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27 months of Nanya

Nanya turns 27 mo today.My little toddler is turning into a big kid,so quickly..much too quickly for my liking. She is talking full sentences now..”Mumma what are you eating?”
“Mumma,Nanya scared of monster” “I didn’t do it,Aadu did” “Mumma,Aadu/papa hurt me Nanya leg/hand”-This one when Papa/Aadu even so much as touch her.
“Mumma…Papa kissie me!” she complains about her papa giving her a kiss!
She calls herself-Me Nanya,now! So cute. And tells me even the littlest thing. Now her smiles and morning cuddles are reserved only for mumma..and mumma is not complaining-Didi and Papa are. 
When the mood strikes her,she calls Aadya,’Didi'(big sister),otherwise,Aadu! She wants to do,everything that Aadu does.When they are eating dinner(the only meal they eat together)- If Aadi asks for seconds,she wants seconds too..doesn’t matter if her plate is full!

She is my little helper.When I measure out rice to cook for dinner,she wants to help measure it,no matter how busy she is..
Her new found love is blocks.She can spend a long time stacking blocks.Either that or scribbing and coloring or dawing as she calls it.She loves dawing(drawing) so much that she has scribbled on all the walls in the house and I got in trouble with our real estate agent.Another favorite activity is playing tea-parties.Anytime I take her to work..of all the toys there,she reaches for one of the many tea-sets on the shelf. Bath-times are fun too,because she gets to make her tea even in the bath.
Nanya was my non-fussy eater..but now she is starting to tell me..”Mumma Nanya me no like it!” She is Ms.Indepedent,insisting on doing everything herself.Sometimes,Aadi tells me to feed her,but not Nanya..:(
While I miss out on babying her at meal times,she makes up for it,almost every other waking moment.She looks for me and follows me wherever I go. Today it was raining,so at school drop off,we all went to the school and then SD stayed in the car with her,while I went to drop Aadi to her class.When I came back,this little monkey was screaming her lungs out,refusing to listen to reason,just crying her little eyes out-for mumma,Aadu and the umbrella!! I came back..gave her a hug..she sulked and asked for the umbrella and insisting on holding the wet umbrella,all the way home.We drove off and as we got away from the school and closer to home her,crying got louder.For Aadu! She wanted Aadu go home,Aadu back.
What more can I say about my Nanya,except that she is my energizer bunny,that doesn’t stop running.She just doesn’t stop.period.
She is the light and noise of our loving,totally adorable and fiercely possessive about her people… I’ll stop talking and leave you with some pics of my monkey that doesn’t stop moving 😛
There she is eating her Strawberries- Bend,pick one,take a bite and twist!
1243653_539451986103368_440358389_o (1)
Playing with her sister- Aadi is not a morning person and this cheeky monkey was trying to tease her,so she reacts!!
And this is a classic..Nanya trying to do a headstand!

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Nanya-speak and more…

Six and a half years ago,when I first started this blog,it was my only voice.I could come here and write about my deepest,darkest feelings.Over the years,I have gone through several writers’ blocks..but not one of them has been as bad as this one. I finally figured it out why..I have started using facebook as a blog..Every little thing that happens,ends up on facebook..the instant comments are addictive!LOL!
Honestly,I started writing this post 3 days back and still haven’t finished it.But then,when I have some time on hand,I like to read my old posts and after one such reading,I realized that I have missed writing about so many of Anan’s milestones and cute activities. I have missed out on writing about conversations with Aadi..And as if this continues,I’ll have literally no written memories of these two years.So,I have penciled in ‘blogging time’ in my day,every single day…a time when I will just do,what I love the most-writing my thoughts out.I’ll turn off facebook and the cellphone(I can access FB from the mobile too).
Anyway,speaking of Ananya,she turned 2 years and 2 months and 2 weeks today. LOL!I didn’t plan to blog today,but its just a happy co-incidence.So my favorite toddler,Anan,ofcourse,calls herself “Nanya” and speaks in Third person about herself- “Nanya no like it”,”Nanya crying”,”Nanya wants chai-coco”.Chai-coco is Nanya-speak for chocolate milk.
I finally weaned her off,two months before her second birthday,but we still struggled to get her to drink cow’s milk.And she starting getting sick- extreme colds,coughs and diarrhea. The cold and cough turned into ear-infection and a repeat ear-infection but the diarrhea didn’t stop,even after the mandatory wait of two weeks after the antibiotics were finished.She lost so much weight and completely went off food. Then,we found out that she was lactose intolerant. So now for about 2 months ( since August first week) we’ve been giving her Lactose free milk.And she loves it.There were no dramas at all about drinking the new milk.And she knows that she cannot drink the other milk. It makes me happy and breaks my heart at the same time,that she is so little,yet she knows.If I am distracted and pick up the wrong milk jar,she yells,”No Mumma,Nanya Want Nanya chai”..And thankfully the diarrhea has disappeared too.
Nanya loves her Aadu..she does.This morning,she was sleeping,when SD dropped Aadi at school.After she woke up,we were getting ready to go out,I dressed her up and she started looking for Aadya and wouldn’t believe me when I told her Aadi was at school.Its heartwarming seeing them hug each other,after school.And it is frustrating,when they fight over the smallest of things.
We had Spring break last 2 weeks and every single day,they would both wake up at 6:30am..EVERY single day of the vacation.And today,the first day of school,I woke up Aadi at 7:45am and she she complained about not getting enough sleep and as for Nanya,I had to wake her up at 9:00 am,because we were getting late for our appointment!LOL
Anyway,its time to go pick up,I better stop..will be back with another post,tomorrow 🙂

