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Aadya’s Rainbow Party

Ms.Aadya is  besotted with My Little Pony and especially the pony Rainbow Dash,to the extent that she wants me to rename her Rainbow*rolling eyes* No chance of that happening..but for her 6th birthday,we threw her Rainbow themed party.I will let the pics do the talking.. 

The first thing I made was-this Rainbow Tutu for Ms.A to wear for the party.

I was sick most of the time and didn’t really plan anything elaborate..but I was adamant about doing up the party table..What?It is the best part of a party!:)
The party was at 2 PM but considering we have a toddler and an enthu-cutlet 6 yo in the equation,I decided to do up the basic set up the previous night. SD helped..I couldn’t have done it alone,the state I was in..Plus,when he takes interest,the fun doubles up!


This is after the food was loaded on the table. The only thing missing in the picture is the hot food..I might have gone a little over-board with the lollies but really they were so colorful..and in sync with the theme 🙂 So,we served- Fresh fruit,pop-corn in individual cups,chips,cupcakes,Marshmallows dotted with m&m’s and for hot food,we had- spring rolls,mini-samosas,spinach ricotta pies,chicken dumplings and mini-pizzas.


I put up a status on FB saying ranting how I was sick and heart-broken about not being able to make Aadya’s cake and a friend sweetly offered to bake cupcakes for me..These cupcakes are a labor of her love.I say labor of love,because she baked the first batch and they were not soft enough..so she went ahead and baked another batch. Its the kind of thing,I would do for someone else in a heart-beat..but I have never come across another person,who’d done that for me..so I was even more touched..:)


Rainbows on the wall.. this corridor is really bare and I couldn’t just leave it as it is..

The cake that we ended up ordering from The Cheesecake shopIt was tropical torte with fresh cream frosting.I wanted them to decorate it with M&M’s which was my original idea..but it was working out to be too expensive,so we left it plain and just decorated it with Aadya’s Ponies,which by the way,were her birthday presents.
More colorful lollies
And finally a rainbow balloon arrangement.
There were 12-14 kids and I had organised for Jo from Boogie Woogie for Kids to come and conduct her awesome dance party..which was really cool.All the kids had so much fun and we mums shared so many laughs looking at our little dancers.If you are in Melbourne area and want to plan a special party with a twist,get in touch with Jo.When she finished with them,the kids were happy and hungry ..and didn’t have to be asked twice to eat or drink 🙂
And That was how we celebrated Ms.Aadya’s 6th birthday… A mum post coming soon..

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A gift for Dad:)

Some Sunshine after all the gloomy sickness talks..:)

This year for SD’s birthday,the girls ( with some help from me!) made this masterpiece,as his present.



SD loved it 🙂  The best part was Ananya felt involved too..:) I let her stick a button or two as well and she loved feeling the wet paint on her hands-even wanted to taste it!

Aadya had a blast,picking ‘Just the right button’ to fill up the heart for her daddy..and hand-printing is her favorite activity,EVER!

Daddy dearest was touched 🙂

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Happy 4th Birthday,Aadi!

