A warm Welcome

Hello,Thanks for stopping by!

This is the Suburban Mumma,reporting from the Suburban house.Welcome to our home:) Let me introduce you to the members who will feature regularly on this blog:

The Suburban Daddy- That’s the husband and the father of the younglings 🙂

As for the younglings, there’s Babushka-the Princess of our hearts and home.She is nearly four and the biggest chatterbox,ever!

And coming soon to the Subarban house is Babykins 🙂 

So,yeah thats us..:) I will introduce other members as and when they come along. This blog is my attempt to capture the precious moments of our life,as it zooms by. So, settle in,get comfortable.. there’s more to come!

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Happy 3rd Birthday,My Sunshine

Its been 3 years to the day that I started blogging,today.I have moved urls since then and changed my writing names wasn’t long before,I merged those blogs,into the original one and continued blogging as My Sunshine.The blog became my baby,while I was waiting to have my other one.
And now when I look back at these 3 years,I feel,so belong to the wonderful Blogosphere. I was writing diaries,and was totally clueless about blogs.I am not kidding you..I knew about online groups and was a part of a few.I knew about online forums and frequented those too..but didn’t know about blogs.I did stumble upon one or two recipe blogs..but didn’t know/think about acquiring one.Then,I met someone on one of the online forums and she was a blogger and pointed me in the right direction..And I haven’t looked back since then.
Happy Birthday,My Sunshine!
The first blogs,that I started reading were those of other Indian mommy bloggers and it couldn’t have been at a better time.Reading other moms,made me feel like a part of a huge community.I loved the camaderie they shared and was glad to be accepted.Slowly,I ventured into other blogs..and I remember for the longest time,the only non-mommy blog,that I was reading was that of Rayshma’s…through her’s I discovered others…and then,through others,some others.
Now,I read a mishmash of blogs..some mommy,some non-mommy,some craft,some cookery,some decor,some health,some Indian,some non-Indian..and I love each and every one of them.Blogging and blogs make me happy.Sometimes I even feel like I belong to the elite class.
I have made some great friends here,some I have met,some I am yet to meet..but,they have become a part of my life.I draw my strength from some of you,while some others inspire me.Its been a great 3 years and here’s hoping for many come.
I leave you with a pic of the Sunshine of my life..Though I am very unkempt in this picture,till date,it remains my most favorite picture.

Oh and next month,in March,I want to do a series of guest posts,written by friends of the blogging and non-blogging kind..So,if you want to contribute,leave me a comment..*come on you guys..volunteer..please..before I take matters into my hands and bully you into writing one! lol

And and…This month my blog had a total of 2397 Visitors(till yesterday) and I am so kicked that so many of you are reading.So,this is a shout-out to all you Lurkers,”Hiiiii”..I hope you are doing well.Would please be sweet enough to stop and leave me a comment..?
Ciao my lovelies..more later.



Hello everyone and welcome back to MY SUNSHINE .
Those of you,who followed us here,Thank you and welcome back.
Those of you,who haven’t arrived yet,hope to see you soon.
One year back,when I first started blogging,I had no clue about urls and the likes.To me,they were only website addresses- I still don’t know much about all that..But,when I finally made up my mind about changing the url,I was very apprehensive..a little worried actually,as I didn’t want to lose 1 year’s worth of posts, the memories I had painstakingly recorded over the last year..After checking and rechecking,my google reader and only after I was more than 100% sure that,I had all the posts,saved up,I clicked on button for changing url.And Thank God,everything worked out!:)
Yes,yes I am a drama queen.. but then,its the first time I am changing my url!
And the new url demanded a new look too..So,the green background is for keeping up with the Spring spirit..My favorite season of the year! Sunday morning I woke up and saw the dry dead tree outside my bedroom window was loaded with tiny white flowers.I rushed out to the balcony and saw the tree infront of the balcony,adorned with beautiful green and red hanging bunches..I still don’t know what tree it is,but I am searching Google for it.I will post a picture and if anyone knows what it is,please do share.
Edited to Add –Ohh I got side tracked-the new header..that’s Aadya(naturally),1 month old..I wanted to add a more personal touch to the header-so,I made this one,a while back.But I was waiting for the new url to put it up with.You know-the complete makeover!:P
Anyway,glorious Sunday morning was followed by a dull and gloomy monday morning..and it started snowing by around 6 pm monday evening and as I write this,I can still see the snow flakes falling and the moonlight being reflected from snow covered roofs!Just beautiful.
On that note,I’ll sign off..and you.. while you are here,get comfortable..look around and lemme know..what you think of the new MY SUNSHINE!