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16 month letter..Day 29

Hiii Ananya,
Sorry,Hii Naanna,you are 16 months old young now!Whenever we call you Ananya,you correct us and say,Naanna..:)
Something’s definitely changed.Almost overnight you have grown up..your face is changing,you are cutting your 3rd bottom tooth and you have a big girl look about yourself.There I said it! you are turning into a toddler! you have turned into a toddler.You want to walk everywhere.When I pick you up,you give me a hug and wiggle out of my arms. If you know a place,you don’t want to hold hands..So,its very very tiring taking you to Didi’s school and Coles! You are not even scared of the crowds!
You now know how to throw tantrums and let me tell you darling,you beat your sister hands down! If I thought her twos were terrible..I am dreading to think what yours will be like. You have already had 2 major public meltdowns in the last 3 days..OMG! Nanhi,you have a temper and you have even thrown a fit in the pool! the pool!!All I wanted to do was put the dolphin back in its basket,just like ALL other tots were doing,but NO! you decided that Mumma did a bad thing and had to punish her by throwing a body flinging tantrum in the pool!! Let me just tell you,kiddo-it may have been amusing for everyone else,but I wasn’t impressed!

You are fear-less..I can’t get over that bit..You climbed up on Mumma’s exercise bike,in less than 10 secs..both Mumma& Papa had our hearts in our mouths,but you couldn’t care less.You climb up on your cars,just to get a better view of the TV!You have learned to balance on the push-along walker,to get a glimpse of your ‘babies’-Magic and Sparkle!
You are saying more and more words..Your latest words are- ‘More’,Gandee(Dirty!),Guna(=Gunda=Naughty brat),gimme,dedo(give me!) aaja-aaja(come) aaowie aaga ( ouwie laga-got hurt!) Naaanuuu(you pick up the phone a thousand times during the day and say,NAanu!!),Daadu,Dadi,Khaega!
First thing you do,when you wake up is look for your plate-there are two plates that have to always stay in the bedrooms- a purple one in mumma bedroom and a steel one in yours and didi’s. And the moment you wake up-in the morning or from a nap,you pick up your plate and say Khaega! LOL!
Something’s changed in the last few days-you have started moving around on the bed..I wake up in the middle of the night,panicking,looking for you,only to find you sleeping near my tummy,bum in the air..or there are times,when I have been woken up you,snuggling up close to me..:) you are not that sticking-to-mumma sleeper anymore..and that just makes me want to hold you closer.
You are going longer and longer between feeds.You enjoy your food and drinks but still come to me every few hours saying ‘This gimme’.You follow your sister everywhere and have to copy EVERYTHING that she does.
You are a cutie,Ms.Anan..but you are very cheeky.When we pretend to ‘tell off’ you or your sister,you take it very seriously and personally.Up goes that little finger and your mouth is set in firm lines and YOU tell us off..and then walk off,turn around,scold some more and then stomp off!Its hilarious!
Can’t believe it that this time last year,you were just an itty-bitty cuddle bum!
Ummmmaaaaaaaaah,my laddu!
Love you loads,