My darling Aadi,
Happy birthday! Woww you are 4 today!!And for some reason,every few minutes my eyes well up…as I remember the ickle baby,who was placed in my arms,shortly before midnight on the 30th of march 2007.
You were born at 8:33 pm but it was more than 3 hours later,that I got to hold you.And just then,I knew,I was a changed person..My heart was forever lost to the little baby I held..:)
You have grown up so much in the last year,more so in the last few months..Your vocabulary is growing,your accent is changing and you are voicing your opinions even more than ever.Most of the times, you are the best company to hang out with.. except when you are tired or sleepy or just woken up.. and then you just don’t stop whining..that does have me near to tears most of the time.. but I have heard from my friends that your other 4 yo friends are no different.
You are the best mischief companion for both your daddy and me.. sometimes you team up with him and tease me.. both of you huddle on the couch,whispering naughties and then looking at me and pretend laughing.. on other times,you team up with me-especially when you want to wake up daddy…You nudge me,whisper,’Come lets tickle him;lets wake him up’ ..its the cutest thing ever.
You know,Baby, last year a little before you turned 3,you asked for a baby sister..yes you did… and all through most of the last year,you kept saying,that you know that your baby sister is in Mumma’s tummy. Every time you prayed,you asked for a baby sister and even when we went to Shirdi,you asked for a baby sister… And now,there is a baby in Mumma’s tummy… I am hoping its a sister for you..:) Coz you want a sister soo badly.. You fight with your daddy everytime,he says,may be it should be a boy…:)
Sweetheart, you are the best helper ever..you love hearing that..and you really are the best helper.You love working in the kitchen- you have graduated from empty bowls to scrapers..and peeling veggies,and even before I get a chance to cut the carrots or cucumbers,you have sampled them.
Baby,I know this year your life is going to change drastically- your much awaited baby will be here..Yes, you insist on calling it your baby..:) And you get mad if we call you a baby…but as I was saying,your much awaited baby will be here and things might get a little crazy.Mommy and Daddy might have unrealistic expectations from you or sometimes,you might have unreasonable demands.. but remember come what may,we love you..and will always love you a tad more,if not as much as the new baby… After all you are our first baby and will always remain so.
By the time,you read this,I am sure you will be 16 or so,chances are that mommy may not be your best friend..and you may not think,I am the best Mom as you do now, and so,I hope reading this,will tell you,just how much loved and cherished you are.Ohh but,sweetie,please don’t tell your bro/sis what I said about loving you more!!:)
I hope all your dreams come true..I hope you continue to be the smart,confident person you are..And I hope you continue to believe that mommy and daddy can do magic..

Love you with all my heart and more…

And I asked Daddy to write something for you.This is what he wanted to say:
Daughters are angels
Sent from above
To fill our heart
With unending love.
Happy 4th Birthday my baby,
Love Papa

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Happy 3rd Birthday,My Sunshine

Its been 3 years to the day that I started blogging,today.I have moved urls since then and changed my writing names but..it wasn’t long before,I merged those blogs,into the original one and continued blogging as My Sunshine.The blog became my baby,while I was waiting to have my other one.
And now when I look back at these 3 years,I feel,so happy..to belong to the wonderful Blogosphere. I was writing diaries,and was totally clueless about blogs.I am not kidding you..I knew about online groups and was a part of a few.I knew about online forums and frequented those too..but didn’t know about blogs.I did stumble upon one or two recipe blogs..but didn’t know/think about acquiring one.Then,I met someone on one of the online forums and she was a blogger and pointed me in the right direction..And I haven’t looked back since then.
Happy Birthday,My Sunshine!
The first blogs,that I started reading were those of other Indian mommy bloggers and it couldn’t have been at a better time.Reading other moms,made me feel like a part of a huge community.I loved the camaderie they shared and was glad to be accepted.Slowly,I ventured into other blogs..and I remember for the longest time,the only non-mommy blog,that I was reading was that of Rayshma’s…through her’s I discovered others…and then,through others,some others.
Now,I read a mishmash of blogs..some mommy,some non-mommy,some craft,some cookery,some decor,some health,some Indian,some non-Indian..and I love each and every one of them.Blogging and blogs make me happy.Sometimes I even feel like I belong to the elite class.
I have made some great friends here,some I have met,some I am yet to meet..but,they have become a part of my life.I draw my strength from some of you,while some others inspire me.Its been a great 3 years and here’s hoping for many more..to come.
I leave you with a pic of the Sunshine of my life..Though I am very unkempt in this picture,till date,it remains my most favorite picture.

