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No 30th of February?

So,we celebrated Aadya’s last monthly birthday before she turns 1 on March 1st.We took her shopping for some new spring summer clothes and then lunch at Panera Breads , one of my favorite places during my pregnancies..It was also our favorite weekend jaunt,specially on a cold winter evening..the hot and scrumptious soups,they serve are such a huge dose of TLC.

And Aadya loved the place and the food.She chomped on some smoked chicken,while chatting,ten to a dozen with all the people on the neighbouring tables.This nice young lady,was sitting at a table by the window,reading a book,eating her salad, and Aadya took a particular liking for her.She kept calling her,talking gibberish! She was sweet enough to smile and respond every single time,and even told us,to not worry about it,when we apologised,for the disturbance.

So, 11 month old Aadya is a complete chatter-box..she talks all the time..trying out new words.2 days back,she heard DH say A-MAZING! and she repeated,quickly-A-MAE-Ding..shocked,we tried to get her to say it again..but she wouldn’t..she just kept giggling every time we said it..Today she saw me answer the phone, and immediately put her hand to the ear and tried to say heyle(hello).Another new word she tried was bathroom–came out something like bathingum..and she kept repeating it again and again.Basically,if she likes the sound of a word,she tries to say it.
Aadya loves walking..And with this new found mobility,she wants to play the game of catch with us,all the time.If she is sitting and playing,and you walk up to her,a mischievous smile lights up her face,she sticks her tongue out and dashes off… runs, crawls..whatever comes first to her mind.
The pincer grasp has been practiced and perfected and she can pick up even the smallest of bits of food and other things that-you-are-not-supposed-eat-baby and feed herself.While she is at it,she also tries to feed us. But,the devil that she is..she feeds her dad,properly..when it comes to me,she brings the food up to my lips,as soon as I open my mouth,she shoves the food in her OWN mouth and giggles!Shhhh stop laughing,you! its not funny!
What is funny is,watching her expression when she catches you laughing at her.So, picture this,Aadya rolling around on the divaan and suddenly,she falls.Its a low divaan..and she is shocked or nonchalant depending on her mood.So,you start laughing.By now,Aadya who is back to her rolling fun,will stop and scold you in baby babble! Sometimes,in an attempt to scare her,I stare at her..and she stares right back at me!and it is so cute and funny that more often than not,I burst out laughing.
And she now knows,what/where her eyes are! Ask her where her eyes are and she says a eye,and blinks.And also,the little diva now points to the part of the body that is hurt.And expects it to be kissed.She holds her bottle with both her hands now..:) getting independent. Ohh and she picks a thing of the day..a spoon,an empty medicine bottle,a pen,something,that she has hold tightly in her hand and holds on to it all day long.Even taking it to bed with her! It is so cute,watching her…she doesn’t let go of her “Thing of the day” even when she is crying!LOL and should she drop it when she is sleepy,she promptly starts looking for it,when she wakes up!

Last few days,Aadya has a bad cold and so again her appetite is gone completely.This is her fourth cold since our India trip.My only concern is,her weight loss.Last time,she had a cold,she lost over 1 pound and even her doctor was concerned and we had to get some lab work done for her.Thankfully,everything was fine and she just had some kind of throat infection. This time again,she just refuses to eat anything..I haven’t been able to coax more than two spoonfuls of anything.She is not even interested in tasting our food.That reminds me,she hates baby food now.She just sticks her tongue out,as soon as I put any baby food in her mouth,almost spitting out whatever is in her mouth.So,we started giving her table food.
Anyway, for now,I really want her to start eating again.The only thing she has eaten in the last 3 days is bananas and 1-2 finger food cookies.Other than that,she has had just breast-milk or formula. The nurse at her doctor’s office asked us to come in on Monday if she is still not eating.I have my fingers crossed and am hoping,she starts eating soon..because ,I am really running out of options,as to what to feed her.
Here’s hoping she gets her appetite back over the weekend..


4 thoughts on “No 30th of February?

  1. aww trish, i hope aadya gets better soon and strats eating again!she sounds like a total delight πŸ™‚ i love that she’s got this mischevious streak, it’s so endearing isn’t it?!it’s going to a be a year soon for both our girls, can you believe it?!


  2. Mona- yes she is mischievious!It still seems surreal that these babies are actually here!!And not Inside!Solitaire-WelcomeAP- πŸ™‚ she is better now..:)still not eating much though.


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