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One Month already…

Can you believe it?Babykins is already a month old young! The last whole month went by in a blink… It was one crazy crazy month..what with family visiting;adjusting to having the tiny person outside me,instead of inside me;Dealing with Babushka’s meltdowns;sleepless nights,round the clock feeding..and the works.
I took Babykins for her 4 weeks check up yesterday.. and she seems to be doing well..She has gained the right weight and gotten taller.She is cooing,holding her neck up,turning her head to voices and noises..and trust me,the noises around her are plenty!The little munchkin surprised us by rolling from her back to tummy on her 17th day..(knock on the wood now!!!) and I passed it on as fluke.. but she did it again over the next few days a couple more times..:)
And then she rolled over from her tummy to her back a couple times..I don’t know if its fluke or what:P She loves being on her tummy and as soon as we put her on her tummy,she starts kicking with her legs…and Babushka caught the excitement in my voice when I excitedly told SD,”Look she is trying to hold her head up,take a picture,take a picture”…and since then,everytime,Babykins,tries to hold her head up,she gets excited and claps and reminds us to take pictures:D
The initial few days,when there were so many people at home,everytime I held Babykins,she would stop crying..but if she was nursing,and I talked to her,she would look away or just close her eyes..and I wondered if she even knows me.. or loves me..(yeah yeah I knoww..really stupid to think like that…!) And then slowly as time went by,she looks at me,when I talk,or when she is nursing,she looks back at me..and coos back too.I have been blessed with some smiles too..:)
I have so much more to write.. but so little time..I haven’t slept in two days and two nights.. and I should really have a shut-eye.. More soon 🙂
Much Love

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17 months and counting….

Can you believe it?? In another month,my baby girl would be one and a half years old.Aadya turned 17 months young,over the weekend I completely forgot about the 16 month post..and so,this one has to be written.Co-incidentally,Aadya was sick on both her 16 month and 17th month birthday.My poor baby has fever since yesterday and her cold and cough doesn’t seem to be going away.

She has evolved so much in these last two months.She is getting more and more communicative.She knows how to effectively use pointing and words. If she wants something,she drags us by the hand, and points at the thing that she wants. If she wants to watch TV, she points at it.That’s another story,that she turns it off,when we are watching it and not paying attention to her. She knows that her favorite song,Lakdi ki kathi can be watched on the computer,so she points at the computer,when she wants to listen to that. She points at the fridge when she wants milk or fruit. If she wants milk,she brings her sippy cup to us!

And she is trying to say so many words.Whatever you say,she has to repeat it or try to repeat it. She is a big copy-cat. She is seen walking around,with the phone propped between her shoulder and neck.Obviously,why not? That is how mamma holds the phone! The keys on the keyboard have to be typed at furiously..not slowly,not one by one.Her fingers even imitate mine. The food is to be eaten with a spoon or fork. She waits patiently for the spoon if I forget to give it to her.

And the funniest is when she tries to laugh. Its so cute.When we are laughing,she crinkles up her nose and pretends to laugh.And she always has to have the last laugh!!She won’t quit till the last person has stopped laughing!

She likes to choose her own clothes.So,I lay out two outfits for her and let her pick one. She things she has done something great and happily lets me dress her.If she doesn’t like what she is wearing,she just takes it off. No one told me how your work increases ten fold,when your child learns to undress herself.And God!how she hates her diapers. She just doesn’t want to keep it on.The moment she pees,she takes it off and gives it to me. In a way its good.I know she is ready to be Potty trained..but, with this move and everything else that goes with it,I don’t want to start potty training her. Anyway,she now,points at the bathroom and wants me to take off her diaper,when she wants to pee,which is another sign that she is ready!

This last month,has been great for the father-daughter duo. Aadi is getting more and more attached to her dad. Earlier,she would play with him,but when it was time to sleep or if she was hungry,she needed only mumma. But now, sometimes,she goes to her Papa. And falls asleep as soon as he picks her up. And on some days,I spend so much time, putting her down for a nap,all he has to do is pick her up!and she puts her head on his shoulder and dozes off in 5 minutes.Bedtimes are also incomplete without Papa.She keeps looking out for him,till he doesn’t come and join us .

She loves to gently touch our faces with her hands.Its so amazing,feeling that soft little hand on our faces. At other times,the meltdowns continue.We are kind of able to recognise the signs now, and many meltdowns have been successfully averted. Though there are some that still can’t be helped. Like today, she didn’t want to put on her diaper and her Papa just put it on her,forcefully. And she got upset and she cried and cried..flinging her body..not listening..just crying. I think she was tired and not well. He took her out,I walked with her,then showed her the magic of flicking switches and making everything bright.That cheered her up.

