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Nanya talks,Aadi wonders..

I have had the worst day ever today and need some cheering up and what better to cheer me up than my little munchkins’ chatter.
Ms Nanya loves L.O.V.E.S. Baby Looney tunes.She knows the names of all the characters and rattles them off as the show is starting-BugBunny,daffiDuck,twitty,Lola,Taz!She LOVES TAZ…and tries to act like him,stomping her feet and fake crying.
She now speaks full sentences-has been for a while now,but everytime I hear a complete sentence,my heart turns to mush! “Mumma,Papa found me book.” Yesterday,she was at home with SD and I had gone out with for sometime.When I got back, SD was in the shower,she yelled out..”Papa,Look Mumma come back”and from the moment I came back,she didn’t leave me for even a minute. Love her love for me 🙂
Every morning,when she wakes up,she walks out of the bedroom,straight to the kitchen and hugs me..snuggles with me..ALWAYS turns me to mush..ALWAYS.
Nanya is always stuck to today Aadi complained,I never get to hug you.I said sure you can and stretched my hands out to her.She came in for a cuddle.And sighed…”I wonder if this is a dream or if this is for real”..My little drama queen. Speaking of cuddles,I love it how both my babies fit in just right in my arms….Its amazing 🙂
Aadi is so proud of the fact that she was the one who made Ananya laugh for the first time. She is..Nanya was 3.5 mo and I was cooking,I had propped her on the couch and Aadi was jumping in front of her,trying to play with her and she started really loudly.SD and I both stopped what we doing and just amazing was the sound of our baby’s special because she was laughing for her sister.Today,they were playing and Aadi started doing the same thing,pretending to fall down and saying ‘their’ special phrase..”Aaa traa ta ta”  and Nanya started giggling..She was laughing so hard that she was falling off..and Aadya kept going,even when we told her to stop.It was so nice to hear them laughing like that..And when I was tucking Aadya in for the night,she said to me,”Mumma,did you see?I made Ananya laugh again..she laughed her pants and eyes off.She thinks I am funny,but I don’t mind,because she sounds so happy.” OMG! I was so proud,I felt like my heart was going to burst.
And now,writing this post has made me problems haven’t gone away but atleast,I am smiling again..:)

I hope reading about my gorgeous girls makes you smile too 🙂
More later…


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Dreams and Sketches

This morning,Ms.Aadya told me very seriously,”Mummy,I had a dream last night,that a robber had escaped from the Prison and came to our house and asked us for all our money.But we tricked him by saying,we have no money,only cards.”
I asked her,”Did the robber believe you?” 
And she said,”Yes,he did..he wasn’t happy,but he believed it.Then,I told him that if you want some money,why don’t you do some charity instead of robbing people?”
“Charity?”,I asked her..and she said,”Yes,when you sell the stuff you don’t need”
LOL!!”No honey,that’s selling,Charity is when you give away stuff,without charging money for it”..I told her.
“Ohhhh I get it… if I get the dream again,I’ll tell the robber,to sell his stuff,next time!” 
I have been de-cluttering and dividing stuff into three piles-toss,sell,charity..I think that’s where this funny confusion came from 😀

So that was the dream.Now the sketch.Aadi loves drawing,sketching.At any given time,you’ll see with a notepad and she’ll be scribbling  drawing something.She was going through books after books.She used up all our printer papers.So,I was fed up..and asked her to show me what exactly was she drawing that she needed so many sheets of paper.And when she showed me,I was so impressed and proud of her!And the very next day,I went out and got her a BIG sketch book and a brand new set of sketch pens.These are some of her sketches.Her current obsession is the powerpuff girls and that shows 🙂

Please leave some words of encouragement for my budding little Artist 🙂

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How are babies made?

Ms.Aadya’s class had got some eggs and they were waiting for them to hatch. Everyday,she came home from school and talked about them.
“Mum,we are aiming for them to hatch on Wednesday”
“Mum,they will surely hatch tonight”
And finally the chickens hatched and we talked more about them..And then,she asked-“ are babies made?How are Human babies made?”
I took a deep breath,trying to figure out a no-fuss explanation fit for a 6 year old.
Now we’ve had the “Where do babies come from?” discussion many times..but “how are they made” gulp…
After a minute,that felt like forever,I cleared my throat,but before I could speak,she did..
“Oh I know how babies are made”At this time,I was starting to hyperventilate…she continued nonchalantly, “First you need to collect some twigs,for the bones and some leather for the skin,put it in a test-tube and add some chemicals.Then wait for your baby to get made”….