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New home,new name?

We are changing apartments,next week. This present apartment was just a stop-gap,and thank God for that ,because this place is horrible.
To say the least,we have had pest control come in every other week for the last 5 months. The water is so bad that we are actually happy when they turn off the water and that I must tell you they do very regularly.They leave us notes telling us that water supply will be turned off on Monday from 9 to 5 and they forget to turn it off and very promptly turn it off the next day or the day after. On other days, as soon as you turn on the tap, the first thing to hit the sink or tub is lots and lots of dirt..they have been telling us,that its the old pipes.. Thankfully,it settles after letting the water run for the first 5-10 minutes,but that means I need to scrub the tub a lot longer than I normally would and the water in the kitchen taps is clean…or atleast it looks clean.We haven’t risked drinking or using it for cooking-we have been buying gallons and gallons of water.
I have been so sick and low,since we moved in here.
Why did we move in here?Well,that’s a long story.. involving an incomplete lease and a lot of money.Yeah..Yeah.. I know..that’s why we are moving.
So, we are more than happy to move this time. We’ll be getting the keys on Tuesday,which incidentally,is my birthday!The new apartment is really nice and spacious and even the apartment complex is really clean,and what I like best is the attached garage,kind of gives it a more house-like feel. Hopefully,the new home will bring us happier times and healthier living.

And now about the new name-
My Sunshine turns 1 year old february 27th.I mean,My Sunshine,the blog. And I love the name.Its like a part of me.But I am not so crazy about the url.
menmysunshine??A friend pointed it out and now,whenever I look at it,it seems like men my sunshine..ewww!!So,I think its time to change the url.May be move to wordpress..or stay here on blogger- blogger is getting really slow and almost every single time that I post,atleast one feature is not working..Anywho,that I can decide later..but for now,I need to change the url.But I can’t decide which one.So,I created a me decide.
Thanx in advance..hoping to hear from some of you..


Here comes another one!

After writing that first post, I just disappeared.. First I was waiting for that bolt of inspiration to strike me as it used to when I was more regular with my writings. My mind would suddenly be filled with thoughts that I just had to write down.. no matter what the time of the day or night. But no such luck this time. Just goes to show how much tuning up my grey cells need.
And then I was on bed rest( Dr.’s Orders) I thought- Hmm now that I am on the bed.. not doing anything..I will be filled with so many thoughts,the thinker that i am and that will help me take my blog ahead. I even kept a pen and notepad on my bedside table for just that reason. Grrrrrrrr.. again no such luck.
So,Now I know.. That this beautiful mind of mine.. which i let degenerate.. will not start working on its own. If I want it to be as it was.. or even better.. I will need to revive it,to rejuvenate it.So, Here’s to a new beginning.
New beginnings remind me of spring time. Its already spring time here. This morning i was woken up by beautiful sunshine filtering through fresh green baby leaves. Ohh!! They are so beautiful, so fresh and pure. I didn’t expect to see any spring here in Arizona. We didn’t see much of winter.. and so i figured how different could spring be. But I am pleasantly surprised.. Spring is still spring.. fresh, full of new things.. new beginnings.
And This Spring is extra special for it marks the beginning of a new phase of my life. Soon I will have my little munchkin with me..So pure,innocent. The look that a new mom exchanged with her new baby always filled me with awe… and soon I will be able to experience that. It makes me excited, nervous, emotional, impatient, happy, overwhelmed all at the same time.Its so strange to be soo involved with someone you havent even seen.I guess the fact that this lil being is in you for the last so many months and that you can feel its every small movement, makes it so real even before it being born. See you soon, My Angel!


My Very First Post!

Here’s my very first post for my very first Blog.
And as I sit here, trying to write something, my mind fails to help me. My thoughts seem to have abandoned me. And all those ideas which I thought would come pouring out of my mind, on to the screen, are all gone!!!
I will start with telling you- I am at a beautiful stage in my life.. Standing on the brink of motherhood..I cant wait to hold my lil bundle of Love, who’ll be here with us in just about 6 weeks.When I found out that I am pregnant.. or even before I got pregnant,I had decided to document my pregnancy.When I found out that I am pregnant,I kept thinking -“OH I have so many months to do that.. there’s still time”.. and now i realise that the time has just slipped out of my hands.. and here i am struggling to put all my feelings, all my emotions in words.. and I thought I was good with words!OH Well,That is Life.. Or is it the Hormones???