In these 17 months, she has grown so much(knock on the wood),changed so much,from the little baby,we brought home.This change is amazing. I don’t know what else to say..But leave you with this

17 day old wonder

17 month old monkey

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15 month letter

Darling Aadi,
You turned 15 month old on the 30th of June and I still haven’t been able to write to you,to congratulate you for this milestone.Well, you know why right?Let me tell you,again. Its because,you have taken a fancy for the keyboard,which turns into a strange dislike,as soon as you see Mamma using it.
You start pulling the mouse, pulling the keyboard and if nothing else works,you know where the magic button is.The one that makes the screen go blank(the sleep button) and every time You want my attention,you just go and hit it..I wonder how you figured that one out.
I can’t believe it one year back, you were a tiny 3 month old, who was beginning to love tummy time. You would coo the moment we entered the room and whine,if we left you alone.Now, you just follow us around everywhere.
You are so expressive now. You know evenings are a time for your “Cheez” snack and you tell me cheez and go wait by the fridge. When you want something you just point at it and expect us to give that to you.I am amazed at how you decide when you want milk and when water or juice.You just love hanging out in the fridge literally..The moment I open the refrigerator door,you leave whatever it is that you are playing with and come running to stand inside the open door.I think you like the cool air. On one such time,you picked up the juice can. And kept following me around with it,till I didn’t pour some out for you.
Aadi, you really know your mind and your memory is getting stronger. If I say I am going to give you cheez and give you fruit instead,you don’t like it. If I take away something from your hands,and you spot it later,you grab it at the first opportunity. You remember what you were playing with last,before going down for your nap,or before bed time.As soon as you wake up, you go to the exact spot,where you were playing last and pick it. You current favorite toy is your MP3 player.You love listening to the songs it plays over and over again.
Of course your other two loved toys are Angie and Dolly and mamma will write about them soon.
But, Aadi what is the deal with all these tantrums? You get so angry,if I say No to you..You get so upset,you want to scratch whatever is in front of you-my hand, my face, my dress..whatever. I asked your doctor on your 15 month check up and she said,its because you may be frustrated, about me not understanding what you want to say. I wish I could understand all that you try to say..because God knows,I am trying. I ask you questions..Do you want this? do you want that? Do you want to do this? and I think that makes you upset and impatient too.
Don’t worry little one,we’ll get there..when,you will be able to say what you want,and I will be able to understand it..because,I know you are trying to say a lot.
The newer words that you have said are- Understand!! What? wan thisss .Nonu..There are so many,I can’t even remember now…but you are talking a lot..and when I say a lot ,i mean A LOT!
You want to eat everything yourself now with a spoon.When you get tired of playing with the spoon you just drop it and dig in with your hands,or call me. It is so sweet the way you call sweet,so clear,”Mamma” And you keep calling me,till I don’t appear in front of you. You call your Papa,Aba or Ama depending on your mood..and when he isn’t looking..or when you feel very affectionate,you call him”Papaaa” very sweetly.
Another sweet thing you do us kissies..we ask you for one and you give it to us.. with a loud Umaaah sound. 🙂 And sometimes when we are in bed,and you between us,you take turns kissing us..which just makes us so so happy.
These days your reactions around your papa,keep changing all the time..when I am around,you are happy and playful around him..but when I step out or disappear from your line of sight,you just start crying..I know its a cry for attention..Don’t worry we’ll get that one sorted out.
Oh and before I forget,you love your new shoes.In fact you love them so much that you want to wear them,as soon as you wake up. And sweetie, whats the new fixation with walking around top-less? You just don’t like wearing any shirt or top specially in the afternoons..its a funny site,seeing you walk around,with your pants/shorts/diapers and new pink shoes..but no top/shirt!
And little one,its about time you started sleeping through the night,don’t you think? Every night without fail,you wake up at 3.00 AM and crawl into our bed..And hug me tight. Which is nice and cozy..but sweetie,I would like to sleep peacefully,without worrying about crushing you. So think about it ,OK?
I think I will stop here..but before I go,I just want to tell you, how much I love you,how much your papa loves you..And though we may yell at you for throwing tantrums..when you cry,we hurt too. You are really our Sunshine..The only Sunshine.
Love you baby-girl.
Oh,and I forgot to write- You have been sporting those cute ear-rings now for one whole year..yes ma’am..We got your ear’s pierced on JULY 4th,2007.So,’ve been a good girl!

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No 30th of February?

So,we celebrated Aadya’s last monthly birthday before she turns 1 on March 1st.We took her shopping for some new spring summer clothes and then lunch at Panera Breads , one of my favorite places during my pregnancies..It was also our favorite weekend jaunt,specially on a cold winter evening..the hot and scrumptious soups,they serve are such a huge dose of TLC.