SD had also walked in the door and both of us just looked at each other and sighed with relief… BTW,I am pretty sure this theory comes from The PowerPuff Girls.
Yet again,Thanks to the PowerPuff girls,the Day is saved 😛

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Navratri tidbits :)

Every year, we do a family Aarti on all the 9 days of Navratri.We play the Aarti on youtube and sing along.Last year Anan was just content being held.This year is a whole new story.
Aadi loves the Aarti because it has her name in it. And Nanya screams Aadyaaaaaaaaa,as soon as she hears it.
Aadi knows all the words and sings along,but Nanya,well Nanya is Nanya-she stands in front of the mirror in that room and makes funny faces,screams,tries to blow-out the lamp, climbs up on Aadi and hugs her tight(I knoww..awwwwwww),asks us to pick her up.Yup,she is our energizer bunny..that doesn’t stop running.
I leave you a picture of my gorgeous girls from Navratri last year( I have no hopes of getting them dressed this year..gosh so much drama,at the mere mention of dress up 😦 )

Happy Navratri,everyone 🙂

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Girls and Boys…Day 21

My child is a girl now.I think going to school made her realize that girls and boys are different. I still look at all 5 yos as 5 yos..not as girls or boys.They speak the same language-use the same phrases,speak in the same tone,play the same games ,like the same things..well may be not!
Ms.Aadya loves Ben10 and Skylander Giants and Transformers and then,she likes her Barbies and Little Ponies and Strawberry Shortcakes as well.And she likes them equally..sometimes I get the feeling that she loves the action figures more.She has a friend A and when she meets him they plan crazy missions,run and chase imaginary baddies and all that jazz.A has a sister T and Aadi sometimes takes turns playing action heroes and playing house.But lately,she enjoys action heroes more and poor T is left all alone when her brother and his friend are running around like screaming banshees..I feel so bad for Ms.T,because she is such a sweetie!I promise this is going somewhere.
Anyway,every Wednesday Aadi gets to take something special to school for ‘share time’.She then has to tell her classmates about her special thing and she usually starts by saying- This is my **** and I really love it!! And every week,on Tuesday night she sits in her room and goes through her things.Her hands hover over the action figures,she has a little play with them and then picks up something else. Yesterday,she was confused about what to take and I asked her what her favorite toy was and she said ‘Bungle Bee'(Bumblebee from Transformers) I said why not just take HIM and she said no..then the girls will think I like only boy toys.I said no Bumblebee is not just a boy toy.I like him too.
Anyway,after a long discussion,she decided to take him to school. And just as she was leaving,she said,”Mum,should I just say at share time that I like girl toys and boy toys…what if the boys think I don’t like girl things and the girls think I only like boy things.”
SD and I both started together..Bumblebee is not just a boy toy..everyone likes it..she wasn’t I told her a girlie secret..I said,”You know what there are tonnes of girls that like Bumblebee and action heroes..some are brave enough to say it,some aren’t..What about you?”
And she said,”I am brave…”and happily took him to school.I guess all I was trying to tell her was if you like something don’t be embarrassed of your choice..Don’t be embarrassed of what you like..Don’t be embarrassed of who you are!
She came back and reported excitedly that girl A and girl R and girl T like Bumble Bee too and the boy A and boy G and boy J,let her join in their special Ninjas club and she is the pink Ninja because pink is her favorite color.
She is going to take her Skylander Giant figurine next time and her Little Pony figurine the week after..Knowing her she will change her mind at least 5 times before next Wednesday,but if after today my little girl,my baby, is a little more comfortable in her job here is done 🙂

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Catching up..

Yes,I can’t stay away from this space..and since this blog was started majorly as a baby blog,I will keep it as that.. and now with Ananya also in picture,there is a lot of fodder for baby/big kid updates:)
Its been 5 weeks to Ananya’s birth today and it seems like she has always been with us:) Aadya is still in love with her sister,though she does have her moments when she can’t understand why so much fuss is being made about a tiny person.. and then the very next moment,she is back to touching her and smothering her with kisses.
Everytime,Ananya cries,Aadya is up on her haunches..If I am not in the same room,she comes running to call me..if I am in the bathroom,she tries to pick her up…umm that is scary..SO,I have taken to leaving Ananya in her crib,if I go to the toilet. Showers happen only when Sanj is at home. Aadi tries to make funny faces to cheer up the baby and tries to give her the pacifier..mostly it works..Anzie (yes thats the name her daddy picked for her 🙂 ),mostly listens to her sister’s voice and calms down.
But when all else fails,then Aadya tells me..”Mumma,I think she needs a diaper change!! or may be you should feed her!”
The other day,I told her that since she already knows so much about Ananya,why doesn’t she learn how to change her diaper..and she gave me a shocked look..when I asked her what happenned,she said,”Ohh! but I just want to be her sister,not her mommy!”..Anyway,I told her,big sisters can change diapers too and they can still remain sisters..So,yesterday,she asked me to teach her how to change diapers..As luck would have it,that was a poopy diaper.I told her,she could try the next time..and you know what she said,”Awww,its OK mommy,I don’t mind changing her Poo-ey diaper..she is my sister and I love her SOOOOO much”..And she did it.. wiped her sister’s bum,put on a fresh diaper..without squirming even once! And she was ready to do it again and again!!!
Thank you,God- I hope their love grows ten-fold every passing day! I am writing this down,so that when they are older and at each other’s throats and I am wondering why I had two of them,then I can read this and remember why:)

