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27 months of Nanya

Nanya turns 27 mo today.My little toddler is turning into a big kid,so quickly..much too quickly for my liking. She is talking full sentences now..”Mumma what are you eating?”
“Mumma,Nanya scared of monster” “I didn’t do it,Aadu did” “Mumma,Aadu/papa hurt me Nanya leg/hand”-This one when Papa/Aadu even so much as touch her.
“Mumma…Papa kissie me!” she complains about her papa giving her a kiss!
She calls herself-Me Nanya,now! So cute. And tells me even the littlest thing. Now her smiles and morning cuddles are reserved only for mumma..and mumma is not complaining-Didi and Papa are. 
When the mood strikes her,she calls Aadya,’Didi'(big sister),otherwise,Aadu! She wants to do,everything that Aadu does.When they are eating dinner(the only meal they eat together)- If Aadi asks for seconds,she wants seconds too..doesn’t matter if her plate is full!

She is my little helper.When I measure out rice to cook for dinner,she wants to help measure it,no matter how busy she is..
Her new found love is blocks.She can spend a long time stacking blocks.Either that or scribbing and coloring or dawing as she calls it.She loves dawing(drawing) so much that she has scribbled on all the walls in the house and I got in trouble with our real estate agent.Another favorite activity is playing tea-parties.Anytime I take her to work..of all the toys there,she reaches for one of the many tea-sets on the shelf. Bath-times are fun too,because she gets to make her tea even in the bath.
Nanya was my non-fussy eater..but now she is starting to tell me..”Mumma Nanya me no like it!” She is Ms.Indepedent,insisting on doing everything herself.Sometimes,Aadi tells me to feed her,but not Nanya..:(
While I miss out on babying her at meal times,she makes up for it,almost every other waking moment.She looks for me and follows me wherever I go. Today it was raining,so at school drop off,we all went to the school and then SD stayed in the car with her,while I went to drop Aadi to her class.When I came back,this little monkey was screaming her lungs out,refusing to listen to reason,just crying her little eyes out-for mumma,Aadu and the umbrella!! I came back..gave her a hug..she sulked and asked for the umbrella and insisting on holding the wet umbrella,all the way home.We drove off and as we got away from the school and closer to home her,crying got louder.For Aadu! She wanted Aadu go home,Aadu back.
What more can I say about my Nanya,except that she is my energizer bunny,that doesn’t stop running.She just doesn’t stop.period.
She is the light and noise of our loving,totally adorable and fiercely possessive about her people… I’ll stop talking and leave you with some pics of my monkey that doesn’t stop moving 😛
There she is eating her Strawberries- Bend,pick one,take a bite and twist!
1243653_539451986103368_440358389_o (1)
Playing with her sister- Aadi is not a morning person and this cheeky monkey was trying to tease her,so she reacts!!
And this is a classic..Nanya trying to do a headstand!

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First Flight!

Ms.Ananya went on the plane for the first time,when we flew to Brisbane!
Both SD and I were quite nervous,this being our virgin flight as parents of two…we were both nervous but had no game plan to always we decided to play it by the ear.
Co-incidentally it was also the day my cheeky monkey turned 14 mo.That reminds me I should do a monthly update- so much to write on that front!We celebrated the turning  14 months with coffee and cake in the Quantas lounge At the airport..Aadya was so excited and her spirits rubbed on all of us:)
Ananya was her usual animated self..but after a while,she started getting tired..we took turns walking around the airport with her.Did I mention that the flight was delayed? By the time they called our flight,Ananya was just about to fall asleep.When we got on the flight,she was woke up,ready to check out her new surroundings.
Take off and landing was pretty smooth…I nursed her both the times and she slept through most of the flight..I even managed to watch a movie!!She woke up,as if right on cue,just when the stewardess served,us our meals.

Aadya watched cartoons on Her screen and was really good.It was so cute to see her concentrating on the safety instructions!!!