And Aadya loved the place and the food.She chomped on some smoked chicken,while chatting,ten to a dozen with all the people on the neighbouring tables.This nice young lady,was sitting at a table by the window,reading a book,eating her salad, and Aadya took a particular liking for her.She kept calling her,talking gibberish! She was sweet enough to smile and respond every single time,and even told us,to not worry about it,when we apologised,for the disturbance.

So, 11 month old Aadya is a complete chatter-box..she talks all the time..trying out new words.2 days back,she heard DH say A-MAZING! and she repeated,quickly-A-MAE-Ding..shocked,we tried to get her to say it again..but she wouldn’t..she just kept giggling every time we said it..Today she saw me answer the phone, and immediately put her hand to the ear and tried to say heyle(hello).Another new word she tried was bathroom–came out something like bathingum..and she kept repeating it again and again.Basically,if she likes the sound of a word,she tries to say it.
Aadya loves walking..And with this new found mobility,she wants to play the game of catch with us,all the time.If she is sitting and playing,and you walk up to her,a mischievous smile lights up her face,she sticks her tongue out and dashes off… runs, crawls..whatever comes first to her mind.
The pincer grasp has been practiced and perfected and she can pick up even the smallest of bits of food and other things that-you-are-not-supposed-eat-baby and feed herself.While she is at it,she also tries to feed us. But,the devil that she is..she feeds her dad,properly..when it comes to me,she brings the food up to my lips,as soon as I open my mouth,she shoves the food in her OWN mouth and giggles!Shhhh stop laughing,you! its not funny!
What is funny is,watching her expression when she catches you laughing at her.So, picture this,Aadya rolling around on the divaan and suddenly,she falls.Its a low divaan..and she is shocked or nonchalant depending on her mood.So,you start laughing.By now,Aadya who is back to her rolling fun,will stop and scold you in baby babble! Sometimes,in an attempt to scare her,I stare at her..and she stares right back at me!and it is so cute and funny that more often than not,I burst out laughing.
And she now knows,what/where her eyes are! Ask her where her eyes are and she says a eye,and blinks.And also,the little diva now points to the part of the body that is hurt.And expects it to be kissed.She holds her bottle with both her hands now..:) getting independent. Ohh and she picks a thing of the day..a spoon,an empty medicine bottle,a pen,something,that she has hold tightly in her hand and holds on to it all day long.Even taking it to bed with her! It is so cute,watching her…she doesn’t let go of her “Thing of the day” even when she is crying!LOL and should she drop it when she is sleepy,she promptly starts looking for it,when she wakes up!

Last few days,Aadya has a bad cold and so again her appetite is gone completely.This is her fourth cold since our India trip.My only concern is,her weight loss.Last time,she had a cold,she lost over 1 pound and even her doctor was concerned and we had to get some lab work done for her.Thankfully,everything was fine and she just had some kind of throat infection. This time again,she just refuses to eat anything..I haven’t been able to coax more than two spoonfuls of anything.She is not even interested in tasting our food.That reminds me,she hates baby food now.She just sticks her tongue out,as soon as I put any baby food in her mouth,almost spitting out whatever is in her mouth.So,we started giving her table food.
Anyway, for now,I really want her to start eating again.The only thing she has eaten in the last 3 days is bananas and 1-2 finger food cookies.Other than that,she has had just breast-milk or formula. The nurse at her doctor’s office asked us to come in on Monday if she is still not eating.I have my fingers crossed and am hoping,she starts eating soon..because ,I am really running out of options,as to what to feed her.
Here’s hoping she gets her appetite back over the weekend..

Monthly updates

9 and 10 month update


Its been long overdue.. and now,I should get my act together and get more regular here.I can’t believe it next month we will be celebrating her first birthday!!(Knock on the wood)-so what if its the end of next month..its still next month!

So, my baby girl is a little over 10 months now..and Boy! she is all over the place! She is cruising around holding furniture or even using our legs as support. Slowly she is taking bolder footsteps.And I saw her take 2-3 independant steps too. This time it was DH’s turn to get mad.. “Why can’t you keep the video camera handy?”

The day Aadya turned 9 months old,was fairly uneventful,compared to her other monthly birthdays..we were in India,jetlagged and MIL was in one of her moods,so we just spent most of the day sleeping! 9 months,Aadya developed a particular fondness for lifting anything,and the heavier the better! She has a ball -its heavy,basically to help a baby crawl and learn small things like animal sounds etc…it has all sorts of music coming out of it..but you give it to Aadya to play with and all she wants to do is lift it -like a powerlifter and then drop it! Dhumm! and it doesnt matter if its not heavy.. a cushion left on the carpet.. meets the same fate-lift and drop and she doesnt get tired of the routine!