Oh and next month,in March,I want to do a series of guest posts,written by friends of the blogging and non-blogging kind..So,if you want to contribute,leave me a comment..*come on you guys..volunteer..please..before I take matters into my hands and bully you into writing one! lol

And and…This month my blog had a total of 2397 Visitors(till yesterday) and I am so kicked that so many of you are reading.So,this is a shout-out to all you Lurkers,”Hiiiii”..I hope you are doing well.Would please be sweet enough to stop and leave me a comment..?
Ciao my lovelies..more later.

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Happy Birthday,Sweetheart

Its S’s birthday today..and its raining ,as always.It has rained on S’s birthday ,every year,for all the 8 years I have known him..and he tells me, it has been a record for the last 35 years.
I was planning an early birthday surprise party for him,but,he is stuck in work till the 17th.So,the birthday this year is very low-key.
Since its so cold and windy,S offered to pick up the cake himself.Aadya and I were sick for the last 2 weeks,so,he didn’t want us to go out.
And then,yesterday afternoon,he called up to say,he was going to be stuck in meetings all day today as well..The unsaid message was,that There will be no time to pick up the cake.
But what’s birthday without a cake? S loves Black Forest cake.There was no time to go out and pick up a cake..Even with time in hand,the trick was to go out,and still keep Aadya dry..IMPOSSIBLE..with the weather.Leaving her home with the MIL,was not an option.
So,I did the next best thing-took a stock of the pantry and made an improvised Black Forest Cake using Light Whipped cream and cherry preserve as the filling.
The goal was to hide the cake in the refrigerator,before S got home.And I got done,just in time.I had just sprinkled the last of the grated chocolate,when the garage shutters,rolled up.Hurriedly,I dumped the cake in the back of the refrigerator.
MIL made some Gujiya and we had that for dessert.At midnight,S was in the bedroom,finishing up some work..I got the cake out,Aadya was so excited.All afternoon,I drilled into her head,its a secret,don’t tell Baba…and boy,she kept the secret.But as soon as she saw the cake,she ran to the bedroom..screaming…Baba come on Jaldi se,slowly,Its me birday,come on,secretttttt,cakeyyyyy,Phoo Phoo,Happy to you…Non-stop..half running,half dragging S,who was by the in splits.
Anyhoo,the candle was blown and the cake was cut..Aadya dug in with both hands,feeding her Baba his favorite cake.
A sweet start to the birthday.

Happy 35th,Sweetheart.May this birthday bring you all that you wish for,today and always.
Hopefully next year you’ll take some time to stop and smell the roses,next year.:)
Love you always..