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Happy 4th Birthday,Aadi!

My darling Aadi,
Happy birthday! Woww you are 4 today!!And for some reason,every few minutes my eyes well up…as I remember the ickle baby,who was placed in my arms,shortly before midnight on the 30th of march 2007.
You were born at 8:33 pm but it was more than 3 hours later,that I got to hold you.And just then,I knew,I was a changed person..My heart was forever lost to the little baby I held..:)
You have grown up so much in the last year,more so in the last few months..Your vocabulary is growing,your accent is changing and you are voicing your opinions even more than ever.Most of the times, you are the best company to hang out with.. except when you are tired or sleepy or just woken up.. and then you just don’t stop whining..that does have me near to tears most of the time.. but I have heard from my friends that your other 4 yo friends are no different.
You are the best mischief companion for both your daddy and me.. sometimes you team up with him and tease me.. both of you huddle on the couch,whispering naughties and then looking at me and pretend laughing.. on other times,you team up with me-especially when you want to wake up daddy…You nudge me,whisper,’Come lets tickle him;lets wake him up’ ..its the cutest thing ever.
You know,Baby, last year a little before you turned 3,you asked for a baby sister..yes you did… and all through most of the last year,you kept saying,that you know that your baby sister is in Mumma’s tummy. Every time you prayed,you asked for a baby sister and even when we went to Shirdi,you asked for a baby sister… And now,there is a baby in Mumma’s tummy… I am hoping its a sister for you..:) Coz you want a sister soo badly.. You fight with your daddy everytime,he says,may be it should be a boy…:)
Sweetheart, you are the best helper love hearing that..and you really are the best helper.You love working in the kitchen- you have graduated from empty bowls to scrapers..and peeling veggies,and even before I get a chance to cut the carrots or cucumbers,you have sampled them.
Baby,I know this year your life is going to change drastically- your much awaited baby will be here..Yes, you insist on calling it your baby..:) And you get mad if we call you a baby…but as I was saying,your much awaited baby will be here and things might get a little crazy.Mommy and Daddy might have unrealistic expectations from you or sometimes,you might have unreasonable demands.. but remember come what may,we love you..and will always love you a tad more,if not as much as the new baby… After all you are our first baby and will always remain so.
By the time,you read this,I am sure you will be 16 or so,chances are that mommy may not be your best friend..and you may not think,I am the best Mom as you do now, and so,I hope reading this,will tell you,just how much loved and cherished you are.Ohh but,sweetie,please don’t tell your bro/sis what I said about loving you more!!:)
I hope all your dreams come true..I hope you continue to be the smart,confident person you are..And I hope you continue to believe that mommy and daddy can do magic..

Love you with all my heart and more…

And I asked Daddy to write something for you.This is what he wanted to say:
Daughters are angels
Sent from above
To fill our heart
With unending love.
Happy 4th Birthday my baby,
Love Papa

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The naughtiest week..