On Jan 11th,I was getting her ready for bed and was cleaning her face and mouth and I felt something sharp in her mouth..My initial reaction was one of disbelief! but I felt it again..and Lo! my baby had her first pearly white! And she refused to let anyone peek into her if she was particularly fond of someone,they could put a clean finger in her mouth and feel it.:) Masi,Aani,Mumma,Papa and Nanu were the lucky ones!Dadu too after a bit of coaxing. Now, the little doll,proudly flashes,two lower incisors.

Jan 19th,we were in for another surprise.Aadya surprised us by climbing up two flights of stairs rather effortlesslessly.Till now,she never had any reason to be around stairs,but my dad’s house is duplex and so there are stairs inside the house. He even managed to put baby gates there,before we reached.Thanx Dad! Here I have to tell you that his initial plan was to block her path with lots of cushions..Yeah right! like thats going to stop her. After a few conversations with us,he changed his mind. But by the time I reached him place,I had forgotten about it.I mean that was the least of my anyway,I caught her clumsily following the dog up the stairs,one or two times and promptly stopped her. But,that day,she was surrounded by her aunts and uncle..all ready to spoil her and one of her aunts was sitting on the stairs ..watching her..This little imp,climbed up happily…around 12 steps in 2 minutes..and not waiting to rest,climbed up the next set in less than 2 minutes! Ohh the amount of hugs and cheering she recieved that day and the look on her face- marvellous-she was so proud of herself!!Needless to say,DH and I were walking around proudly for the next two days!

Now,she is getting very good with cruising. A little before 9 months,she started holding onto furniture and taking a few steps sideways.Around that time,she was also practising standing up alone-without support.Everyone was so surprised to see her stand up by herself. Now,she loves standing up so much,that she hardly wants to sit down,unless ofcourse she is found something to keep herself busy- a glossy magazine or the day’s newspaper.I mean after all it is serious business to tear paper and then chomp it down!

That or playing Harry Potter or should I say Hermione Granger? Give her a pen or pencil and watch her wave her magic is so much fun!

Anyway,she is getting better with cruising and its so much fun to watch her make her way almost anywhere..and I also have to keep my eyes peeled on her all the time!

On our way back from Shirdi,she started saying bye-wave and all and a soft bye or baah. We were just dropping off my aunt at her place and suddenly,the little missy did this,breaking everyone’s hearts into teeny-tiny bits.

Her favorite words are Gundu Singh and Mastikhor( naughty one).Say either one and you hear peals of laughter..Oh! the baby giggles,so pure,so cute and infectious!

She has learned to finger feed herself and so,every evening,I give her some finger food-fruit puffs or tiny pieces of fruit or chicken nuggets and she has so much fun picking each tiny bit and putting it in her mouth!And I get time to just enjoy my tea or get some cooking done. She also knows that if she is strapped into the high-chair,she is going to get her mumm-her food and as soon as she sees water,she has to have her mum-mum!So clear and distinct! one or two times I told her “Mumma is giving you mum-mum and gave her something to eat and she was really surprised,looking out for her sippy cup! She also wants to taste anything and everything that we eat.I kid you not-She has to taste whatever is on my plate..even if she is full and has refused spoonfuls of her own food.So, every once in a while I give her adult food and she is happy. Her favorites are french fries,macroni and cheese,daal-rice,chapati.[J-monster,stay away..PLEASE!]

On her 10th month birthday, we were again very jet-lagged but this little imp,decided to have her own celebration..She woke up at 4 and refused to go back to bed. I nursed her,still she wanted to play- by around 6 I gave up and fed her some cereal, and then the little missy was fresh and ready to go on with her business..She tried to pull the drawer below the oven,get on the dish washer,pulled down all the CDs and was yank off the DVD player! Hey! I was still jet-lagged and sleepy! Its like she knew that she is turning a month older and so her mischief should increase 10 folds too!

Life is so much fun and something is always happenning with this little monkey around. The 9 months of pregnancy were such a drag,even if filled with excitement and anticipation..but these last 9-10 months just flew by.Sometimes I feel,I just blinked and my newborn is ready to be a toddler!