I noticed one thing,though..unlike most times,when I take the flight to go to India,this time was stress-free.I think more because I wasn’t worried about the luggage weights,connecting flights and also because I wasn’t running around like crazy to finish everything.This was a good kind of travel.:)
It’s been over a week but I can still remember Aadya’s excitement,Ananya’s animated babbles,my own anticipation,SD’s smiles as fresh as the day:)
I am so glad Ananya’s first flight was a good one !I leave you with a pic of my newbie and seasoned flyers…

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OMG baby crossed another milestone..yesterday afternoon and I still can’t get over it.
Yesterday when Aadi woke up from her nap,we had this conversation-
Aadi-‘Mamma,I fall’..
Me-‘No baby,you didn’t were sleeping’
Aadi-‘No Mamma,I fall pani mein'[I fell in the water]
Me-‘Really?Then what happenned?’
Aadi-‘Then Baba liya mujhe Godi..I scared'[then Baba picked me up..I was scared]

And with those words,my little darling,shared her dream with me.I still can’t over it that she told me what she dreamt about!!!I still can’t get over it!

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Baby’s day Out

Or was it Mummy’s?Like I mentioned in my last post,I found a day care for Aadya,one which both of us liked

and one which we could afford as well.All the day cares we visited so far,were way too expensive –AUD75 per day and mandatory 2 days per week..We decided to try it,but then decided against it. Then,this place,that we loved, started occasional care,once a week from 9AM to 3PM. And the rates were a steal!And we decided to try it.When I took  to get Aadya the form,she didn’t want to come back.

The big Day was Friday and I prepped her all week,so much that by Thursday she was pretend playing,”Mummy going Daycare,pick me later,Mezplaying with little girls,No little Boys!” No little boys??HUH,why?Time to have a talk with the over-protective DAD!

So on Friday,S and I woke up earlier than usual..its another thing,that we hardly got any sleep,the previous night.We got ready,fought the urge to chicken out and and woke up Aadya,got her ready, fed her breakfast and we were on our way. We asked Aadya if she wanted to bring any toys with her and she chose her big ride-on car.[Note to self- Next time,don’t ask,just bring whatever you like.] A Mini-tantrum there,successfullyaverted,when S reminded her about a ride in the new car.

At the day-care- she waved to Papa with the proudly announcing,”Papa,Me Daycare jaa rahe” Papa visibly crumbling,hugged her tight and waved bye,rushing out.Me?..well me being me,had a tough time saying g’bye.This was the first time ever, I was going to leave her with someone else and go away.Of course,there was that one time in the gym,when,I left her with the sitter and sat outside for all of 10 minutes,before going back and picking her up.

The center director,was very nice.She told me to stay for as long as I wanted.Since the center opens early,at 6.30 am,at least one security personnel is around,till all the staff comes in.The security officer,took one look at Aadya and assured me she would be just fine.Yeah right,my can she be just fine,when mamma is not around?

Anyway,we went to her room and Aadya was so excited to see,all the little girls and Also little boys.Phew.And she went on to explore,completely forgetting me.She checked the toys,while I spoke to the carers,answering their questions about Aadya and her habits,all the while,keeping an eye out on her. She was busy making friends,sharing toys,and doing a quick head check to see if I was still around.When she got busy,making wooden rockets with other kids and crawling through tunnels,I told her,I was going to Coles,to get some groceries.She threw her toys and was ready to go with me. I waited a little longer.Then,it was time for outdoor play,and I slipped out.Her carer,Crystal assured me that she would call me,if Aadi was upset.

I went outside and sat on the bench and all I did was blink and tears started flowing.I called up S,who just tried to tease me,supposedly to lighten my mood.His logic being,Pip was his daughter too and he wasn’t crying. But,he left her every single day to go to work,right?I was the one who had her attached to the hip for the last two years..all the time.EVEN on my days off..umm wait,Moms don’t get days off. That brought on fresh tears.God!I had never felt so alone.And to make matters worse,I heard Aadya crying.I could almost see the tears streaming down her pretty face.

It took every ounce of self-restraint to walk away from there.I called up my friend Pooja,next.This girl has been my support system,all through my journey of pregnancy and motherhood.We call each other first before looking at baby books or Google.I poured my heart out to her,she listened,saying the right things.It cheered me up a little.And S sent an sms,to go and get that hair-cut :)The guy is weird,but may be that’s why I love him so much.