This week has to go down in the history,where 3 year olds are concerned.Ms.Aadya has without a doubt been the naughtiest little girl on the planet,this last week.She has set a precedent..that her future sibling(s) will find hard to beat..By the time,she is all grown up,I’m pretty sure,I will just bat my eyelashes at whatever someone else’s kid has done,to scare the daylights out of them.
Lets start from Day1 of the week.Sunday evening,DH was watching the news,Aadi was playing around and I decided to take a bathroom break..I come out,DH is still watching TV and the house is silent..when Aadi is awake and the house is silent,its not a good sign..I found her in the ensuite bathroom,doing,what seemed like brushing her teeth.On closer observation,I discovered that she wasn’t brushing at all!She was actually guzzling down her toothpaste! It was tipped in her mouth and she was sucking at it,like a squeezy yogurt tube!! OMG!I took the toothpaste from her..rinsed her mouth,asked her,how much did she eat? And she tells me calmly,’No No I didn’t eat it..I drink it!’ Well,the tube was half full before,and after the said drinking it was almost empty.
I looked up online,didnt find anything,called two friends,they didnt know anything.Then,called the nurse,who asked me to call poison control.They asked me to give her some milk,because the Calcium,would absorb the excess of Flouride.And it was a good thing,that her toothpaste was a low-Flouride one.They said,to call back and bring her in,if she threw up.Thank fully,she didnt!
I kept the toothpaste on the microwave.
Monday,passed uneventfully..almost.She woke up from her nap and I was warming her milk,when someone came to the door.It was a salesperson.I came back,in 2 minutes!And guess what,in that time,she had managed to pull up a chair,to the microwave,got the paste down and was sitting and sucking it,AGAIN!!!I took the paste,threatened to take her to the hospital,for lots of tichus(injections) and that set her right.
Tuesday…was OK…the only thing that she wreaked was her cupboard..I went to her room,to get her night dress and saw that two whole shelves were empty and all the content was on the floor.
Wednesday-My purse got emptied..I had nearly $20 in change..and she put it all in her piggy bank..which didn’t have a back opening!!!
Thursday..was eventful from the start itself! So,we woke up together..mostly she lies in bed while I finish my morning,I had just closed the bathroom door and in less than 1 minute,she started screaming..hysterically.I freaked out,thinking,we had a break-in or something.The crying got worse.I came out to see her covered in my HERBAL face cream from India!I use it sparingly,to make it last longer.And here she is,face plastered with the said cream,lotsa of pink cream in her eyes,hands,hair..and she made quite a picture screaming..Mumma I am blind,I am blind… I wiped her face,hands,eyes etc..She smelled of the damn cream,even after a bath!
Then,around noon,I caught her with some tube..just in the nick of time! But what takes the cake was the evening bath.We put her in the tub..She plays,sings,one of us checks on her,every few minutes.DH checked on her and went back to check on her in 5-8 minutes.And he screamed-at her and yelled at me to come to the bathroom,right away.Guess what I saw???
The whole toilet paper roll was turned into a pulpy mush and was lying at the bottom of the tub!!The whole Darn toilet paper roll!!!! ugh…naturally we yelled and cleaned and yelled some more.She was told to go to bed right away..there were no stories nothing..
Thank God Friday is School day..Today started off late..I let her sleep in..but from there it when downwards..Even the smallest of things were enough to trigger off a tear-fest and we just about managed to get to school in time.The teacher ‘complained’ that she just doesnt sit on the mat,when all the kids are sitting down.When I asked Aadi,she told me that she kept running off and hiding..umm..I feel soo sad..I know I know its not a big deal..but coupled with the whole week..its like,she is suddenly so naughty..and I don’t know what to do about it. Don’t you dare say,”Howw Cute!!” Coz it sure is not cute,when your child’s teacher tells you that she doesn’t sit down and that you should keep reinforcing at home that she should sit and LISTEN!! 😦 😦
Anyway,the week is over,the weekend is here ..Hopefully,the next week will be better,as in there will be less naughtiness!
Have a good weekend you all!
P.S. Don’t forget to leave a comment on my Li’l Birdie Giveaway post .By now you must have noticed,that I am already replying to comments..Self restraint is not one of my best qualities:P