I still have so much more to write,so much reading to catch up on all my favorite blogs and have so many emails to answer..but these days,Aadya seems to think the computer is her sworn enemy.As soon as I sit at the computer desk,she starts whining.No! I am not kidding and she wont quit till I dont stop doing whatever I am at the time.So,I may be a lurker for sometime and may also be slow in posting and replying to your comments..but keep coming over :).It sure is a pleasure to hear from you 🙂

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8 months and counting

Aadya turned 8 months old on November 30th. Boy,the last month has been busy busy..Busy for me ,because the In laws were here for Diwali-busy for Aadya because she has too keep thinking of new mischiefs to get into!Its like her mind is constantly thinking- hmm OK so I finished tearing up this paper,may be I should pull myself up to a standing position … hmm and while I am at it,why not pull the cushion down..OK the cushion is down on the floor now to throw it..OK OK I know you got what I am trying to say!
I knew you wouldn’t believe me,so i video-taped it, but got carried away in my motherly love and forgot to stop recording,the video is now more than 5 minutes long and I cant upload it anywhere.Any ideas where I can upload it?

So, this little baby is a full fledged cruiser now.She happily cruises around the place,following me from room to room. Well,she is not very happy about me leaving the room.Yes,separation anxiety has kicked in and so,as long as I am sitting around,being a couch potato,she is happy playing, by herself. She does sneak glances at me,but she is pretty much playing alone.But the movement I get up, she starts following me at full speed and then demands to be picked up.And if I don’t pick her up,then the crying starts. But one good thing is she understands “Come”.So,if I don’t pick her up and tell her,”Come,come to Mamma,baby” ,she happily comes..crawling on all fours!
She has been trying to stand up,without support and now manages to balance herself for a good minute or so. And all she wants to do is stand.She never stops practicing,she tries,she falls,she tries again and again and then succeeds and smiles..if we are not looking even calls out to us..screams to attract attention,is more like it.We have so much to learn from these babies,na?She loves holding the furniture and moving sideways or holding her crib and moving forward.

And every now and then she goes on a scavenger hunt..finding the tiniest piece of biscuit or paper and pops it in her mouth.How does she find’em when my glasses adorned eyes and heavy duty vacuum cleaner miss’em?Beats me!Speaking of popping in her mouth,I wonder why only trash finds its way to her mouth, and why not the baby biscuits.Give her a baby rusk or some baby munchies and they are either crushed to a fine powder with fingers or thrown around like that’s what they are for! Give her a piece of chapati instead and at least she tries to bite it,holding it with both the hands like a squirrel..cute!

Since we are talking about food ,let me tell you about meal times. Meal times are just getting messier each day. Aadya wants to help herself now,the big independent girl that she is.She wants to dip her hand in the food,hold her spoon herself.She is now slurping solids and 3-4 times a day with fruits and vegetables(mashed or pureed).But,its not as happily eaten as before.Some well-meaning friend asked me if Aadya was eating well..and I opened my big mouth and told her how well she was eating.”Aha!”,thought the J monster,”Time for me to appear,in Aadyaland“. And appear he did! Since that day, every meal time is a disaster! 3 spoonfuls are taken in happily,then Aadya gets busy looking down,I think scanning her tray for any dust,”Shoni,baby please,1 more..1 more baby” manages to get in another 3-4 spoons And then starts the crying,which just wont stop till she is not out of her booster seat on to my lap. The next few spoonfuls are partaken seating on mamma’s lap, trying to fling royal self backwards,banging her head, more crying,trying to grab the bowl,getting mad about not being able to touch it.. Ohh J-monster, go away! Give me my baby back!

Same is the case at Dudu-time. Slightest of sound and it has to be inspected by Inspector Aadya,satisfied she turns back to take a sip but not before cocking her head to make sure the sound has stopped really! And dare mamma get tired of all this and close shop, another crying is in order!So, in short major part of our day is spent in extended meal-times! Not a bad deal,any pending chore is easily accounted for-Oh I was taking care of the baby! 😀

And last but not the least,sleep! I reading somewhere that as you baby is growing, she will want to sleep less and I thought,oh no! she is my daughter,she will love sleep as much as I do.Well, she loves her sleep but sleeps only when she wants to! So,I put her to bed at around 8.30 and she is up at 9.30,10,10.30,11.00 ..and so on till we don’t go to bed.And she claims her rightful place between us. So, the crib we loving chose, spent so many hours browsing the Internet,looking for reviews,and checked out so many stores,is lying unused for most part of the day!Yes, Co-sleeping is in!And some days she decides that the only place to sleep in is mommy’s arms.I know partly teething is to blame.All you mommies with babies-Tharini,AP,MM,Shobana,and everyone else, who I am not writing because I really want to finish this post tonite, help me out!All ideas are welcome.

