Happy Birthday · S

Happy Birthday,Sweetheart

Its S’s birthday today..and its raining ,as always.It has rained on S’s birthday ,every year,for all the 8 years I have known him..and he tells me, it has been a record for the last 35 years.
I was planning an early birthday surprise party for him,but,he is stuck in work till the 17th.So,the birthday this year is very low-key.
Since its so cold and windy,S offered to pick up the cake himself.Aadya and I were sick for the last 2 weeks,so,he didn’t want us to go out.
And then,yesterday afternoon,he called up to say,he was going to be stuck in meetings all day today as well..The unsaid message was,that There will be no time to pick up the cake.
But what’s birthday without a cake? S loves Black Forest cake.There was no time to go out and pick up a cake..Even with time in hand,the trick was to go out,and still keep Aadya dry..IMPOSSIBLE..with the weather.Leaving her home with the MIL,was not an option.
So,I did the next best thing-took a stock of the pantry and made an improvised Black Forest Cake using Light Whipped cream and cherry preserve as the filling.
The goal was to hide the cake in the refrigerator,before S got home.And I got done,just in time.I had just sprinkled the last of the grated chocolate,when the garage shutters,rolled up.Hurriedly,I dumped the cake in the back of the refrigerator.
MIL made some Gujiya and we had that for dessert.At midnight,S was in the bedroom,finishing up some work..I got the cake out,Aadya was so excited.All afternoon,I drilled into her head,its a secret,don’t tell Baba…and boy,she kept the secret.But as soon as she saw the cake,she ran to the bedroom..screaming…Baba come on Jaldi se,slowly,Its me birday,come on,secretttttt,cakeyyyyy,Phoo Phoo,Happy to you…Non-stop..half running,half dragging S,who was by the in splits.
Anyhoo,the candle was blown and the cake was cut..Aadya dug in with both hands,feeding her Baba his favorite cake.
A sweet start to the birthday.

Happy 35th,Sweetheart.May this birthday bring you all that you wish for,today and always.
Hopefully next year you’ll take some time to stop and smell the roses,next year.:)
Love you always..

P.S.- You better keep up your promise of taking us out to dinner,after 17th