P.S.- You better keep up your promise of taking us out to dinner,after 17th

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And a Happy Birthday it was

This year Aadya’s birthday celebrations,were a week long affair.
On 30th March,the first SMS arrived at 2.30 AM-Nanu,forgot the time difference. Papa was going to take the
day off ,but he was called in for a presentation.So,it was just Aadi & Mimi.After a breakfast out in the backyard,we spent some time watering the plants.Then,between calls from friends and family,we baked a cake.
if you love baking,there is no greater joy,than baking for your kids.The only thing that is more fun is baking with them.
That is what we did.I lined up,all the ingredients on the counter and put the pipette there.She handed me each ingredient as I read from my mom’s recipe book.After I poured the batter into the cake tin,the Pipette,licked the bowl clean.
Then, it was time for hot-oil massage and a hot bath,followed by nap.By the time,she woke up,Papa was back.
We took her to the play-area before cutting the cake.While we were there,S’s friends called,they were coming over to wish Aadya.And they came bearing Gifts..A Bike,A new kid-sized dinner set for one and cookies.
We did the traditional celebration first-bringing in the birthday with Aarti,blessing the child and feeding her something sweet.Then,we cut the cake.
And then,the guys sat down to assemble the bike,under the birthday girl’s supervision.Once the bike was assembled,Aadya refused to get off,even having her dinner sitting on it.
The rest of the week,had a festive feel..we were shopping for little things for the party,organising,still getting calls and emails.Gifts were arriving,clothes were being tried on(by me).
Friday was spent in basic preps for the party food.This was the first party at home..and I was cooking.I was going to cook some things and order some.But,I ended up cooking most of the things..There were around 25 adults and 4 kids and 3 babies.
It wasn’t as hard as I expected.
The party was so much fun.It was nice to have so many people around. almost everyone we know,in Melbourne was here.I feel special days are to be celebrated and this one was definitely celebrated.We got around 50-60 helium balloons,tied with long strings and they covered the living room
ceiling.Every child and adult,said wow,at least once,looking at the balloons.Balloons and birthdays..there is just something so happy about it.As the sounds of laughter and chitchat filled the house,I felt the dull longing of home..of wanting our families here with us,but also
I was also pleasantly surprised to realise,how at home we are here,in such a short time.
Three of my friends,took over the task of dishing out piping hot appetisers,after almost pushing me out of the kitchen..”Go & get pretty”,they said.Another one,gave me pointers on eye make up,while cooing to her 1 year-old,propped on her hip.D& her husband arrived early and her
husband ran errands with S,from the moment he handed back his first glass of water.Another friend,walked out to the corner,to guide our guests in.A friend’s mom,cuddled Aadya and blessed her,asking me do her drashti(ward off evil eye),as only a grandmother can.I didn’t have
to worry about refilling the food,it was always taken care off.If this isn’t home,what is?
The kids had a blast with the balloons,they each grabbed as many strings as they could,creating their own bunches and ran around happily.The babies,were content playing with the assortment of soft toys.The littlest one slept peacefully,leaving his Mamma-dadda,to eat and socialise in peace.
The cutest part of the party was- We had set up a table in the backyard and all the guys were sitting there,nursing their drinks,munching the appetisers.I had just brought Aadya’s toys out for the babies to play with.Someone asked me where the birthday girl was.She was nowhere to be found.Not in the bedrooms or bathroom.I went out to the backyard to ask S,if he had seen her…And what do I see..She had pulled up a chair,sipping Fanta from her glass,munching on the appetisers,aping the guys.That’s one funny image stuck in my head from the party.
By 10.00,most of the guests had left..some stayed back for chit-chat and coffee.They left by 11.00 and thats when we realised how tired we were.Aadya wanted her bottle,my back started hurting and S,was too sleepy.
We put away the food in the refrigerator,loaded the dishwasher and took the laptop to bed-to see the pictures from the party.The slide show was on..and one by one,all of dozed off.
We opened the gifts next morning..and the little Pipette was instantly in toy heaven.
Its such a joy,watching your child at this age..how every small thing excites them.For once,I forgot about meticulously taking off the cello-tape,and opening each present delicately.It was the Pipette’s birthday and her gifts too.
She had a blast ripping the wrapping paper off each gift,squealing with joy..finally settling down to play with an alphabet Van.And that was how the week-long celebration ended.

P.S. On the weight-loss front-The scale is not budging.Its been three weeks,there has been absolutely no weight loss.Time to up the exercises me thinks.But I have managed to lose and keep off 3kgs.That’s a small consolation.

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Happy Birthday,My Darling

My Dearest Aadi,
Happy Birthday !You,my dear,are turning Two today.And as I sit down to write this letter to you,I am lost.I try to remember you as a new born and I can’t.I try to remember your first wobbly steps and I can’t.When I look at your pics from a few months ago,it seems like someone else.Yes,that’s how much you have changed.Your Papa and I have spent most of the last month,wondering,how much our baby has grown up.

If your first year with us,went by very fast,then the second zoomed by even before we said your name.While the first year meant sleepless nights,midnight feeds,countless diaper changes and much more ,the second year was all fun.It was fun,watching you grow.You grew from a crawler to a walker and even runner.Aww,sweetie,we could watch you run,forever-your chubby baby legs,going fast,your little baby butt,swinging with each leap,you are delight to our eyes.

