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7 month update-Part I

Aadya turns 7 months old today and she is getting naughtier and naughtier and some more. She is constantly babbling now.Her favorite words are Papa..pa.babbaba,mammamma,naaa,nammana,gaah,kaaah.When I am rocking her to sleep,she is talking or babbling.Till a few weeks back,she would just be singing aaaaa. She knows who her Papa is –Every time we ask her -Where is Papa? She looks at him. If she is already looking at him,she points at him with a slight lift of her chin. Ask her Where is Mamma? and all you get is blank looks. So, guess who is walking around with a big head,these days?

Finally,she has figured out how to crawl forward and not backwards.She crawled forward for the first time on Saturday(Oct 27th) and since then she has been going forward. While crawling seems like lot of fun and she is now enjoying her new mobility,still when she has crawled enough and she is bored,guess who gets to build some muscles?Mamma!

As soon as Aadya spots Mamma,she stretches her arms and starts cooing ..no no correction,not just cooing,calling out to mamma. And all hell breaks loose if Mamma is late in picking her up.Most days,its so bad that this little Missy doesn’t want to sit down at all..Well,No,she does sit down,as long as I am sitting down with her. If I get up to grab a glass of water or something,the crying starts,complete with big fat tears rolling down the cheeks.

Her latest favorite toy is Mamma’s cell phone-that and anything and everything Mamma touches. Picture this-Aadya sitting on her play mat,playing with some random toy.Seeing her busy,Mamma sneaks off to get her book and a bottle of water. Suddenly Aadya looks up,sees her leaving and starts screaming. Mamma grabs the nearest empty bottle of water(yeah we have lots of bottles) and throws it on the play-mat. Aadya leaves the random toy and grabs the bottle. Mamma comes back and sits down with her bottle and book.Now Aadya wants the book..so she scrambles over,climbs all over mamma,trying to grab the book.Mamma keeps the book aside,distracts Aadya with her toys.Attention diverted,Mamma drinks some water-Now Aadya wants the bottle…and so it continues!

Aadya think “No” is a joke.All Mamma has to say is No! and Aadya starts giggling.If Mamma gets angry,Aadya giggles more! Now,every time Papa calls,Aadya has to talk to him. And all his questions are answered with a beautiful chuckle and big smiles.If he could see those,he would be working from home all days.Masi’s web-calls are also happily answered now..big smiles and lots of babbling.

This month has been really eventful and there are so many new skills that Aadya has learnt and mastered. And there are so many naughty things that I have to share with you,that this update will run into a second part. For now,I will just say-

Happy 7th Month,Baby! Love you!

To be continued