Anyway,I booked my haircut and walked around aimlessly,my heart breaking into a thousand pieces,every time I saw a mom with her baby.Every time I saw a toddler throwing a tantrum,I found myself smiling fondly.I am sure,I looked like some crazy freaky woman,waiting to grab those adorable kids.Soon,haircut was done with..and then I felt like a freak with a new hair cut.

I am so used to pushing the pram,every time,I go out that,I felt like one of my limbs was missing.Every time,I went to a shop with Aadya ,I wished,someone else would entertain her for some time,then,why was it so difficult for me to enjoy my shopping trip?I tried knitting then,but it wasn’t much fun,without Aadya tugging at the yarn! I must have checked my phone a thousand times.Slowly the clock ticked and it was 2.15 .That was all I could take.I walked slowly to the day care.The elevator took forever to come down and finally I was there.

I stood outside Aadya’s room for 2 minutes,watching her.It was story time.When the story got over,I went inside.Crystal told her,she saw me,and said Hi..then after a pause,Mummy.And then,she hugged me and asked me if I had been to the gym.I said yes.And before I could ask her more,I felt,someone tugging at my coat.A pair of beautiful green eyes,were looking up at me,hands raised for a hug.I hugged the little boy then,there were others.Crystal told me that they loved giving hugs to whichever parent entered the room.Aadi walked around,telling her New friends,”MY MUMMY”.

When I asked how she was,Crystal said,she didn’t cry at all.She said,most kids cry at least once during their first day.But she was AWESOME!She fit in like she had been going there forever.Only she didn’t talk much. We waved byes to Crystal and Jenny and the other carers and left. Aadya wanted to go back there,again TUMARU*. On the way back,she talked non-stop,telling me all about her day,about cutting paper,coloring,cutting hair(they pretended to run a hair-salon),story,playing on the slide and so on.

We have been saying good nights to Crystal and all the little girls,for the last 3 nights.

Sigh,my little girl has crossed another milestone.And one thing is clear..I need her MORE than she needs me.

Love you Princess-Mamma&Papa are so proud of our little Big girl.

TUMARU– Aadya-speak for tomorrow.

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15 month letter

Darling Aadi,
You turned 15 month old on the 30th of June and I still haven’t been able to write to you,to congratulate you for this milestone.Well, you know why right?Let me tell you,again. Its because,you have taken a fancy for the keyboard,which turns into a strange dislike,as soon as you see Mamma using it.
You start pulling the mouse, pulling the keyboard and if nothing else works,you know where the magic button is.The one that makes the screen go blank(the sleep button) and every time You want my attention,you just go and hit it..I wonder how you figured that one out.
I can’t believe it one year back, you were a tiny 3 month old, who was beginning to love tummy time. You would coo the moment we entered the room and whine,if we left you alone.Now, you just follow us around everywhere.
You are so expressive now. You know evenings are a time for your “Cheez” snack and you tell me cheez and go wait by the fridge. When you want something you just point at it and expect us to give that to you.I am amazed at how you decide when you want milk and when water or juice.You just love hanging out in the fridge literally..The moment I open the refrigerator door,you leave whatever it is that you are playing with and come running to stand inside the open door.I think you like the cool air. On one such time,you picked up the juice can. And kept following me around with it,till I didn’t pour some out for you.
Aadi, you really know your mind and your memory is getting stronger. If I say I am going to give you cheez and give you fruit instead,you don’t like it. If I take away something from your hands,and you spot it later,you grab it at the first opportunity. You remember what you were playing with last,before going down for your nap,or before bed time.As soon as you wake up, you go to the exact spot,where you were playing last and pick it. You current favorite toy is your MP3 player.You love listening to the songs it plays over and over again.
Of course your other two loved toys are Angie and Dolly and mamma will write about them soon.
But, Aadi what is the deal with all these tantrums? You get so angry,if I say No to you..You get so upset,you want to scratch whatever is in front of you-my hand, my face, my dress..whatever. I asked your doctor on your 15 month check up and she said,its because you may be frustrated, about me not understanding what you want to say. I wish I could understand all that you try to say..because God knows,I am trying. I ask you questions..Do you want this? do you want that? Do you want to do this? and I think that makes you upset and impatient too.
Don’t worry little one,we’ll get there..when,you will be able to say what you want,and I will be able to understand it..because,I know you are trying to say a lot.
The newer words that you have said are- Understand!! What? wan thisss .Nonu..There are so many,I can’t even remember now…but you are talking a lot..and when I say a lot ,i mean A LOT!
You want to eat everything yourself now with a spoon.When you get tired of playing with the spoon you just drop it and dig in with your hands,or call me. It is so sweet the way you call sweet,so clear,”Mamma” And you keep calling me,till I don’t appear in front of you. You call your Papa,Aba or Ama depending on your mood..and when he isn’t looking..or when you feel very affectionate,you call him”Papaaa” very sweetly.
Another sweet thing you do us kissies..we ask you for one and you give it to us.. with a loud Umaaah sound. 🙂 And sometimes when we are in bed,and you between us,you take turns kissing us..which just makes us so so happy.
These days your reactions around your papa,keep changing all the time..when I am around,you are happy and playful around him..but when I step out or disappear from your line of sight,you just start crying..I know its a cry for attention..Don’t worry we’ll get that one sorted out.
Oh and before I forget,you love your new shoes.In fact you love them so much that you want to wear them,as soon as you wake up. And sweetie, whats the new fixation with walking around top-less? You just don’t like wearing any shirt or top specially in the afternoons..its a funny site,seeing you walk around,with your pants/shorts/diapers and new pink shoes..but no top/shirt!
And little one,its about time you started sleeping through the night,don’t you think? Every night without fail,you wake up at 3.00 AM and crawl into our bed..And hug me tight. Which is nice and cozy..but sweetie,I would like to sleep peacefully,without worrying about crushing you. So think about it ,OK?
I think I will stop here..but before I go,I just want to tell you, how much I love you,how much your papa loves you..And though we may yell at you for throwing tantrums..when you cry,we hurt too. You are really our Sunshine..The only Sunshine.
Love you baby-girl.
Oh,and I forgot to write- You have been sporting those cute ear-rings now for one whole year..yes ma’am..We got your ear’s pierced on JULY 4th,2007.So,’ve been a good girl!