Not only did you learn to eat yourself,you do it with such style.You insist on eating with a spoon,you wont touch your food,till you are not handed a spoon,and then promptly dig in with your hands.Its mesmerising,watching you pick a tiny morsel with 2 perfect baby fingers and drop it into your mouth so gracefully.You insist on using a knife and fork for eating your eggs,and use them with perfect ease.I am so proud of you.
We both are.And though Papa may get angry sometimes or rough-house with you,he is a mush-ball,where you are concerned.And you,my darling,know that, better than me.You hug him,you kiss him or you just sulk and tell him how angry you are,and he is ready to give you the moon and the stars.
For most part of your first year and early last year,you were a clingy baby.So many times,that was a cause of irritation or embarrassment for me or your Papa-imagine,him coming to pick you up and you screaming,murder!Everyone told us,it was because,you saw only me all day.But,over the last few months,you have bloomed into an independent social bee.You love being around other people.You love interacting with others and now others ask us,if you go to a play school and we proudly answer,that you are home with me.
When I watch you,walk confidently,in a crowded room,my heart swells with pride.When you have the attention of the crowd,you do your thing-smile your sweet smile,put up a cute show,almost unconsciously and keep your audience interested.You are natural star and you know it too.But its your innocence that makes you the rock star.
And you rock my world.I try hard but cannot remember life without you.Sometimes,when you are awake and chattering non-stop,I wish for a moment of quiet.But,when you are sleeping,I find myself waiting for you to wake up or even wanting to wake you up*gasp*.After that initial moment of quiet,the silence becomes uncomfortable and I find myself missing that chit-chat.In these two years,you have taken over my thoughts,my mind and my heart completely.The love that I feel for you,I can’t explain even to you..May be you’ll know it when you are a mom(By the time you read this,you would have probably heard this line,in so many different tones,in many different contexts.) I used to roll my eyes,the same way you would be doing then.
But even if I rolled my eyes,I always wanted to be a mom.Always.Even when I was fifteen or was it thirteen.And I knew that I wanted to be a mom to a baby girl.I always wanted a girl.Like most teenage girls,I wanted a girl to dress her up in pretty clothes. After your Nani passed away,I wished even more to have a daughter,to have a mother-daughter relationship-it didn’t matter that I would be the mother,this time round.My desire for a daughter,grew with each year,that you didn’t appear.Now,I realise,that you took so long to come,because,perfection takes time.Yes,my darling,you are perfect..even with your little imperfections.What imperfections,you ask?Well,your temper for one 🙂 You of the volatile temper and you who is quick to say,”Sorry”.. Yes,you are perfect.
Stay the same baby girl..I know you have a lot of growing up to do,I want you to be all grown up,but you’ll always be my little baby.You are getting closer to your Papa,now,but I’ll always know you more -just a tad more,for those nine months,when you were just mine-for all to know but only for me to feel.You clung to him,again today,when you were sleepy and I watched,partly with love,partly with envy and he asked me,if I was scared of losing my baby to him..I said,Naah..Little does he know,how close to truth he was or may be he does.
Now,when I try to remember the days when I was pregnant,or even your first few months,it seems so far off in time.My memories are a little fuzzy but one thing is crystal clear and that is the feeling of being overwhelmed,by the love I feel for you. Tonight,as I type this fervently,while sneaking furtive glances at your sleeping form,I feel the same.And I feel bad for being hard on you,at bed-time,every night.It breaks my heart even more when you snuggle close to me,as I get in bed and then,I know,we are OK..We are friends again 🙂 And the only reason,I write this today,is because,that’s how I want us to stay always..As friends.I want to be the one you come to,with whatever is on your mind.And if for some reason,I am not,show me this post and remind me.And if for some reason,you don’t feel like being friends ,see this post and remember how much I love you.
We just put up a birthday banner,with your favorite Pooh and filled your favorite corner with your oldest toys and balloons..I hope when,you wake up,you are happily surprised.Hearing that “WowWWW” is the inspiration for so many things,that we do.
Jaanu,may your life be always filled with sunny days and happy moments.May you always be happy,As happy as you have made us.You are our lives sweetest blessing.
God bless you,My Angel.
Happy Birthday,Baby girl!
Love you Always..

