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9 and 10 month update


Its been long overdue.. and now,I should get my act together and get more regular here.I can’t believe it next month we will be celebrating her first birthday!!(Knock on the wood)-so what if its the end of next month..its still next month!

So, my baby girl is a little over 10 months now..and Boy! she is all over the place! She is cruising around holding furniture or even using our legs as support. Slowly she is taking bolder footsteps.And I saw her take 2-3 independant steps too. This time it was DH’s turn to get mad.. “Why can’t you keep the video camera handy?”

The day Aadya turned 9 months old,was fairly uneventful,compared to her other monthly birthdays..we were in India,jetlagged and MIL was in one of her moods,so we just spent most of the day sleeping! 9 months,Aadya developed a particular fondness for lifting anything,and the heavier the better! She has a ball -its heavy,basically to help a baby crawl and learn small things like animal sounds etc…it has all sorts of music coming out of it..but you give it to Aadya to play with and all she wants to do is lift it -like a powerlifter and then drop it! Dhumm! and it doesnt matter if its not heavy.. a cushion left on the carpet.. meets the same fate-lift and drop and she doesnt get tired of the routine!

On Jan 11th,I was getting her ready for bed and was cleaning her face and mouth and I felt something sharp in her mouth..My initial reaction was one of disbelief! but I felt it again..and Lo! my baby had her first pearly white! And she refused to let anyone peek into her if she was particularly fond of someone,they could put a clean finger in her mouth and feel it.:) Masi,Aani,Mumma,Papa and Nanu were the lucky ones!Dadu too after a bit of coaxing. Now, the little doll,proudly flashes,two lower incisors.

Jan 19th,we were in for another surprise.Aadya surprised us by climbing up two flights of stairs rather effortlesslessly.Till now,she never had any reason to be around stairs,but my dad’s house is duplex and so there are stairs inside the house. He even managed to put baby gates there,before we reached.Thanx Dad! Here I have to tell you that his initial plan was to block her path with lots of cushions..Yeah right! like thats going to stop her. After a few conversations with us,he changed his mind. But by the time I reached him place,I had forgotten about it.I mean that was the least of my anyway,I caught her clumsily following the dog up the stairs,one or two times and promptly stopped her. But,that day,she was surrounded by her aunts and uncle..all ready to spoil her and one of her aunts was sitting on the stairs ..watching her..This little imp,climbed up happily…around 12 steps in 2 minutes..and not waiting to rest,climbed up the next set in less than 2 minutes! Ohh the amount of hugs and cheering she recieved that day and the look on her face- marvellous-she was so proud of herself!!Needless to say,DH and I were walking around proudly for the next two days!

Now,she is getting very good with cruising. A little before 9 months,she started holding onto furniture and taking a few steps sideways.Around that time,she was also practising standing up alone-without support.Everyone was so surprised to see her stand up by herself. Now,she loves standing up so much,that she hardly wants to sit down,unless ofcourse she is found something to keep herself busy- a glossy magazine or the day’s newspaper.I mean after all it is serious business to tear paper and then chomp it down!

That or playing Harry Potter or should I say Hermione Granger? Give her a pen or pencil and watch her wave her magic is so much fun!

Anyway,she is getting better with cruising and its so much fun to watch her make her way almost anywhere..and I also have to keep my eyes peeled on her all the time!

On our way back from Shirdi,she started saying bye-wave and all and a soft bye or baah. We were just dropping off my aunt at her place and suddenly,the little missy did this,breaking everyone’s hearts into teeny-tiny bits.

Her favorite words are Gundu Singh and Mastikhor( naughty one).Say either one and you hear peals of laughter..Oh! the baby giggles,so pure,so cute and infectious!

She has learned to finger feed herself and so,every evening,I give her some finger food-fruit puffs or tiny pieces of fruit or chicken nuggets and she has so much fun picking each tiny bit and putting it in her mouth!And I get time to just enjoy my tea or get some cooking done. She also knows that if she is strapped into the high-chair,she is going to get her mumm-her food and as soon as she sees water,she has to have her mum-mum!So clear and distinct! one or two times I told her “Mumma is giving you mum-mum and gave her something to eat and she was really surprised,looking out for her sippy cup! She also wants to taste anything and everything that we eat.I kid you not-She has to taste whatever is on my plate..even if she is full and has refused spoonfuls of her own food.So, every once in a while I give her adult food and she is happy. Her favorites are french fries,macroni and cheese,daal-rice,chapati.[J-monster,stay away..PLEASE!]

On her 10th month birthday, we were again very jet-lagged but this little imp,decided to have her own celebration..She woke up at 4 and refused to go back to bed. I nursed her,still she wanted to play- by around 6 I gave up and fed her some cereal, and then the little missy was fresh and ready to go on with her business..She tried to pull the drawer below the oven,get on the dish washer,pulled down all the CDs and was yank off the DVD player! Hey! I was still jet-lagged and sleepy! Its like she knew that she is turning a month older and so her mischief should increase 10 folds too!

Life is so much fun and something is always happenning with this little monkey around. The 9 months of pregnancy were such a drag,even if filled with excitement and anticipation..but these last 9-10 months just flew by.Sometimes I feel,I just blinked and my newborn is ready to be a toddler!

I still have so much more to write,so much reading to catch up on all my favorite blogs and have so many emails to answer..but these days,Aadya seems to think the computer is her sworn enemy.As soon as I sit at the computer desk,she starts whining.No! I am not kidding and she wont quit till I dont stop doing whatever I am at the time.So,I may be a lurker for sometime and may also be slow in posting and replying to your comments..but keep coming over :).It sure is a pleasure to hear from you 🙂


8 thoughts on “9 and 10 month update

  1. Congrats Aadya on all your milestones…you seem to be a mischief maker from your mom’s words. Climbing stairs, pulling down things….well, all you babies are the same….aren’t you?


  2. Timepass-Thanx:) Still planning for the 1st birthday-though open to suggestions:) any ideas?Asha-Hi! Yes..time sure flies..And thanx for reminding me about the birthstory.I need to write a proper detailed one before I forget the details.Shobana-Aadya says Thanx aunty..and yes,we babies have our own special mischief classes(its a secret..not for mommies to know!)Rayshma-Sorry girlie,havent been able to call..any super ideas about her birthday?will post pics soon.~nm- yes,they are fun,hai na? Will take up the tag soon!


  3. Infant stages are so much fun…and from age one onwards it is a completely different and really interesting phase for the parents…because they communicate that much more…respond so much – you are going to go through so many new joys! Congratulations on all her milestones…turning one! Wow – it must feel so good for you too right?


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