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June chatterbugs

For the lack of a better title..:)
Woww!! We are in the 6th month of 2010..technically half the year is over:)or is it?
I know last month,at the beginning of the month,I promised to announce a giveaway..I haven’t been able to do that.The month just zoomed by..Winter blues affect all of us..but,sadly,its affecting my little star too!
Every afternoon,at nap time,she fights..well,thats not new,but these days,the fights are different.Her voice has an edge to it…I asked her one day…whats wrong?don’t you want to sleep?She said,she wanted to …but she didn’t want her good day to go away! Awww..I knew it then:) It was the winter blues.She doesn’t like the darkness that falls,early evening.Every day,after she wakes up,from her nap..she frets..and whines and cries..”I dont want my good day to go away..I dont like night..I am scared.I want my good day back!”How do I bring her good-day back?
So,we have set a new winter routine..we are out in the mornings..almost every other morning we are out-from morning to noon…playgroup,story-time,play area at the mall and school!So,atleast 3-4 days in a week we spend the morning outside.Somedays I pack a lunch for her,some days,we come home and eat it.But all these going out,means my house work,my craft,everything takes a back seat!My oven is cold:( The day we dont go out,she is upset…but I need a break too!
Speaking of breaks,the one thing that NEVER takes a break is the Diva’s mouth..She is big chatterbox..her mouth opens before her eyes do,REALLY! And from that moment on,nonstop she talks-when I am walking,when we are eating,when she is in the toilet,when I am in the get the idea.
Oh about the toilets,she doesn’t need our help any more.She goes on her own and when she comes back,she tells me,”Mumma I went on my you say,Good job!” The only time she needs me,is when she is doing the big job,even then the talking doesn’t stop…”Mummmmaaaaa,I am doing potty..don’t come here and bother me..Mummaaaaaaa..come here,ek baat toh suno..When I finish I will call you..Mumma can you close the door,nahi toh,I will feel shy….blah blah blah..”I am telling you she doesn’t stop talking!
Today,I told her woww..Aadya,Its the first of June..and thats all she needed,she started”June..achcha,my Papa’s Bday comes in June and your birthday comes in February and my birthday is on March 30th and I am three!!” I said,hmm..And to that,I got told off,”Mumma dont talk like that..say it nicely,say very good Baby!”
God!this feels good..This meaning,blogging again!:) I feel so happy after writing..DH is sitting across from me and wants to know,whats making me smile..well its writing this post..anticipation of hearing from you:) There is so much I want to write and share..I hope I can write everything before I forget..
We have been “crafting” a lot.. at the playgroup sessions,during story time,in school and at home..I will share all the crafts,here this month.Now,about the giveaway,I am going to announce it tomorrow..and I think it is going to be something handmade!! so,don’t forget to check back tomorrow.And if you think,handmade is not your can say so too!
Hope you have all been good,sorry,I havent blog-hopped lately..will be over at your blogs,soon.
More later,my lovelies..

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Twinkle Star Aani

In our living room,on a table rest two photos-Photos of both pairs of Aadya’s grandparents.Until recently,she used to recognise everyone,but her Nani.In her mind,Nani is her aunt.Why Aani,I will tell you- when we were small,we watched a pakistani drama,about two girls,who used to call their aunt(masi)-Aani.After their parents death,they went on to live with her.The Aani,was so like our aunt and we wanted to call her Aani..but our suggestion was vetoed by mom..and we sulked.
When Aadi came along,instantly,both sis and I said,she will be Aani for Aadi…and thats what she is.Aani has tried to make her say Nani..but she just goes on to call her Aani..and its a fond word for us all.
So,back to the post..Nani for Aadya is Aani..and Aani is truly the best grandma ever..and she does all that my mom would have done for her..and sometimes she does even more than that..But,it used to break my heart,that she didn’t know her nani.
I asked her one day,’Do you know that is in the picture?’ She recognised her Nanu and asked me if that was Aani.Mom and aunt resemble each other.So,I told her,she is her mumma.She asked me,’is it Aani?’ I told her Aani is my masi and this Nani is my mumma.
She wanted to know where my mumma was..I told her she was at Jai-Jai Bappa’s house.Damn..why does it still hurt so much..?
Anyway,on the day of her b’day,we were going to the temple..and she wanted to know whats a temple and we said,its Jai-Jai Bappa’s home.Suddenly she was very excited..”WOWWWWW..I am going meet my Aani..Aani is going to pick me up..” We told her Aani is in Bombay..”No picture-wali Aani”,she insisted..”you told me,Aani is in Jai-Jai Bappa house..”
I had a lump the size of a golf ball in my throat.I no not the temple home,the real home,in the sky..
She wanted to know,how Aani can stay there..?We told her there was a big house for her there…Anyway,we got to the temple..attended the Aarti and we ready to leave.She refused to leave.She wanted to see her Aani..That was all I could take.I didn’t know what to answer her.DH picked her up and pointed to the sky..asked her to look for the brightest star..when she did,he told her thats your Aani.
“Really?? “,she asked excited.She then wanted Aani to come in her car..DH was so calm..he told her to look out the windshield and see the moon..when she did,he told her,Aani is right next to the moon and she will be waiting for us at home.
As soon as we got home,she got out of the car and looked at the sky..she was happy to see the moon and her Aani.She tells us,Twinkle star Aani comes to her at night and tells her to go to sleep and not trouble her mumma-papa.
Today we recieved her b’day gift from Nanu and Masi and Nanu also sent pictures of Aani..Since then,she has been excitedly showing her Twinkle star Aani to everyone on the phone and webcam..Life is good now.