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A letter to me

First of all,I want to say thank you to all those of you,who took the time to vote and even suggest a new name.Thank you!
And now,where was I? Well,I was getting settled in the new apartment!But could that have stopped me from blogging?NO! But a dead internet connection did!And I missed posting on my blog’s birthday!

MY SUNSHINE turned 1 on February 27th.I started it when I was heavily pregnant with Aadya.This blog has been my link to sanity for the last 1 year and it also helped me make some new friends. And more than anything else,I am happy that I am still as addicted to blogging as I was the day I started the blog.
You can read my first post here

This is what I was going to post to mark the first birthday of my blog-I had done a post on DMC and the theme for february was write a letter to yourself-A real honest to goodness love letter about what a wonderful mother you are.Here goes-

It was my birthday on the 19th of February and I had decided to write a small note to myself,telling me how I was doing a good job.That was going to be my gift to myself-to read when I am especially low.So,when I saw the two themes for this month,I knew immediately,what I was going to do.So,here’s my love letter to myself!

Dear Trish,
So, you are a mom now..sometimes I still can’t believe it..for in my mind’s eye-I still see you as a little girl-sometimes you are just a rebellious teenager,the tomboy who loved babies.That was probably the only thing girlie about you! And now-Look at you! You have a little girl of your own.WOW!

Your baby-it reminds of those months when you were so tensed and desperate to have a baby,the countless pregnancy test strips you used and the battery of tests you went through anxiously,not once but three times.I remember your disappointment and depression but more than that I remember how after every “negative”pregnancy test,you would smile and think.. OH.. so there is still a next time. All your friends were getting pregnant and almost always you were one of the first few to know the news.I really admire you for always being happy for them..You were never ever envious.I was and am really proud of you for that! And may be that’s why you were blessed with this miracle called Aadya.

The day you heard those magical words -“You are PREGNANT”-I knew you were in for something big!What I didn’t know was how well you would change to new situation.You,who always promptly forgot to take her medicine,the day after you visited a doctor,was suddenly so diligent about those progesterone supplements that you had to take for the whole of first trimester-you even remembered to take you prenatal vitamins.And what you did with your diet to keep your sugars in control after finding out about gestational diabetes-awesome!You did well!Every time you were feeling low,you would come out of it.thinking its all for the baby,its worth it! My dear girl,you were already a mom,even before having a baby.

Though I thought it was weird at the time,but you were so nonchalant about the possibility of having a C-section.Now I think it was really brave of you,for so many have balked at just the mere mention of the C word. And it was out of sheer determination that you walked from your room,to the nursery,to see your baby just minutes after getting the IV and catheter out.But,I need to make sure everything is OK,you said.

Breastfeeding presented another challenge and you hit it head on! There again,I was pleasantly surprised.You just didn’t give up. Even after having been told by the Lactation consultant,that may be its not meant to be,you kept trying and trying and you succeeded.If Aadya is a breast-fed baby today,its all because of your persistence.She cried,you cried,S got all upset-every 3 hours was a fresh start but you kept at it.I cannot praise you enough here.I am so proud of you !

You started giving her massages,when she was just 6 days old-forgetting about your own discomfort and pain from the surgery-you didn’t want her to miss out on any pampering,just because she is not in India surrounded by a houseful of relatives.You wanted to do everything for her yourself,even if you were exhausted beyond belief.”But no one else can do what a mom can” is what you said..and I agree with you on this one.And Aadya could hold her head up at one month old was reward enough for you! I admire you for having forgotten your own pain,to do something to comfort her. I am really proud of you for putting up a brave front when S fell sick and being strong for him and little Aadya.