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New home,new name?

We are changing apartments,next week. This present apartment was just a stop-gap,and thank God for that ,because this place is horrible.
To say the least,we have had pest control come in every other week for the last 5 months. The water is so bad that we are actually happy when they turn off the water and that I must tell you they do very regularly.They leave us notes telling us that water supply will be turned off on Monday from 9 to 5 and they forget to turn it off and very promptly turn it off the next day or the day after. On other days, as soon as you turn on the tap, the first thing to hit the sink or tub is lots and lots of dirt..they have been telling us,that its the old pipes.. Thankfully,it settles after letting the water run for the first 5-10 minutes,but that means I need to scrub the tub a lot longer than I normally would and the water in the kitchen taps is clean…or atleast it looks clean.We haven’t risked drinking or using it for cooking-we have been buying gallons and gallons of water.
I have been so sick and low,since we moved in here.
Why did we move in here?Well,that’s a long story.. involving an incomplete lease and a lot of money.Yeah..Yeah.. I know..that’s why we are moving.
So, we are more than happy to move this time. We’ll be getting the keys on Tuesday,which incidentally,is my birthday!The new apartment is really nice and spacious and even the apartment complex is really clean,and what I like best is the attached garage,kind of gives it a more house-like feel. Hopefully,the new home will bring us happier times and healthier living.

And now about the new name-
My Sunshine turns 1 year old february 27th.I mean,My Sunshine,the blog. And I love the name.Its like a part of me.But I am not so crazy about the url.
menmysunshine??A friend pointed it out and now,whenever I look at it,it seems like men my sunshine..ewww!!So,I think its time to change the url.May be move to wordpress..or stay here on blogger- blogger is getting really slow and almost every single time that I post,atleast one feature is not working..Anywho,that I can decide later..but for now,I need to change the url.But I can’t decide which one.So,I created a me decide.
Thanx in advance..hoping to hear from some of you..


And she walks!

Yes! She did it!
Today at 8.25pm, our little angel,took those first tiny steps,unsteadily,as we cheered on.It was all in a slow motion,I am replaying the scene in my mind again and again. DH picked her up and I hugged her.Aadya was so excited with all the sudden excitement!
Since then,she has been practicing walking again and again. I can’t believe it,my little baby is almost a toddler!
God Bless you,Little one!