I may be biased..but you are my SUPER-STAR!
You love singing..and your great-grandma,thinks you have a very musical voice. and will be a singer.well we’ll see.For now,you are the happiest when singing “Pinkle Pinkle little star” and “rote rote hasna seekho” and the likes.
And you love dancing..all we have to do is play some music..or find music in any thing rhythmic..and start tapping your feet.And you move so well,I am happy to see that atleast you don’t have two left feet like your parents.
Aadi,you are growing up so soon,its hard for me to keep up..But I love the edge that our life has,because of you..We are scared to blink,look away,because thats all it takes for you to get into some mischief or do something cute.
Today we baked cupcakes for you…and you baked your pretend cupcakes,all sweet..u even added imaginary essence too -I just smiled and looked away for 10 seconds…and the next thing I know is that you had grabbed and then dropped a bottle of Maggie Hotn’Sweet! See what I mean??
Ohh Aadi,what am I going to do with you?
In the last 2 and half years,since you came into our life,you have made us laugh,and cry,mostly happy tears,sometimes we cried with have embarassed us and you have made us proud,you have annoyed us and given us all the more reasons to love you,in the next heartbeat..But there is absolutely nothing that I would change.Its just not possible to stay mad at wont let hug,kiss,cuddle,act like a clown,command just don’t give up..till we don’t smile again.I hope that doesn’t change..your need to see smiling faces.I don’t know what will be going through your mind,when you read 16?or later?May be then,you would be embarassed or annoyed with me.And then try to remember,its just the love in a fond mother’s heart coming to you as this letter.And since you are still reading,remember,we love you..even if we don’t approve of that boy-friend of yours!
With all my love,

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OMG baby crossed another milestone..yesterday afternoon and I still can’t get over it.
Yesterday when Aadi woke up from her nap,we had this conversation-
Aadi-‘Mamma,I fall’..
Me-‘No baby,you didn’t were sleeping’
Aadi-‘No Mamma,I fall pani mein'[I fell in the water]
Me-‘Really?Then what happenned?’
Aadi-‘Then Baba liya mujhe Godi..I scared'[then Baba picked me up..I was scared]

And with those words,my little darling,shared her dream with me.I still can’t over it that she told me what she dreamt about!!!I still can’t get over it!

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Papa’s Pipette

Aadya is turning into a daddy’s girl,slowly and steadily.Everyday,the first thing she says,when she wakes up is,”Papa Offish”.Then,start the pretend phone calls,spread through out the day.When Papa calls,Mamma can’t hang up,without the Pipette talking to him.Come evening and the Pipette,peeks out the window,every few minutes,to see if Papa is home.And when he does arrive home,he is greeted with a big squeal and she jumps into his arms,starting her non-stop narrative of the day.

He is not allowed to put her down,even for a minute,till she doesn’t finish.It doesn’t matter if Papa might need to use the toilet or wash his face.All that has to wait.

Then,Papa is in-charge of the dinner,teeth brushing,Shower(depending on the Pipette’s mood,mamma or papa are summoned).Sometimes a car-ride is demanded too..and Papa being the good one,always obliges,well almost always.

Then,bed-time masti is always Papa-Pipette time,when mamma is pushed to the sidelines.They talk,they laugh,they jump,they pretend-laugh too.Sometimes,they cuddle with Mamma too..and the Pipette,makes sure that she is between Mamma and Papa,clinging to Papa.

On Weekends,the first thing she asks,as always is Papa Offish?When S says,no baby no office today..the mood is set.The Pipette has a big smile on her face.Most days,we give her a bottle in bed,and laze around.But,Pipette is too restless to stay in bed.She starts pulling Papa,saying Utho Utho(wake up) till he doesnt get up from the bed.She even brings our glasses to us,specially opening Papa’s,so all he has to do is put it on.

Here’s some exchanges between Papa and Pipette-

When Papa is just back from work-

Pipette- Papa Papa,Maana.(Maana= slapping/hitting)

Papa-Kaun mara mere baby ko?(who hit my baby)

Pipette- Mamma..Maana Maana,Pipette cry park fwing mamma push bala shcared….and so on.


Pipette-no no Fwing!

Papa-Fwing na


The Pipette says all S words with an F or SH sound.So swing is fwing,spider is fider,scared is shared,santa is shanta,you get the gist.

Mamma was hiding somewhere,laughing,but of course,she didn’t want to upset the Pipette:)

Pipette throwing toys,Papa pretending to scold her,while winking at mamma

Pipette-No-No-No No Daati (No scolding)

Papa-Ok meri Ma(ok mom!)

Pipette- (runs to Mamma)- Ma,Ma

In the kitchen,Pipette opening the cupboard

Papa-Kya ho raha hai?(What are you doing?)


Papa-What? Shaafing kya hai?(what is Shaafing)

Pipette- Shaaf Papa,Wash,shaaf.(Shaaf=Saaf,in hindi=clean)

Papa and Mamma both were stumped at this one.How does a child so small know to put -ing after the word..

At the grocery store,Pipette wants to pick up a packet of speciality cheese,

Papa-No,we are not buying that cheese

Pipette-No,Wandit wandit

Papa-no no you dont want it..we are not buying that.

Pipette-Big scowl on the wee face-Pipette Angee..

Papa-olle angry..

Pipette- no Pipette Angee

Papa(to Mamma)-Should we buy the cheese?

This little princess has her Papa wrapped around her little finger.

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She is all me..but she is all HIS

Whoever meets us,sees Aadya,comments on how she is a mini-me.Her actions,the way she cocks her head to a side,the way she smiles,her looks, her cheeks,her nose..all me..But…her heart belongs to her Papa.
We were out grocery shopping and Sanj was carrying her.He wanted to go outside to get a shopping cart,so I offered to carry Aadya..And she pushed me away. Huh?? My baby?when did she grow up so much…she pushed me away..And people were looking too.I gathered the pieces of my broken heart and walked around the store,waiting for them to come back with the cart.They came back and she had this silly grin on her face,as if teasing me,taunting me,”Look mumma,I got you!!”
So,anyway,I leaned forward to kiss her and she turned her face.I thought she was just distracted ..I tried again,and she said No! And then Sanj came from behind me,she gave him a smile and called him.He asked her for a kissie and she gave him Kichie..I tried again,no luck again.In fact every time,I asked her for kissie,she would look away and then,with a naughty smile,call her Papa to give him a kiss.
We came home and after putting the groceries away, took her to the bedroom,to put her to sleep.She was drinking her bed-time dudu,we were talking and Sanj,reached over and gave me a kiss.And this little miss, got up like an angry tigress,snarled at me,hugged her Papa  tight and closed her eyes tight. If I so much as tried talking to him,she would get upset and glare at me.I mean what did I do??What?
Anyway,its besides the point that she came to me,after he had fallen asleep.Yeah whatever.
Its true,all girls are daddy’s .I was one,am still one..So,I guess its only fair,my little girl is her daddy’s too!
Here’s a song for all the daddy’s girls,out there:
Butterfly kisses by Bob Carlisle

BTW,As for our names- Ms.Pipette started calling me Mimi when she was 7-8 months old and Bubba is what she calls,her dad..So,we are Mimi and Bubba..:D