When you had to take a decision about whether or not to take your 17day old baby to get her ECG done,you decided instantly,that its better to get it checked than procrastinate.You who would wait forever before deciding to go to a doctor-Good show!This new attitude of yours makes me happy.
The first time Aadya started throwing up violently and you guys had to rush her to ER, you were so calm and collected.Even when Aadya looked up at you and moaned and I know,that moment your heart broke into a million tiny pieces,but you held back tears,held her close and even managed to tell everything to the doctor without forgetting even the tiniest details. I guess that’s what being is mom is…and I must tell you,you are doing a good job.

She is thriving,she is a happy baby(knock on the wood) and she is smart and confident too.Surely that means something.Surely you are doing something right.Her dad is a big part of her life but he knows and agrees that you are one cool Mamma!Every time she says Mamma,I know your heart swells up with pride…and listen try not to worry,the separation anxiety will slowly go away- that doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong.Its a phase,so honey,please don’t take it personally.

Ohh and its OK to lose your head sometimes… don’t feel guilty every time you get angry-You are a mom but you are human too…And don’t feel guilty every time,she cries when you stop her from doing something…its OK,its for her own good.After all you are the first one who rushes to pick up and hug her,when she needs something or is hurt. For all the times that you are strict with Aadya,for all the times you stop her from doing something and she breaks into tears,and you hold back your tears- Good job! For I know its not easy for you to not break into tears.Just keep up the good work..And if you need a breather,crazy old me is always around.
You are a great mom, be good, take care of Aadya and her papa but don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Love and hugs,

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Happy Birthday to ME!

I am really big on occasions..birthdays,anniversaries and the likes! And I am someone who is easy to please,someone who needs small things to be happy..and every year,I am so excited before my birthday..before DH’s birthday and this year,ofcourse I am looking forward to Aadya’s birthday.My birthday is the one day of the year,when I feel like a princess!
Birthdays were the only days when we were allowed to pick up the phone,as kids and later,as a teenager,we had this unsaid rule about the birthday girl picking up the phone…:) just some craziness to add to the excitement.That and being able to use-“But its my birthday!” to get out of almost anything!
Naturally,this year I was a little,Oh ok,a lot more excited because of this new beam of sunshine-Li’l Aadya and this being my first birthday as a mom..and I must say,this year DH made sure,it was the best birthday ever.
This year,my birthday started on the 18th of february,with friends calling up from Mumbai..and then my dad and sis called at 12.00 am IST.That itself was enough to get my spirits high.Then,DH came home at lunchtime with a take out from my favorite Thai restaurant.
In the evening,we went to collect the keys to the new apartment and then, went out to a nice quiet dinner.And guess what,Aadya dozed off the moment we put her in the car seat and she slept through the whole dinner.So,for the first time,since her birth I ate a quiet,uninterrupted meal.Though I must say,I missed the excited babbles!
And just like that the perfect day came to an end 🙂
Another happy year spent-Another happy birthday celebrated-inching towards the big Three-OH-just two years short!