Well there’s more-(This post is not all complains).Now some fun bits-

Aadya loves sitting under the dining table and playing and that’s her favorite place so far.Every time I see her sitting there,playing with her plastic spoons n bulb syringe ( LOL) yes the bulb syringe is the most favorite toy these days,I fall in love with her all over again.

As soon as she wakes up,she starts crawling. it is such a cute sight- my cutie pie, eyes still closed crawling calling out mimi..awww that’s it,I just have to pick her up n hug her.. how can I not?wouldn’t you?

Aadya knows what BYE means. So,she goes and hides somewhere,I call out to her,she doesn’t come.Tell her bye Aadya, mamma is going and she comes ambling out! All smiles that she didn’t let mamma go. And also,now she knows that when Papa leaves in the morning,when she is still sleepy,its ok.But when he is going somewhere after he comes back,then OK. She has to go with him.

Cuddling after dudu-no more.Now, as soon as she finishes her job,she wants to be put down,so she can crawl and stand and practice standing alone. Ohh ,my baby is growing up!

We are already in the last month of 2007 and to think, first 3 months of 2007,before Aadya’s birth seemed indefinitely long.
8 months and counting…..

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7 month update-Part II

I stopped writing yesterday,because the post was getting too long and I really wanted to post it before I got called away for midnight feeding duty. But there is still so much more,that I have to share.

For starters,Aadya pulled herself to a kneeling position on Sunday,October 28th.I made a mental note,to never leave her in the crib with the railing down. DH was busy taking pictures and little Missy fell down. But this time, the railing was already up and she couldn’t get up! Ha Ha I thought to myself,I can still keep her in the crib,with the railing up. And just then,very effortlessly, she grabbed the railing and stood up.. Just like that!! And since then, No leaving her sitting in the crib!

OK, Now, haven’t I told you how Aadya has this tradition of achieving milestones-big or small, around and ON the day of her monthly birthday? So, how could she disappoint us this month.And before you read further,I have to tell you-Blinking is strictly not allowed in Aadyaland. Why, you ask? Well, because I looked away for 2 minutes and my daughter sat up!!! Yes!! She was lying down and the next minute I see her sitting up! Now how cool is that! Yesterday,I put Aadya on the floor- I reorganised the furniture on Monday,so that she has all the space to crawl! There are still some pieces missing,once the living room is completely set up,I will post pictures. So,not digressing..Aadya was on the floor,crawling..exploring and enjoying her new found mobility. I was happy and was finishing up some work,in the dining area. DH came home and I took that moment to turn on the computer. And I check on Aadya and what do I see-She is sitting up!! I asked DH..did you help her..DH,keeping up with the Halloween spirit, says,yeah I am a ghost with long stretching arms. Well he did have a point – he was standing at the far far end,watching her. Wish he had grabbed the Handy cam! So, she had managed to do it all on her own. “On Her Own”reminds me of Parul -Girl you are so funny!

Speaking of funny,Aadya is no less. She loves to pat everything these days. Yeah, I know they all do. Read on- I had just finished nursing Aadya and was just buttoning up and suddenly grubby little hand goes pat-pat. yeah she patted my boobs. I looked at her and she looked up at me and grinned broadly,patted again as if to say “good job”! Mad Momma,here’s your chance to get even !

“Good Job” and “Good Girl” are two phrases that make Aadya very happy. Sometimes,saying that makes her open her mouth wide and so,I can put in the next spoonful of her cereal. So far, she doesn’t like anything tangy-so, baby foods-apple&peach are out. Now, we tried peach first and she didn’t like it.The next thing we tried was squash.Both of these are yellow in color. And she recognises that. So, she just doesn’t open her mouth for the first spoonful.Then slowly I put a little dash on her lips,she licks it and then decides OK this is not that yucky thing.. so I can eat it! And when she likes something,every spoonful is answered by a happy ummmmmmmmmmmm. If she doesn’t like something,it gets spat back!

And how can I forget the hugs and kisses-there is no dearth of those here in Aadyaland.In fact we are baby-handled so often,that at at given time,atleast one of us is walking with tousled hair. Oh and guess what is the new safety object? Mamma’s hair-conveniently cut,just the right length for Aadya to grab at.Now, When she is crying, when she is cuddling,when she wakes up, when she is sleepy.. the first thing that that light hand reaches for is Mamma’s hair. Though when the play gets rough,its a pain, but it does make me feel happy secretly!There is so much more I wanted to write,but now I cant seem to keep my thoughts together and will stop here.

So, you can see it has been an interesting month..Pictures will follow shortly..:)