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17 months and counting….

Can you believe it?? In another month,my baby girl would be one and a half years old.Aadya turned 17 months young,over the weekend I completely forgot about the 16 month post..and so,this one has to be written.Co-incidentally,Aadya was sick on both her 16 month and 17th month birthday.My poor baby has fever since yesterday and her cold and cough doesn’t seem to be going away.

She has evolved so much in these last two months.She is getting more and more communicative.She knows how to effectively use pointing and words. If she wants something,she drags us by the hand, and points at the thing that she wants. If she wants to watch TV, she points at it.That’s another story,that she turns it off,when we are watching it and not paying attention to her. She knows that her favorite song,Lakdi ki kathi can be watched on the computer,so she points at the computer,when she wants to listen to that. She points at the fridge when she wants milk or fruit. If she wants milk,she brings her sippy cup to us!

And she is trying to say so many words.Whatever you say,she has to repeat it or try to repeat it. She is a big copy-cat. She is seen walking around,with the phone propped between her shoulder and neck.Obviously,why not? That is how mamma holds the phone! The keys on the keyboard have to be typed at furiously..not slowly,not one by one.Her fingers even imitate mine. The food is to be eaten with a spoon or fork. She waits patiently for the spoon if I forget to give it to her.

And the funniest is when she tries to laugh. Its so cute.When we are laughing,she crinkles up her nose and pretends to laugh.And she always has to have the last laugh!!She won’t quit till the last person has stopped laughing!

She likes to choose her own clothes.So,I lay out two outfits for her and let her pick one. She things she has done something great and happily lets me dress her.If she doesn’t like what she is wearing,she just takes it off. No one told me how your work increases ten fold,when your child learns to undress herself.And God!how she hates her diapers. She just doesn’t want to keep it on.The moment she pees,she takes it off and gives it to me. In a way its good.I know she is ready to be Potty trained..but, with this move and everything else that goes with it,I don’t want to start potty training her. Anyway,she now,points at the bathroom and wants me to take off her diaper,when she wants to pee,which is another sign that she is ready!

This last month,has been great for the father-daughter duo. Aadi is getting more and more attached to her dad. Earlier,she would play with him,but when it was time to sleep or if she was hungry,she needed only mumma. But now, sometimes,she goes to her Papa. And falls asleep as soon as he picks her up. And on some days,I spend so much time, putting her down for a nap,all he has to do is pick her up!and she puts her head on his shoulder and dozes off in 5 minutes.Bedtimes are also incomplete without Papa.She keeps looking out for him,till he doesn’t come and join us .

She loves to gently touch our faces with her hands.Its so amazing,feeling that soft little hand on our faces. At other times,the meltdowns continue.We are kind of able to recognise the signs now, and many meltdowns have been successfully averted. Though there are some that still can’t be helped. Like today, she didn’t want to put on her diaper and her Papa just put it on her,forcefully. And she got upset and she cried and cried..flinging her body..not listening..just crying. I think she was tired and not well. He took her out,I walked with her,then showed her the magic of flicking switches and making everything bright.That cheered her up.

In these 17 months, she has grown so much(knock on the wood),changed so much,from the little baby,we brought home.This change is amazing. I don’t know what else to say..But leave you with this

17 day old wonder

17 month old monkey


10 thoughts on “17 months and counting….

  1. Awww …. hope she’s feeling better now.So sweet – she loves lakdi ki kaathi 🙂 One of my alltime favs, that one 🙂


  2. :Dawwww!! Happy 17th Angel!! aren’t you getting cuter by the minute! reading your blog is like knowing what to exoect next with Cubby! :Dcheers!abhaps: since you have comment moderation on, why not do away with word verification and save our eyes?! 😀


  3. Oh this made for such a wonderful read!Aadya is such a cutie!I am looking forward to meeting her (and of course you and Sanj!! 😉 ) again!


  4. aw, cutie. it’s crazy how similar noo and adi’s development is in some things. noo’s taken to getting stubborn about what she wants to wear as well. and thank God, she can only take off her shirt, not her pants/skirts yet! and dude, looks like your little one is definitely ready for potty training. i just got the potty training checklist from babycentre. checked it out?


  5. WM- Awww..sweetie, We are going to miss you too :)Gauri- She is ok..but she has those rough days. And Lakdi ki kathi my fav too!Abha- Done away with the letter verification.:)I love Lucy- looking forward to seeing u guys too..before we leave.Neera- YEs.. isnt it amazing.. seems like u just blinked and they are all grown up.MJ- 🙂 thanks..:)Suki- 🙂 Mona- yes they are so similar na.. and MM’s beanie!!funny they are all 15 days apart!!I havent read the list.can u send it to me..pleaseeeeeee?SWATI- Thank YOU! I am honored!Swati-


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