Happy Birthday

My Baby Sister

Its my baby sister’s birthday today. My baby sister-Having a new baby sister who’s constantly taking up mom’s time, hoarding all her attention-that’s a lot to comprehend for an almost 3 year old and the fact that this baby is here to stay doesn’t make it any easier. No amount of explanations and pep-talks by my mom and aunt and grand-parents would have prepared me for this screaming addition to the family,who would summon all my devoted fans to her side with just a whimper.I was just not ready to give up my kingdom!!I am told I made life hell for my aunt or grandparents who came running to pick me up when I woke up in the middle of the night..telling them rudely -“HUH?? What are you doing here..?I want my mommy!!!”I don’t remember much of this-don’t even remember looking at my sister the first time.As we were growing up, that sibling rivalry had its ups and downs-sometimes mild sometimes reaching its peak,driving our parents up the wall. I remember this one time vividly.Sis was sick and I was entertaining her.Mom was in the kitchen and my little sis threw up.I called mom..who came running and slipped off the wet floor. And me,I ran as fast as my little 5- year old legs could run to our neighbour’s house to get medicine to stop her vomiting.When I came back,I got a whack on my butt, for having run away when I could have helped .. And then I gave my mom the medicine and all she could do was hug us both close.She used to say, that when she was about to give up on us ever getting along, this one episode would restore her faith!
I have a faintest memory of my sister just a toddler,stealing fruits from the Pooja ki Thali on Diwali day.One of dad’s friends caught her red-handed on camera.Another memory of hers growing up I have is that before every Birthday ,she would get into some mischief and end up hurting herself- so she would have a broken wrist or a bleeding nose or scrapped knees on the day of her birthday party.Every year on Diwali day,she had to religiously burn some part of her clothing, her hair or worse her body! And No,My parents were not negligent..This was one naughty brat!
Another cute story I remember is when she was younger, she had acute asthma and so my mom wouldn’t let her go out to play in the dust as the rest of us..So, she would prop this 3 year old up on the bed near the window. In no time she would be standing at the window, grabbing the window bars and screaming-Why?? Because she saw some kid rough-housing me during the game! And she would be screaming -“Hey Chhod de meri behen ko,Door reh usse!” (Hey leave my sister,stay away from her )My little bodyguard..She is still my biggest protector.No one dares to mess with me when she is around.
She hated calling me didi..Nope!Never..Even when she was very young, she would call me SO(nickname for my nickname).Even now she calls me Chotu(little one).The day she calls me Di,I know its because she is missing me too much or needs me to butter-up our dad for something.
For as long as I can remember she has been referred to as my sister-Poor baby had to stand up to the image her elder sister created-in school,among relatives-‘Oh Your sister used to do it like this’ and the sweet soul that she is was always proud of Her sister. I feel so guilty when I think back of all the times when I was mean to her..in an older sister way- Don’t follow me around,don’t dress up like me,my friends are my friends!!Of course that was till we entered teenage..Then it was like we were co-conspirators..we both had the same super-powers to fight-OUR PARENTS!!We had the same curfew and figured out that if both of us are late ,the heat is distributed. That was when we had the same set of friends and almost overcame sibling rivalry.The final step away from Sibling rivalry of course came after my mom’s death.Sure we had fights after that too.. but it was like just so much easier to make than to continue a fight. And now we alternate between the role of mom- She is my biggest Baby!! And she mothers me like there’s no tomorrow.When I went to India last year,she took me to all her favorite restaurants, ordering my favorite food! When I told her about my pregnancy,she had a long list of Do’s and Dont’s! I had to stop her and ask her how many kids has she delivered. It seems she had been gathering all this information about pregnancy and pregnant women, to be delivered to me at just the right moment.That day she also started putting aside a chunk of her salary for her “rock star”( Her name for my baby).
Today morning,one of her friends called me to ask me for her number,to wish her.And while we were talking, mentioned how much she admired Sis and so was looking forward to meet HER sister. I felt so proud! All the ego of those younger years has long since gone.The fact that I am her sister .. and she is so loved and admired in her own world… just makes me wanna fluff up and strut like a peacock.My baby sister has grown up.She has made a place for her self.. her own identity..She has come out of “Trish’s Sister” phase.
And this year I found the perfect card for her– Here are the words on the card-

Happy Birthday
to the girl
I knew back when
Happy Birthday
to the women
I’ve come to admire
Happy Birthday
to the friend
who’s always there
Happy Birthday
to the sister
I love
Here’s Wishing a very Happy Birthday to – Aadya’s Maasi,Jeeju’s Saali jaan,Papa’s Babloo and Chotu’s Sweetheart..God Bless you,darling!Love you loads!