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Happy 3rd Birthday,My Sunshine

Its been 3 years to the day that I started blogging,today.I have moved urls since then and changed my writing names wasn’t long before,I merged those blogs,into the original one and continued blogging as My Sunshine.The blog became my baby,while I was waiting to have my other one.
And now when I look back at these 3 years,I feel,so belong to the wonderful Blogosphere. I was writing diaries,and was totally clueless about blogs.I am not kidding you..I knew about online groups and was a part of a few.I knew about online forums and frequented those too..but didn’t know about blogs.I did stumble upon one or two recipe blogs..but didn’t know/think about acquiring one.Then,I met someone on one of the online forums and she was a blogger and pointed me in the right direction..And I haven’t looked back since then.
Happy Birthday,My Sunshine!
The first blogs,that I started reading were those of other Indian mommy bloggers and it couldn’t have been at a better time.Reading other moms,made me feel like a part of a huge community.I loved the camaderie they shared and was glad to be accepted.Slowly,I ventured into other blogs..and I remember for the longest time,the only non-mommy blog,that I was reading was that of Rayshma’s…through her’s I discovered others…and then,through others,some others.
Now,I read a mishmash of blogs..some mommy,some non-mommy,some craft,some cookery,some decor,some health,some Indian,some non-Indian..and I love each and every one of them.Blogging and blogs make me happy.Sometimes I even feel like I belong to the elite class.
I have made some great friends here,some I have met,some I am yet to meet..but,they have become a part of my life.I draw my strength from some of you,while some others inspire me.Its been a great 3 years and here’s hoping for many come.
I leave you with a pic of the Sunshine of my life..Though I am very unkempt in this picture,till date,it remains my most favorite picture.

Oh and next month,in March,I want to do a series of guest posts,written by friends of the blogging and non-blogging kind..So,if you want to contribute,leave me a comment..*come on you guys..volunteer..please..before I take matters into my hands and bully you into writing one! lol

And and…This month my blog had a total of 2397 Visitors(till yesterday) and I am so kicked that so many of you are reading.So,this is a shout-out to all you Lurkers,”Hiiiii”..I hope you are doing well.Would please be sweet enough to stop and leave me a comment..?
Ciao my lovelies..more later.


22 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday,My Sunshine

  1. and the kiran of sunshine will turn three pretty soon too na? I am pretty sure I will be travelling so let me be the first to wish the Little Diva (or Deeba if Im being Bengali)


  2. hey, congrats on this milestone. n congrats on winnign the artsy contest too. double celebrations eh? n thanks for stopping by at my blog. c ya again soon. šŸ™‚


      1. Hi Trish,

        Sorry took a long time to reply to this one,but here goes,

        I love the name myself, but over the years have seen people mispronouncing/misspelling it horribly so, when I started blogging I thought I’d use the initials of my name or my “pet” name to make life easier for comments/commenters.However, when I realised that not everybody in the blog world is dyslexic šŸ˜‰ and hence let loose with the name once in a while. There are other reasons too, but thats an old post on my blog, here


      2. Thanks for sharing the post,Mini..I love both your name and “pet” name. hehehe..:) Monishikha has such a nice ring to it!


  3. Congrats Trish .. thatz a lovely milestone indeed šŸ™‚
    Me no longer a lurker šŸ˜›

    Thatz such a lovely pic šŸ™‚ God bless u both šŸ™‚


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